The Netherlands: a country of Polders

Through the ages the shape of the geographical entity the Netherlands has changed dramaticly. The constant struggle with the sea had its' ups and downs. Great floods took away parts of the country, but land reclaiming projects also took large areas of land from the sea and the lakes. Since the 15th century the change of shape of the Netherlands was astonishing. The seacoast provinces, which once were a conglomerate of islands and small stretches of land between large lakes, are now among the most densily polulated areas of the world.

But also in the other provinces large land-recaiming projects have been undertaken. It looks like making polders has become a part of the national character of the Dutch.

The organisation necessary for such undertakings has had a great influence on the whole of Dutch society. In this project we will try to explain some of the apsects of the Netherlands as a country of polders.