Martijn van Leusen and Sara Champion
The EAHW Project
Partnership in EAHW proposal to European Community
Formation of Archaeological Web for Italy

Birmingham, 30 January 1996

Dear Colleagues,

This letter is to inform you about the current state of our proposals to create a European Archaeological Heritage Web using EC funding, and to encourage the establishment of an archaeological web service for Italy, in which many of you have expressed great interest.

The EAHW Project

After considerable delay due in part to the sluggish working of the EC administrative machine, we have now started the application process by expressing an interest in the SOCRATES programme for education and training of professional archaeologists and by targeting the upcoming RAPHAEL programme for the core EAHW project. Both these programmes are open to partnerships, and we are providing a Web page at that contains details of the kind of partner we are looking for, plus an expression of interest form which you can download, fill in and return to us. This page will be updated as new information comes in.


During recent visits to Rome and Siena one of us (van Leusen) found great enthusiasm for the idea of creating an archaeological Web service covering Italy. This would not just be a passive directory of available resources, but would bring together all major players in the archaeological community of Italy, along the lines of ArchWEB-NL in the Netherlands - until you have decided what to call it, we will therefore refer to it as ArchWEB-IT. Interest in maintaining an archaeological web server was expressed in Rome by Mr. Palladio from CEAPRELDA srl, Naples ( and in Siena by Prof. Francovich and his team at the University of Siena (
Add to this the offers of assistance on the IT side that were expressed to us earlier in 1995 by Mr Bassini of CINECA, a consortium of 13 Universities ( and Mr Meloni of CILEA, a consortium of 7 Universities in Lombardy (, and it seems clear that Italian archaeologists now have sufficient, and sufficiently diverse, interest in the idea to make the establishment of ArchWEB-IT possible.

We think that a fully functional Archaeological Web Service for Italy, in addition to bringing together a cross-section of the archaeological community, might also attempt to offer the range of services currently envisaged for the EAHW (see the EAHW services overview for a listing). Of all these proposed services, however, the Archaeological Resource Guide is the one that can be implemented most quickly, and which can profit from the fact that we now have one year's experience running ARGE.
The following checklist may be helpful in setting up a similar guide for Italian archaeological resources:

We hope that you will find these ideas helpful in your future discussions regarding both the formation of ArchWEB-IT and the possibility of a partnership in the EAHW proposals. Each of you brings valuable expertise in one or more areas of archaeology; we know that your combined talents will result in the development of an indispensable Web service for Italian professional and public users.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional comments and questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Martijn van Leusen
Sara Champion