De Vyerighe Colom
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map 01: Belgii Veteris Typus ... Abr. Ortelii
   The Low countries in Ancient time acording to Abr. Ortelius
map 02: Belgium sive Inferior Germania
   The Netherlands
map 03: Le Duche de Brabant
   The Duchy of Brabant
map 04: La Mayerie de Bolduc, autrement dict Bois le Duc
   The bailiwick of Boi le Duc
map 05: Het Marquisaetschap van Bergen op Zoom
   The territory of the Marques of Bergen op Zoom
map 06: Baroniam Bredanam
   The Barony of Breda
map 07: Ducatus Limburg
   The Duch of Limburg
map 08: Comitatus Valkenburg et Dalem
   The County Valkenburg and Dalem
map 09: Le Duche de Lutzenbourg
   The Duchy of Luxemburg
map 10: Le Duche de Gueldres
   The Duch of Guelre