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Bibliography for History and Computing

Subject : Bibliography for History and Computing

P. Denley, London
S. Pasleau, Liege

Person to be contacted
Name: P R Denley
Institute: Queen Mary & Westfield College
Address: Department of History
Place: Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
Country: United Kingdom
E-mail: p.r.denley@qmw.ac.uk

Status of workshop between Graz (1993) and Nijmegen (1994) conference:Active

Title: A Historical Computing Bibliography
Editor: D Birch & P Denley
Publisher: AHC & Humanities Computinng Centre, QMW
Year: 1993
Place: London

NB Disk only so far. Version 1.1 will also appear as printed April 1994

The International Bibliography edited by Suzy Pasleau and Christine Puit is published in the Halbgraue Reihe, volume A24.

NB An updated version of the Bibliography can be searched on this WWW-site

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