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3 June 2003

ARGE is on extended holiday from June to August.

New URLs:
The Archaeological Illustrators Resource - a website by a commercial illustrator from Britain, with articles, examples of digital illustration, software reviews and forum for all involved in archaeological illustration. Advocates a change in (digital) illustration standards.
Archeoforum - a website about the Stone Age in the Netherlands. Visitors can download articles and join mailing lists to receive news about the Dutch stone age.
The Brigantia Archaeological Practice - an archaeological consultancy and contracting organisation based in the north of England.
Hilton of Cadboll Excavations homepage - history and background to the discovery of the basal portion of the Hilton of Cadboll Pictish cross-slab. Hosted by Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division, (GUARD).
Arheoloŝki Muzej Split - website of the archaeological museum of Split (Croatia). Includes pages about the Roman towns of Issa, Narona, and Salona.

19 May 2003

New URLs:
Mechelse Vereniging voor Stadsarcheologie - Society for amateur archaeology in the town of Mechelen (Belgium).
Theatrum Mogontiacensium - Das römische Bühnentheater zu Mainz - Excavations at the Roman theatre of Mainz (Germany) by the regional heritage board. Opportunities to join in the excavation, review of research and press so far, picture gallery, links and further reading.
Exploring the Maltese Prehistoric Temple Culture - announcement of a trans-disciplinary and international conference to be held on Malta in September 2003.
A Look at Modern Human Origins - A reference site for information on plio-pleistocene human evolution, by David Kreger. Contains hominid species descriptions, large glossary of terms, extensive links, bibliographic references, and articles on some topics.

Updated URLs:
HUMBUL Humanities Hub: Archaeology - new address, updated comment.
Archäologische Abteilung, Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - new address.
GISARCH discussion list - new address.
AmberWeb - L'Ambra nella Scienza e nell'Archeologia - new URL.
PIA (Papers from the Institute of Archaeology) - at University College London; updated comment.
Museé National d'Histoire et d'Art - updated URL and comment.
Birmingham Roman Roads Project - fixed incorrect URL.
Universiteit Gent, Vakgroep Archeologie en Oude Geschiedenis van Europa - new address.
Early Man in Spain - updated title and URL.
EAHW - discussion list; new URL.
Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven (SPNE) - new URL.
Arkeoosteologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AOFL) - at Stockholm University; new address.
Numismatiska forskningsgruppen - at Stockholm University; new address.
Time Team - new address.

Deleted URLs:
0682 - Maritime Fife & 0683 - Guide to Historic Shipwreck Sites: pages no longer available after the closure of the Archaeological Diving Unit at St Andrew's University.

13 May 2003

New URLs:
CERES Underwater Research Center - fully, Centre Européen de Recherches et d'Etudes Sous-marines is a commercial company specialising in underwater survey, bathymetry, side scan sonar survey and multibeam survey. It has a lot of new pages about shipwreck research. In French, English, German and Spanish.
Creating and using virtual reality: a guide for the arts and humanities - the latest in the important series of AHDS guides, this guide concentrates on accessible desk-top virtual reality which may be distributed and viewed via the World Wide Web.
XVth UISPP conference 2006 - web site for the XVth Congress of the International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, to be held in Lisbon, in September 2006. Under construction.
CIDOC aonceptual Reference Model - relaunched website by the CIDOC documentation standards working group. The CRM provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation.

Updated URLs:
BIAB online - new address; British online abstracts and bibliographic references to nearly 200,000 documents dating from 1695 AD to the present, FREE OF CHARGE for a period of one month until mid June 2003. After mid June access to biab online will only be available to subscribers - and will include the most recent material from biab 7(1) for 2003.
Secrets of the Norman Invasion - new address; now also includes the results of the public enquiry.

12 May 2003

New URLs:
NordArk - en guide till nordisk arkeologi - web guide to Nordic archaeology. The site is divided in two parts, an 'Informationsguiden' containing information from producers and transmitters of information such as archives, libraries, museums, institutes, universities, colleges, publishers etc., and a 'Länkbiblioteket' ordered by subject. The site is under ongoing development.

Updated URLs:

Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens historia - changed URL.
Archeologische Werkgemeenschap Nederland - changed URL.
Museo Gregoriano Etrusco I - changed URL.
Museo Gregoriano Etrusco II - changed URL.
Archologischer Park Cambodunum (APC) - changed URL.
Diotima - changed URL.
Nordic Institutions - changed URL.
Centre for research in East Roman Studies - changed URL.
Laboratoire de Paloanthropologie - at Geneva University. Changed URL.
Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Sofia - changed URL.
Archologiemuseum Heilbronn - Fixed small error in URL.
Excavations at Tell Sabi Abyad, Syrie - changed URL.
Viking Bronze: Blowing New Life in Ancient and Early Medieval Metalcraft - changed URL.
Arqueologa del Paisaje - changed URL.
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Liguria - changed URL.

Deleted records:
0202 - Associazione Internationale Archeologia Computizionale ?? (AIACE)
0317 - Laboratorio di Archeologia Computizionale IRSIP-CNR
0727 - Estonian National Museum: no archaeology on this site.
0651/0859 - Bibracte, centre archéologique et musée: deleted duplicate records.
2688 - Laboratoire de Paléoanthropologie: duplicate record.

20 September 2002
- 1 May 2003

ARGE has been in a state of suspended animation, while its editor was (first) enjoying himself in southern Italy, and (then) hard at work meeting deadlines for his real job.

For the historically minded: you can work your way backwards through the archives of the "newlinks" page for the years 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995. These files are ~100 KB in size. No archive was kept between ARGE's start in March 1995 and 7 August of that year.