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Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

Old Links

Unfortunately we only thought of saving old links on August 7 1995, and this page therefore does not contain any links dating between March 1995 (which is when ARGE was started) and August 6 1995.

26 January 2001

New URLs:
CAA 2001 - This year's conference of the CAA will be held on Gotland (Sweden). Its title: Archaeological Informatics - Pushing the Envelope. All information including abstracts in PDF format available, in English.
la BESSA, Miniera d'oro romana - private pages by Alberto Vaudagna, on an archaeological area in Piedmont, Italy, containing both Iron age petroglyphs and a second century BC Roman gold mine. In Italian.
Vestigia BV, Archeologie en Cultuurhistorie - archaeological consultancy providing expert advise, management support and research for (local) goverment, project developers and land agents. Site rather slow loading due to excessive animation. In Dutch and English.
Sontec GMBH - German firm specialising in geophysical prospection, including that of archaeological structures, magnetic, radar, and underwater surveys. In German.

Updated URLs:
Bremer Stiftung für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie - contents of the site have been updated.

11 January 2001

New URLs:
Lead Mining in the Yorkshire Dales - private pages by Martin Roe; a 'beginners guide' to the history and archaeology of 2000 years of lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales. Introduces the basic landscape components and then places them in regional contexts with small local tours of key sites. In English.
Halifax, a study in industrial archaeology - private pages by Martin Roe, introducing the industrial archaeology (textiles, coal and fireclay mining, quarrying) of the Halifax area of West Yorkshire (UK), from the 17th to the 20th century. In English.
Économies, Sociétés et Environnements Préhistoriques (ESEP) - Web site of the laboratory of Prehistory at the University of the Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France), in association with the CNRS, focuses on technological approaches and environmental reconstructions for the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of Europe and Africa. Includes publications, announcements, and field projects. In French.

Updated URLs:
Alamannenmuseum in Ellwangen - changed URL and now has a more detailed announcement about the new Alamannenmuseum in Ellwangen (DE) dedicated to the archaeology of the 3rd to 8th centuries AD in Southern Germany. In German.
Découvrez la préhistoire au Grand Pressigny - changed URL and updated contents. In French and English.
MEDIOLANVM - new version of the free European field work brokering system, previously named EARP.

3 January 2001

New URLs:
33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry - Amsterdam, 22-26 April 2002. First circular and pre-registration details. In English.
Museum für Archäologie, Frauenfeld - brief details of this local Swiss museum, in German.
Römisches Museum - brief details about this local museum in Kemptem, Germany. In German.
Hollufgård - arkeologi og landskab - pages of the archaeological museum of Odense, Denmark. In Danish.
Moesgaard Museum - museum of prehistory, attached to Aarhus University, Denmark. Extensive pages on the collections and activities of the museum. In Danish and English.
Museet Ribes Vikingen - museum presenting the extensive remains dating to the medieval period of the town of Ribe, Denmark. In Danish, English, and German.
Strandingsmuseum St. George - museum presenting the remains of two British ships stranded in 1811. Further links to center for marine archaeology which holds a register of wrecks for the North Sea. In Danish, English, and German.

Updated URLs:
Achill Archaeological Field School 2001 - a 12 week programme, commencing 4th June, at the Post-Medieval Deserted Village of Slievemore on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Accredited Field School of the National University of Ireland.
Archaeology Department - at the University of Edingburgh (UK); changed address.
Das Schweizerische Landesmuseum, Stammhaus in Zürich - brief details of this general museum with archaeological collections, in German; changed URL.
The World of the Vikings - changed address.
Megalithic! - changed URL.
Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey, by Peter Greenhalgh - changed URL.
Musei dell'Umbria - this guide, unfortunately not searchable by subject but only by place-name, has changed address. In Italian, English, and German.
The Beazley Archive: Greek Painted Pottery - changed URL.
Archäologischer Park Cambodunum (APC) - changed URL.
Institutionen för arkeologi, Göteborgs Universitet - changed URL. In Swedish.
Perseus Atlas - changed URL.
Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter - fixed an error in the URL.

Deleted URLs:
16 'Dead' URLs were removed from the database.

21 December 2000

New URLs:
CAA-UK 2001 - the Sixth Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (UK) meeting will take place at Bristol University from Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th February 2001. Full details and submission forms. In English.
7th EAA Annual Meeting 2001 - the Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 2001, at the German town of Esslingen, 19 - 23 September 2001. First circular and request for program proposals available here. In English and German.
Odessa State Museum of Archaeology - from the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. Brief introductory text, some images and animations, but not much information. In Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
Arkæoastronomi - astronomi i oldtiden - private pages by Rud Kjems, providing access to web resources on archaeoastronomy of Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain. Unfortunately I cannot evaluate this site, because it is in Danish.
Projekt Kamerun - pages describing research into the earliest neolithic people of Cameroon (Africa), by the University of Tübingen (Germany) during 1997 and 1999. In German.
Projekt Heidengraben - pages detailing the excavations at the Iron age to early medieval Oppidum Heidengraben (Kr. Reutlingen, Germany) by the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory and Medieval Archaeology of Tübingen University. In German.
ArkIkon - Illustrasjon & visualisering - commercial archaeological reconstruction and illustration service from Norway. Also offers 3D visualization, web design, replicas. In Norwegian and English.
Sanniti - the Samnites: their people, land, towns, language, religion, myth, and their wars against Rome. Attractive and informative private pages by Davide Monaco - if slightly romanticised. In Italian and English.
Sito paleolitico La Pineta, Isernia - Italy. Private pages by Davide Monaco, well-illustrated and informative, including pages on the paleolithic museum of Isernia, present the find of a Homo Erectus fossil dated to 700,000 years ago. In Italian, English, French, and German.

13 December 2000

ARGE software upgrade: Recurrent problems with ARGE's database server since before the summer have now finally been fixed, and important improvements have been made to ARGE's response speed at the same time. String and date searches can now be accessed from ARGE's home page.
ArchNet ceased service The WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology maintained since 1993 by Tom Plunkett and John Lizee at the University of Connecticut has ceased service as of October. John and Tom are looking for people who are prepared to adopt ArchNet.

New URLs:
The Marki Project - description of the Australian excavations by Latrobe University at Marki Alonia, a bronze age town in Cyprus. In English.
Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Vor- und Frühgeschichtlichen Ausgrabungen im Osnabrücker Land E.V. - web site of the society for the furtherance of excavations in the Osnabrück region of northwestern Germany. Details of several projects and activities. In German.
El comte Arnau: arqueologia de la llegenda del comte arnau - an investigation into the thruth about the legendary Count Arnaud, with details of his castle in Mataplana, Andorra. In Catalan.
Stone Age Hand-Axes - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing introductory text, a map, and lots of images. Very good educational page. In English.
Stone Age Habitats - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing a richly illustrated introductory text on stone age habitats. Very good educational page. In English.
Roman Musical Instruments - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing a richly illustrated overview of musical instruments used by the Romans. In English.

28 November 2000

New URLs:
Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie ARCHAEOMETRIE - founded in May 1999, this international professional society aims to promote interdisciplinary discussion about the role of scientific methods in and for archaeology. News and contact details in German.
ARCHway: gateway to resource sharing in archaeology - a UK Research Support Libraries Programme project, which is evaluating whether and how it will be possible to enhance access to archaeology journals and related materials through collaborative collection management, a web gateway to journal holdings, and current awareness and document delivery services. In English.
SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting - a free email service, courtesy of Taylor & Francis publishers, for delivery of tables of contents of any Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal. For each of your choices, you will receive the relevant bibliographic information and full contents details, names of authors and the appropriate page numbers from the printed version.Click on the SARA button to register. In English.
Megalithic Sites of Great Britain - site presenting new surveys based on photographic images and computer extrapolation which purport to substantiate the existence of Alexander Thom's 'Megalithic Calendar and lunar standstill program' in Bronze Age Britain. In English.
Geschichte & Chronologie - on-line journal concentrating on criticisms of, and alternatives to, generally accepted archaeological and historical chronologies. The editors and authors seem to constitute a group of catastrophists and pseudo-archaeologists. In German and English. Caution: adverts!
Scythica-Celtiqum - Archaeology, Numismatics & Antiquariat - annotated web resource catalogue, by Dr V.E.Eremenko. In Russian.
Paleo.Flint - Educational web site concentrating on paleolithic flint in Spain. Rather difficult to find your way. In Spanish.

Updated URLs:
SNA - Stichting Nederlandse Archeologie - Dutch ArchWeb site, now reorganised and updated. In Dutch.
MDA - UK Museums Documentation Association - now have a restructured and redesigned web site.In English.
Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: Guide to Good Practice - 2nd Edition.

10 November 2000

New URLs:
The TOMBA project - a multilingual internet image database for the tombs of the elites in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe (2400/2300-480/450 BC). The database has been localized into Danish, English, French, German, Greek, and Italian.
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture - database of 7th - 11th century sculpture at the Department of Archaeology, University of Durham, England. In English.
Dore Abbey - interactive guidebook to this former Cistercian abbey (founded 1147) which became an Anglian Parish Church, on the English - Welsh border. Works only with MSIE 4 or higher. In English.
Hands-on-holiday - tour operator offering vacations for those interested in the archaeology of England. Currently 3 tours on offer. In English.
Global Museum - published by Roger Smith, the Global Museum is a free weekly newsletter gathering information from a large pool of museums located all over the world. This newsletter will plug you into information that is just slightly off the beaten media track. Follow the 'news' and 'museum resources' links from the home page to get to a host of archaeology stories and links. In English.

31 October 2000

New URLs:
ADS ONLINE - Issue 8 of the electronic newsletter of the Archaeology Data Service. As well as regular features on the latest additions to ArchSearch, the ADS catalogue, and an introduction to the "PATOIS" project, this issue takes a look at three projects that will enhance access to research materials for students and researchers in archaeology: the Cambridge University aerial photography library; the Excavation Index for England from EH NMR; and a service to manage and improve library journal holdings called "ARCHWay". In English. NB: you may ignore the popup window by pressing "Cancel"
Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition - an interdisciplinary archaeological project by the Classics Department at Oxford University, studying life in this remote and rugged part of Crete, from ca 3000 BC until the end of Ottoman rule in AD 1900. The survey has involved the use of environmental, archaeological, documentary, and local information collected over a 13-year period. The very extensive web site operates on different levels, from introductory to specialist, and includes a teaching database designed to introduce students to the uses of survey data and a presentation about fabric analysis (with pictures of a selection of our fabrics). In English with an introductory article in Greek.
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut (ÖAI) - home page of the Austrian National Institute of Archaeology in Vienna. Presents many current projects in Austria, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. In German.
Luganskaya archeologicheskaya ekspeditsia - archaeology in the Luhansk region of the Ukraine, with contact details, some on-line publications, and brief details about the three archaeologists involved. In Russian, with English version in the making.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA: heuristics for mediterranean archaeology - new address; last updated in August 2000. 100's of links. In Dutch.
Archaeologia Books and Prints - based in Oakland, California. These sellers of antiquarian, rare and out-of-print scholarly books on archaeology offer a free (well, if you are prepared to receive their occasional e-mailings) screensaver with eleven stunning pictures of achaeological ruins from around the world. You can also browse their collection of books and prints covering Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece & Rome, the Ancient Near East, and the Americas. In English.
Lantern Slides of Classical Antiquity - this joint project of CSA and Bryn Mawr College has added about 150 images, primarily of architecture from the Roman period, to those already available on its web site. Images are fully described and indexed geographically. In English.
Landscape Archaeology Group (LAG) - updated site; includes archaeological computer applications used during LAG's researches, summaries of LAG's publications (newsletters PYXIDA vol 1, 2, and a book about local Greek history), full WEB publication of the newsletter PYXIDA vol 3 (years 1997-98) in Greek, with summaries and an article by J. Bintliff in English. In Greek and English.

17 October 2000

ARGE will appear in the 'Millennium Guide to Cultural Resources on the Web' - a CD-ROM attached to the World Culture Report 2000 published by UNESCO. The guide can also be consulted at the UNESCO web site.

3 October 2000

New URLs:
Addition of new links will continue in November, when the Editor returns from fieldwork in southern Italy.

Prehistoric megaliths in the Western Caucasus - a long-term project fieldwork sponsored and administered by the Institute for Study of Material Culture History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg, Russia. Illustrated report of past campaigns, details of upcoming campaign. In English.

22 September 2000

New URLs:
Archaeological Vestiges in Romania - a list of 70 of the most famous sites and treasures in Romania, with pictures taken by the page author, Andrei Stirbu. In English.
Southern Romania Archaeological Project (SRAP) - a survey and excavation project by the University of Wales and the historical museums in Bucharest and Alexandria, examining trends in prehistoric land use and settlement patterns in Southeastern Europe. Started in July 1998, SRAP focuses its attention on the Late Neolithic (4800-3600BC) of the Teleorman River Valley, 85 km Southwest of Bucuresti.In English
ROSTRUM - An information service for archaeologists and museologists who wish to be informed about EU legislation, institutions, processes, and funding opportunities including the current 5th Framework. Also advertises meetings with a European dimension. In English and Italian. Note: start page makes use of FLASH; your browser may not like this.
Museum of Macedonia (Skopje), Department of Archaeology - while this site currently consists mostly of placeholders and 'under construction' messages, it is to be hoped that content will appear quickly. In English.

29 August 2000

New URLs:
Studien der Sachsenforschung - home of the International Society for Saxon studies. Under construction: currently links to one exhibition in the Nienburg Museum (Niedersachsen, Germany). In German.
Franken und Sachsen beiderseits des Rheinlimes - programme of the 51st conference of the International Society for Saxon Studies, 17 to 21 September 2000 in Leuven, Belgium. In German and English.
Margaret Morris Books - this egyptologist/educator has written a book debunking recent theories claiming to overturn the established view of Egypt's ancient past. The site provides excerpts and other texts. In English.

Updated URLs:
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - Dutch society for experimental and educational archaeology; changed address.
Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia - annual journal of the Faculty of Prehistory at Leiden University; changed address.
Centro Camuno di Studu Preistorici - Rock Artsite updated with new sections, sites, exhibition; french and italian pages also updated.

22 August 2000

New URLs:
CD: Carnuntum - Virtuelle Tour - info and some screenshots of this 3-lingual CD containing a virtual tour through a quarter of ancient Carnuntum (Austria), once one of the most important towns in the Roman Empire. In German, English, and Latin.
Albion Archaeology - commercial services in the area of planning, evaluation, and mitigation. In English.
Ancient Art Gallery Traces from the Past - dealer in objects from all periods. In English.
Gruppo Archeologia Ticino (GAT) - Archaeological society of the Ticino canton (Italy).Site currently contains only one page about a small exhibition. In Italian.
Folk Magic in Britain 1200-2000 - Brian Hoggard's PhD project on the archaeology of folk magic. Dried cats, witch bottles, horse skulls... In English.
Museo Archeologico di Aquileia - by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Soprintendenza. Presents collections of this museum specialising in the Roman and early Christian perods. In Italian and English.
Artacorn - Archaeological Illustration - Commercial digital archaeological illustration, graphic design and the Archaeological Soils Recording Chart - ASR Chart. In English

Updated URLs:
Archaeology in Luxembourg - changed address.
Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie - changed address.

11 August 2000

New URLs:
Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service - includes projects, annual reports, and news. In English.
East Anglian Archaeology - archaeological report series for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and the Fenland Project. The first report was published in 1975 and there are now over ninety titles in the series, controlled by an editorial committee of senior archaeologists from the three counties, and supported by English Heritage. In English.
Spoilheap archaeology - a collection of archaeological data by Sue Anderson. Extensive introductory pages on pottery and other ceramics, human skeletal remains, and burial archaeology. Emphasis on Britain but also reviews evidence in other parts of Europe. In English.
The British Association of Biological Anthropologists and Osteoarchaeologists (BABAO) - including news, conferences, etc. In English.
Ymddiriedolaeth Archaeolegol Gwynedd / Gwynedd Archaeological Trust - educational charity for north-west Wales. In English and Welsh.
Archaeoleg CAMBRIA Archaeology - educational charity for Dyfed (west Wales). In English and Welsh.
Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust - educational charity for south-east Wales. In English and Welsh.

Updated URLs:
CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments - site redesigned; new address.

28 July 2000

New URLs:
Namur - Musée Archéologique - brief details of this local Belgian museum with collections from prehistory and the Roman and Merovingian periods. In French.
Arqueologia - page from the University of Trás-us-Montes, Portugal, linking to 6 projects. In Portugese.

Updated URLs:
TITUS: Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text - und Sprachmaterialien - changed URL.
Department of Ancient History & Archaeology - University of Birmingham. In English. Changed URL.
The Vikings - changed URL.
Historic Scotland - changed URL.
Kerkenes Dag - changed URL.
King Alfred's College - changed URL.
The European Cultural Legacy CD-i Series - changed URL.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège - changed URL.
Centre de Recherches d'Archeologie Nationale (CRAN) - changed URL.
Aiolos (Klassieken) - changed URL.
Muinaisjäännösten hoitoyksikkö - changed URL.
TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin, issue 10 - changed URL.
CBA guide to UK archaeology online - changed URL.
Makedonika:History - changed URL.
EAA Code of Practice - changed URL.
3.o Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular - changed address.
Kalliojumalan Jäljillä - changed address.
Scienze della Terra per l'Archeologia - changed address.
TRACCE - changed address.

Deleted 3 dead URLs

25 July 2000

New URLs:
Arkeoosteologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AOFL) - archaeoosteological laboratory at the Institute for Archaeology, Stockholm. Current project: the Kronan warship. In English.
Numismatiska forskingsgruppen - numismatic research group at the Institute for Archaeology, Stockholm. One current project. In Swedish.
Carrowmore - short description, in English, of the Swedish excavations of megalithic tombs at Carrowmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland.
Ajvide - description of a research project. In Swedish.
Lovöprojektet - description of a research project. In Swedish.
Etruscan Landscapes - brief details of an excavation of an Etruscan farm; an Earthwatch project. In English.
Late Renaissance Ceramics - excavations at a Tuscan villa are to throw light on the development of Maiolica ware; an Earthwatch project. In English.
Mallorca's Copper Age - excavations at the (neolithic) Bell Beaker site of Son Mas; an Earthwatch project. In English.

Updated URLs:
Keltenmuseum Hochdorf - changed URL.
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - changed URL.
Arte Rupestre - Description of rock art from Val Pellice in the Italian Alps. In Italian. Changed URL.
The search for Neanderthals - changed URL.
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos - changed URL.
Bibracte - changed URL.
History of the Glenmorangie Area - changed URL.
Adkins Archaeological Consultants - changed URL.
Riu Mannu Project, Sardinië, Italië - changed URL.
Birka Vikingastaden - changed URL.
Eketorp - changed URL.
Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AFL) - changed URL.
Asociación de Arqueología, Estadística e Informática - changed URL.
Museovirasto - changed URL.

Deleted 9 dead URLs

18 July 2000

New URLs:
Archaeological Diving Unit - at St.Andrew's University (UK). In English.
Monumentenzorg en Archeologie in Zwolle - municipal archaeology of Zwolle, one of the Hansa towns along the IJssel river in the Netherlands. In Dutch.
Chersonesos - Excavation, remote sensing, and conservation project on this 6th century BC Greek colony on the Crimea (Ukraine), by the University of Texas and the Archaeological Museum of the Chersonesos.
Limes XVIII conference - The 18th international congress of Roman Frontier Studies will take place in Amman (Jordan) from 2nd to 11th September 2000. Registration and programme available in English.
Archaeology Department - at University College Dublin. In English.
E-FAITH - European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, founded 1999. Aims,membership, further links. In English.
Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie (VVIA) - Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology. This website is so new that there is no content yet. In English and German.

Updated URLs:
Excavations at Capo Alfiere, 1990 - changed address. Results from University of Texas excavations at the neolithic site of Capo Alfiere, near Croton, Calabria, Italy. In English.
Historical and Industrial Archaeology Sites in Hampshire - new address. Illustrated tourist trail along a large number of the most interesting sites and monuments. Despite the title there are lost of prehistoric and roman sites too. In English.
Discover Museums in Hampshire - changed address. Includes Museum of the Iron Age and other archaeology museums. In English.
Musée de Normandie, Caen: Histoire, Archéologie, Ethnographie - changed address. Department of Basse Normandie. Publications, exhibits, new acquisitions of the Museum. In French.
Welcome to Chester Archaeology - Chester City Council heritage pages, changed address and title.
Journal of Material Culture - fixed URL.
Classics Department - at University College, Dublin (IE). Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites. In English. Changed address.
ArchNet - Archaeological Software - changed URL.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - changed URL. In English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
Guide to Historic Wreck Sites (Designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973) - changed URL. Page by the Archaeological Diving Unit of St.Andrew's University (UK). In English.
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art - changed URL.
Musée archéologique Gallo-Romain, Martigny - changed URL. In French and English.
Sites gallo-romains - in Lyon (FR) changed URL. In French.
Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust - changed URL.
Urgechichte (bis ins 10. Jahrhundert) - changed URL. From the regional government of Upper Austria.

Deleted 1 dead URL:
Institute of Archaeology,Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland).

11 July 2000

This week, ARGE received two awards:
  • on July 6th, ARGE was ranked a "Key Resource" for Archaeology and Anthropology, by the Links2Go Internet index;
  • on July 7th, ARGE's Period Index was highly rated as an educational page useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate, by the UK Schoolzone's panel of 400 expert teachers.
To find out more, see our prize cabinet!

6 July 2000

New URLs:
Department of History and Archaeology - University of Cyprus. In English.
Archaeological Research Unit - at the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters - Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. In German.

Updated URLs:
Headland Archaeology Ltd - changed address.
About Cyprus: History - brief overview from the Cyprus Government (from the Neolithic to the present day); includes current excavations. In English. Changed address.
Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro, Passau - In German. Changed address.
Das Oppidum von Bramefan - In German and French. Changed address.
University Museum Publications - over 600 anthropology and archaeology titles in this online catalogue and ordering system from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. In English. Changed address.
Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln - In German. Changed address.
Abteilung Ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärökologie - at Tübingen University. In German and English. Changed address.
Abteilung Jüngere Urgeschichte und Frühgeschichte - at Tübingen University. Changed address.

4 July 2000

The ARGE user help system is being overhauled. A new button named 'Help/Info' has replaced the two separate 'Help' and 'Info' buttons that were part of ARGE's navigation bar earlier. The new button opens a separate window containing frequently asked questions-and-answers so that new users can have this help function available while browsing ARGE.

New URLs:
ARC Archaeological research and Consultancy BV - web site of commercial unit associated with the University of Groningen. In Dutch.
Musée de l'Homme de Néandertal, La Chapelle Aux Saints - the museum, the skeleton, and its discovery in central France in 1908. In French and English.
Die Keltentruppe CARNYX - founded in spring 1999 and named after a Celtic war trumpet, the main aim of this German re-enactment group is to present the Celtic era of European prehistory in detail and with realism. Archaeological findings supplemented by information from ancient writers are the main source for the reconstruction of Celtic dress, jewellery, tools and weapons. In German, French, and English.
The Colchester Archaeological Trust - this local society presents discoveries and publications in and relating to Colchester, Britain's first Roman town. In English.
Espahisa Europa s.l. - Commercial CRM consultancy in Spain. In Spanish.
Journal of Social Archaeology - journal "devoted to social approaches to archaeology, engaging with and contributing to theoretical developments from other related disciplines across the social sciences, including politics and heritage issues. Explicitly global in outlook, it covers world archaeology with temporal parameters from prehistory to recent periods". Electronic subscription possible. In English.

Updated URLs:
Journal of Material Culture - from SAGE publishers; changed address.
The Council for Scottish Archaeology - changed address.
Musée de la civilisation Gallo-Romaine - changed address. Brief details of this museum at Lyon, France. In French and English.
Musée et Site Archéologique de Saint-Romain-en-Gal - changed address. Brief details of this museum at Lyon, France. In French and English.
York University Archaeological Society - changed address; rather slow loading due to Jave enhanced web pages. In English.
Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology, 2000-2001 - changed address.
Institute of Archaeology - University College London, changed address.
Archäologie online - new name and URL for the WWW-VL site for German archaeology.
Information about Dutch Archaeology - formerly known as ArchWeb-NL, this site has changed address yet again.
The Bonn Archaeological Software Package (BASP) - new address.

30 June 2000

New URLs:
Vindonissa-Museum Brugg - details of this museum, and news of special exhibitions on Roman Vindonissa (Argau, CH). In German.
Museum Schwab, Biel - complete set of pages for this local Swiss archaeological museum with prehistoric to Roman collections. In French and German.
Avenches: site et musée romains - brief details. Aventicum was the Roman capital of Switzerland. In French.
Musée romain de Lausanne-Vidy - brief details. In French.
Kantonsarchäologie Baselland - Liestal, Switzerland. Complete set of pages from the regional archaeological service of the canton Baselland. In German.

Updated URLs:
Antikenmuseum und Sammlung Ludwig Basel - changed address. Complete set of pages for this museum of classical antiquities. In German.
Musée cantonal d'archéologie et d'histoire, Lausanne - changed address. Brief details and history. In French.
Archäologischer Park Cambodunum (APC) - new address.
Instytut Archeologii - new address. Very brief details of the Institute of Archaeology, Jagellionian University, Cracow. In Polish and English.
Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - changed address; brief illustrated details of the museum (Bayern, Germany) and its archaeological collections. Includes further links to regional archaeology. In German.

Deleted URLs:
City Museum, Beziers - page missing.

27 June 2000

New URLs:
Helms Museum - Hamburger Museum für Archäologie und die Geschichte Harburgs - full details of this museum in Hamburg, Germany. In German.
Antikensammlung Kunsthalle zu Kiel - page introducing the collection of antiquities of the Department of Classical Archaeology of Kiel University. In German.
The tomb of Senneferi (TT99) - very complete set of pages about this ongoing excavation by Egyptologists from the University of Cambridge at Luxor (Egypt). In English.

Updated URLs:
Ulster Journal of Archaeology - changed address.
Hereford and Worcester County Archaeological Service - changed address.
School of Archaeology and Palaeoecology - Queens University, Belfast; changed address. Also offers radiocarbon and dendrochronological dating services.
Index to Classical Dissertations and Theses in Progress - compiled at UCLA, mainly from the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies and the American Philological Association Newsletter; changed address.
Charter of Courmayeur 1992 - changed address.
Statens Historiska Museer, Stockholm - changed address.
Department of Classics and Ancient History - University of Wales at Swansea (UK); changed URL.
Schiffswracks im Bodensee - online article, changed URL and updated.
Mittelalterlicher Bergbau auf Eisen, Blei und Silber; begrenzte Mittel und zahlreiche Veränderungen - online article "Mining on Iron, Lead and Silver in the Middle Ages - limited Resources and numerous changes", changed URL and updated.
Archäologie im Internet - changed name and address.

Deleted URLs:
Brief details of museums and galleries in Modena.
Virtual Reality Heritage Conference
three annual reports 1992, 1994, 1995 of the TT99 project - replaced by new web pages (see above).
Ausgrabungen und Funde - apparently no longer carried by Wileys Publishers.

26 June 2000

New URLs:
cursus INDUSTRIELE ARCHEOLOGIE / course on INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY - brief web pages accompagnying a course taught at the Dept. of History, Free University of Brussels. In Dutch.
Amt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie, Kanton Luzern - hosts links to Swiss archaeological institutions within the cantons and universities. In German.
Werkgroep Archeologie Gemeente Gorinchem - municipal archaeology of Gorinchem (Netherlands); projects, publications, etc. In Dutch.
Etruscans on the Web - from the Open University, England. links to (useful) information relating to the Etruscans, excluding only tourism itineraries and other largely commercial sites. All sites have been visited but inclusion on these pages is no guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of information. In English.

Updated URLs:
Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA) - new address. The object of the Association is the advancement of the study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines. The Association holds meetings and publishes volumes of collected papers. Includes further links to many websites relating to environmental archaeology. In English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.
Mark Beech's research page - updated. A goldmine for environmental archaeologists who are prepared to dig a little further. In English.
Talactor, S.L. Arqueología y Patrimonio - new address. Talactor is an archaeological firm working mainly in urban archaeology of the León region. Currently in Spanish only.

16 June 2000

New URLs:
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze - brief details of the National archaeological museum of Florence. In Italian.
Museo Egizio - brief details of this museum at Florence. In Italian.
Museo Archeologica 'Gaio Cilnio Mecenate' - brief details of this museum at Arezzo. In Italian.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Siena - brief details of this museum at Siena. In Italian.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Chiusi - brief details of this museum at Chiusi (SI). In Italian.
Antiquarium Statale di Cosa - brief details of this museum at Cosa (GR). In Italian.

Updated URLs:
Manx Heritage Sites - new address.
Council for Scottish Archaeology - new address.
Civitas Aquilonia - new address. Roman precursor to Quimper, Brittany. In French and English.
Victoriamuseet för egyptiska fornsaker - The Victoria Museum of Egyptology of Uppsala University. In Swedish and English.
Svensk forntid och medeltid - Sweden's prehistory and middle ages, at the Uppsala University Museum. In Swedish.
Kulttuurien tutkimuksen laitos, arkeologia - Institute for Cultural Research, Department of Archaeology, University of Helsinki. In Finnish.
Soprintendenza Archeologica per la Toscana - new address.
The Viking Bronze Casting site - new address.
A thousand pictures from Lebanon - July / August 1995 and April 1996 - new address and new title.
Irish Coinage - from the earliest currency to modern coins. New address.
Irish Hammered Coinage ~995-~1660 - new address.
Early Irish Use of Coinage (before 995 A.D.) - new address.
Irish Milled Coinage (1680-1822) - new address.
Irish Modern Coinage 1928 to date - new address.

8 June 2000

New URLs:
East Anglian Archaeology - an academic monograph series for reports describing archaeological work carried out in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and the Fens. Established in 1975, there are now over ninety titles in the series. The site lists information about all these titles and allows the user to order books direct. In English.
On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics - a commercial service to the Classics teaching community. Topics covered include Roman and Greek history, philosophy, religion, mythology, culture, art, archaeology, language and literature in the original Latin or Greek as well as in translation, and its reception, influence and study in ages subsequent to antiquity. Provides complete product information, prices from various distributors, and hyperlinks to available on-line reviews, audio and video previews, screenshots of software, and distributors of every product. In English. Archaeology - previously known as The Miningco, is a general guide to online resources. Your guide to world archaeology is Kris Hirst. Lots of links including digs, jobs, further links, articles, chat. In English
Navan at Armagh - a few pages presenting Navan Fort, the ancient Emain Macha of Irish history and legend, and earliest capital of Ulster.In English. - portal site for Dutch archaeology. Possibly the best place to start if you can read Dutch!

Updated URLs:
Amsterdams Archeologisch Centrum - changed address. Formerly known as the Department of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (IPP). In Dutch and English.
Hadrian's wall country - changed address.
Associazione Internazionale Archeologia Computizionale ?? (AIACE) - changed address.
The Viking Network Web - changed address. In Swedish and English.
Monte Castellare excavations - changed address. In Italian.
WebAcropol - a virtual tour of the Acropolis. In English.
Accademie straniere - browse down this page to find details of and links to the foreign academies in Rome.
Mothers of Time - fixed error in URL. In French and English.

Deleted URLs:
North-eastern Turkey Archaeology Project
Museen und wissenschaftliche Sammlungen at the University of Bonn.
Navan Fort, Armagh
Navan Fort
RING, Nederlands centrum voor dendrochronologie

31 May 2000

New URLs:
Internationales Vasen-Symposion: Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext - 1st announcement of a conference on Greek vases, taking place from 24 to 28 September 2001 at Kiel University, Germany. Introductory text and registration form. In German.
Phaselis: Pirate city of antiquity - brief history and pictures of this ruined classical town and pirate nest on the southern coast of Turkey. Private page by Aytac Yuce, for tourists. In English.
Artemis Ephesia - brief illustrated history of this famous prehistoric and classical town on the western coast of Turkey. Private page by Bulent Temurlenk, for tourists. In English.

Updated URLs:
The British Museum - new and refurbished web site.
Arte e Cultura a Roma - Musei - new address for this listing of museums in the care of the municipality of Rome - mostly archaeological.
Römerstadt Augusta Raurica - extensive website by the museum of Roman Antiquities in present-day Augst (Switzerland). In German, English, and French.
Historisches Museum Haus zum Kirschgarten (Basel)

Deleted URLs:
History & Archaeology CD-ROMs from Multimedia Management.
Guide to Swiss Museums and Exhibitions

25 May 2000

New URLs:
Institut für Altertumswissenschaften: Klassische Archäologie - department of classical archaeology at the University of Jena, Germany. In German.
Boundary Productions - commercial production of archaeological videos and web design, from Germany. In English.
The Server of East-European Archaeology - Internet resource guide to the archaeology of Eastern Europe, by the cultural heritage preservation institute of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Art. Extensive and well-organised collapsible menus offering links to all types of organisations (including non-European parts of the former USSR), field work, theory and methodology, archaeometry, a journal, book reviews, etc. In Russian and English. Currently for MSIE only.
Skithskij mir (The Scythian World) - on-line exhibition introducing the history, ideology, and culture of the Scythians, who inhabited the Eurasian steppe from the 8th to the 1st centuries BC. Emphasis on portable high-status objects. In Russian.

Updated URLs:
Anglesey Through the Ages - changed address.

22 May 2000

New URLs:
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - Dutch society for experimental archaeology and education offers information on activities, newsletter archive, membership and further worldwide links. In Dutch only.
ArchaeoPhysica - provides a comprehensive range of reconnaissance services for archaeology, including geophysical and topographical survey, test-pitting and augering and other related services. In English.
Schloss Monrepos, Neuwied - hosts the Museum of Ice Age Archaeology which presents research against the background of an exhibition of the overall history of the Ice Age and Palaeolithic and Mesolithic peoples. Seat of the Palaeolithic Research Department of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz, which carries out major national and international research projects. In German.
Ancient music instruments - private online version of a paper by Kristof Swentel from Gent University, on musical instruments, especially of the classical world. Lots of pictures and brief texts about the instruments. In Dutch and English.
Gistarychna-Arkhealagichny Zbornik (The Historic-Archaeologic Collection) - brief details of this journal, published by the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In English. Contents of issues since 1993 (In Belarussian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian).
Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus - brief details of the Institute, with links to abstracts of published research since 1992. In English.
Links to the Bronze Age in Europe and beyond - private site by Bernd Sprenzel, listing and briefly commenting sorted bronze age links by country. In English and German.
Les industries lithiques taillÉes holocènes du Bassin rhodanien - round table on the Neolithic lithic industries of the Rhône Valley, organised at Lyon (France) on December 9th, 2000. Details, registration forms, etc. In French.

Updated URLs:
Stone Pages - changed its URL.
Archaeological Texts (AT) - text-writing service for archaeologists; redesigned and relocated.
Museum für Antike Schiffahrt - changed address.
Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz - changed address.

18 May 2000

New URLs:
Dacian Virtual Museum - from New York, the "Institute of Dacian Civilization" tells you about the greatest unknown civilization of the world - that of the ancient Dacians in present-day Romania. Interesting examples of archaeology harnessed for nationalistic purposes - and don't be fooled by all the official-sounding blah blah! In English.
Two bronze helmets of Etruscan typology coming from a Roman wreck found at Les Sorres anchorage (Gavà-Viladecans, Catalonia) - illustrated scientific paper by P. Izquierdo i Tugas and J. M. Solias i Aris, on two etruscan bronze helmets found in a 2nd century BC roman shipwreck near Barcelona (Spain). In English.
Virtual Library: Museum Law and the Protection of Cultural Property - part of the Virtual Library: Museums in Germany, this private guide by Klaus Graf links to institutional and private pages relating to the protection of the cultural heritage (or cultural property) and to legislation (or legal issues) concerning museums, archives and libraries. Archaeology is present as a subsection. In German and English.

Updated URLs:
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg
Grands sites archéologiques

11 May 2000

New URLs:
Field-Walking - discussion list hosted by mailbase, and is concerned with all aspects of archaeological field walking. It responds to a perceived need for greater communication of ideas and results. Its scope ranges from the design of sampling strategies to the interpretation and comparison of results. In English.

3 May 2000

New URLs:
Jose Gabriel Gómez Carrasco: Servicios de Topografía, Dibujo y C.A.D. - commercial service specialised in archaeological mapping, GIS, CAD, and digital drawing. In Spanish.
Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Marburgs Umgebung - private page by Irina Goerner, offering descriptions and references for hiking trails along prehistoric monuments in the surroundings of Marburg (DE). In German.
Archaeologies East - Archaeologies West - International conference taking place from 18-21 May 2000 in Poznan (Poland), with the theme 'Connecting Theory and Practice Across Europe'. In Polish, German, and English.
NEAPOLITAN TOURIST NETWORK PROJECT - research project at C.N.R. Italy, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici delle Province di Napoli e Caserta, presents lots of archaeological tourist pages in the Napels area. Mostly Italian, but four subsections are also in English.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA : heuristiek mediterrane archeologie - changed its URL.

1 May 2000

New URLs:
Gruppo Archeologico Vercellese - archaeological society of Vercelli province, Italy.In Italian.
XIVe Congrès de l'Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP 2001) - at Liège, Belgium, on September 2-8, 2001. Program, sessions, information, registration form, etc. In French and English. Caution: requires FLASH plugin.
MESO 2000 - the 6th International Conference on The Mesolithic in Europe to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 4-8, 2000. In English.
Fibules Online - the stated aim of this unaffiliated site by Laurent Tiphaine, still under construction, is to bring the user up to date on current knowledge and research regarding fibulae. However, it is unclear who provides the information, and what will be the quality of the site. In French.
Keramiska ForskningsLaboratoriet / KFL - Laboratory for Ceramics Research, Department of Quaternary Geology at Lund University, Sweden. Performs material, technique and function analyses. Links to various projects carried out across Europe, and to abstracts of recent publications. In English.
Archaeology's Dig - children's magazine produced by Archaeology Magazine, both official publications of the Archaeological Institute of America. Provides an information resource for children, parents, teachers and educators about archaeology in general (but with an American slant). Page contains some useful resources, especially that of Dr. Dig who answers questions from children, but no online magazine content. In English.
Anthropologie biologique: de la préhistoire au moyen-âge - from cranial trepanations to a medieval necropolis to general hominid evolution, these pages present research carried out by Loïc Hibon. Includes a discussion forum. Worth visiting even if the coding isn't always correct. In French.

27 April 2000

New URLs:
Verdrag van Malta - extensive pages introducing the Valetta treaty, including links to the official text and an overview of available fact sheets. In Dutch.
École française de Rome - French institute of history and archaeology. Over 500 pages with details of all activities: symposiums, publications, library. Follow the "Archaeology" link to get an account of the excavations headed by the School. Under "Actualité", Suburbium links to a workshop on roman suburbs. In French and English.
Portail de l'Archeologie - web guide to archaeology, offering cross-referenced and commented links plus a personal e-mail reply service. By Antony Aubert, 'heritage mediator', in French.
Novaesium, alias Neuss - private site, providing an overview of the history and excavations in the Roman city of Neuss (Germany). In German.
Mediterranean Archaeology Resources - sorted lists of web resources relevant to mediterranian archaeology, by Ioannis Georganas at Nottingham University. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen - homepage at the University of Bern (Switzerland). In German.
Scythica-Celtica - private pages by Dr. V. E. Eremenko, on the archaeology of the eastern European early Iron age, the late preroman period, LaTene, and the Zarubinetz, Poienesti-Lukaschewka, Scythian, and Mylogrady cultures. In Russian and English.

14 April 2000

ARGE is being fitted with an all-new help system, which you can preview by clicking on the 'help' button in the home page. This opens a window with searchable information in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format. The new system will make it much easier to keep ARGE's help function up to date and can also be extended to provide context sensitive help at a later stage. We welcome your comments, and suggestions for Q and A!

27 March 2000

ARGE VL is now featured in the ISI Net Current Web Contents catalogue. Its editors write: You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this reason, ISI has selected your site for inclusion in Current Web Contents, the ISI premier current awareness database that provides information in the fields of science, social science, technology, and the arts & humanities.

New URLs:
Virtual Heritage Network (VHN) - a new international organisation designed to promote the utilisation of technology for the education, interpretation, conservation and preservation of Natural, Cultural and World Heritage. The network is a physical and electronic network of people and organisations in many countries currently working in the virtual heritage industry. In English.
Corinth Computer Project - an extensive educational website from the University of Pennsylvania, based on field work by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. The site incorporates historical, literary and archaeological information from the Roman city of Corinth, Greece. Includes a 3D fly-through of Corinth, a Quicktime movie of the Roman forum, interactive plans, digital maps, 3D models, site photographs, satellite images, interactive GIS data and literary texts. Suitable for K-12, college, scholars and the public at large. Regular updates and additions are scheduled. In English.

Updated URLs:
European Association of Archaeologists - now with further information about the September, 2000, conference in Lisbon.
Archeobase - changed address.

20 March 2000

New URLs:
Model for the Description of Archaeological Archives - by the English Heritage Centre for Archaeology. This page introduces a downloadable PDF document which describes the conceptual model used by CFA to describe its archaeological archives. Comments are welcomed and can be e-mailed to
Archaeological Prospection - contents pages of this journal, containing articles relating to the archaeological uses of a wide range of prospecting techniques, including remote sensing (airborne and satellite), geophysical (eg. resistivity, magnetometry, etc.) and geochemical (eg. organic markers, soil phosphate, etc.). In English.
Archäologisches Museum im Wasserturm - the small Watertower Archaeological Museum at Mönchengladbach-Rheindahlen presents the Rheindahlen excavation site, famous for its paleolithic finds. In German with summaries in English and Swedish.
Balearic Prehistoric Archaeology - private pages by William Waldren, mostly detailing archaeozoological finds of an extinct antelope (Myotragus Balearicus) found associated with mesolithic human occupation remains in two rock shelters on the island of Mallorca. In English.
Damarc Underground News - publication of the Beia museum on the island of Mallorca; contains one article by William Waldren, on bronze age Bouquique Pottery in the Balearic Islands. In English.
Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art - an international non-profit society whose aim is to promote the study and enjoyment of Scandinavian prehistoric art. Page provides brief details on membership and activities. In Swedish and English.

Updated URLs:
Ondernemers in Archeologie - moved to a new address.
Geology Archaeology in Upper Rhine Area - moved to a new address. Rather slow loading. Caution: asks for UMP plugin.

16 March 2000

New URLs:
Mégalithes du Morbihan - one of the showcase sites of the French Ministry of Culture, highlights the famous Carnac megalith alignments. Context, rock art, legend, other megaliths in the Morbihan, and some panoramic shots. Rather slow-loading. In French and English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archäologie - Universität Heidelberg - department Prehistoric and Near Eastern Archaeology in Heidelberg; pages include information on staff, lectures, courses, and research. In German.

10 March 2000

New URLs:
Museum Monrepos - brief details, exhibition and lecture programme for this Museum of Ice Age Archaeology, located in Neuwied, Germany. In German.
VISTA - new discussion list on VIsualisation STandards in Archaeology, devoted to 3D visualisation, reconstruction and presentation standards in Archaeology and the Humanities.The object of this list is to allow academics, researchers, and other interested parties to discuss the feasibility, suitability, and nature of any form of standards or conventions.
Kaupang-undersøkelsen 2000-2006 - full documentation of past and future excavations at this important Viking settlement near Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway. In Norwegian and English (under construction).
Arqueoguia - Revista de Arqueologia - online guide to archaeological news and events in Portugal. Also publications, software, jobs, mailing list, further links, and full guide running on a database. Maintained by Novarqueologia, a new commercial unit. Well worth a visit! In Portugese.

6 March 2000

New URLs:
EuRockArt - European Rock Art Mailing List, a new unmoderated resource for rock art scholars and enthusiasts covering all areas and periods. To subscribe, send an empty message to Mainly English/Italian.
Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver - part of the Footsteps of Man rock art resource, this first ever publically available screensaver slide-show presents prehistoric Alpine Rock Art in contains 57 slides of the most important sites in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. 18 Maps have been added to locate the sites in the larger Alpine area. In English and Italian.

Updated URLs:
Archeologia Medievale - large website by the Department of Archaeology and Art History of the University of Siena. More than 500 pages contain detailed descriptions of 11 excavations (see especially the Poggio Imperiale project and the Rocca San Silvestro project with sections on human skeletal remains, archeozoology, dark age village, archaeological park, aerial photographs, etc.) and 2 landscape projects; also information on the Departments activities and a large section of links (around 450) focused on Mediaeval Archaeology. In Italian with an English version under construction.

2 March 2000

New URLs:
Revue Géoarc Rhin sup - private site presents recent archaeological research in the upper Moselle and Rhine basins. The first article is about the late Paleolithic station of Mutzig-Felsbourg. In French.
400.000 Jahre Schöningen Speere - details the discovery in 1995 during lignite works near Schöningen (Niedersachsen, Germany) of eight wooden spears with an age of 400,000 years - so far the oldest hunting weapons ever found. In German and English.
The Tiber Valley Project - by the British School at Rome, Italy. Full set of pages introduces this landscape archaeology project, its aims and participants. In English.
The BSR Pompeii Project - by the British School at Rome, Italy. Introduction to the project re-analysing old research of the House and Bar of Amarantus, and excavating older pre-eruption layers. In English.
The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara - Turkey. These pages provide full details of programmes, contacts, and projects, and lead off to web pages on some projects. In English.

24 February 2000

New URLs:
Network for Underwater Archaeology (NUA), Ireland - NUA (the Irish word for new) is a network of institutions actively involved in research on the underwater archaeology of Ireland. This is an excellent set of pages providing news, links, projects, a bulletin board, and much more. From the University of Ulster, in English.
Forleifastofnun Íslands - brief descriptions of the Institute of Archaeology (Reykjavik, Iceland), of archaeological surveying in Iceland and of an archaeological field school run by the Institute at Hofstadir, NE-Iceland, in August every year. In English and Icelandic.

Updated URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - issue 10 is out (IV 2000 1), and the contents page is available here.
Pere Izquierdo Homepage - changed address. Articles and unpublished works on archaeology, cultural heritage and ancient navigation, in english, spanish and catalan.

18 February 2000

New URLs:
Etruscan Phrases - private pages by Mel Copeland, publishing his research into the Etruscan language. Contains word list, declension and conjugation patterns as reconstructed from phrases in the extant scripts. Large site, but badly designed and very difficult to navigate. Asks for an unspecified plug-in. In English.
Eksperimental'naya Archeologiya v Voronezhkom Universitete - the Experimental Archaeology laboratory of Voronezh University. Presents studies in Bronze Age metallurgy, casting and melting of copper, smithing and pottery production based on scientific research and experiments. In Russian and German; English version under construction.
Unidad de Arqueometría de la Universidad de Alicante - archaeometry unit of Alicante University, applies a host of techniques to the study and restoration of archaeological objects. Includes further links, a journal Scientific Heritage in PDF, and (under construction) a virtual atlas of thin pottery sections. In Spanish and English.
Institutet för Forntida Teknik - the Institute for Ancient Technology in Östersund, Sweden, specialises in experimental archaeology for research and educational purposes. They publish the journal Forntida Teknik, with lots of articles online (in swedish). In Swedish and English.

1 February 2000

New URLs:
Demetra - a unique monument of the 1st century AD, the Demeter Vault (which is on the top ten list of world heritage monuments) is located in the ancient Ukrainian town of Kerch, ancient Pantycapaion, capital of the Bosporus Kingdom.It has marvelous frescoes of the Greek goddess of fertility Demeter which are now decaying; this site carries an appeal to contribute toward its preservation. Also information about other monuments of the Crimea. In Russian and English.

13 January 2000

Today, ARGE received the Argus Clearinghouse seal of approval. Argus is a top-level guide to worldwide web resources, and ARGE is listed under Social Sciences: Archaeology: General. The listing should help improve the end user 'visibility' of ARGE.

New URLs:
Backtrack Archaeology - Scottish Archaeology Online - company specialising in archaeological illustration, survey and CAD graphics provides an assemblage of archaeology / history stories from newspapers in Scotland, plus links to Scottish sites, plus The Digger online excavators newsletter. In English.
East-European Archaeological Journal - new e-journal on the archaeology, history and culture of Eastern Europe intends to bring "... new empirical data and new interpretations, analysis of cultural aspects of development ethnos, archaeometry." Currently works with MSIE browser only. Very slow in loading. In Russian.
Amateur Archaeology - Thetford Forest - details of the Thetford Forest Surface Collection Survey, carried out in a British lowland pine forest environment. Includes studies of lithic distribution and manure scatters. Private site, in English.

7 January 2000

New URLs:
Viaþa pe malul Dunãrii acum 6500 ani - 'Life along the Danube, 6500 years ago', eighth in the series "Famous archaeological sites" by the French Ministry of Culture. This website documents the results of recent work at the chalcolithic tell of Harsova, located on the lower reaches of the Danube in Romania. In collaboration with the Romanian national museum of history. In Romanian and French.
Pagine Mediterranee / Pages from the Mediterranean Sea - set of rather amateurish private pages in which the author speculates about the collapse of the Homeric world. In Italian and English.
Ukrainian Archaeological Archives on WWW - field reports, articles, unpublished manuscripts, slides from sites etc, mainly from the archive of the Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine. Supported by Soros foundation.In Ukrainian and (partly) English.

Updated URLs:
ARXEOS: Arqueologia Celta Hispana en Internet - updated and expanded, and with a new address.

17 December 1999

New URLs:
Campanaio, Sicily: A Geophysical Survey 1995 - description af a geophysical evaluation in southern Sicily, identifying industrial activity in the Roman rural settlement of Campanaio.In English.
Glozel - site of the discovery, in 1924, of several hotly disputed objects of possibly neolithic portable art and inscriptions. Well-presented introduction which, however, leaves a lot of questions unanswered. In French, English, and German.
Prehistory and Protohistory in Liguria - photo collection of some 150 pictures of objects with captions by Dr. Giuliva Odetti of the University of Genoa, with alphabetic subject index. In English and Italian.
The vallon de Castel-Merle, an Ice-Age Vacation in France - very brief mention of this Cro-Magnon camp site in south-central France.
Malta - Mentions - private page, collects literary and epigraphic sources for the history of the Maltese islands. In English.
National Archaeological Museum of Athens - by the Greek ministry of culture; information ranges from societies, activities and museums to a complete overview of all the archaeological sites in Greece.
Metis: A QTVR Interface for Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites - alphabetical and geographical lists of links to some 20 Virtual Reality tours of archaeological sites in Greece. Educational resource by the University of Texas. In English.

15 December 1999

New URLs:
Centre for Maritime Archaeology (CMA) - at the School of Environmental Studies, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Courses, research, etc. In English.
Estonian State Maritime Museum Eesti Meremuuseum - Estonian State Maritime Museum, with details and recent research projects. The museum is active in underwater archaeology, using side scan sonar and a remote operated vehicle to search for sunken ships. In Estonian and English.
Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) - at St Andrews University, Scotland. Courses, research, etc. In English.
Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA) - single page introduction to this non-profit company promoting maritime archaeological research in Greece and assisting the Greek Archaeological Service. In English, with a Greek version under construction.
Oxford University MARE - a unit specialising in maritime archaeology excavation and research, this site contains contact details, project briefs, and picture galleries. In English.
Centre for Research in Maritime Archaeology and History (MARCENT) - in Bristol. Course details and some brief introductory text. In English.
Centre for Maritime Archaeology (CMA) - at Southampton University. Some pages on current projects and courses. In English.
Maritim Arkeologi Midt-Norge - NTNU - a collaboration between five museums in Central Norway, this site provides a large number of pages about many different projects, education, and the methodology of Maritime Archaeology. In Norwegian and English.
Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Bodrum, Turkey - tremendously complete web site, with underwater projects, excavations, surveys, artifact pictures and underwater pictures. This is where the grand old man of underwater archaeology, George Bass, was based. In English.
Bodrum Sualti Arkeoloji Müzesi - the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Turkey. Well-presented tour through the museum, but uses very small letters. In English.
Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter - the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the Danish National Museum. Details of the Center, its projects and its publications, including an online newsletter. In Danish and English.
Le Département des recherches archéologiques subaquatiques et sous-marines (DRASSM) - Department for Underwater and Undersea Archeological Research at Marseilles and Annecy is a division of the Heritage Organization (sub-division of archeology) of the French Ministry of Culture.
Carta del Rischio del Patrimonio Culturale - made by the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro of the Italian Ministry of the Cultural Heritage, this project aims to assess the risk and degradation of archaeological remains at a national scale. In Italian, with English version in preparation.

Updated URLs:
Burren Archaeology Research Expedition - site offering 'activity holidays', in this case a field school in western Ireland, excavating a Neolithic court tomb and running June - August 2000. Full details and background. In English.
The ADS catalogue now contains an on-line version of the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record - over 14,000 references to the archaeology of Northern Ireland. As examples, there is a wealth of data about crannogs,sousterrains and early monastic sites.

9 December 1999

New URLs:
Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) - advertisement for the 'Iconographic lexicon of Classical Mythology', supplement of the book-based bibliography of Greek and Roman mythology. From Heidelberg University, in German.
Gabinete de Arqueologia de Fornos de Algodres - GAFAL presents some web resources with regard to the prehistory of Central Portugal.In Portuguese.

6 December 1999

New URLs:
Projet de recherche sur la maison forte du Boisset - the Boisset manor in Berson (Gironde, France) was chosen by the AUSONIUS Service Informatique de Recherche en Archéologie as type-site for the study of the minor rural aristocracy in Aquitaine. It is a first step toward understanding the evolution of aristocratic housing in the northern Gironde. The web site contains many VRML representations and research reports, and is intended as a research tool. In French and English.
Lejre Forsøgscenter - Lejre Experimental Centre in Denmark. Currently home page without any info at all. Watch this space! In Danish and English.
Bremer Stiftung für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie - the Bremen Foundation for Cultural and Social Anthropology supports research in the field of social-cultural anthropology of agrarian societies in precolonial western West Africa and prehistoric Central Europe.In German.
Archäologisches Institut Universität Hamburg, Fachbereiche III und IV: Klassische Archäologie - Department of classical archaeology at the University of Hamburg.In German.
Archäologisches Institut Universität Hamburg, Fachbereiche I und II: Vor- und Frühgeschichte - Department of prehistory and early history at the University of Hamburg.In German.

29 November 1999

New URLs:
Earthworks - free on-line database of career opportunities for archaeologists, geoscientists, remote sensing/GIS staff, etc. Follow link to 'archaeology'. Possibility to advertise vacancies at small charge. In English.
Area di Archeologia Medievale - at the Department of Archaeology and Art History, Siena. Over 450 pages on the activities of this department, directed by Prof. Riccardo Francovich. Current pages are about the lecturers, the computer science laboratory, 11 excavations (interim and final reports), and one landscape project (final report). Includes the web pages of the SAMI (Italian Society of Medieval Archaeologists).
Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti - at Siena University, with archaeology and prehistory sections.
Rocca San Silvestro (LI) - brief section on a medieval mining and ironworking site in Italy.
Notes on Danish Prehistory - private pages by Eva Koch, containing short but well-presented popular essays on observations and curiosities from Danish prehistory. In English and Danish.
WWW-VL: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography - climate and oceanography of ancient times, maintained by Paul Farrar. Part of the WWW Virtual Library, therefore a good place to find the best sites.

12 November 1999

New URLs:
jungsteinSITE - new private online journal for the neolithic of central Europe. Academic articles mainly in German, but with English summaries and figure captions to most articles.

12 November 1999

You may have experienced problems using ARGE's query mechanism over the past few days. This was due to a programming error which is now fixed. However, the ARGE Subject Index still incorrectly reports 'no records found' for many subjects. We are currently looking into this and apologise for the inconvenience. As a work-around you can enter the subject you are searching for in ARGE's string search form.

New URLs:
Pere IZQUIERDO i TUGAS - private pages containing articles and unpublished work on the archaeology, cultural heritage and roman navigation of the Barcelona region. In english, catalan and spanish.
Trabajos de Prehistória - extensive web pages of 'Prehistoric Work', journal by the Department of Prehistory, National Research Council at Madrid, Spain. In Spanish, French and English.

8 November 1999

ARGE was recently chosen 'best site 2000' by the editors of the 2000 Guide of Best Websites (MicrosoftPress). In each of 250 categories the 10 best sites are presented here.

New URLs:
Libreria Archeologica - bookstore specialised in classical and medieval archaeology, with on-line catalogue. In Italian and (some) English.
The "Camp de César" - describing an archaeological site known as Caesar's Camp near Laudun in southern France. In English.
Etruscan_Phrases - Private site by Mel Copeland, showing declension and conjugation of the Etruscan language from extant inscriptions. Requires a plug-in to run properly. In English and Etruscan.
Burren Archaeology Research Expedition - private company reports on investigation of a Final Neolithic - Bronze Age landscape in County Clare (Ireland). A field system, megalithic tombs, and a settlement have already been discovered. Volunteers may apply for places. In English.
John Channing & Co, Consultant Archaeologists - private Irish commercial site detailing current research and excavations; also hosts a discussion list on Irish Archaeology. In English.
Archeobase - rather messy private site running a web guide for the archaeological domain. Caution: Multimania advert window will pop up. In French.
Colloque AGER - Information on the colloquium AGER, Study of the Gallo-Roman Agricultural World, to be held 19-20 September 2000 at the University of Franche-Comté, France.

Updated URLs:
Welcome to Archaeology! - introductory text from the editor of the popular monthly Current Archaeology, Andrew Selkirk.
Directory of British Archaeology - directory of archaeologists and organisatons in Britain.
British Archaeological Excavations - directory of field work opportunities in Britain.

21 September 1999

New URLs:
Archaeology: An Interdisciplinary View - private page by Cheryl Huckerby aims to promote interdisciplinary discussions and the posting of new ideas and approaches to archaeological research. Currently contains some of her publications.
Norwegian Archaeological Review - presents articles of special interest to Scandinavian archaeological research. Tables of contents for last 4 volumes are online. Starting this year, an online subscription can also be taken. Publisher's web site also in Norwegian.
Archives of European Archaeology (AREA) - a research network funded by the European Commission, it presently unites more than twenty archaeological institutions throughout Europe. It aims to promote research on the history of European archaeology, to catalogue and preserve archives relevant to the history of archaeology, and to understand the interrelationship between archaeology and identity (cultural and political). Information on research projects, scholars, and institutions currently involved, plus an online catalogue of archives related to the history of European archaeology (operative from January 2000).
EAA 6th Annual Meeting - announcement and call for session proposals of the September 2000 conference of the European Association of Archaeologists, to be held at Lisbon. In English.
Conservare - searchable site containing info on people, organisations, institutes and companies involved in the study, preservation, restoration etc. of Europe's cultural heritage.
Landscape dynamics at the Ljubljana Moor, Slovenia - paleogeographic study, using GIS, by Dimitrij Mlekuz of Ljubljana University. Traditional archaeological research in this intensively researched region in Slovenia was concerned mainly with architecture, pottery styles and cultural relations with other regions. An outdated model of lakeside settlements was in use for over one hundred years.
Archeoclub di Pantelleria - this town in the province of Trapani has its own section within the Archeoclub d'Italia, with details of current and planned projects. In Italian.
Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen - brief details of this museum, which is dedicated to the archaeology of the Alaman tribe (3rd to 8th century AD) in Southern Germany.
Open Archaeology - site by Sebastian Heath, promoting the creation and use of open-licensed content for archaeology. Links to on-line archaeological content (bibliographies, software, etc) that is available for redistribution under open licenses.
Scienze della Terra per l'Archeologia - 'Earth Sciences for Archaeology', home page of Digiter, a company specialising in geo-Archaeology (soil mapping, survey, consultancy, geophysical prospection). Also in English.

9 September 1999

New URLs:
Vangelis Tsakirakis, Archaeologist - Private page linking to research and find reports arising from the surface survey of Western Achaia, conducted from 1989 to 1995, and to articles about various archaeological database applications programmed by Tsakerakis. In Greek with English summaries.
Pictures of History - Pompeii - nearly 100 images of Pompeii, plus further links, by John Hauser at Berkeley University (USA). In English.
Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork Guide to Good Practice - another in the ADS series of guides, this one is intended for those responsible for the creation of digital archives containing archaeological excavation and fieldwork data, for agencies and bodies commissioning this work, and for the curatorial staff who will receive the resulting digital archives. In English.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA - wetenschappelijke instellingen - private page listing scientific departments and research schools within the area of classical / mediterranean archaeology. In Dutch.
HEMEA - musea - private page listing museums with antiquities / collections within the area of classical / mediterranean archaeology. In Dutch.
Frühe Eisenverhüttung im Saar-Kohle-Wald - reports on the survey and excavation of iron processing sites in the Saarland (Germany). Private pages, under construction. In German.

7 September 1999

New URLs:
Cloddio am Lycllynwyr / Digging for Vikings - the National Museum of Wales has been excavating a Viking Age site on Anglesey for the last five years; these pages contain extensive and well-presented background info, plus a diary of this year's ongoing excavations. In Welsh and English.
ðjÆäminjasafn åslands Fornleifadeild - National Museum of Iceland, Department of Archaeology, provides brief information on a number of projects currently being worked on. Also in English.
Archaeological Investigations at Reykholt, BorgarfjÎräur - details past and present investigations at the 13th century farm site possibly inhabited by the famous poet Snorri Sturluson, at Reykholt, Iceland. In English.

18 August 1999

Did you notice the new button in our home page? ARGE is setting up a new maintenance module to allow remote editing of the database. Currently in a test phase, this module will give editors and translators password-protected access to specific areas (e.g., a country and/or a subject) of the database. We hope it will come on-line by mid-September. Watch this space!

New URLs:
Time Team Live 99 - the award winning Channel Four show that has turned millions of viewers into armchair archaeologists. Over the weekend of 3rd-5th September the Team will simultaneously excavate two (with a possible third waiting to be confirmed) sites throughout the historic city of York. The dig will be broadcast live over the Internet on this page, with lots of interactive features! In English.
Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft, and Looting - ordered list of links regarding objects stolen from museums worldwide, including 10 from Europe. In English.
The Kensington Runestone - one of a group of allegedly 'Viking' inscriptions proving that 14th century Vikings penetrated far into North America, this runestone was discovered in Minnesota in the 1860's. This private page by Michael Zalar (pro, by the way) reproduces much of the 'evidence'. In English.
Ecole Française d'Athènes - official web site of the French School of Archaeology at Athens. In French.

5 August 1999

New URLs:
Bayesian radiocarbon calibration service (BCal) - from the School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University, Wales. This service is available for use free of charge by members of the international academic research community and for a small fee by others.
Radiocarbon web-info - from the Waikato (NZ) C14 Lab, all you ever wanted to know about radiocarbon dating.

Updated URLs:
ArchDATA and ArchAGENDA, the web sites for French archaeology and for worldwide archaeological events, have both moved to a new address.

13 August 1999

New URLs:
Découvrez la préhistoire au Grand Pressigny - Discover prehistory at Le Grand Pressigny (France): touristic and educational information. Site maintained by the local heritage societies of the South Touraine. Also in English.

Updated URLs:
ArchSearch, the UK Archaeology Data Service's digital archive search engine, has over the past year grown to become an important access point for archived archaeological records in the UK. Its catalogue now also contains:

  • the first installment of the digital archive from the first (1996) major excavation undertaken within the area of the Middle Saxon port of Lundenwic - under the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden
  • an on-line version of the Greater London SMR (core data for over 71,000 records referencing Greater London) maintained by English Heritage
  • the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) 'Archaeological Site Index to Radiocarbon Dates from Great Britain and Ireland' - 6,382 records
  • Museum of London 'Archaeological Archive' (MoLAA) 1907-1991: a guide to records of excavations by the Museum of London and its predecessors - 3,169 records
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) 'National Monuments Record of Scotland' (NMRS) - 142,000 site level index records, with live connections to the NMRS records on Canmore-Web
  • Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) 'Excavation Index for England', part of the National Monument Record (NMR) for England - 50,061 records
  • RCHME 'Index to Microfilmed Archaeological Archives', also part of the NMR - 5,730 records
  • West of Scotland Archaeology Service (WoSAS) 'Sites and Monuments Record for the West of Scotland' - 18,226 records
  • York Archaeological Trust (YAT) 'York Archive Gazetteer' detailing archaeological activity by the Trust during the last 27 years - 999 records

8 July 1999

New URLs:
The Prehistory of Finland in a Nutshell - an illustrated overview article written by Dr. Pirjo Uino of the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. In English.
The Prehistory of Finland (NBA) - very nice illustrated introduction to Finnish prehistory and history up to the Middle Ages, with links to further documents. From the National Museum. In English.
Museovirasto - the National Board of Antiquities of Finland. In Finnish, Swedish, and English.
Kalliojumalan Jäljillä - "tracing the cliff god", a presentation of the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi. In Finnish and English.
Åland island's prehistory - by Åland Museum. In English.
Virtuelle Bibliothek Klassische Archaeologie - a new section of the WWW Virtual Library. Systematic and thorough presentation and short annotation of links concerning classical archaeology, from the Humboldt University in Berlin. In German.
Links for Palaeobotanists - guide to internet resources for palaeobotanists, from Würzburg University.
Pontic Memorials - electronic journal from the Ukraine. Archaeology of the Kherson region, especially the Olbia excavations. Brief text and some illustrations. In English.

Updated URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - table of contents of this journal, now in its 6th issue (Year II,1998, No 3). In English.

6 July 1999

Today, most of the behind-the-scenes database structure supporting ARGE is being changed. This may lead to some access problems while we're working, for which we apologise. We hope to have the new version of ARGE up and running, and any remaining bugs removed, by Thursday 8 July. New features include:
  • the reliability of links is now permanently checked by ARGE and is indicated by an icon to the left of each link.
  • a listing of keywords is now included with each link. You can use these to guide your future searches of the ARGE database.
  • the text-only (lynx) version was no longer supported. This option has therefore been removed from the home page

29 June 1999

New URLs:
The role of animals in the lives of palaeolithic people - private pages by Anne-Maire Denvir, member of the Paleo Ring. Brief illustrated discussion of the various roles played by animals in the life of paleolithic people. In English.
Trajan's Column on CD-ROM - a replica of this famous monument, the original of which is in Rome, was made for the Romanian state in the 1940's; it is now exhibited in the National History Museum in Bucharest and has been put on CD-ROM by CIMEC. This website has the story and some sample images. In English.

Updated URLs:
ArqueoHispania: Arqueologia de la Hispania Antigua - resource guide for ancient Spain and Portugal, maintained at the University of Segovia. Includes a bulletin board and news service. In Spanish.

25 June 1999

New URLs:
Laboratorium voor Prehistorie - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Includes pages for INQUA, working group on humans in the late pleistocene, and brief outlines of research projects (including some on microwear studies). In English.
Skalk - popular Danish archaeological periodical, published by ??. In Danish.
La Cultura Ibérica a través de la fotografía de principios de siglo. Un homenaje a la memoria - Exhibition tracing the work of important Spanish archaeologists whose work played a major role in uncovering Iberian culture, using photographs and documents never published before. Complete catalogue available online. In Spanish.
Fundación de Estudios Romanos - Spanish Foundation for Roman Studies, dedicated to the promotion of the Roman legacy in Spain. In Spanish.
3.o Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular - 3rd Congress on Iberian Archaeology, taking place at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) at Vila Real, Portugal, from 21-27 September 1999. In Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

14 June 1999

New URLs:
Grupo de Investigación en Arqueología del paisaje - Software - this Spanish working group offers two Windows NT packages: ADRA (Archivo Digital del Registro Arqueológico), an archiving utility, and ConvCoord (Conversor de Coordenadas geográficas y UTM), a co-ordinate conversion utility.

The following links were kindly pointed out to me by Lafli Erguen:
Projekt Troia - Details of the new excavations by the universities of Tübingen and Cincinnati taking place at Troi. In German and English.
Das Tübinger Lykien-Projekt - details of this research project taking place in Lykia, south-west Turkey. In German, Turkish, and English.
The Alacami - the last surviving free-standing monument of antique Flaviopolis/Flavias, now the modern town of Kadirli on the fringes of the Cilician Plain (Southern Turkey), this building started out as a late Roman basilica. The university of Newcastle-on-Tyne has published these detailed pages on its excavation, survey and three-dimensional reconstruction.
Aphrodisias - one of the most important archaeological sites of the Greek and Roman periods, Aphrodisias lies in the Maeander River basin in central Turkey. Famous for its sanctuary of Aphrodite, the city's patron goddess, Aphrodisias enjoyed a long and prosperous existence from the 1st century B.C. through the 6th century A.D. Since 1990, the emphasis of research at Aphrodisias, carried out by New York University, has shifted away from large scale excavation to documentation, conservation, and publication. In English.
3D Modelling at Assos, Xanthos, and Miletus - slides of 3d reconstructions of a large number of buildings in these three towns which now lie in Turkey. By Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens. In Greek and English.
Virtual Sagalassos - a large research project from the University of Leuven (Belgium), studying this town in southern Turkey. The area is being excavated since 1990 and is now a showcase for 3D-modelling technology developed by the department of electrical engineering of the K.U. Leuven. Main content of the site is an article on 3D reconstruction techniques. In English.

Updated URLs:
Learning Sites, Inc. - producer of Digitally Reconstructed Ancient Worlds for Interactive Education and Research announces its completely reworked Web presence.

7 June 1999

New URLs:
Association pour les fouilles archéologiques nationales (AFAN) - this association, controlled by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, is responsible for nearly all rescue excavation in France. The site presents the association and its current excavations.
Comarca del Nalón - Asturies, northern Spain, stood at the cradle of the industrial revolution in 1792. The site now hosts a Mining Museum and historic archive, and other pages about the early Spanish industrial heritage. In Spanish.

1 June 1999

New URLs:
NAVIS 1. A database on ancient ships - image database on ancient shipping in Europe, created jointly by eight European museums and institutes of ship archaeology. NAVIS currently contains some 50 ancient ships and is supported by EC-DG X. The central part of the database is queryable in 8 European languages on its historical, technical and regional aspects. May load somewhat slowly because it uses Java.
Universiteit Utrecht, Laboratorium voor Palaeobotanie en Palynologie - Palaeobotany and Palynology Laboratory at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. In Dutch and English.
LPP Foundation - applied research services in palynology and palaeobotany for Oil & Gas, Archeobotany and Environment. In English.

Updated URLs:
KomiSC Archaeology - aka ArchaeoSpace, covering northeastern European Russia, has changed address. In Russian and English.
UMR 6566 - CNRS research unit on Atlantic civilisations and Archaeosciences based at Nantes University (France), previously known as UMR 153, has changed its name and address. In French.

25 May 1999

New URLs:
TAG '99 - the 1999 conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group, to be held at Cardiff University (UK). The deadline for papers is 30th June.
Mugello Valley Archaeological Project (MVAP) - extensive and good-looking web pages of this American research project in Tuscany, excavating an Etruscan hilltop site in the Mugello valley, Italy.

Updated URLs:
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities - aka TestPit, has moved to a new host. You can find their list of European fieldwork opportunities here.

20 May 1999

New URLs:
Prehistoria - Universidad de Cantabria - Prehistory section at the department of historical sciences, University of Cantabria (Spain). - Spanish company that markets StratiGraf, software to manages stratigraphic information. Enter the stratigraphic relationships and StratiGraf will detect any inconsistency, calculate inmediate relationships and draw the excavation matrix. Documentation and interpretation errors of stratigraphic evidence can be detected and corrected in the early stages of the process. In Catalan, Spanish, and English.
Third International Conference on Archaeological Prospection - 9 to 11 September 1999, Munich, Germany. Last Call For Papers. The focus is on recent work in all aspects of archaeological prospection including aerial archaeology and remote sensing. Topics presented should be of broad interest to archaeologists as well as to geophysicists and specialists working in technical fields. Contributions from practitioners in these fields are welcome.
La grotte de Spy - one of the most important palaeolithic cave sites in Europe, research at the Spy cave (Belgium) led to the final acceptance of the existence of Neanderthals. In French.
Jobs for the Academic Community - a recruitment website owned and created by the academic community. The service advertises job vacancies for academic institutions around the world but for the most part from Britain. It provides a free jobs-by-email alert service for thousands of people around the world. Over 260 academic insitutions now regularly advertise their academic and related vacancies on the site. Use the 'Advanced Search' option to find archaeology-related jobs.
Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH - publishers inRahden/Westphalia since 1983, specialize in archaeological and historical publications and currently offer more than 200 titles covering subjects from pre- and protohistory, archaeology of the Roman provinces, medieval and modern archaeology, as well as topics from classical and Near Eastern archaeology. Indexed on author and subject. In English and German.

17 May 1999

New URLs:
Ural State University Laboratory for Archaeological Research - at Ekaterinenburg. Details archaeology of the Ural region; description of projects and excavation reports. Announcement of conferences and an international Summer Field School. In English and Russian (both WIN and KOI systems).
Irish Association of Professional Archaeologists Specialist List - searchable site for Irish archaeology listing specialist information and services available by subject. Private page by Conor McDermott.

Updated URLs:
ARCHEON Online - archaeological theme park near Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.
Prehistorisch Openluchtmuseum (SPNE) - Prehistoric theme park and open air museum near Eindhoven, Netherlands. In Dutch with English summary.

14 May 1999

New URLs:
Archaeobotany - details of several projects that reconstruct the Palaeo-environment using archaeobotanical data and information from soil science in the Eastern Mediterranean/Near East (mainly Bronze Age) and Middle Europe (mainly Neolithic). From the paleo-environmental research laboratory at Tübingen University, in English.
Plan Integral de Actuación en el Valle de Ambrona (Soria, Spain) - the Comprehensive Plan of Action in the Valley of Ambrona is about research into the first productive economy in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, about cultural diffusion and rural employement. Fron the Universidad de Valladolid - Instituto Arqueológico Alemán de Madrid. In Spanish, English, and French.
Le site archéologique de la Grande Rivoire (Isère, France) - the abri (rock shelter) of la Grande Rivoire, situated toward the north of the Vercors mountains near Grenoble (France), contains evidence for human occupation from the mesolithic to the middle ages in its sediments. Each period is treated with a well-illustrated page or two. From the University of Geneva; in French.

Updated URLs:
Centro Studi Storici Ostia - home page of this society for the study of ancient Ostia. Brief articles on various aspects of its archaeology and daily life. Under construction, in Italian.
Dark age and medieval archaeology in Poggio Imperiale - these pages from University of Siena Department of Archaeology changed their URL. The site has also been completely updated with new projects and excavations.

6 May 1999

New URLs:
Arch-Experiment - discussion list for experimental archaeology. You can join by sending the message "join arch-experiment " to Mailbase UK.
Museumsdorf Düppel - im Stadtmuseum Berlin; ein Versuchsgelände der experimentellen Archäologie. Experimental Medieval village in Berlin. Pages include a listing of other experimental archaeology sites in Europe. In German, English, and Latin.
AARAD - Agency for Automated Research on Archaeological Data - professional Dutch service provider, specialized in the processing of data for all kinds of archaeological projects, including database-management, GIS, statistics, and cartography. In Dutch, English, French and German.

3 May 1999

New URLs:
Department of European Archaeology - University of Amsterdam.
Leerstoelgroep Mediterrane Archeologie (UvA) - Department of Mediterranean Archaeology.
Allard Pierson Museum - Archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. Information in Dutch, German, English, and French.
Memento: oudheidkundige musea - Lists details of all archaeological museums in the Netherlands. In Dutch.
Rubriek: 15.32 prehistorische archeologie, protohistorische archeologie - electronic archaeology according to the Dutchess service, Dutch Royal Library, The Hague.
Provinciale VVV Zeeland - with details of the Aardenburg Municipal Museum, Zeeland province, the Netherlands.
Letteren : Archeologie - Department at the Free University of Amsterdam. In Dutch.
Archeologie in Den Haag - pages for the municipal archaeology of The Hague. In Dutch.
Betuweroute - pages detailing archaeological research and rescue work along the path of a new railroad line to be built from the port of Rotterdam to the German Ruhr area.
Provinciaal Gallo Romeins Museum Tongeren - Museum of the Gallo-Roman period at Tongeren, Belgium.
IASE - Identification and Advisory Services in Entomology - professional entomological services at the University of Amsterdam.
Ondernemers in de Archeologie - complete listing with details of units, consultants, etc..
Department of Archaeology and Ancient history, Uppsala university

26 April 1999

New URLs:
Grands sites archéologiques - a selection of important French archaeological sites.
la Vienne antique - Capital of the Allobrogi, Vienne can vie with its neighbour Lyon (capital of the Gauls) in posessing the most impressive gallo-roman monuments. These include a temple, forum, theatre, circus, warehouses, bath complex, and houses decorated with mosaics and wall paintings. Over 200 iconographic documents evoke the life of the ancient viennois.
Site de Castel-Merle - one of the most important Upper Paleolithic camp sites in Europe, dating from Mousterian through Magdalenian. There is also a significant early Medieval record. In English.
Institute for Ice Age Studies - the IIAS is a not for profit organization supporting European Paleolithic research and education. The site is password protected.
Yesterday Today - calls itself "An archaeology community for the UK". Ad-infested page which could well harbour some interesting information, especially if you are looking for a chat or the latest news about UK archaeology.
Tropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch - direction to this cave near present-day Regensburg (Germany), which was used by Neanderthals. Offers meditative and acoustic experiences to the visitors.
Nea Paphos Hellenistic Theatre Excavation - presentation of the 1995-7 excavations of this theatre on Cypros, from Sydney University.
The Material Culture of Pompeii Households - briefly presents the research at Pompeii and relevant publications by Penelope Allison from Sydney University.

Updated URLs:
Newgrange, about a well-known Irish neolithic mound, changed its URL. Caution: adverts!
The eneolithic settlement Ilgynly-Depe changed its URL and updated its contents.

Related URLs:
Thèbes - French excavations at Thebes, Egypt.
Virtual Institute for Spatial Technologies in Archaeology (VISTA) - at Sydney University. Here you can find learning materials on basic computer skills, data management, and GIS/mapping applications.

9 April 1999

Today, the old static Period Index was replaced with a new, table-based dynamic index. This is still under construction and will be refined over the next few months. (MvL)

New URLs:
Classical Backpacking in Greece - a little touristy, but only in order to let travelers learn more about several major archaeological sites (some 15 at the moment). Try some of the specific sites like Thorikos, Perachora, etc... In English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Updated URLs:
Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome - changed its URL and updated its content.
Archaeological Texts - site updated. Information about courses in British archaeology and texts which can be accessed.

6 April 1999

New URLs:
Journal of Irish Archaeology - name says it all. Contents of back issues available, plus abstracts of current issue 8.
Vereniging Archeologie en Publiek - society that aims to further public activities in the area of Dutch archaeology; also publishes a journal. In Dutch.
Instytut Prahistorii UAM - Poznan - Institute of Prehistory of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. Complete set of pages including a guide to Polish archaeology on the web. In Polish and English; German version forthcoming.
Talactor S.L. - Arqueología y Patrimonio - a commercial firm specialising in the urban archaeology of the city of León, the old Legio VII Gemina headquarters and sometime capital of the Spanish kingdom of that name. Under construction; in Spanish.
The OTS Foundation - Education & Historic Preservation in Malta - non-profit organisation whose goal is "to facilitate a broader understanding of the importance of this Mediterranean island nation in world history, and to assist in the preservation and conservation of the incomparable prehistoric heritage of Malta and Gozo". Books, travel, T-shirts, and of course the famous Neolithic temples. In English.

Updated URLs:
Department of Archaeology - at the National University of Ireland, Galway, has changed its name and that of its web host.

1 April 1999

New URLs:
Svenska Arkeologiska Samfundet - Swedish Archaeological Society. Professional association, publishingf Current Swedish Archaeology, an annual journal for debate and new research in Swedish archaeology. Tables of contents available for back issues.
ARGO - Gruppo Ricerche Subacquee - Venezia - courses and general information for technicians in underwater archaeology, leading to a national qualification. Also notes on the archaeology of the northern Adriatic.
Archaeosurvey - Geophysics for Archaeology assessment - brief description of the more popular geophysical methods for archaeological assessment, and some case histories relating to ground penetrating radar, magnetometer and resistivity surveys carried out by the author, Sandro Veronese. In English and Italian.
Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - semi-annual journal of archaeology managed and published by research students at the University of Cambridge; requests submissions for its upcoming issue.
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research - at the University of Cambridge. The institute contains laboratories for geoarchaeology, archaeozoology and bioarchaeology. The extensive faunal remains collection of the Department of Archaeology is now based within the McDonald Institute and a corresponding reference collection of plant remains is being assembled.
Préhistoire Quercinoise - review of the Prehistory of South-Western France (Quercy region) from the Palaeolithic to the early Iron age. Under construction: no content available yet. In French.
Hunnprosjektet - excavations at Hunn (eastern Norway) in 1996 to 1998 have provided invaluable material thatsheds light on early metallurgy, ritual, technology and culture around the beginning of the Late Bronze Age (1000-700 BC). Mainly in Norwegian, but English version is being added.

Updated URLs:
I.A. Recordings - these well-appointed pages have moved to a new address and are well worth a (second) visit. Industrial Archaeology: Books, Television, Films, and Reviews. Founded in 1982, I.A. Recordings is dedicated to the recording of past and present British industrial activity on film and video. The website includes a short description of industrial archaeology, and links to other industrial archaeology pages across the world.
Home page of Manuel Medrano and Maria Antonia Diaz - expanded and actualized.
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet - The Documentation Project, an extensive information system on Norwegian language and culture, was updated in November 1998. In Norwegian and English.

23 March 1999

New URLs:
Arqueojovem - 'ArchaeoYouth', n for the Preservation of the Cultural and Natural Heritage. In Portuguese.
Centro Europeu de Investigação da Préhistória do Alto Ribajeto (CEIPHAR) - European Centre for Prehistoric Research in the North Ribatejo, northern Portugal. Courses in conservation and restauration, and in landscape archaeology.
Departamento de Arte Arqueologia e Restauro - Instituto Politécnico de Tomar.
Centro de Pré-História - Prehistory Centre of Tomar, including a database of several hundreds of sites.

Updated URLs:
Institut for Klassisk Arkaeologi, Aarhus Universitet
Institut for Forhistorisk Arkaeologi, Middelalderarkaeologi, Etnografi og Socialantropologi, Aarhus Universitet

15 March 1999

New URLs:
Museo Archeologico Virtuale - at Ivan Boni's Italian Archaeology site. To contain a choice of archaeological finds with images, descriptions and 3d reconstruction (and animation). A small section on glass is online already. Rather slow loading due to extensive use of (animated) graphics. In Italian; English version to be built.
Leskernick - project exploring a multidisciplinary approach to landscape and the symbolism of place on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England. Directed by Barbara Bender, Sue Hamilton and Chris Tilley of the Institute of Archaeology and Department of Anthropology, University College London. The web site, edited by Paul Basu, includes articles, an image-text gallery, discussion list, project diaries, etc. and forms part of the multi-media publication of the project.
Archéologie aérienne J. Dassie - Guide to aerial archaeology in the Poitou-Charentes department, France. Private site maintained by Jacques Dassié. In French, but links to another English language site.
Aerial archaeology - in the Poitou-Charentes department, France. In English; links to French version. Caution: Geocities advertisements may cause your browser to give up!
Post-graduate stuff - web site of the Postgraduates of the Department of Archaeology in the University of Edinburgh, including information on research topics, lectures, discussion topics and lots more.
Henry's BIG Adventure - by the National Museum of Wales. A light hearted and interactive look at the serious business of keeping archaeological coins in mint condition. Great example of how to build an educational exhibit - your kids will love this!
Archaeology - National Museums & Galleries of Wales - tells the story of Welsh archaeology within three of its museums, each one drawing on different evidence to tell a unique part of the tale: numismatics, and the roman legionary fortresses at Caerleon and Segontium.
The Tregwynt coin hoard - interactive guide to the largest English Civil War hoard yet to be discovered in Wales. Part of the Archaeology & Numismatics section of the National Museum & Gallery Cardiff pages. Covers the discovery of the hoard; its academic value (includes full catalogue); and the chance to explore the hoard for yourself.
Archaeological Museum of the Voronezh University - largest archaeological repository of south Central Russia presents its first exhibition - Bronze Age. In Russian. English version is under construction. Images of the artifacts, maps and artist's reconstructions are available.

Updated URLs:
Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Copenhagen - comprises many activities; current research is conducted on prehistoric and historic periods. Geographically, the center of research is Southern Scandinavia, but the area studied also spans other countries of Europe & neighbouring continents. Provides a newsletter in English, "Archaeological Notes", in which ongoing research is described.

1 March 1999

New URLs:
Terra novA - commercial site, promoting the use of non-destructive methods for the detection and mapping of archeological sites (from neolithic to modern times). Several methods and examples are given, including the use of aerial photos, their rectification, the integration of these data in a GIS, the geophysical methods (electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, radar), and pedological studies. In French and English.
Atapuerca Research Team - Research and educational activity of the Atapuerca Research Team from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Catalonia, Spain). Contains some of the recent research in Abric Romaní, featuring Homo Heidelbergensis. Very much under construction. In English, Spanish, and Catalan.
St udi Ostiensi - a start-up archaeological magazine, accepting articles on Ostia and on archaeological methodology. Contact:

24 February 1999

New URLs:
Monumenti Antichi e Scavi Archeologici - Comune di Roma, monuments and excavations.
The American Academy in Rome
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
The following links, providing access to catalogs of archaeological libraries, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Catalogo URBS - joint catalog of the Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche; login: "opaceng". Includes the foreign archaeological academies in Rome. In English.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Histoire Antique Strasbourg - joint catalog of the CNRS (French research institutes), including archaeology. In French.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Préhistoire - joint catalog of the CNRS (French research institutes), prehistory. In French.
IRIS - Getty Research Institute - main catalog, including archaeology.
Bibliothèque de la Maison de l'Orient Méditerranéen - catalog at the University of Lyon; 30,000 titles. In French.
Museo de Prehistória - Valencia, biblioteca - catalog containing some 40,000 book titles and 1030 journals on prehistory and archaeology.
The following links, providing access to maps of the classical world, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean map index - terrain and/or place names, from the University of North Carolina. Uses PDF high resolution format, so you will need the Acrobat reader.
LacusCurtius - Roman Atlas - from Kansas University. Includes maps of the provinces plus a database of Roman place name gazetteer and co-ordinates.
Map s: Distribution of Greek Pottery - from the Beazley Archive in Oxford; under construction.
Maps: Greece / Rome - from Acadia University (Canada); look in the directories "GREECE" and "ROME" for html files covering pre-classical and classical Greece, republican and imperial Rome.
Perseus Atlas - the Perseus Project atlas covers the ancient Greek world, is interactive and searchable by place name. from Tufts University.

22 February 1999

New URLs:
Departamento de Prehistoria, Historia Antigua y Arqueología - Universidad de Salamanca (Spain). In Spanish.
HEMEA heuristiek mediterrane archeologie - very complete bibliographic and iconographic guide to the study of mediterranean and classical archaeology. By Stephan ten Hacken. In Dutch.
The following links, providing access to English and German-language dissertations, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Ind ex to Classical Dissertations and Theses in Progress - Classics and Archaeology from north America and Great Britain, from UCLA.
DArV: Magister- und Dissertationsthemen - searchable bibliographic database of German archaeological PhD theses, from the Deutscher Archäologen-Verband at the University of Berlin. In German.
Abfrageformular Österreichische Dissertationsdatenbank - searchable database of Austrian theses on classical archaeology, at Innsbrück University. When asked for BI, type G0510. In German.
The following links, providing access to e-mail and address lists, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians - searchable index from NESTOR, includes e-mail address and areas of interest. In English.
Worldwide E-mail Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA) - worldwide searchable index of anthropologists and archaeologists. Also in French and Spanish.
Adressen der archÌologischen Hochschulinstitute in Deutschland, in Ústerreich und in der Schweiz - by the Deutscher Archäologen Verband. Also gives e-mail and web page addresses if available. In German.
Ancient and Byzantine Cultural Heritage - address list of departments, faculties, schools and government services, from the Greek Ministry of Culture. In English.
Accademie straniere - address details of the foreign academies in Rome.
The following links, providing access to glossaries, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Ceramic Attribute Glossary - in English, from ArchNet; very handy because it is illustrated.
Classical Archaeology Glossary - a simple and brief glossary with some illustrations from the Cambridge University Museum. In English.
Shapes of Greek Vases - glossary of Greek vessel names, linking to further discussion and images, from the University of Kentucky. In English.

16 February 1999

New URLs:
Kent Archaeological Society - the county archaeological society for Kent, England, founded in 1857. Members are mostly amateurs. A registered charity, its objects are to promote the study and publication of archaeology and history in all their branches, particularly in the ancient county of Kent which includes parts of south east London.

11 February 1999

New URLs:
Icelandic archaeology: excavations and research - presentations of various excavations of mainly Viking Age and Early Medieval settlements in Iceland, by a commercial unit. Mostly in Icelandic.
3rd Symposium of the Greek Society for Archaeometry (GSA): Abstracts - Athens, November 1996, under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Main topics: Dating of organic and inorganic materials, Artifact provenance studies, Ancient technology, Organic residues studies, Mathematical and statistical methods, Prospection and Geoarchaeology. The Symposium included a session on "Technology and Trade of Lithic Material and Metals in the Eastern Mediterranean during Prehistory". The abstracts are available in Greek and English.
Fröjel Discovery Programme - copious project notes on the excavation of this Viking Age harbour. In Swedish and English.
The Greek Society for Archaeometry - a non profit association formed in 1982, its purpose is to promote the application of Science and Technology to the fields of Archaeology, History of Art and generally the cultural heritage. GSA members form the overwhelming majority of scholars engaged in such activities, in Universities, Archaeological Service and Research Centres as well as in the private sector. Activities include the organisation of conferences and seminars, public lectures, and a detailed survey of Greek Archaeometry activities.
Ancient Ceramic Technology & Production in Cyprus - part of a large scale multidisciplinary study of ancient ceramic technology in Cyprus from Late Neolithic to the Hellenistic period. The artefacts presented in the database demo are part of the Nicosia Museum Collection. Excellent demonstration of what can be done with Java.
Science and technologies applied to archaeological issues of the Hellenic World - title says it all, really. Also hosts the web site of the Greek Society for Archaeometry.
Santuário de Panóias - "Panóias é um sítio ermo e bravio que jaz na freguesia de Valnogueiras, concelho de Vila Real, onde a religião dos nossos maiores, deixou vestígios valiosíssimos, porque todo o terreno abunda de rochedos de granito que a piedade antiga aproveitou para em alguns, gravar inscrições, ou com intuito cultural de abrir certas cavidades. Foi pois aí um antuário, isto é, um templo, como em uma dessas inscrições o diz. Nesse templo recebia especialmente culto Serápis."
Château Gaillard - Actes des colloques Château Gaillard - Articles de fond et résumés en trois langues (Français, Anglais, Allemand)
Archéologie Médiévale - Revue propre du CNRS - Articles de fond sur l'Archéologie - Chronique des fouilles archéologiques réalisées dans l'année en France

Updated URLs:
Laboratory of Archaeometry - at the Instute of Materials Sciences, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, Greece. Includes details of the EMAC '99 conference (october 99). In English.

9 February 1999

New URLs:
Institutt for arkeologi - at the University of Tromsø. The usual presentation of research projects, indexed both chronologically and by subject. More detailed stuff is available in the Arctic Archaeology and Medieval Archaeology sections. In Norwegian and English.
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut - the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin is one of the major nationally and, through its foreign departments internationally active organisations in Germany and provides many research services. Details of projects, field work and publications. In German.
Grodzisko w Grzybowie - results of excavations at a 10th century fortified settlement in Grzybowo near Wrzesnia (Poland). Also in German and English; slow loading.

4 February 1999

New URLs:
A bibliographical corpus of the Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Figurines from Asia Minor - by Ergün Lafli.
Bibliography of the Sagalassos Red Slip Ware - by Ergün Lafli.
The Viking Bronze Casting Site - guide to resources on Scandinavian bronze-casting in the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages, by Anders Söderberg, in Swedish and English
Sussex Archaeological Society - southern England. Contains reports from current excavations at Fishbourne Roman Palace and the discovery and display of the Patching Hoard, the latest hoard of Roman and pseudo-Roman coins from the British Isles. Also news, fun, etc.
Queens University archaeology society - provides details on what it is like to study archaeology at Queens, and a tourist guide to archaeological sites in and around Belfast. Part of the Paleo and Archaeology web rings.

Updated URLs:
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo - new address. Now contains an exibition of medieval pottery. Also in English.
Il sito archeologico del Monte Castellare - new address. Provides fairly complete documentation of the excavations at this Archaic, Etruscan, and Medieval hilltop site near Pisa. Includes attractive educational 'slideshow' of sections at the site.

26 January 1999

New URLs:
Dr. J's Illustrated Greek Sites and Lectures - private page from Temple University (USA) features very high quality photos of Greece and many archaeological sites with accompanying lectures including coverage of the Athenian Acropolis, Mycenae, Delphi, Santorini, Delos, Mt. Olympos and many more.
La Grotte de Lascaux - the Official Lascaux Cave site by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. A specialist of the Centre national de préhistoire has selected over one hundred documents showing the major features of the cave: figurative pictures (animals or man) and geometrical signs. Also covers the history of the cave from its discovery in 1940 and the recent physical and chemical analyses. English, German, and Spanish versions planned. And there's a nice interactive feature on the home page, too!
Computer Applications in Archaeology International Conference 1999, Dublin - a.o. procedures for booking your place at the conference and accommodation in Dublin City. Timetables and general information relating to the conference organisation and activities will be updated as we get closer to April, so keep checking back.
Anglo-American Project in Pompeii - updated with new research and information on the 1999 Field School
ArchaeoSpace, guide to the archaeology of the European Northeast, has changed address. Currently available in Russian only, this site employs the Windows-1251 Cyrillic encoding.
ARCHAEOLOGIA BULGARICA 5th issue (1998/2) - out now; contents pages are available here. Languages: English, German and French.

19 January 1999

New URLs:
Arqueologia i Ensenyament - Archaeology and Teaching Group, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In Spanish.
Artesans Armas Don Diego - online store selling products for medieval and historical swords, daggers, full size armours, shields, Masonic court swords, and more recent/modern arms. In English.
Archaeology of Novgorod - research centre of Novgorod State Museum, deals with recent archaeological research in Novgorod, Russia. Situated at a crossroads of medieval trade routes ("from Varangians to Greek") the town became a gateway to the West. Strong trade links with the Hansa made it an extremely wealthy mediaeval city. Perfect preservation of organic remains in its cultural layers make it a place of permanent archaeological interest. In Russian and English.
Libro Carteia - electronic version of the book "Carteia" which presents past, present, and future of this Roman town, situated at San Roque (Cádiz, Spain). In Spanish.
Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - home page of this semi-annual journal of archaeology managed and published by research students at the University of Cambridge since 1981. Information about subscription, sales, and submission.
Artefacts - a UK company that specializes in the research and reconstruction of items related to archaeology and social history from the European neolithic to c. AD 1600. Their clients are mainly museums, schools and historical documentary work for television.

12 January 1999

Since just before Christmas, the 'Countries' button in ARGE's homepage erroneously pointed to an experimental page which loaded very slowly and did not give correct results. This has now been fixed - our apologies!

New URLs:
Archéodrome de Bourgogne - archaeological park. Reconstructions, experiments, games, etc.
Archéo Virtua - 1st International Festival of Multimedia in Archaeology, 25-6 March 1999. Program, members of jury and round-tables, and the registry form. Also in English.
Eine mittelalterliche Glashütte im Schönbuch - excavation report and other information regarding this late medieval glass-blowers hut. In German.
Arbeitsbereich Archäologie des Mittelalters - department of medieval archaeologie at Tübingen University. Teaching, excavations, publications and thematic exhibitions. Also links to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Archäologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit.
Departamento de Prehistoria - Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain). Impressive pages, well worth visiting. Also in English.
Department of Archaeology, University College Cork.
Archaeological Services Unit - at Cork University provides a range of excavation and post-excavation services to developers and archaeologists in Ireland. Brief description and contact information.
Archaeological Survey of County Cork - run jointly with the National Monuments Service of the Ministry of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. Under construction.
BRITISH AND IRISH ARCHAEOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY (BIAB) - contain everything you ever wanted to know about bibliographic data for Britain and Ireland. This includes information on the scope, aims, background and history of the BIAB project, along with extensive details of archaeological serial publications, and contact details of archaeology publishers and/or editors.
ARCHEOLO-J Service des jeunesses archéologiques - society that promotes the involvement of children in the archaeological heritage through field work, excursions. etc. In French.

Updated URLs:
The ADS Catalogue is now back online, with the West of Scotland SMR, the CBA's Radiocarbon Index, and the Museum of London's Gazetteer of London sites. The British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography and the Society of Antiquaries of London Library remain available as Special Collections. To follow shortly are the National Monuments Record for all of Scotland (!), the YAT Gazetteer of sites in York, the RCHME Excavation Index for England, and the RCHME Microfilm Index.

11 January 1999

New URLs:
Slavia Foundation for Polish History and Culture - a non-profit organization which encourages and supports archaeological research in Poland and offers opportunities for volunteers and students to participate in Early Medieval excavations at the sites of Ostrow Lednicki and Giecz (fortified royal seats from the 10th and 11th centuries which served as the base for the formation of the first Polish state). The foundation offers a series of 2-week programs of field excavation, paleoenvironmental labwork and lectures, and educational tours.

Updated URLs:
Agrarian communities in the Lower Meuse area - combines all research carried out in the Faculty of Pre- and Protohistory of Leiden University concerning the Late Neolithic until the Roman Period in the southern part of the Netherlands and neighbouring areas. Several projects deal with different aspects of these agrarian communities: social organization, economy, burial ritual, exchange systems, settlements systems, etc. As much as possible these aspects are studied from a diachronical perspective and within the setting of a changing natural and social environment.

22 December 1998

New URLs:
Museums nett Norge: Museene - lists links to Archaeological museums in Norway. Part of very good seachable museums index for Norway. In English and Norwegian.
Heritage Lincolnshire - home of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire. Describes the activities of the trust which include archaeological excavation, interpretation, education and planning. The trust also operates a buildings preservation trust and owns several ancient monuments in Lincolnshire. Fine set of pages.

16 December 1998

Today, the subject and country index pages were revamped. There are now many more subjects to choose from - some 130 - and the resulting pages are generated by a database query rather than being maintained by hand. The country pages are now also generated by query and options for selecting specific data sources within each country will be added this week. The result should be more up-to-date than it was. It is possible that small coding errors have occurred. If you spot one, please alert

14 December 1998

New URLs:
Scotlands Past - deals with all periods of Scottish history with an extensive timeline. Includes news, books, environmental news sections, and much more. Site associated with a commercial bookseller.
Rotstekeningen in Bohuslän (S) - rock art of the Swedish west coast, including the famous Tanum site. The area is now on the UNESCO heritage list and under threat from air pollution. In Dutch, with links to further web sites.
Tanums Häristningsmuseum - Museum rock art research centre, including Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art, documents rock art in the Tanum area. In Swedish and English.
Gabinete de Arqueologia de Fornos de Algodres (GAFAL) - documents research on the recent prehistory and sites to visit in the Fornos de Algodres area (Central Portugal). Also links to other portuguese archaeological web sites. Part of the 'Archaeology on the Net' web ring. In Portugese.
Kompjuteri v Archeologii - 'Computers in Archaeology', site under construction. Currently contains information about designing a database to contain an image catalogue and some GIS software descriptions. Correctly reading the Russian encoding is problematic.
Oxford Archaeotechnics - a UK based company specializing in archaeological prospection and non-destructive archaeological investigation. Includes examples of magnetic and topographic survey.
Mark Beech's home page - follow the 'EAL' link for a list of environmental archaeology links. Mark's own Phd research on bones from the United Arab Emirates is also there.

Updated URLs:
Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek - Dutch State Service for Archaeological Research web site, completely revamped.

8 December 1998

New URLs:
Les Chevaliers-Paysans de l'An Mil, fouilles du site de Colletière, Isère, France - discover the daily life of the farmer-knights who settled on the shores of Lake Paladru in the Middle Ages, uncovered through off-shore archaeological excavations and other studies in the past 20 years. Also in English.
Susiluolan tutkimukset - meaning 'Wolf cave', this paleolithic site was exceptionally preserved under the ice during the last Ice Age. Archaeological and geological excavations are now in full swing and the first preliminary report of the research has been published on the web site. Also in English and Swedish.
Arkeologinen kultuuriperintö, Museovirasto - National Board of Antiquities of Finland. Also in Swedish and English.
Muinaisjä ;ännösten hoitoyksikkö - searchable index with descriptions of over 250 Finnish archaeological sites. Swedish and English versions forthcoming.
Ename 974 - this important early medieval pre-urban settlement (dd 974) was deserted in the mid-11th Century, and an abbey was built on top, preserving the earlier site. It is now an award-winning archaeological parc where techniques such as VR, 3D reconstructions and video are being used to inform and entertain the public. Also in English.
Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey Portfolio - full set of pages detailing this survey to investigate the transition from Ireland's Later Mesolithic to the Neolithic from a regional-scale perspective in a part of Ireland with no history of systematic field collection, in County Donegal, Ireland.
IATH Research Reports - Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia, research report pages include recent reports on the Forum at the civic center of Pompeii, using digital photogrammetry to document the geometry and construction of key areas of the building, and on the hydrological history and urban development of the city of Rome from 753 BC to the present day. Don't forget to look at earlier reports, going back to 1993!
METIS: A QTVR INTERFACE FOR ANCIENT GREEK ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES - site under construction, from the University of Texas at Austin. Uses QuickTime 3.0 plugin.

1 December 1998

New URLs:
ArqueoHispania - guide to the archaeology of ancient Hispania from the coming of the Romans to the end of the Visigoths, maintained by Juan Tovar at the University of Segovia. This is a great new resource providing access to a large number of sites, projects and organisations previously largely unknown outside Spain. French and English translations are planned.
International Cultural Property Protection - from the United States Information Agency (USIA), this page "provides background on the problem of international pillage of artifacts and the U.S. response; information about relevant laws, bilateral agreements and U.S. import restrictions; recent news stories and magazine articles, and much more".

Updated URLs:
CCO: Catalogues collectifs des ouvrages - access to the CNRS-SHS bibliographic databases, with subject areas such as Ethnology, Ancient History, and Prehistory. Also in English.

27 November 1998

Geographic and Thematic indexes are now served directly from the ARGE URN database, making the most up-to-date information available to you (on an experimental basis). For links pertaining to a particular country, try the query-based country page; for links to a particular subject, try the query-based subject page.
New URLs:
Kultûros paveldo centras - Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, Department of Cultural Heritage Protection. Includes register of some 1300 archaeological monuments, legal documents, a searchable index, etc. Mostly Lithuanian, but some English and French pages.
Sourcing Scottish East Coast White Gritty Ware - brief statement on a ceramic research project funded by Historic Scotland.
Northern English Medieval Whitewares: Project design for pilot study - description of ceramic research project funded by English Heritage; primary aim is to characterize medieval pottery produced in northern England from white-firing clays from the 12th to the 15th centuries.
ARCHPUB - Archaeological Publications Announcement List - moderated announcement list / discussion group aiming to provide a platform for the announcement and review of archaeological publications (ie recently published or forthcoming books, journals, etc). The list is open to professionals, students, and others with an interest in archaeology. To subscribe send the message: subscribe ARCHPUB to
Tiermes: celtiberic oppidum and roman municipium in Hispania - Tiermes (Montejo de Tiermes, Soria) is one of the most important archeological sites in Spain: neolithic habitat, iron age necropolis (Carratiermes), celtiberic oppidum (Termes), roman municipium (Termes, Termesos, Termantia,...), medieval sanctuary (Sta. María de Tiermes). Since 1975 archaeologists are uncovering the ancient city (3500 BC to AD 1500). Summaries in French and English.
DIVISION DU PATRIMOINE CULTUREL DU CONSEIL DE L'EUROPE - has a lot of information on managing historic cities. In French, English, and Spanish.

23 November 1998

New URLs:
Norfolk and Norwich Millenium Project - currently empty, this site is to publish a major excavation by the Norfolk Archaeological Unit in the centre of Norwich, to last until late April 1999. The site covers just under a hectare and is adjacent to the Market Place in St Peter Mancroft parish, the richest medieval parish of the city. The site will be updated during the course of the excavation (with the assistance of a digital camera).
On the Rock Art Paths - an educational experience with Valcamonica Rock Art. An entire web site created by secondary school children: texts, poems, tales about prehistoric engraved figures.
MegArt - Megalithic Art - Brittany Megalithic Art Photo Gallery: Gavrinis and Locmariaquer.
Archaeospace - due to Russian encoding I can't read this site; an English version is under construction. Its author, Alexander Murygin, writes "167 000 Syktyvkar Russia Komi. Komi scientific centre Ural Division RAS. Archaeological infospace of the European northeast, Medieval archaeology of the European northeast, Database on medieval archaeology of drainage-basin Mezen and of the Pechora Pre-Ural Area."
Römis che Inschriften in Germanien - Roman Inscriptions in Ancient Germania, presentation of a research project at the University of Osnabrück.
KALKRIESE - Die Örtlichkeit der Varusschlacht - presentation of undergraduate research into the locality of the defeat of P. Quinctilius Varus in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. Preliminary explorations and excavations in the district of Osnabrück, Lower Saxony (Germany), from 1987 until today.

Updated URLs:
RockArtNet - online Rupestrian Archaeology resources and communication, has moved to a new URL.
TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin - now in its 10th issue, with more than 140 papers, has moved to a new URL. The site has been improved with an internal search engine.
Legio X Gemina - new address.
Archaeology in Luxembourg / D'GEORGES KAYSER ALTERTUMSFUERSCHER - new address.

17 November 1998

New URLs:
Otterböte in Kökar - brief description of the remains of a seal-hunters' settlement about 2800 years old, from the late Bronze Age. In Swedish and English.
Rock paintings in Finland - this site catalogs the more than sixty rock painting sites that have been found in Finland. Together they comprise about 450 pictures of different kinds, usually painted on vertical smooth cliffs along ancient water routes.
ArchEd 1.0(beta) - Harris-Matrix software for Windows, from MPI Informatik, Germany. Includes an introduction to the use of Harris Matrixes.
Fulachta Fiadh / Burnt Mounds - details of an experimental archaeology project, the reconstruction of a fulachta fiadh, to see if it could have been used for textile production. Part of the Archaeology Web Ring.
Munich Archaeometry Group - at the Physics department of the Technical University, Munich. Includes article on Mössbauer Spectroscopy applied on Celtic metalwork.

Updated URLs:
Mediterranean Prehistory Online - now includes Articles, Book Reviews, Archaeological News, NewsGroup, Library, and WWW Links. It also welcomes manuscripts (and announcements) to be published.

10 November 1998

New URLs:
Abteilung für Ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärökologie - Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters, University of Tübingen.
Secrets of the Seas - Society for Underwater Exploration chronicles recent discoveries in the ancient Lost City of Alexandria, and uses RealVideo to display some of the techniques used in recovering artifacts. The goal of the Society is to inform and involve the public in the field of marine archaeology. Special focus on latest discoveries involving Cleopatra's Palace in the ancient Royal City of Alexandria and the excavations of ships from Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet in nearby Aboukir.
Exhibition "Art and Magic in Prehistory" - Calarasi, Romania, 1997. In Romanian; English version in preparation.
Exhibition "Cucuteni - the Last Great Chalcolitic Civilisation of Europe" - Thessaloniki, Greece, 1997.
Cetati Dacice din Regiunea Sarmizegetusa - The Dacian Fortresses: Sarmizegetusa. In Romanian and French.
Museum of History and Archaeology in Roman - Romania.
Ind-Arch: resources for industrial archaeology - resource list from the University of York Dept of Archaeology.

Updated URLs:
CIMEC - Institutul de Menorie Culturlã - gateway to the Romanian cultural heritage, this gives access to a wide range of cultural information from Romania, including archaeological excavation reports (in Romanian), archaeological museums and collections, information on archaeologists in Romanian museums, exhibitions. Also in English.

Archaeology Page
Short overview of Romanian Archaeology
Bronze Age Monuments Multilingual Glossary - supported by the Council of Europe. French, English and Romanian names and definitions of over 100 bronze age terms.

2 November 1998

New URLs:
The 4th International Archaeological Camp Luxembourg 1999 - Field work opportunity: the Archaeological Society "D'Georges Kayser Altertumsfuerscher" will organize this at Goeblange in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, from 2 to 14 August 1999. Paying volunteers are welcome at this excavation of a Gallo-Roman farmstead.
Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (UK) 1999 - call for papers from the organisers at Cardiff University. They are particularly hoping to receive contributions from postgraduate students, staff in field units and those who have not participated in a CAA before.
Viaggi virtuali: Cerveteri - short description of the etruscan site of Caere (Necropoli della Banditaccia), with 15 photos. Slow loading and slightly confusing site.
Airphoto - WinNT/Win95 software for the geometric processing of archaeological airphotos. Another great software module from Scollar's BASP set, AirPhoto makes orthophotos from scanned extreme obliques or verticals and superimposes them on scanned maps in various ways. Also available from various mirror sites and via FTP. Costs $250 but there's a 30 day free trial available.
Das Gebäude extra muros in Oescus (Gigen, Bulgaria) - web version of a 1996 M.A. thesis on what is probably a Roman bath, by Andreas Günther. In German.
Arheoloski Muzej u Zagrebu - the Archaeological museum Zagreb (Croatia) holds collections from prehistoric to medieval and numismatic. Also in English.
Furtivo - if you're looking for a good collection of images of paleolithic and chalcolithic artifacts, with a brief description of the periods and characteristics, this private collection by Julian Romero is as fine a place as any. Also in English. Irritating 'Geocities' adverts window included.

26 October 1998

New URLs:
Direcçao Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais (DGEMN) - State service in charge of Portugese standing monuments and related archives. Also in English.
Institutionen för humaniora: Arkeologi - Archaeology section of the department of Humanities at Mid Sweden University, Östersund. Includes a database of pecked axes in North Europe and references on early farming in Sweden. Partly in English.
Institutet för Forntida Teknik - studies, documents, and publishes about ancient technology. Both experimental and ethnographic research. Also in English. Full contents of back issues of the journal Forntida Teknik available in Swedish.
Andromeda s.a.s. archaeology and communication - the ANDROMEDA company combines archaeological, architectural and IT specialists to produce educational, hypertext and multimedia publications of various types. In Italian and German.
Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: a Guide to Good Practice - second volume in the series published by the Archaeology Data Service. The guide provides guidance for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of digital resources derived from aerial photography or satellite imagery. It is written for specialists, students, and those in between and is endorsed by the Council for British Archaeology.
Assemblage 4 - the electronic journal of archaeology of the postgraduate (graduate) students of the University of Sheffield, initiated in 1996, has published its October 1998 issue, with papers on Chert Use in the Mesolithic of Northern England, Which Way is Up? Context Formation and Transformation: The Life and Deaths of a Hot Bath in Beirut, Archaic Settlement and Early Roman Colonisation of the Lepine Foothills, and much, much more.

Updated URLs:
Bova Marina - excavations at Bova Marina in Calabria, Italy.

16 October 1998

New URLs:
Istituto per l'Archeologia etrusco-italica del CNR - home of the national research institute for Etruscan archaeology. Includes issues of Etruscan News and various other useful leads. English version to follow.
Archeologia e Calcolatori - home page of this journal contains guidelines for authors, indices, and news.

13 October 1998

New URLs:
Museo Civico di Velletri - Also in English, German and French.
EARTHWORKS - on-line world database of career opportunities for archaeologists, geoscientists, soil scientists, etc. The service is entirely free to visitors.
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology - Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow Branch. In English and Polish.
CNRS Editions: Liste des ouvrages trouvées - specialized online bookseller. The link leads directly to the section dealing with Archaeology (currently some 500 books).
Notes from the Field: the Bova Marina Project - located in the Calabria (toe) region of Italy and run by the University of Southampton, these pages accompany the project and include a journal and a question and answer section.
Kamianets-Podilsky Foundation - the foundation aims to preserve this Ukrainian medieval and subrecent city and, ao, conducts excavations there.
Maecenas. Images of Ancient Greece and Rome - a collection of photographs of architecture, cities, and archeological sites. Later on it will also include ancient sculpture and images from other periods. Visitors may download and use images for any non- commercial purpose. The site currently has several hundred images. By Leo C. Curran.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - if you have trouble remembering them all, or would simply like to know more about them, this is the place to go.
AWN afd.16: Nijmegen - regional section of Dutch amateur archaeological society. In Dutch.
Archeologia Polska - (incomplete) overview of archeological cultures in Poland; currently only neolithic and bronze age are covered. In Polish.
The Monumental Barrows of the Period 700-1100 AD at the Russian North-West - abstract of a book by Nicholas Petrov, Saint-Petersburg, 1998.
Türkiye Arkeolojik Yerleçmeleri (TAY) - online database; aims to create, maintain and make available to the international community a complete inventory of all archeological sites within Turkey. In Turkish and English.
3rd Stone: the Magazine for the New Antiquarian - details and sample articles of this quarterly magazine of archaeology and folklore.
Paleo Mediterrani - detailed report on paleolithic research conducted in the 80s; private pages by Antoni Freixes Massana. In Spanish.
Geophysics and Marine Archaeology - expose of recent marine geophysical investigations of the Inshore coastal waters (Northern Ireland).
Time Echoes - Simulated Archaeology for Dynamic Learning - details a highly successful week-long course aimed at children. Bernard Barnes, Synaptic Connections.

Updated URLs:
Archaeology on the Net - Books Database - Searchable database of archaeological publications and commercial online bookshop is updated with the addition of new titles on archaeology. At present there are 7500+ books listed under 80 categories.

Related URLs:
Archäologisches Projekt Xkipché - this project from Bonn University aims to do a large-scale excavation of the Mayan town of Xkipché in Yucatan, Mexico.

30 September 1998

A cleanup of the Dutch pages has resulted in the following changes:

New URLs:
Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen - Dutch professional organisation of archaeologists.
Boney Bussiness, bureau voor fysisch antropologisch onderzoek - commercial human skeletal research.
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Leerstoelgroep Mediterrane Archeologie - Institute of Mediterranean Archaeology, Municipal University of Amsterdam.
Faculteit der Archeologie - Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
Afdeling Provinciaal-Romeinse Archeologie - Department of Provincial Roman Archaeology, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen.
Museum Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede - one of the most famous early medieval trade settlements of the Netherlands.
Archeologische Dienst Gemeente Amersfoort - municipal archaeological service, Amersfoort.
Landelijke AWN-werkgroep Archeologie Onder Water - national underwater archaeology working group.

Updated URLs:
Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek
Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor de Geschiedenis
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Centrum voor Isotopenonderzoek
RING, Nederlands centrum voor dendrochronologie
Convent van Gemeentelijke Archeologen - Dutch organisation of municipal archaeologists.
Stichting RAAP Advies - commercial surveys.
Department of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Municipal University of Amsterdam.
Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (RMO) - State Museum of Antiquities, Leiden.
ARCHIS expertise centrum archeologisch informatiesysteem - Centre of Expertise and Central Archaeological Information System.
BIAX Consult, onderzoeks- en adviesbureau voor Biologische Archaeologie en landschapsreconstructie - research services for palaeolobiologic and palaeogeographic reconstruction.

29 September 1998

New URLs:
EAA Code of Practice - text approved by the members of the European Association of Archaeologists on 27 September 1997. In English.
Training and Mobility of Researchers - Migration and diffusion of hominids and anatomically modern humans in the Mediterranean basin in early prehistory: palaeoenvironments, routes, subsistence. A European Commission SRD Program. In Italian and English.
Mediterranean Prehistory Online - publishes high quality archaeology papers, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions concerning the prehistory and protohistory of the Mediterranean Basin. In Italian and English.
Aerial Archaeology Research Group - VL site for aerial archaeology.
Fortidsminder - archaeology branch of the Danish National Forest and Nature Agency works to promote a balance between use and protection. In Danish.
The Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA) - professional organisation of British (and many continental) archaeologists. Provides standards, courses, conferences, etc.
Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies - from University College London, this e-journal is published bi-annually and contains student papers on a wide range of topics within the field of conservation and museum studies.

21 September 1998

New URLs:
L'Isola Virtuale - 3D and VR reconstructions of ancient monuments (nuraghe) in Sardinia, accompanied by short texts. Needs plug-ins for the VR.
ArchSearch Catalogue - developed by the UK Archaeology Data Service, it allows fast searching of records such as the National Excavation Index for England; the Fife, Shetland, and Strathclyde sections of the National Monuments Record of Scotland; and the Microfilm Index for England.
Drevnosty - "Antiquities", regional collection of links pointing to resources related to the archaeology of South-Eastern Europe - the steppe and forest-steppe zones of the European part of Russia and Ukraine. From Voronezh State University (Russia). In English and Russian (Cyrillic).
Bronze Age of the Don-Donets area - Ukrainian-Russian excavations in the Eastern Ukraine. Russian only; a good site to test your browsers international script encoding options on. Very slow to load.
Fachschaft Vor- und Frühgeschichte - Institute for Pre- and Early History (incl. Roman Archaeology and Medieval Archaeology) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz; includes links to archaeological bibliographies. In German and English.

Updated URLs:
The Pomoerium (classics links) has changed address.

18 September 1998

Some 250 URLS were added to the ARGE database today, and are accessible through the Query page. You may find there are still some HTML formatting problems in the output generated by the Query form, but these will hopefully be ironed out shortly...

15 September 1998

New URLs:
University College, Galway.
Archaeogeophysical Imaging Project - at Galway U., which has been producing valuable information on the interior of mounds at Rathcroghan and Carnfree, Co. Roscommon.
Mvnicipivm Tvriaso - excavations in this Roman municipium near Tarazona, Aragón. From the Museum of Zaragoza. In Spanish.
Archeologia Italiana - closed (and private?) mailing list on Italian archaeology. Warning: carries advertisements. In Italian. You can subscribe using this form.
Scientific American: The Viking Longship - 1998 feature article.
Scientific American: Reading The Minds Of Fossils - 1998 review of Ian Tattersall's book Becoming Human: Evolution and Human Uniqueness.
Scientific American: An Anthropologist's Attic - 1996 review of the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford.
Scientific American: The Scientific American Young Readers Book Awards - 1996 review of Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel Deschamps and Christian Hillaire.

Updated URLs:
Archaeology on the Net web site has been updated with the addition of an extensive books database and addition of 150 new sites to the resources index. The books database is an extensive collection of academic literature on archaeology and closely related subjects. More than 6000 books are collected in a searchable database which is divided into 72 categories.
The ARCHEO-125 association has changed address.
Lepenski Vir changed address.

Deleted URLs:
Regional Archaeological Survey Resource (RASR).

31 August 1998

New URLs:
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean - extensive 29 lesson course, with some 500 scanned images (mostly color views of sites, but also some color object photographs and a few line drawings) and independently indexed text, bibliography, and image caption files. The project has been developed by Dartmouth's CS development lab.
HADDON - Online Catalogue of Archival Ethnographic Film Footage, 1895-1945, at Oxford University. Includes links to further sites.
The Aegean Dendrochronology Project - a team at the Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology at Cornell Universityare have for the past eight years been trying to build a single master tree-ring chronology for the Aegean and Near East that will extend from the present to the seventh millennium B.C.
The Classical Atlas Project - details and samples of a new atlas of the Greco-Roman world, to be published in 1999.
Childr en's books on Archaeology - list of book details maintained by Diane Arnson Svarlien, University of Kentucky.
AnthroNet: Archaeology lists and Archaeology Discussion Lists - guides to worldwide archaeological lists.
AegeaNet: AnthroNet
Scientific American: Reviews and Commentaries: THE FUTURE OF THE PAST: 8/97 - review of Rome Reborn, a long-term project to build VR reconstructions of Rome, by Ben Davis.
Scientific American: Exhibit: The Digital Museum: June 1, 1998 - VR reconstruction of the Propylaia ruins, Athens.
Scientific American: Analysis: Pot Luck: July 1996 - news item discussion the 1994 find of Linear A script at Miletus in Turkey.
Scientific American: Analysis: Artful Dating: June 1996 - news item discussing developments in radiocarbon dating that may allow rock carvings to be dated.
Inter-Congress Meeting of UISPP Commission 4 - still accepting papers on Data Management & Mathematical Methods in Archaeology. 19-22 November 1998, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Internet Archaeology 5 - opening with 'A small mesolithic site at Fife Ness, Fife, Scotland' by Caroline Wickham-Jones and Magnar Dalland.
Archeologia Bulgarica 1998/1 - Table of Contents only.
Ústav Archeologie a Muzeologie - Institute of Archaeology and Museology of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. In addition to the usual stuff this contains pages on two excavations and on-line issues of its faculty bulletin. Also in English.
Computing in Archaeology - a new guide to computing resources, including software, projects, GIS, CAD, visualisation, etc, by Jeremy Huggett at Glasgow University.
Dictionary of Prehistoric Archaeology - by Dr. Linda R. Owen. Samples and ordering details of new English - German and German - French dictionaries.
Creating a Viable Scholarly Data Resource - AHDS leaflet intended to inform humanities researchers and teachers about steps they can take to ensure that data resources they create today are accessible to them, and possibly to others in future despite numerous and unpredictable changes in computer technologies.
GIS in Archaeology Survey - results of a user survey by Khalid Gourad, Hunter College, New York.

Updated URLs:
Museums Documentation Association - relaunched and revamped this August.
ArchNet - the WWW Virtual Library site for archaeology moved address as Jon Lizee is no longer at UConn (he is at Yale) and Tom Plunkett is transferring to CUNY. If there are problems try it as The documents have been renamed lower-case so some errors will occur w/older bookmarks. This precedes a major revamping of the site that will see it entirely database driven. Please send any questions or or comments directly to Tom Plunkett .
Archeologia Italiana - has updated, with four RealSpace images of Marzabotto (3 for the east necropolis and one for houses near road D), the ancient Misa, and a new section on book and CD-ROM publications.

7 August 1998

New URLs:
Maknet:Museums - includes the Museum of Macedonia.
Makedonika:History - rather politicised site dedicated to Macedonian history and culture, but includes some archaeology.
Finno-Ugrian Petroglyph Museum from Stoneage - a good starting point for northern European petroglyph sites. Includes news of workshops.

31 July 1998

New URLs:
The Ancient Macedonians - this private site by Vasil Ilyov gives some general information on ancient Macedonia and has pages on its script, communication routes, the neolithic revolution, and three sites (Osinchani, Tserye, and Sitovo). In English.

27 July 1998

New URLs:
Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica, AIAC - including news, links, and an agenda for archaeological events in Rome. Some English text.
Archeologia Italiana - news, bibliography, travel info and an 'exhibit' of Italian archaeology. This private site is maintained in Italian and English by Ivan Boni. Warning - site appears to use a lot of processor power.

Updated URLs:
Arheologie din România / Romanian Archaeology - from the Institute for Cultural Memory (CIMEC) in Bucharest.

13 July 1998

New URLs:
The palace of Nestor - at Pylos. Consists mainly of a series of images (views and reconstructions).
Program in Bronze Age Archaeology - from the University of Manitoba, by Michael Cosmopoulos. Includes the Eleusis archaeological project and the Early Bronze 2 Artifact databases (metal, stone, clay, bone, ivory, seals, figurines).
Archetype Publications - publishers and booksellers in conservation, archaeology & museum studies, Archetype Publications is based at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, London. Includes new, current and forthcoming publications.
University of Exeter Press Archaeology Publications - details of publications currently available. Includes an index of authors/editors and titles.
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Publications - arranged largely by geographic area but with a couple of sections on general subjects, this site provides access to a large number of both recent and forthcoming archaeology publications. A non-frames version is also available.
BUBL 930: History of ancient world - centrally funded British guide, uses Dewey classification.
Direc ciones de Interes en Arqueología - Ciberjob guide to (mainly Spanish-language) web resources. In Spanish.
Das Heuneburgmuseum. Frühe Kelten an der oberen Donau - the archaeology of a Celtic town in upper Swabia - excavation finds in the museum and the hiking trail to the burial mounds and other monuments in the landscape. In English and German.
Archéologie et gobelets - academic group studying the Bell Beaker phenomenon throughout europe. Publications, conferences, background. In French and English.
BAnque NAtionale de DOnnées RAdioCarbone (BANADORA) - searchable database of radiocarbon data from the University of Lyons 1, now extended to cover Europe. In French.

10 July 1998

New URLs:
PREROMAN ITALY - discussion list from the School of Classical Archaeology, University of Copenhagen. Forum for scholarly discussion on all aspects of the cultures of Preroman Italy (including Sardinia and Sicily) from the Late Bronze Age to the 3rd century BC. To subscribe send the message: subscribe preroman-italy to:

7 July 1998

New URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - details of new Bulgarian archaeological review, from the Institute of Archaeology, Sofia. In English, German, and French. Now in issue 4.
Shef field University Archaeology Society
Arcus Consultancy - based at Sheffield University.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities - including a European section. Does exactly what it says.
TOCS-IN - gopher menu accessing tables of contents of 127 journals of interest to classicists, including archaeology and Anatolian studies.
Association of American University Presses Online Catalog - search this combined catalog for books and journals by subject, title, press, or catalog entry. Then load up your shopping cart and pay at the exit! Commercial.
Old World Archaeology Newsletter - from Wesleyan University. Mainly subscription info, but the most recent issue is available too.
Labyrinth: Medieval Studies Infoserver - impressive resource guide for medieval studies, including archaeology. Includes educational pages for kids.

Updated URLs:
Oxford University Archaeological Society
Department of Archaeology

6 July 1998

New URLs:
Grupo UCM de Paleontología Humana - Universidad Complutense, Madrid. One of the few well-rounded project pages, currently with details of the human paleontology of Atapuerca. Also in English.
Institut für Altertumskunde - Ur- und Frühgeschichte - somewhat misleading title for what appears to be a paper on the Zone nordwärts der Alpen and the technocomplexes found there. In English.
Archaeology - yet another valuable worldwide guide to archaeology on the web, by Phil Burns; organised alphabetically by subject.
Acta Tempestiva - collection of news items and recent discoveries in Roman art and archaeology, allied to the ROMARCH guide to Roman archaeology.
Aplicaciones de la Infografía a la Arqueología - computer-enhanced archaeological constructions of the throne room of the 10th century palace city of Madinat al-Zahra (modern Córdoba). Mostly in Spanish with some English.
Risorse Archeologiche in Sardegna - provides access to most archaeological museum and monument resources in Sardinia. Also in English.
Archaeology - private pages by Gillian Thornhill; discusses the effects of the second millenium BC explosion of Thera on the bronze age civilization of Crete. Links into further Minoian sites.
Brescia e la sua provincia - includes considerable amount of information on the history and monuments of this north Italian town and province. Also in English.
Crete - brief introduction to the Minoan and 2nd Byzantine periods, and equally brief introduction to the most important (tourist) sites. In English.
Da Engliscan Gesithas Home Page - offers information on all aspects of Anglo-Saxon language and culture. Includes information on the ornithology of Dark Age England, the Saxby Anglo-Saxon Village Project (to reconstruct an Anglo-Saxon settlement using authentic techniques and tools), and a select bibliography for Anglo-Saxon studies.
Die Alamannen im Oberen Gau - pages running parallel to a 1996 exhibit on the Alamannen provide a brief illustrated introduction to the archaeology of this early medieval tribe.
Hypogeum - well-presented pages describing the neolithic burial chambers of the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum on Malta (a World Heritage site). Unfortunately the Maltese and German text versions are inaccessible!
Light Years Ago - briefly introduces a print-format photographic study of the NewGrange and Loughcrew T cairns accompagnying the book by Tim O'Brien, and suggests that these sites were built by "a sophisticated society with a keen interest in tracking and recording the movements of the sun". Uses shockwave plug-in.
Lost Continent - offers excerpts from JV Luce's book The End of Atlantis: New Light on an Old Legend which suggests that the legend of Atlantis was inspired by the volcanic eruption of Thera.
Medieval Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon Britain - web guide to the literature, culture, and history by William Layher.
Orvieto - illustrated tourist pages, including of course, the monuments from Etruscan to Medieval periods. Also in English.
Verona Romana - brief illustrated tour through the city and its Roman monuments. Also in French, German and English.

Related URLs:
Medicina Antiqua: Ancient Medicine - ancient texts, news items, and guide to ancient medicine, by Lee Pearcey.
Siberian Archaeology - images from a mobile exhibition of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Archaeology and Ethnography of Northern Asia". Paleaolithic to early Medieval.
Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page - your entry page to Byzantine studies on the Internet.
An tique Roman Dishes - Collection - yummy collection of recepies for eating in, Roman style. Put your fish out to rot!

1 July 1998

New URLs:
Secrets Beneath Your Feet - the York Archaeological Trust celebrate 25 years of archaeological discovery. These pages show how painstaking excavation and research have contributed to our understanding of York's past.
DISCOVER ARCHAEOLOGY - website presenting a new commercial glossy bimonthly magazine reporting on the latest discoveries in archaeology and archaeological science, mainly for the US market, but to be made available elsewhere too.
Gardom's Edge Archaeological Project - a long term landscape and excavation project near Baslow in the Peak District, ranging from the neolithic through to post-medieval periods. Contains background information, previous research findings, QuickTime VR panoramas (requiring plug-in), and regularly updated images from this year's work.

Updated URLs:
CBA guide to UK archaeology online - this guide replaces the current UK directory maintained by Keith Challis, which will no longer be accessible.

26 June 1998

New URLs:
Corpus Middeleeuws Aardewerk (CMA) - information on content of the CMA series of publications on medieval ceramics in the Netherlands and Flanders, and how to obtain them. In English.
Anthro-l discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub anthro-l yourname
Histarch discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub histarch yourname
Photogrammetry and Archaeology - tutorial on photogrammetric applications to archaeology. Including an introductory essay, examples of applications, pros and cons, rules for documentation etc. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte der Universität Wien - homepage of the Institute for Prehistory and Early History of the University of Vienna gives information on staff, projects and excavations, and events.
Archaeological Texts - UK Commercial service for archaeological text writing and illustration. Also offers some courses in post-Roman and Medieval archaeology.

Updated URLs:
Arch-l discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub arch-l yourname

24 June 1998

New URLs:
A Landscape of Ancestors: The Heuneburg Archaeological Project - long-term research project which will involve excavations in an early Iron Age archaeological landscape in southwestern Germany as well as analysis of existing collections, focussing on a group of burial mounds or tumuli associated with one of the best excavated and most extensively studied late Hallstatt period (~600-400 BC) hillfort settlements in western Europe, the Heuneburg.
Keltenmuseum Eberdingen-Hochdorf - with details of the recently excavated 'prince's' tumulus. In German.
GIS Guide to Good Practice - this guide, published by the UK Archaeology Data Service, provides guidance for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of GIS-based digital resources. The volume is written for specialists, students, and those in between.
FROM CYPRUS TO MUNICH - feature article in Archaeology on the recent recovery of stolen Cypriot frescoes and mosaics.

Updated URLs:
Allen Lutins' seminal guide to Anthropology Resources on the Internet has reached Release 8.2!!

19 June 1998

New URLs:
Ancient and Medieval Frisia - page devoted to furthering research and interest into the area of Frisia, which once covered much of modern Netherlands and the northern coast of Germany. Includes links to primary text sources. By Jonathan Driscoll.
Project Zeugma - Remote Sensing, GIS and Geomorphology at Rumkale (southeastern Turkey). Site under threat from new dam. In English.
Virtual Reality Modeling Language and Archaeology - resource list at Southampton University. Needs plugin.

15 June 1998

NB: the ARGE 'notices' page was discontinued as of today.

New URLs:
The Roman Painted House at Dover - images and details of a Roman mansio from Kent, UK.
Manx Archaeology/Archaeology in the Isle of Man - from Iron Age to Middle Ages, the Isle of Man now has its own guide to archaeological Internet resources. Includes news and current events.
Le Paléolithique inférieur dans le Midi Toulousain - older paleolithic (Acheulian culture) in the Haute-Garonne department (near Toulouse). In French.
Préhistoire du Sud-Ouest - local Prehistory magazine, by Association Préhistoire Quercinoise, covering south-west France. Includes abstracts of published articles in French, English and Spanish.
The Shapwick Project - From June 17th to July 21st, 'live' excavations at Shapwick on the internet, with photographs and text updated on-site on a daily basis.
Osteo Interactive - Internet guide to human osteology, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, histology. From Valeri Nielson at Utah University.
Academic Info: Anthropology - web directory maintained by Academic Info, currently with an American slant.
Academic Info: Archaeology - web directory maintained by Academic Info, currently with an American slant.

8 June 1998

New URLs:
Sui Sentieri dell'Arte Rupestre - over 70 pages created by Italian secondary school children during an educational project centering on Valcamonica rock art. Drawings, poems, tales and riddles have been created choosing some of the most important themes in Copper and Iron age rock art. In Italian.
TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin issue 10 - out now. 15 short papers on Rock Art research (sub-Sahara, USA, Europe, Brazil, India, UK, Italy), preservation (USA, Spain), meetings, and educational work. By Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative.
The Megalith Map - map-based index to images of British megaliths & prehistory on the Web. 1000s of links. Watch out for the advertisements! Also The Stone Circle - Web ring which has around 50 prehistoric web sites as members.

Updated URLs:
UISPP - comments updated: non-governemental organisation related to CIPSH (UNESCO), grouping pre- and protohistorians over the world. History, organisation and list of members, statutes etc.
MDA - Many features updated. New features include an Advice Point and Adviser Network (SPECTRUM), a terminology project (TERM-IT).

6 June 1998

Suite101 'Best of the Internet' prize for ARGE!
Suite101 writes: "you are still "The Best" on our site. ... Over the last year your site (your efforts) has played a big part in helping members find the best of the Web quickly. Your site, which has been chosen by Anita Cohen-Williams, contributing editor for Anthropology, as one of the "Best of the Internet," deserves particular recognition."

New URLs:
Archaeology on the Net - a new site indexing archaeology resources on the internet. Currently over 1200 sites are indexed under 33 categories provided with annotated links. It has an associated list and Archaeology and Anthropology 'Web Rings'.
Cultural Heritage Protection - collection of worldwide heritage links.
Chester Archaeological Society - Cheshire, UK. - find academic posts in the UK. With the formal approval and support of the Higher Education Funding Councils for England, Wales and Scotland. "The website will carry advertisements for vacant posts, fellowships, scholarships and other such items of interest to those in Higher Education and Further education." Recently added features include a Direct Mailing Facility.

20 May 1998

New URLs:
Monte Polizzo - a proto-urban settlement tentatively dated to the 9th - 4th Centuries BC, this dominant Sicilian hilltop site is currently being investigated by a Scandinavian /Italian project.
Ilgynly-Depe - excavation of this eneolithic monument in Turkmenistan (former USSR) by Institute of History of Material Culture at St. Petersburg. Offers samples of prehistoric ceramics and instruments and archaeozoology information. Participation of volunteers in the field work is also welcome.
The British School at Rome - an interdisciplinary research centre for the humanities and the fine arts. Includes awards offered, publications, archaeological work undertaken, as well as taught courses, committees, how to subscribe etc.
Celtic Heads? - Recently discovered sculptures of human heads found in the hermitage of Virgen de Cabanas (La Almunia de Dona Godina, Aragon, Spain). Could these be Celtic?. In Spanish and English.

11 May 1998

New URLs:
Pompei Scavi - Pompeii Ruins - well-presented site which, when it is finished, will surely draw many visitors. Currently in Italian only.
Society of Antiquaries of London - One of the earliest to be formed, one of the Society's main aims is the study of (British) archaeology. Its catalogue of publications is computerised from 1988 and will be made accessible over the Internet shortly.

Updated URLs:
Simon James's Ancient Celts Page has moved to a new URL.

6 May 1998

New URLs:
Doon Archaeological Nature Peninsula - Doon is an Inland Promontory Fort on Lough Carra, with sites from the Late Bronze Age. This site offers an archaeological trail through the area.
Highland Archaeology Service - Major entry point for Highlands County (Scottish) archaeology; includes a newsletter, events, publications, and archaeological trails.
Northamptonshire Heritage - County heritage service with extensive web presence.

1 May 1998

New URLs:
Inagina, the last house of iron - In Mali, on the cliffs inhabited by the Dogon, an ethnoarchaeologist and a cameraman participated in the reduction of iron ore. Exhibit at the University of Geneva, in French and English.
Archeological Web Symposia - or on-line conferences are a new means of professional communication in archaeology. Here is the first site to explore its potential, with 'symposia' on the neolithic of south-eastern Europe and on the Bronze Age of the Balkan peninsula. From the Department of Archaeology, University of Belgrade.
The Tarbat Discovery Programme - a field school at this major Scottish site, run by Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd in conjunction with the University of York.

Updated URLs:
The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland web site has moved to
The CBA's web site, kindly hosted on the server of The British Academy, now has its own domain name - includes new and recently added features, such as a directory of email addresses for individuals and organisations with an interest in UK archaeology. There are also a number of initiatives in hand which will make available a wide range of material produced by the CBA over the years. These include online access (via the Archaeology Data Service) to:
* a database of radiocarbon dates for British & Irish archaeology
* a database of information on stone axes from Britain
* all out-of-print CBA Research Reports and Occasional Papers
* a bibliographic database for British archaeology with over 100,000 references dating back to the 17th century

27 April 1998

New URLs:
Republicki zavod za zastitu spomenika culture Srbije - Major entry point for Serbian archaeology, currently including pages on Lepenski Vir, Felix Romuliana, and Viminacium. By the Republican Institute for the protection of Monuments of Culture of Serbia. In Serbian and English.

22 April 1998

New URLs:
Quaternary TL Surveys - A Guide to TL Date Measurement - An exhaustive tutorial on this archaeometric dating technique. Quaternary TL Surveys is a commercial unit set up to provide thermoluminescence date measurement services to archaeologists and geologists. The range of applications includes flint, stone and stalagmitic calcite from the Middle Pleistocene onwards, and Upper Pleistocene and Holocene sediments.
Laboratory for Ceramic Research - information about the structure, analytical methods, projects, publications and staff of the Laboratory, at the Quaternary Dept. of Lund University.

21 April 1998

New URLs:
Thinking Through the Body - Lampeter Workshop in Archaeology, 20-22 June 1998. This informal workshop aims to bring together archaeologists and colleagues from other disciplines who share an interest in the archaeology of the body. It will break with tradition, which usually focuses on limited aspects of archaeological work such as iconographic studies and physical anthropological analysis.
UISPP Commission 4 Inter-Congress meeting - hosted by Arizona State University's Department of Anthropology and its Archaeological Research Institute, this meeting will be held 19-22 November 1998, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. General theme: Data Management and Mathematical Methods in Archaeology.
The Rudi-Maetonium - a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the cultural heritage of Moldova. Main activities are a field school and post-graduate training at an Iron Age site.
Giovanni Morigi e Figlio Restauratori - Listing past and current work done by this firm in the restauration of various objects and materials, this site suffers somewhat from bad graphics. In Italian and English.
Archéologie de l'Age du Bronze, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - major French site on aspects of life and death in the Bronze Age.
Les textes juridiques francais et internationaux sur l'archeologie - extensive listing of French and international legal texts regarding the archaeological heritage.
Greek and Roman catapults - a good introductory site on this subject, by D. Baatz. In English, with further links.
Histo ric Scotland - an impressive new website that unfortunately requires installation of the Schockwave Flash plugin, provided only for Windows and Mac flavours.
Archaiologia Ltd. - the home page of this organiser of commercial tours and courses includes a database service to help archaeologists find jobs, staff and contracts.
IRAC'98 - Congresso Internacional de Arte Rupestre - Crossing Frontiersx, International Rock Art Congress, Vila Real, Portugal, 6-12 Sept 1998. In English and Portugese.
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu / Poznañskie Towarzystvo Prehistoryczne - Poznan Museum of Archaeology and Prehistoric Society. In Polish and English.
Dataci ón por Racemización de Aminoácidos - Details of thisbook on amino acid dating as applied to paleobiology, bioarchaeology, and anthropology. By Policarp Hortolà.
IV Coloquio Internacional de Arqueologia e Informatica - The Association of Archaeology and Computing announces its IVth International Symposium which will be held in the city of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). The aim of this meeting is to exchange and make known the most recent knowledge and latest advances in the field of Archaeological Research Computing, at any stage of development. There will be life transmission via Internet; those interested should contact the roOrganization (E-mail: In Spanish and English.

Updated URLs:
Roman Ceramics - this valuable site on Samian ware by Allard Mees of the Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum has now been recoded with Java, and shows how the Web can be used as an important research tool..
The correct address for the journal NOTES is
AmberWeb now lives at
Riksantikvariämbetet has updated its home page.

19 March 1998

ARGE's move to Groningen is now complete. In the next few months mirror sites will be set up at CILEA (Milan, Italy) and at the University of Birmingham. Do not forget to change your bookmarks!

New URLs:
CANMORE on the Web - a pilot project called Accessing Scotland's Past, supported by the Archaeology Data Service and SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network). The site provides a mechanism to run queries against the NMRS, via CANMORE (Computer Application for National MOnuments Record Enquiries). Access is free, at least for this financial year.
Kerkenes Dag - Excavations and surveys at this important Iron Age site in Turkey.
Italian-archaeology - discussion list for the exchange of information and discussion for archaeologists (prehistoric, classical or medieval) interested in Italy. Membership is free and open to all those with an interest in Italian archaeology.
America's Stonehenge - an astronomical complex in New England, USA, similiar to European sites. Many believe it was built by Celts who visited America a few thousand years ago. One of those is Barry Fell, a Harvard Professor known for his book America B.C.
Archaeological Remote Sensing Consortium - ARSC is a working group of scholars at all levels of expertise involved in practical and theoretical applications of remote sensing techniques in archaeology. It acts as a clearinghouse of information as well as a forum in which individuals can find assistance and research partners with complimentary interests and expertise.
World Archaeological Congress 4: Cape Town - Jan 10 - 14, 1999 - CALL FOR SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP CONVENORS CALL FOR PAPERS AND POSTERS. Theme: Global Archaeology at the Turn of the Millennium. Papers will be available electronically to registered delegates prior to the Congress, and full details of the programme will be posted on our website as they become available. Registration and submission deadline: 30 April 1998.

Updated URLs:
THE KHAZARIA INFO CENTER - information on the Khazars and their history and archaeology.
New WinBASP mirror - The Bonn Archaeological Statistics Package is now also mirrored from the University of Edinburgh. There is also an FTP server, directory /ftp/pub/baspmirror. The former mirror at the University of Tuebingen in Germany now points automatically to Cologne. The former mirror at the University of Trier is no longer available.

15 January 1998

New URLs:
Les nécropoles à incinérations gallo-romaines du grand-duché de Luxembourg- Premiers résultats d'une recherche en cours - article in Internet Archaeology 4, by Michel Polfer and Jos Thiel. Also available in English.
HW Wilson Art Abstracts - from EDINA (Edinburgh Data and Information Access), this database provides both abstracts and bibliographic references for a wide variety of art-related disciplines including archaeology. Archaeological journals abstracted include: American Journal of Archaeology, American Antiquity, Antiquity, Archaeologischer Anzeiger, Archaeologia, Archaeological Journal, Archaeology, Biblical Archaeologist, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Journal of Field Archaeology, Museum News, and Revue Archeologique.
Draft criteria for the evaluation of heritage multimedia - by the CIDOC Multimedia Working Group.
Archives & Museum Informatics - this company provides consultancy, publication and training for cultural heritage professionals. Its pages include the proceedings for recent and future international conferences in this area.
Cambridge University Press Social Sciences - this site, still under construction, will list publications in Anthropology and Archaeology.
CD-ROM Archaeological Applications of GIS - information, including abstracts of all papers and reports, plus ordering information for the CD containing 35 papers with more than 500 illustrations, many in colour, resulting from a colloquium on GIS applications in Archaeology held at the UISPP XIIIth Congress in Forli (Sept. 1996).
Understanding Mapinfo - written by archaeologists, this is the book you should find most helpful if you decide to use Mapinfo GIS. Previews and ordering info.
3rd Congress of Iberian Archaeology - Vila Real, Portugal, 22-26 September 1999. For more information, contact Executive Committee of the 3rd Congress of Iberian Archaeology, Drª. Mila Simões de Abreu, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro - Geociências, Campus da Quinta dos Prados - Apartado 202 - 5001 Vila Real -Portugal, Fax: (0) 59- 325058, E-mail

Changed URLs:
Computer Application in Archaeology Conference 1998 - Barcelona, 24/28 March. A list of current papers and registration details are available, and new papers are still being accepted. In Catalan, Spanish and English.

14 January 1998

ARGE services have now been relocated to the University of Groningen. We apologise for the four-month gap in our services. Over the next few weeks there will be minor disruptions while we process the backlog of changes and new links built up since last August!

New URLs:
Atlantis expedition - Proposal by Institute of Metahistory for an expedition planned for the summer of 1998, with the aim of verifying the hypothesis suggesting that Plato's Atlantis was located on the Celtic Shelf, with the capital city in the region of contemporary Little Sole Bank 130 nm to the south-west of England, and submerged as a result of glacio-eustatic rising of the sea level and compensatory isostatic subsidence of that area at the end of the last glaciation, precisely at the time Plato spoke of in "Timaeus" and "Critias".
Edinburgh University Press - useful titles include The Handbook for British and Irish Archaeology: Sources and Resources by Cherry Lavell. Answers questions such as: Where can I find an amateur archaeological society to join? How can I find out more about a particular aspect of archaeology? Which are the most useful available texts in this field? Which universities run archaeology courses? A copy of Edinburgh's archaeology catalogue can be obtained from
Poggio Colla CD-review - Issue 4 of *Internet Archaeology* has opened with a review by Phil Perkins of the Poggio Colla 1995 Season Sampler CD-ROM. The sampler gives details of the excavations at Poggio Colla, an Etruscan hilltop settlement in Tuscany.
Internet Archaeology has also started a mailing list which will discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the internet. To join send an email to with the line: join intarch-interest firstname(s) lastname in the body of the message.
Publicize your programs in the 1998 ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELDWORK OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN - The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) invites you to participate in the preparation of the 1998 Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB). The AFOB lists excavations and surveys with openings for volunteers and staff, as well as educational programs including field schools, study tours, and museum internships. It is available to the public on the first of January each year. If you have any questions, please contact Susanna Burns at (617) 353-8708, e-mail:
Conference: MOBILE COMPUTING IN THE FIELD - 26th September 1997, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. An interdisciplinary conference on the use of mobile computers, Global Positioning Systems and mobile communications to support fieldwork. It will interest ecologists, environmental scientists, archaeologists and other fieldworkers, and computer scientists and engineers interested in the challenges which fieldwork presents.
Centro Studi Archeologia Africana - this group can be contacted at
Megalithic Mysteries - As the title implies, there is little academic material here, but there are some good images of sites in Wessex (including aerial views), Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cumbria the Cotswolds, Orkney, Caithness, Loch Ness and the Western Isles.
Gacetilla de Arqueologia - An excellent resource, updated monthly, about Spanish archaeology, with information about museums, biographies of archaeologists, excavations, exhibitions, publications, a hypermail forum, and a directory of archaeology with links to a wide range of Spanish and other organisations and resources.
Archeo-125 - An association dedicated to studying the archaeology of Basse-Normandie, with details of events, publications, excavations open to volunteers, a photo gallery and a paper on the prehistory of Potigny.
Giverny et Vernon - An illustrated guide to four archaeological sites in this region, with links to the local museum, and to on-line text about the "earliest archaeological discovery in the world", the neolithic tomb at Cocherel examined and recorded in 1685. Available also in English.
King Alfred's College, Winchester - Archaeology Dept.
SCRAN - the Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network is a Millennium Project to build a networked multimedia resource base for the study, teaching and appreciation of history and material culture in Scotland. It aims to achieve 1.5 million records online on SCRAN, 100,000 SCRAN multimedia objects and 100 SCRAN funded CD-ROMs. A searchable database is already available for trial.
Archaeology in Luxembourg - Information on iron age and Gallo-Roman archaeology in Luxembourg, with a large number of excellent pages of excavation reports and related on-line papers, opportunites for excavation, bibliographies, a chat-room and a message board.
AGAI - Arbeitsgruppe Archäologie und Informatik - the homepage (also available in French) of this organisation for archaeology and computing in Switzerland leads to an index with links and information.
Archäologisches Institut - der Universität zu Köln.
Geophysics and Archaeology - A good set of illustrated pages about the geophysical prospection of archaeological sites, with examples.
The Celtic Coin Index - Philip de Jersey's pages about this index of images of approx 25,000 Celtic coins found in Britain, with pages about the Index and illustrated pages on coinage and Celtic society, how coins were made, an introduction to British Celtic coinage, and bibiographies.
Associazione Italiana di Archeometria (AIAr) - the Italian Association for Archaeometry promotes and developes research, teaching and professional activities in this area.

Changed/Updated URLs:
Federseemuseum, Bad Buchau - Featuring a description of the museum and the new open-air reconstructions in this moorland, lakeside environment, covering 16000-year-old ice age reindeer-hunter material through neolithic settlement, and bronze age fortified villages to unusual iron age pile dwellings and the famous Kappel hoard. Available in English.
Museum of London Archaeology Service - A good set of pages with summaries of excavations, details of different aspects of their work such as finds, environmental and other scientific work, and publications. It also hosts pages for the City of London Archaeological Trust and the European Association of Archaeologists.
Sui sentieri dell'arte rupestre - The final report on a rock art educational project promoted by the Municipality of Turin, in 25 web pages.

28 August 1997

New URLs:
Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa - this Roman city on the North African coast has been excavated by archaeologists since the 1920s. From Phoenicean beginnings through successfully defeating attempts at Greek colonisation to becoming a significant Roman city this site has welcomed many of the great names of the Roman Empire. Although now a UNESCO World Heritage site, few tourists get to see the wonders of this site in person, but the work of the latest team of archaologists to excavate this site is being made available on this web site for all to see.
'Fish remains and humankind' - Internet Archaeology 3 now contains the following papers from the Fourth meeting of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) fish remains working group:
  • D.C. Brinkhuizen: Some remarks on seasonal dating of fish remains by means of growth analysis
  • Mona L Colburn: Cranial osteology of the redear sunfish; examples from the American Midwest
  • Richard C. Hoffmann: Pike (*Esox lucius*) in Late Medieval culture: from illiterate empericism to the literate traditions
  • David J. Ward: A simple machine for bulk processing sediments
Internet Archaeology now has a review section, for which no username or password is needed:
  • Review: Perseus 2.0 CD-ROM - by Nick Eiteljorg. The CD covers sources and studies on Ancient Greek culture.
  • Review: Fieldworker - review by Nick Ryan et al. of the FieldWorker Advanced 2.3.5 and FieldWorker Pro 0.91 Global Positioning System software.
2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology, 2-5 October 1997, Darfo-Boario Terme (Valcamonica - Italy). The Congress, organized by the Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative which maintains some of the best rock-art related web pages, draws together researchers in the field of archaeology, ethnography, and the history of religion with the aim of refining the chronological, interpretative and methodological aspects of European Rock Art research.
TRACCE 8 - the new issue of TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin.

21 August 1997

New URLs:
Guder & Grave - a pilot presentation of Danish Bronze Age by the National Museum. Well worth a visit as it is a portent of things to come. Useful archaeological dictionary. Also in English.
Det Kulturhistoriske Centralregister - the National Archaeological Records of Denmark. Also in English.

19 August 1997

A cleanup of Irish Archaeology resources is now in progress. Preliminary results:

New URLs:
Discovery Programme - extensive pages on late prehistoric research, including sites at Tara, North Munster, the western stone forts and the Ballyhoura hills. Includes use of GIS. Last updated Feb 1997.
Irish Association of Quaternary Studies (IQUA) - interdisciplinary forum for specialists working on various aspects of the Quaternary period, including archaeology.
The Roman Invasion Controversy - defence by Richard Warner of the theory that Ireland was invaded by the Romans.
Connemara archaeology - County Galway.
CELT - the Corpus of Electronic Texts. Database on historical and literary texts in the languages of Ireland.

Updated URLs:
Trowel - the journal of the Archaeological Society of University College Dublin, with articles by postgraduate students and lists of recent theses. Very interesting link, worth having a look at.
Ulster Journal of Archaeology
Classics Ireland online - the journal of University College Dublin. Volumes 1-4 available.
Achill Archaeological Summer (Field) School - Late Medieval Environmental Archaeology. Field School for training students and other interested participants in archaeological field methodology. Maximum Credits 6. Approved by Department of Education, Ireland.
The Céide Fields of North Mayo - News report on the continuing research project on this remarkable neolithic landscape.
CURIA Irish Manuscript Project
Department of Archaeology, Queens University of Belfast. Barebones page with staff list. Information about teching and courses lives here
Department of Palaeoecology, Queens University of Belfast - includes 14C laboratory and staff list.
Newgrange and megalithic art - a view of these neolithic mounds, with photos taken during solstices, from the Netherlands. Links to pages for Dowth and Knowth mounds.
Irish Archaeology Home Page - A guide to Irish archaeology resources.

Deleted URLs:
The Turoe stone
St Fechin's Church
A Knowth satellite tomb
Cashel Rock and round tower
Cahir Castle
Celtica's Photo Album - This commercial site includes a gallery of site photographs from Ireland including megalithic tombs, forts and early Christian sites.
Antiquities of Co. Galway - an introduction - Useful description, scanned in from Galway's Official Guide to City and County.
Megalithic Art Gallery - Pictures of stones at Knowth, Ireland
Tony's Favourite Rocks Page - Pictures of Irish and other megalithic sites
Navan Fort, County Armagh: ancient seat of the kings of Ulster - from the Armagh Planetarium. Also
Newgrange and megalithic art - a non-specialist view.
Classics Server at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin. Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites.
Irish Prehistory and Archaeology - fairly complete introduction to Irish Archaeology by lecturer from Creighton University, USA.

5 August 1997

Four Star Award for Web Excellence - Anthropology awarded to ARGE!!

1 August 1997

New URLs:
Romanian Archaeology - An overwiew on Romanian archaeology by Mircea Angelescu (available in English and French). It contains a brief history of archaeology in Romania, the main institutions involved in archaeological excavations, a presentation of the Greek-Roman City of Histria, with 3D reconstructions of its main monuments and a guided tour of the site museum with complete inventory of the collection.
The Museum of History and Archaeology in Roman - (available in English and Romanian). Rich archaeological collection from Neolithic, Hallstatt, La Tène and 4th century AD.

28 July 1997

New URLs:
Derbyshire Archaeological Society - With calendar of events, and on-line searchable index of the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal from 1879-1997.
European Archaeological Research Projects - A project from the EU-funded Archeonet network offering students and researchers opportunities to participate in excavation and field survey projects.
Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome - A site dedicated to the archaeology of Ostia, with pages of colour-coded plans, ancient texts, photos and bibliography, as well as further links; a developing, good-looking site.
Instituto de Arqueologia, Universidade de Coimbra
Del Nogier - Histoire et Archéologie en Corrèze - A developing site; pages of links available, and a summary of archaeological information on the region.
Roman Military Sites in Britain - Contains a gazetteer, regional maps, an introduction to Roman military sites, bibliographies and photos: lots of information.
Arte Parietal Paleolítico - Applications of digital photography in the analysis and tracings of rock art (also in English).
Esslingen in Mittalter - Nice-looking site with short descriptions of the excavations on the Carmelite friary and the excavation museum (also in English).
Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Copenhagen.
III Coloquio Internacional de Arte Megalítico - Third colloquium on megalithic art, Coruña, 8-13 September 1997.
Federseemuseum, Bad Buchau - English text available.

21 July 1997

New URLs:
MicroImages, Inc. - a free copy of their TNTlite GIS and mapping software can be downloaded here. Restrictions apply to the size of the maps and databases you can build.

18 July 1997

New URLs:
ST-GIS - discussion list for archaeological GIS and mapping with a time-based component, for example systems which deal with coastal change, urban growth, sites & monuments records, rise and fall of empires etc. To subscribe, send a message WITHOUT A SUBJECT TITLE to: the majordomo. The message should read: subscribe st-gis xxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxx is your email address. The list is owned by Ian Johnson, Coordinator, Archaeological Computing Laboratory School of Archaeology, University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia.
Department of Archaeology - University of Belgrade, Serbia. In Serbian, German, and English. Includes:
Jelica - Gradina - excavation in western Serbia, on a site with prehistoric, paleobyzantine, germanic and medieval periods.
Rose - Malo Rose - excavation on the Montenegran coast, with antique, late antique, paleobyzantine and medieval remains.

2 July 1997

New URLs:
ARCHEOLOGIS - a programme under the EU INFO2000 aegis to build an archaeological GIS for the Mediterranean area.
Issue 3 of Internet Archaeology is out!
Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica (AIAC) - International Association for Classical Archaeology.

Updated URLs:
The lists EAHW-ALL, EAHW-ARGE, and EAHW-MUSEUMS are closed, and messages and members are transferred to the list EAHW.

24 June 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological prospection data and the Internet - home page of Ben Armstrong, who is starting a dissertation project to develop web access to survey data at the University of Bradford, UK.

14 June 1997

Updated URLs:
Stichting RAAP - Contract research unit based in Amsterdam. Also in English.
Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie

8 June 1997

New URLs:
ArcheoTech S.A. - Mesures Techniques et Développements informatiques en architecture et archéologie; investigations archéologiques. Commercial.
Ori delle Alpi - Alpine Jewellery; Ornaments from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages. Available in English, German and French too.

Updated URLs:
Centro Studi Archeologia Africana - a study society for African archaeology based in Milan. Also in English.

21 May 1997

New URLs:
L'Histoire de l'Art et l'Archéologie du Monde Gréco-Romain sur Internet - resource list maintained at the University of Liege; under construction.
Intern ational Journal of Nautical Archaelogy, Vol. 23 (1994) - contents listing.
ANATOLIAN PREHISTORY - details of a symposium held from 28th April - 3rd May 1997.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Lieège - homepage with general introduction to prehistory, and review of excavations by the museum since the 19th century.
Activités chypriotes - publications and research on Cypriot antiquities.
Internet Ancient History Resource Guide - from Ghent University.
Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP) - oldest established professional organisation. In French and English.
Cellule Archéologie des Âges des Métaux (CAM) - forum for research on the Belgian Bronze and Iron Ages. In French and Dutch.
The European Cultural Legacy CD-i Series - full description of its contents; topics include Cistercian architecture, Pompeii, and Thera.
Centre de Recherches d'Archeologie Nationale (CRAN) - covers prehistoric, gallo-roman and medieval sites and projects in Belgium and surrounding countries. Lists details of people and publications.
Archéologie du Nord-Ouest européen - description of the research programme, including mapping, environmental archaeology, gallo-roman and postmedieval archaeology.
Musée de la Préhistoire en Wallonie

Updated URLs:
Archéologie et Électronique - La rubrique archéologique d'Aiolos. Resource guide with many links worth pursuing. See especially the topographic and underwater sections, and a very complete online catalogue of catalogues for classical archaeology, built by librarians at the University of Amsterdam.
Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology - postgraduate programme at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Projects in Turkey amongst others; in English and Dutch. Last updated May 1996.
Namur - Musé Archéologique - prehistoric, Roman and Merovingian collections, mainly of the city itself.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège - focuses on palaeanthropology of the Ardennes region.
Les Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Main page for Belgian royal museums, including the most important Musée du Cinquantenaire which includes the archaeological collections. In English and French; last updated December 1996.

Deleted URLs:
Archeologi e en Kunstwetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Dept. of Archaeology and Art Sciences)

19 May 1997

New URLs:
Aiolo s (Klassieken) : Web bronnen : persoonlijke selectie - resource list for Classical archaeology.
UBA: Aiolos (Klassieken) : Algemene bronnen - resource list, mainly for bibliographic services in Classical archaeology.
Historic and Archaeological Sights in Crete - Details of 7 museums and 13 archaeological sites on Crete, from University of Crete.
ARTIFACT - Listserv discussion list for the study of artifacts.
ARCHSTUD - Listserv discussion list for students of archaeology.
Computer Aided Design in Archaeology - links for archaeologists working with CAD packages, from Reading University.
Institut für Klassische Archäologie - Karl-Franzens University of Graz.
ARMAMENTARIUM - The Book of Roman Arms and Armour - A continually updated virtual book on Roman military equipment, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne University Museum.
Katedra archeologie Masarykovy univerzity Brno - Department of Archaeology, Masaryk University Brno (Czechia). Also available in English.
Studia minora - series archaeologica et classica - The first Czech electronic journal for archaeology and classics, with articles and summaries (in German).
The Discovery Programme - The homepage of this archaeological research institution, funded by the Heritage Council of Ireland. Details of the four first research projects and the two new feasibility studies, and of survey and mapping techniques, geophysical survey and GIS. A good-looking and informative site.
Williams College Excavations at Psalmodi, France - Excavation at the Benedictine monastery of Psalmodi, with details of sculpture and pottery from the prehistoric, Roman and medieval periods.
Archaeology_AT - "This site collects links to internet resources of interest to classical archaeologists and other scientists. It is particularly dedicated to archaeological sites in Austria and German-language internet archaeology publications".
The British Museum - The official pages.
The School of History and Archaeology (HISAR) - University of Cardiff.

Updated URLs:
Roman Ceramics - Updated version of Allard Mees's magnificent Roman pottery pages, with recent publications from 13 European countries, general bibliographies, Samian and amphora research, Banassac illustrated figure-type catalogue and much much more. Includes new search and explore features (requires 32bit Netscape 3.0, 4.0 or IE 3.0). A highly recommended site.
La Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyrénées orientales) - From the Laboratoire de Préhistoire, Université de Perpignan, an extensive site dedicated to the 450,000 year-old human from Tautavel, including details on dating and environment, reconstructions and animations.

15 May 1997

New URLs:
Ein multimediales archäologisches Museum - linking to 3D reconstruction stills based on a CAD model of Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Xanten). Also in English.
The Ancient Greek World Index - introductory and illustrated 'textbook' on ancient Greece, from the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
The Ancient Greek World Introduction - based on an exhibit at the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
The Corinth Computer Project - Reconstructing the city plan and landscape of Roman Corinth. From the American School of Classical Studies, details methods used to create plans.
Exploring Ancient Cultures - introductory online college textbook with sections on Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. Worth a visit because nothing like it yet exists for European archaeology.
FAQ about careers in archaeology - aimed at US audience, but useful nonetheless. Also links to archaeology on TV, film and in fiction.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - images, reconstructions and explanatory text from Boston University. Includes Temples of Zeus at Olympia, of Artemis at Ephesus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities in Europe - excavations in need of volunteers.
Ir ish Archaeology Homepage - sites, database of excavation reports.

Updated URLs:
two excavations, one at Sos Hoyuk (EBA to Medieval), the other at Buyuktepe Hoyuk (IA to Hellenistic)
PERSEUS updated
Pylos project updated - a book-length report plus some 600 images of the BA site.
Isthmia project - focuses on the sanctuary of Poseidon and the lifting of a mosaic from its Roman bath. Important religious festival site.

7 May 1997

New URLs:
The second issue of Assemblage, the Sheffield graduate journal of archaeology, is now out. See also assemblage-info, dedicated to providing a constantly updated information service for the archaeological community at large and postgraduate students in particular, currently listing details of *126* funding sources, *59* conferences and links to *149* online archaeological bibliographies! The info pages also offer a short selection of genuinely useful links and cool archaeological web sites and coming soon will be info on academic jobs, a news clippings service and schedules for archaeological TV programmes.

23 April 1997

New URLs:
Guide to awards in the Humanities and Social Sciences from the British Academy (Archaeology Grants).

16 April 1997

New URLs:
European Archaeological Research Projects (EARP) - an ArcheoNet service, EARP is intended to be a Europe-wide database for fieldwork projects offering student places. There are forms for submitting projects and for searching the database.
The Nemea Valley Archaeological Project (NVAP) - reports on intensive survey of part of southern Corinthia, by the American School in Athens.
Moyse's Hall Museum pages - including text and images relating to, amongst others, the First Hunters, Seasonal Settlers, the First Farmers, the Chieftains ... through to the South Folk of the East Angles.

Updated URLs:
The MDA Website has now been updated, to include information about the second edition of SPECTRUM, the UK Museum Documentation Standard; the first announcement of the Standards in Action Workshop to be held at Churchill College Cambridge, 1st-3rd Octobe, and an updated UK email directory.
The Bonn Archaeological Statistics Package (BASP) is now available from two sites in Europe (Tübingen and Köln) and two sites in the USA (New York and Connecticut ). To obtain BASP by anonymous FTP, ftp to, login as 'anonymous', use your own e-mail address as your password, cd to pc/basp, type 'bin' and 'prompt no' in order to set up multiple binary FTP, then type 'mget baspwin*.zip'.

31 March 1997

New URLs:
Late Bronze Age Settlement in the Beira Interior Region (Central Portugal) - extensive summary of a book by Raquel Vilaça 1995.
Home page of Manuel Medrano and Maria Antonia Diaz - slightly over-the-top, but containing a number of interesting archaeological pages on the site of Contrebia Belaisca (Botorrita, Aragón):
Las cabezas cortadas y la pila de sacrificios humanos: ritos célticos en Aragón (España).
Reconstitución del gran mercado de pieles de Contrebia Belaisca (Botorrita, Aragón).
Las instalaciones para fabricar curtidos en la ciudad celtibérica de Contrebia Belaisca.
El tercer documento escrito en lengua celtibérica de Contrebia Belaisca.
l'Arqueologia de Menorca - sets out to provide a complete view of Menorcan archaeology. Contains an introduction, a guided tour of the island, and pages on six different monuments. By Ferran Lagarda i Mata.
The Caesar Project - EC- supported international project aiming to coordinate the cataloguing of Roman pottery. Contains interactive 3D model sample.
Revista Electrónica Galega de Arqueoloxía (REGA)
Il Monte Testaccio - An extensive Web version from the University of Barcelona of the exhibition in Rome of archaeological and archeometric research on Il Monte delle Anfore, the 'amphora mountain'. An excellent and detailed site. In Italian, Catalan and Spanish (English to come). See also Excavaciones españolas en el Monte Testaccio (Roma) and the Il Monte Testaccio - multimedia CD (Catalan, English, Italian)
Excavaciones en el ciudad romana de Arva (Alcolea del Río, Sevilla)
Excavaciones en Calafell (Tarragona)
Poblado ibérico de Montbarbat (Lloret de Mar-Maçanet de la Selva, Girona)
Corpus informático del instrumentum domesticum - epigraphic database of domestic ware in the western Roman empire.
Asociación Española de Arqueología e Informática
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos
Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica - the Roman town of Italica. Also in English.
Museo Arqueológico Nacional - National archaeological museum, Madrid
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - with seats in five Catalan cities, this museum provides a virtual trip through the combined displays and collections.
El arte rupestre levantino, Región de Murcia - Various prehistoric rock art sites.

Deleted URLs:
The Instituto Portugues de Museus.
Navarra y Pamplona Hasta el 905.

Updated / Changed URLs:
Some 20 URLs relating to Portuguese and Spanish archaeology have now been updated. Please visit the appropriate pages for more details.

21 March 1997

New URLs:
Sciences de l'Antiquité - Université de Lausanne
Ecole Suisse d'Archeologie en Grece - Université de Lausanne. Excavates at Eretria, Euboea. English version available
Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie - Université de Lausanne. Explains about some recent technical developments and offers a database of dated sites.
ArchAGENDA: An international agenda to scientific and cultural events in archaeology - An excellent initiative from two Parisian Universities, extending the range of Europe-wide archaeological Internet services to include a fully searchable calendar of events, with details, links, downloadable documents etc.
Do cumentazione Archeologica e Immagini - of the Rassegna degli strumenti informatici per lo studio dell'Antichitá classica; sections on Guides and Gateways, General Resources and many geographical regions. Probably the largest guide to Internet resources in classical archaeology in Italy.
Ionio Net: Archeologia - a resource guide mainly for Italian archaeology
Italian General Subject Tree: Archeologia - with a lot of new Italian links.

20 March 1997

Changed URLs:
The Birmingham Zoo-archaeology Laboratory moved to a new URL, and have completely refurbished and updated their pages.

16 March 1997

New URLs:
The Vikings - an introductory article by A.E. Christensen.
Arkeologiseksjonen - Universitetet I Tromsø, Norway.
Institutt for Arkeologi og Kulturhistorie - Trondheim University, Norway
Klassillinen arkeologia - Archaeology course at the Institute for Classics and Ancient Cultures of Turku University, Finland.

Changed URLs:
Moved server:

The Viking Network Web
The Viking Discovery of America
Moved to Related Subjects:
Servers for the Levant, with:
The place of archaeology in the reconstruction of Beirut
1000 photographs from Lebanon (July - August 1995)

Deleted URLs:
Alta Petroglyphs - the World Heritage Site of Alta, Norway, with its petroglyphs. One sentence only.
Department of Archaeology, Åbo University

14 March 1997

New URLs:
Issue 2 of the electronic journal Internet Archaeology has now been opened. The first paper to be mounted on the web is:
  • The need for the solid modelling of structure in the archaeology of buildings, by Robert Daniels of the University of Reading, UK
  • Other papers to follow in the next few days include:
    Iron age and Roman copper alloys from Northern Britain by David Dungworth, which includes a database of examples and images
    The chaine operatoire approach to lithic analysis by Roger Grace, which compares Norwegian and English sites
    Enhancing the record through remote sensing: the application and integration of multi sensor, non-invasive remote sensing techniques for the enhancement of the Sites and Monuments Record, Heslerton Parish Project, North Yorkshire, England, by Dominic Powlesland, James Lyall, & Daniel Donoghue.
Internet Archaeology has also started a mailing list which will discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the internet. To join send an email to with the line: join intarch-interest firstname(s) lastname in the body of the message

13 March 1997

Deleted URLs:
ARKEOLOGEN - bimonthly journal.
Department of Archaeology - Umeå University
Department of Archaeology - Uppsala University.
Department of Egyptology - Uppsala University

New URLs:
Birka Vikingastaden - Museum and excavations on the site of the famous Viking trade town
Eketorps borg - excavations, 300-1200 AD
Arkeologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Arkeoosteologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AOFL) at Stockholm.
Numismatiska forskningsgruppen at Stockholm
ArkeologiKonsult - archaeological consultancy

Changed URLs:
Institutionen för antikens kultur och samhällsliv - Department of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University. English version available.
Riksantikvarieäbetet - State Service for Antiquities, Stockholm
Statens Historiska Museer - State Museum of History, Stockholm, with archeological collection from prehistory to middle ages
Arkeologiska Institutionen, Lund University. English version available.
Stockholms läs museum - Stockholm county museum.
Institutionen för arkeologi - Göteborg University. In Swedish and English

26 February 1997

New URLs:
Luftbildarchiv at the Institute for Prehistory and Early History in Vienna. Aerial archive, dealing with aerial archaeology and photogrammetry.
Time Team - a popular TV programme that stages 3-day professional excavations in order to solve archaeological conundrums. You need a plug-in that reads Director type files before you can visit this URL.
Butser Ancient Farm - one of the longest established experimental archaeology stations, in Hampshire, UK. Replica Iron Age farm, with pages on crops and animals and structures as well as details of courses and special events; some images.
Regional Archaeological Survey Resource (RASR) - offers a new feature: the International Survey Project Directory. The Directory is intended as a resource for those interested in identifying survey projects by subject matter, time period or regional location. Contact names and their hotlinked email addresses are provided as well as hyperlinked project summaries. If you are planning, running or have completed an archaeological survey project, you are encouraged to submit your listings to the Directory. Only the framework exists at the moment; your listings will build the Directory into a useful resource for the archaeological survey community.

17 February 1997

Fixed broken links to the Birmingham University Zoo-archaeology Laboratory.

1 February 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological Student Society at the University of Birmingham. What a difference professional page design can make!

29 January 1997

Changed URLs:
The Museum Documentation Association, UK, moved to a different server.
Musée Départemental de Préhistoire, Le Grand-Pressigny - some details. English version available. Contains:
Le Site Pressignien - Short notes about the famous Grand-Pressigny site with pictures
L'Archéolab - Site museum/presentation of ongoing excavations at the Grand-Pressigny site, with partial reconstruction of a late neolithic workshop structure.
Les Préhisto-Jeux - Details of 'public archaeology' at Grand Pressigny, including 'hands-on' specialist and children's workshops and the 'Championnat d'Europe d'Armes Préhistoriques (arc et propulseur)', friendly competition with bow and spear-thrower in the spirit of scientific enquiry.

22 January 1997

New URLs:
Archeonet - network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training. First phase of a project funded under the EC SOCRATES programme.
ARCHEONET-ALL - List for members of the European archaeological educational and training community wishing to be involved or kept informed about the development of ARCHEONET, a thematic network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training. To join this list, mail to: a message containing only the following text (substituting appropriately): join archeonet-all firstname(s) lastname. For further information relating to this new list, contact its owner at

14 January 1997

New URLs:
La Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyrénées orientales) - "Tautavel Man", one of the earliest palaeolithic human remains from France
Fédération Française d'Archéologie - brief details of the Viuz archaeological museum (Haute-Savoie), and Le Thovey mansio report
L'art préhistorique des Pyrénées - Exhibition on portable art associated with Magdalenian people in the Pyrenees. In French and English
Musée Départemental de Préhistoire, Le Grand-Pressigny - very brief details. English version available
Département des Sciences de l'Antiquité, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris - Includes links to its laboratories and research groups
Groupe d'Archéologie Médiévale (GAM) - at the Centre de Recherches Historiques in Paris. Mission statement and publication list
CEA Atelier régional de conservation Nucléart (Grenoble) - Conservation and restauration of organic materials. In French and English
Musée Départemental Breton - includes archaeological collections. In French and English

10 January 1997

New URLs:
Wharram Percy - Description of the deserted medieval village, with maps, plans, photos, reconstruction drawings, bibliography and glossary of terms - an attractive site.
The Giant Search - Rodney Legg's defence of a prehistoric date for the Cerne Abbas Giant hill-figure, with earliest drawings (including 'censored' version)
Archaeology on the Jubilee Line Extension - A page from London Underground on sites at London Bridge, Stratford and Westminster
Land's End Map of Stone Circles and other Ancient Sites - with links to site descriptions and photos
British Turf Labyrinths - Descriptions and photos of all known British turf labyrinths
History - PreHistory - from the Dept of Foreign Affairs on the Irish government's website. Brief, traditional summary.
Irish Underwater Archaeological Research Team - Excavation reports and other activities
Hunt Museum
Archaeology in Ireland: the Celtic High Cross in Clonmacnois - Discussion of crosses and grave-slabs from Clonmacnois, Co. Offaly
Tipperary Historical Journal - Listed contents of first ten vols from 1988, including many archaeological articles.
William Wilde's Lough Corrib (1867) - A scanned version (not yet fully proofed) of Wilde's famous book, with many descriptions and illustrations of archaeological sites and historic monuments
Palaeolithic rock art in La Garma (Cantabria), Spain - Palaeolithic cave paintings and engravings, discovered November 1995, together with extensive upper palaeolithic settlement area. Includes images of art and site.
Institut d'Archéologie et d'Histoire Ancienne - Université de Lausanne
Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali - Pubblicazioni, Abstracts e Preprints section includes links to three volumes of Preistoria Alpina (1992-4) with online abstracts
Excavations at the Grotta dell'Edera in the Italian Karst - Report on excavations of neolithic to Roman levels in this cave
Archeologia preistorica a Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) - A guide to prehistoric sites (mesolithic to bronze age) in the Sesto Fiorentino region
Lake Onega Rock Art - Description, discussion and illustrations of the petroglyphs newly documented during fieldwork 1982-94.
Multiple Levels in the Aegean Bronze Age World-System - Article by Nick Kardulias from the Journal of World Systems Research 1996

8 January 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological Investigations Project - A national study of the nature and extent of fieldwork in England in the early 90s, from Bournemouth University. Supported by EH.
Monuments At Risk (MARS) programme - A national survey of archaeological monuments, their survival, condition, and protective measures, from Bournemouth University. Supported by RCHME and EH.

7 January 1997

New URLs:
Skene diffusion - A central site for heritage and arts in the Région Wallonne, with links to the Division du Patrimoine, with details of protection, restoration and excavation of the archaeological heritage. Other pages on archaeology and museums in the region, summaries of legislation, heritage days, heritage news, and a big section on the Préhistosite de Ramioul. A key resource full of useful information.
Laboratoire Départemental d'Archéologie - Report of 1995 activities by the Val-de-Marne departmental laboratory, with extremely useful information on relationships with developers, official archaeological bodies, principal results of archaeological intervention, post-excavation processes etc.
ArcheoNord - Interesting and attractive pages from the Service Archéologique du département du Nord with details and photos of recent and current excavations.
Mosaïque mérovingienne de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin - Discovery, description and pictures of the Merovingian mosaic.
Museum im Hollerhaus, Dietfurt an der Altmühl - containing the results of excavation and fieldwork made during the 1959-1992 building of the Main-Donau canal.
Arbeitsgruppe Archäometallurgie, Mainz - Pages on 'what is archeometallurgy', current projects, and pictures and photomicrographs of sites, slags and ores.
Frechener Keramik - Report on neutron activation analysis of Frechen pottery (13th-18th century)
Prehistorisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven
The Fogou Reveals its Secrets - A Cornish fogou excavated by the Time Team
Institutt for Arkeologi Kunsthistorie og Numismatikk, Oslo
The Manchester Museum

6 January 1997

New URLs:
A Mostly Complete Piltdown Man Bibliography - A fine annotated bibliography about the famous Piltdown fraud and its treatment in the literature
Diana Nemorensis - The Lake Nemi Roman Ship Reconstruction Project
London Archaeology Notice Board - The London Archaeology Notice Board is intended as an informal forum for anything relating to London archaeology and archaeological events in the London area.
IRIS, Integrated Research Information System - An online catalog for the collections of the Getty Research Institute. IRIS displays bibliographic records of over three hundred and fifty thousand book and serial titles, as well as descriptions of approximately three thousand archival and photograph collections; material includes European art, archaeology and architecture from the Bronze Age onwards
MuseumNet - An information resource for museums in the UK
Pioneering Glass - Some excellent pages on the development of English drinking glasses in the 17th-18th centuries, including research on manufacturing techniques and different styles. Good-looking, with useful information.
Ireland before the Famine - An excellent set of pages about the Strokestown Archaeology Project, including results of recent and current fieldwork in Gorttoose, Co. Roscommon
Prehistory of Cyprus - A general overview, mainly from Encyclopedia Britannica, but includes a more detailed section on the Chalcolithic taken from Peltenburg's book
The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
Coriosolite Expert System - John Hooker's pages on Coriosolite coinage
Der Mann aus der Steinzeit - Pages including Quicktime VR movies of Iceman reconstructions from GEO Magazine
Medieval Pottery Research Group - Pages include:
Annual Conference, provisional programme (Worcester, 12-14th May 1997)
Details of 'Medieval Ceramics' volume 19 (just published)
Christmas newsletter
membership and publications-order forms
links to medieval pottery pages

Changed URLs:
The Hermetica pages have changed server
Simon James's Ancient Celts pages have moved to a new home and have been updated
The Environmental Archaeology Unit, York, moved to a new home
Moravske zemske muzeum v Brne has changed server

3 January 1997

New URLs:
European Association of Archaeologists

2 January 1997

New URLs:
ARCHPORT - mailing list for Portugese archaeology. Send the message subscribe archport yourname to the majordomo
AEGEANET - discusses issues relating to the pre-Classical Aegean world. Send message subscribe aegeanet to the list owner.
C14-L - mailing list for Radiocarbon dating. Send the message subscribe c14-l yourname to the majordomo
Irish Prehistory and Archaeology - fairly complete introduction to Irish Archaeology by lecturer from Creighton University, USA.
Some Dutch journals:
  • Analecta Prehistorica Leidensia - annual research journal by the Leiden Institute of Prehistory. Contents, prices and ordering form.
  • Paleo-Aktueel - annual review of work carried out by the Groningen Institute for Archaeology. Contents only.
  • Paleohistoria - scientific publications by Groningen Institute of Archaeology. Contents only.

16 December 1996

Changed URLs:
Moved Brogarin Megaliitit - the "Ring of Brogar" in Scotland, reputed by some to be the mythical golden temple of the Finnish semi-goddess of Lemminkainen, to the fringe archaeology page.
CIMEC, the site for Romanian archaeology, has been reorganised and the best entry point in English is now here.
CIMEC also contains a page with information on sites in the Republic of Moldavia.

New URLs:
Lunigiana Statues Stelae Virtual Museum
Valtellina Rock Art

10 December 1996

New URLs:
Archweb-l Netherlands - moderated list for Dutch archaeology. Archive available. To subscribe, contact moderator.

Changed URLs:
Following the relocation of the server for the Institute for Pre- and Early History at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany, the following links have changed URLs:

27 November 1996

Updated URLs:
ArchDATA - WWW site for French archaeology.

8 November 1996

Changed URLs:
Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology - This useful resource lists over 500 organizations in British Archaeology in its yellow pages. These include universities, professional units, local authority curators, and archaeological societies, both national and local.

4 November 1996

Changed and updated URLs:
Department of Archaeology - Göteborg University.

Deleted URLs:
The Stone Age - a paper on the Scandinavian Stone Age
The Bronze Age - a paper on bronze age rock carvings in Scandinavia
The Celtic and Roman Iron Age - a paper on the Iron Age in Scandinavia
The Migration and Vendel Ages - a paper on the migration period in Scandinavia
The Viking Age - a paper on the Viking age in Scandinavia, with references to Ireland and Vinland

New URLs:
Nordic TAG 1997 - Preliminary details, including session titles, of the conference to be held 2-5 April 1997.
Headland Archaeology Ltd
Michael Kimball's Home Page - with links to his research on the mesolithic-neolithic transition in eastern Co. Donegal through the Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey.
The ArchLaw Home Page - A new organisation, ArchLaw is a group of lawyers, archaeologists, anthropologists and other professionals dedicated to the protection of the world's cultural heritage. The pages currently include information on the UK Treasure Bill and details of a successful prosecution.
IND-ARCH - discussion list, intended to encourage discussion within the area of Industrial Archaeology - it aims to help establish links between fieldwork, research, individuals and establishments.
Forum Archaeologiae - Austrian Journal of Archaeology - A new quarterly journal of (mainly classical) archaeology published in Vienna, the first german-language internet archaeology journal.
Vigo: Patrimonio arqueolóxico - The archaeology of Vigo, Galicia, and its region, with text and images, part of a set of pages about the cultural and natural heritage of Vigo (in Spanish).
Human Prehistory: An Exhibition - A 'walk-through' exhibition including notes on Lyell and Darwin, human evolution, palaeolithic art (Lascaux, Willendorf etc) and the neolithic sites of Catal Huyuk, Sesklo and Dimini. Links at the end to other related internet sites. A nice-looking site, but warning: large images embedded in text pages.
Phoibos Verlag - A specialist Austrian publisher on classical archaeology.
Dolmen e Menhir di Giurdignano - Details of a 9km archaeological itinerary in the Puglia region.
Virtual Tour in Puglia - A series of virtual tours including many archaeological sites.
Hunebedden in Nederland - Pages about megalithic tombs in the Netherlands, including descriptions of all 54 known. Text in Dutch and English.
La Pré-histoire de L'Ile d'éron - A brief summary.

1 November 1996

Changed and updated URLs:
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana - The Tuscan Archaeological Service
Marinarkeologi - Nordic Underwater Archaeology. Concise English version available.
Crannogs on the Web - Mark Holley's comprehensive guide to the crannogs of the Inner Hebrides, with site reports and pictures for 30+ crannogs on Mull, Coll, Tiree and Islay.

New URLs:
Access to Archaeology - A 2-year project to create WWW-based VR and multimedia educational materials. Builds on the results of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project.
Scotland's Past - A website for Scottish archaeology and history, hosting the official Web pages for the Council for Scottish Archaeology, The National Committee on Carved Stones in Scotland and the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society. Within the next few weeks the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology will be added. Also a history and archaeology News page and a comprehensive Links page.
CCSP Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - The Camunian Centre of Prehistoric Studies, Valcamonica, directed by Prof. Emmanuel Anati, with information about the research and educational activities of the centre for the archaeology of rock art, publications, conferences and symposia announcements.
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana, Musei Archeologici - The Tuscan Archaeological Service page of archaeological museums in Firenze, Arezzo, Chiusi and Siena (also in English).
Archeologie et WWW - A resource in French for worldwide archaeology, with a page of European links organised by country.
Institut d'Archéologie et d'Histoire Ancienne - University of Lausanne. Includes centres for Gallo-roman and classical archaeology.
Centre de Recherches Archeologiques - University of Lille.
Université Montaigne - Bordeaux. Details of a diploma course in physical methods in archaeology and museography.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - The Association is an international organisation for everyone with an interest in bio- and geoarchaeology.
EMAS - University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society - with information about the society and links to sites of archaeological interest.
Hermetica - archaeology - Pages on megaliths and Pictish symbol stones, with brief descriptions and pictures.
Service de Préhistoire et Centre de Recherche Archéologique - Université de Liège

23 October 1996

New URLs:
Panel of archaeological indexers - maintained by Lesley and Roy Adkins. Link timed out.
Department of Ancient History & Archaeology - University of Birmingham. Homepage empty on 22/10.

14 October 1996

Changed or updated URLs:
Prehistoría y Arqueología, - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Die Steinzeit, Die Eisenzeit, Die Römerzeit in Austria.
Anglesey pages
Hechingen Stein - pages updated with a virtual tour through the museum and a new excavation report.

New URLs:
Origins of Humankind - Deals with all aspects of human evolution, including a lively Neanderthal message board, and links to other related work.
In search of the Neanderthals - Report of ongoing Earthwatch excavations of Neanderthal sites in Spain
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos - Homepage and on-line articles from the journal (in Spanish)
Otzi - L'Uomo del Similaun/Der Mann vom Similaun - A full description of the find, in Italian and German. Pictures and useful text. For a different source of information on this find, jump to this Austrian source
Archeo Prospections - An interdisciplinary research group in Vienna working on geophysical prospection in archaeology. "A tour through various prospected sites of all periods is presented with additional information on basic methodology and papers for further information". Well-illustrated (image-heavy) pages on these subjects, including a good aerial archaeology resource.
City of York Council Archaeology Home Page - A fine resource, with details of archaeological projects in York, of the administration of archaeology in the City, and the new version of that famous resource for students, the Oxley and Morton Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator.
University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society - "EMAS was started as a Society for the students of the Certificate and Diploma in Field Archaeology and the Diploma in Archaeology at the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, which is part of Birkbeck College, although the membership has now been extended to include anyone in the London area who is interested in Archaeology."
The Ancient Illyrians - from "Albania: a country study" from the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.
Aegean Dendrochronology Project 1992 Annual Progress Report - from Cornell University, including dates for Catal Huyuk and additions to the bronze age/iron age master chronology, 23rd-5th cent.B.C.
Roman Archaeology Field Reports - A page with links to field reports of Roman archaeology, the majority in Europe
Museé National d'Histoire et d'Art, Luxemburg: On-line-visit - "Empreintes du passé" including reconstructions of various prehistoric, Roman and medieval sites
Iraklion Museum of Archaeology - From a Greek holiday company, this is a useful page with links to more detailed pages about individual archaeological sites in Crete, which themselves have links to material about Minoan archaeology, Sir Arthur Evans etc.
Archaeology Data Service - home page of the brand-new UK site for spatial archaeological (meta-)data.

10 October 1996

Assemblage - the new Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology. Issue No. 1 just out.

7 October 1996


2 October 1996

Roman Ceramics - intriguing set of pages maintained by Allard Mees at the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz, including Banassac figure types, research and publication on Roman ceramics and Samian ware, amphora, and ceramics archaeometry and analysis.

19 September 1996
ARCHCOMP-L - Computational Archaeology list maintained by Hugh Jarvis and Irwin Scollar. This list is for for discussion and dissemination of information about archaeological computing. Relevant topics include numerical methods, software, hardware, statistical analysis of data, methods for support of field techniques, methods for storage and dissemination of data, techniques for Internet, World Wide Web, and multimedia publication of research, image recording and analysis, photogrammetry, site recording, and database design and management. To subscribe, send an email letter to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU containing only: SUB ARCHCOMP-L First-Name Last-Name.

13 September 1996

New URLs:
The first issue of Internet Archaeology has just been published. It points the way forward to Internet publication in Archaeology. Among the 'papers' are:
  • Beardah & Baxter - The archaeological application of kernel density estimates
  • Gillings & Goodrick - Sensuous and reflexive GIS: exploring visualisation and VRML
  • Lyall & Powlesland - The application of high resolution fluxgate gradiometry as an aid to excavation planning and strategy formulation
  • Peacey - The development of the pipe kiln in the British Isles
  • Tomlinson & Hall - A review of the archaeological evidence for food plants from the British Isles: an example of the use of the Archaeobotanical Computer Database (ABCD)
  • Tyers - Roman amphoras in Britain
Please note that to see the papers you will need to be a registered user (there is a registration form to fill in on the web pages, and you will NOT be committing yourself to any payments of any kind). The journal is currently free, so please come and browse! The editors look forward to your feedback.

From the CIMEC Web pages for Romanian Archaeology:

Changed URLs:
The Department of Archaeology at the University of Newcastle changed over from a Gopher server to a WWW server.

9 September 1996

New URLs:
Newsletter 11 of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, detailing the recent excavations (including the discovery of a fine mosaic) at Whitley Villa in Shropshire, is out now!

Changed URLs:
History and natural history of the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

23 August 1996

New URLs:
OSU MAP - a free DOS-based GIS based on Dana Tomlin's original MAP package. It is a grid-cell based system and will handle databases up to several tens of thousands of cells. All of the original map algebra commands are operational. The software, including the source code, several databases, and a workbook are available via anonymous FTP from There is a complete manual available.
Three new discussion lists have been set up to further discussion on the European Archaeological Heritage Web and its services (including ARGE):
EAHW list to discuss plans and proposals to build the European Archaeological Heritage Web.
EAHW-ARGE list to discuss plans and proposals to further develop ARGE and similar archaeological resource guides at a national level.
EAHW-MUSEUMS list to discuss plans and proposals to build a Virtual Museum of European Archaeology.

20 August 1996

All pages describing archaeological sites and monuments have been moved into a separate Sites and Monuments page subdivided by country. All country pages link into this new page.

8 August 1996

NB: All internal ARGE links have now changed to reflect the new location of the ARGE directory tree - Please remember to update your bookmarks and other references to ARGE accordingly. The old location ( will remain operative until December 31st 1996.

5 August 1996

New URLs:
Orizzonti di Preistoria nel Cuneese - An extremely interesting text (in Italian) is made very difficult to read by the use of green script on an arty black and white background. Worth persevering.
Istituto Italiano Archaeologia Sperimentale - The Italian Institute for Experimental Archaeology is located in Genova, Italy. Primarily a research institute connected to the Department of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Genova, IIAS is involved in public outreach and conservation projects as well as research; their activities cover a range of time periods from the early neolithic to classical Greek (Italian and English versions).
The Life and Times of Late Roman Ceramics (350-650 AD) - A Dissertation Proposal by Sebastian Heath.
Présentation Lucie Chabal - Lucie's work on charcoal in southern French archaeology, from the neolithic to the medieval period (theme 4 details currently online).
A series of photographs of Irish archaeological sites including:
The Turoe stone
St Fechin's Church
A Knowth satellite tomb
CashelRock and round tower
Cahir Castle
Das Fach Vor- und Frühgeschichte am Institut für Geschichte - University of Regensburg.
Laufende Magisterarbeiten und Dissertationen - Useful list of current research topics in archaeology at Bamberg.
Cinema Archeologico - The result of a short season of archaeological films, this 'programme' has details and resumes of a wide range of such films, forming an extremely useful resource.
Archaeology on Film - An electronic database of archaeology film reviews maintained by Heidi Schultz, this has good critical discussion of films used regularly in teaching archaeology, including some with European subject matter, and invites further reviews.
North East of Scotland Museums Service - With clickable map and museum details
Bibracte en Ligne - Centre Archéologique Européen du Mont Beuvray
Bibracte: Musée de la civilisation celtique - The new site museum for the oppidum of Bibracte (Mont Beuvray).
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut
Laboratory of Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology, Lund University - This page includes links to other dendro webpages, listings of research and publications, and a very good online guide to the technique, What is Dendrochronology?
Istituto Italiano di Dendrocronologia - Attractive pages but very slow-loading, particularly the homepage which contains a screensize image; marginally quicker to load is the short Archeologia section.
Sheffield Dendrochronology Laboratory - Details of research, and a 'What is Dendrochronology?' section.
Romano-British Sites and Museums (part I): a guide to Roman forts and related museums - From Athena Review, Vol.1, No.1. Listings, no images.
History of the Area - Prehistory - The prehistory of the Tain region in Rossshire, brought to you by the whisky people.
The Council of Europe's Cultural Routes - The highlights of the World of the Vikings route - 50 sites in 16 countries.
The Fourvière Archeological Park
Wexford Heritage Park - An open-air museum of reconstructions of a variety of site types from the mesolithic to the 12th century AD.
Navan Fort - Detailed press release about Navan Fort, including the archaeology, the landscape and the exhibition. No images.

Changed URLs:
Castle Bookshop - a specialist bookseller dealing mainly in books about Archaeology, Local History, Architecture, Wales, Celtic Studies and linguistics.

31 July 1996

New URLs:
Centre for Wetland Archaeology - With research on the Humber Wetlands Survey, and links to WARP and a diary of 'wetland' events.
Skellig Michael - From 'Travels in the Celtic World', one man's "journey back to the lands of his ancestors... a highly personal view of the Celtic world". Nice pictures. The homepage also has links to Stonehenge and Dingle Peninsula pictures/brief text.
Die Steinzeit - Brief notes on the Austrian palaeolithic and neolithic periods from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Die Eisenzeit - Brief notes on the Austrian iron age from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Die Römerzeit - Notes on the Roman period in Austria, from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Altamira-Höhle (Nachbau) - Reconstruction of the Altamira cave in the Deutsches Museum, München (in German).
Grosssteingräber in der Weser-Ems-Region - A nice resource with descriptions, plans, pictures and quicktime movies of megalithic tombs, from the Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte in Oldenburg (in German).
WebMuseen - The homepage of WebMuseen, a resource guide to all German-language museums with a WWW presence (not all archaeological).
Städtische Museen Heilbronn - with links to Vor- und Frühgeschichte.
Museum Steinheim - with details of a special exhibition: Sonderausstellung: Experimentelle Archäologie in Deutschland
Die Alamannen im Oberen Gäu - Online text (in German) and pictures, associated with an exhibition on the Alamanni, from the Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte der Universität Tübingen.
Moravske zemske muzeum v Brne - Details (in Czech) of an exhibition 'O puvodu cloveka a pocatcich jeho kultury', about early humans and their culture.
ArcheoligickéObjevy na Území Mista Liberce (Evidováno v Roce 1994) - Results of urban rescue excavations.
The Evidence for Pleistocene Burials: Neandertals versus Modern Humans - Research paper.
The Samnites in the Royal Palace at Caserta - Description and discussion of the archaeological evidence.
Stone Circles of the Derbyshire Peak District - Still under construction, this page has brief details including grid references, and a few pictures.
Historical Wiltshire - from the Wiltshire Web. Links to short text and pictures on Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and White Horses.
Stonehenge on the Net - A collection of links to a wide range of web pages about Stonehenge, from the archaeological (eg Ancient Monuments Laboratory) through fringe archaeology, paganism and fiction to pictures and poems.

Changed URL:
The Castles of Wales

26 July 1996

New URLs:
County Mayo: An Outline History Part 1 - Prehistory
County Mayo: An Outline History Part 2 - 400 -1600 - Includes early Christian archaeology.
Prehistoric Archaeology: Dartmoor National Park - A description of 'one of the most important archaeological landscapes in Britain'.
CADW: Heritage in Wales - The official pages, with lists of properties in care, events and joining details.
Historic Scotland - The web pages of Historic Scotland, which "safeguards the nation's built heritage and promotes its understanding and enjoyment on behalf of the Secretary of State for Scotland." They maintain over 300 monuments and properties in the care of the Secretary of State, many of which are listed and illustrated on these pages.
Access to Archaeology - A 2-year project to create WWW-based multimedia educational materials, building on the results of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project.
Nordic underwater archaeology - An excellent website mainly for north European underwater archaeology, with links to a wide range of resources including museums, societies, courses, current projects, mailing groups and publications, and tools and techniques. Well organised, attractive and useful site.
EURA - European Rock Art - A trilingual resource page for European rock art with links to specific projects and areas including the Mont Bego petroglyphs
Rock Art Net - A web project for rock art and rupestrian archaeology online.
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - The rock art research centre for Val Camonica (also in English).
Universität Zürich - Abteilung für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - (also in English).
Arisitum: Histoire et archéologie en France - A new server for news and publications.
The Archaeology Data Service - The aim of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) is to collect, describe, catalogue, preserve, and provide user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - Information about membership and activities of the Association.

26 July 1996

New URLs:
Hampshire County Council Museums Service - In an exciting new development, Hampshire Museums Service have made 80,314 object records available on the Web. They may be browsed by subject classification or searched by keyword. The records are part of Hampshire County Council's own web site (Hantsweb) "providing public access to the affairs and achievements of the local authority", and represent a UK and probably European 'first'.
Service d'Histoire de l'Art et d'Archéologie de la Grèce Antique, Université de Liège
Sites gallo-romains - Pictures and brief descriptions from a tourism source.
The Rollright Stones - A description and pictures from the Cotswold HyperGuide
Prehistoric Aberdeen and Grampian - Includes links to excellent detailed descriptions of some 20 sites, including circles, cairns, monoliths, flint quarries and Pictish symbol stones. A very good set of pages.
Nota Bene: another national web site has now come online -
Archäologie in Deutschland
- Virtual Library for German archaeology (also available in English), sorted by discipline/subject and institutions.
Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma (CSIC) - Spanish School in Rome.
Sigtuna Museum - has a permanent archaeological exhibition and also carries out excavations and research, specializing in Viking Age - Early Middle Ages (10th - 13th century). Sigtuna, Sweden's oldest town, was founded aroung 980AD. In Swedish and English.

Changed URLs:
Trent & Peak Archaeology Trust's UK Archaeology page - the old url will automatically forward users for the time being.
The Historical Metallurgy Society and the Material Science-based Archaeology Group at Oxford University.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Freiburg

Revised URLs:
The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project (SMU Excavations in Tuscany) is pleased to announce a major revision of its world wide web site. The site now provides "quasi-live" coverage of the 1996 season, currently underway (the most recent entries are dated 4 July 1996). It includes these components:
Unit Descriptions -- an overview of the trenches, including recent images;
Finds -- representative and interesting objects unearthed;
Director's Diary -- Director Greg Warden's informal notes on the season's progress; Excavator Perspectives -- diary entries, comments, and other materials from individual excavators;
Background -- a general overview of the site and reports on the 1995 season;
Updates -- a chronological listing of additions to the site this season.

24 July 1996

Updated lists of news and discussion groups (see Thematical index).
New URLs:
The historical complex of Split and the palace of Diocletian - this has a link to Michael Greenhalgh's original version of Diocletian's palace at Split.
Alta Petroglyphs - the World Heritage Site of Alta, Norway, with its petroglyphs. A brief two-sentence description only.
Changed URLs:
GRAP - Groupe de Recherches en Archéologie Préhistorique affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, University of Geneva.
British Archaeology on the Internet
The CMCC Virtual Museum - including the palaeolithic 'Mothers of Time (are they fakes)' exhibition from Canada. Registration now required, but free.
The World Heritage List at UNESCO.

28 June 1996

New URLs:
Another national archaeological web server coming online:
ArchDATA - The webserver for French archaeology, with links to CNRS, universities, museums, research centres, government bodies, reports and exhibitions, bibliographies and news (in French and English).
Le Thovey - a Roman mansio - Short report on excavation (in English) with some pictures.
Estonian National Museum
Museum of the City of Skopje - Pictures of some of the archaeological material.
Slovenske Narodne Muzeum - Archeologicke Muzeum - The National Museum in Bratislava (in Slovak).
Musée archéologique Gallo-Romain
Namur - Musé Archéologique
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège
Les Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Main page for Belgian royal museums, including the most important Musée du Cinquantenaire which includes the archaeological collections.
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte Berlin - Charlottenburg - With pages on history, organisation of the exhibitions, publications and education (in German).
Restauration Rhone-Alpes - Workshop for the restoration of mosaics and wall-paintings (in French or Italian).
Celtica's Photo Album - This commercial site includes a gallery of site photographs from Ireland including megalithic tombs, forts and early Christian sites.
The Scythians - High Plains Drifters - An interesting, informative and largely accurate view of the Scythians seen from the hemp-smokers angle.
Tattooed Mummies of the Bronze Age - A non-archaeological source of information on ancient tattooing, including the Iceman and the Pazyryk burials with pictures.
6th International Aegean Conference - Abstracts from papers given at the conference on Craftsmen, Craftswomen and Craftsmanship in the Aegean Bronze Age.
6th International Aegean Conference - John Younger's conference summary.
Dorestad Sibbe - Kees Huyser's page about a reenactment group with Frisians, Franks and Vikings, trying to recreate the life in 9th century Dorestad.
Didattica e archeologia: Sui sentieri dell'Arte Rupestre - Archaeology and education: Along the paths of Rock Art, the presentation of an educational programme and its results from the Footsteps of Man team.
I.A.Recordings - Founded in 1982, I.A.Recordings is dedicated to the recording of past and present British industrial activity on film and video. This website includes a short description of industrial archaeology, and links to other industrial archaeology pages across the world.
Simon James's Ancient Celts page - Pages intended to introduce non-specialists to the debate about the nature of 'Celticity', particularly for the Iron Age of the British Isles, and how this relates to the modern world. It incorporates both the traditional outlines of 'Celtic' history, and orientation on recent 'Celt-sceptical' perspectives.
Groupe de Recherches en Archéologie Préhistorique - Affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, University of Geneva, this resource details research by the group in Switzerland, Italy and Saudi Arabia.
II Parthian Legion homepage - This resource for the Severan period in Roman history includes links to text descriptions of monuments and a presentation of the Lake Nemi Roman Ship Reconstruction Project.
Antiquity - a quarterly journal for archaeology - Includes the full contents of the most recent issues, including the first pages of some highlights among the articles; summary content of less recent issues; and the index to vols. 51-69 (1977-1995).
Laboratoire départmental de Préhistoire du Lazaret - Multidisciplinary research in the early prehistory and environment of the Alpes-Maritimes and Liguria (in French). Includes details of work on the Lazaret cave itself, and on the Mont Bégo rock art site.

Changed URLs:
Report on theTheban Mission 1995 - Cambridge University research project on the Tomb of Sennefer at Thebes. Reports from 92-95 also available.
The Oppidum of Bramefan

Removed URL:
Imperium Romanorum

26 June 1996

New URLs:
Virtual Stonehenge - including recreations of the summer solstice event, brought to you by Intel and English Heritage. You will need to download software in order to see this.

17 June 1996

New URLs:
Volume 3 (1996) of CLASSICS IRELAND, the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland, has already been issued in traditional form but now it is available here. Contains several archaeological articles, including Claudine Dauphin on the excavation of a bath/brothel complex in the Byzantine Holy Land and John Curran on digging under the Vatican and a review of Ray Laurence's Roman Pompeii.
Dark age and medieval archaelogy in Poggio Imperiale - From the archaeology department of the University of Siena, a project on a 'dark age' village and a small medieval town (in Italian).

Changed URLs:
OUAS - Oxford University Archaeological Society
Servers for the Levant archaeology section

3 June 1996

New URLs:
HERITAGE-TOURISM. A forum for people to discuss issues germane to this topic. They include but are not limited to: resource protection, planning, heritage areas, byways, interpretation, research, appropriate marketing. To subscribe, send a message to: In the body of the message: subscribe heritage-tourism.
Birmingham Roman Roads Project - A project team investigates the course of Roman roads crossing the City of Birmingham. From the School of Continuing Studies, University of Birmingham.
SARC-Stone Age Reference Collection - A reference program containing information about the typology, technology, raw materials and study methods of Stone Age tools.
We are happy to see yet another national archaeological resource guide come on-line - the CIMEC Information Centre for Culture and Heritage - Described as the 'gateway to the Romanian cultural heritage', this fine new resource gives access to a wide range of archaeological information from Romania, including 160 excavation reports (in Romanian), Treasures of the Romanian Cultural Heritage (in English, with images), archaeological museums and collections, information on archaeologists in Romanian museums, abstracts of CAA96 papers from Iasi conference and (to come) archaeological sites excavated during the past ten years.
Romanian Museums and Collections - Choose 'Archaeology' from domain menu on this search page and list of 130 archaeological museums/collections is presented, with links to individual descriptions.
Antiquities of Co. Galway - an introduction - Useful description, scanned in from Galway's Official Guide to City and County.
The Céide Fields of North Mayo - News report on the continuing research project on this remarkable neolithic landscape.
Wexford Heritage Park - An open-air museum of reconstructions of a variety of site types from the mesolithic to the 12th century AD.
Archeological Institute ASCR, Prague
Archeological Institute ASCR, Brno
The Pavlov Site - A report on the research project on lithic evidence from the Upper Paleolithic at this site in southern Moravia.
The Vukovar Area in the Past - An introduction to the archaeology and history of this region.
Arte Rupestre - Description of rock art from Val Pellice in the Italian Alps.
Newsletter from Poland - June 1995 - News of an early bronze age site at Biskupin 1000 years earlier than the well-known iron age site.
Biskupin Archeological Festival - Description of the archaeological festival held in September 1995.
Muzeum Archeologiczne, Warszawa - A brief description of the museum.
Tracking the Scythians - A Time magazine article about Scythian burials (Jan. 1972).
Aegean Dendrochronology Project December 1994 Progress Report
The Grauballe Man - Illustrated discussion of the bog-body.
Aspetti della Cultura Eneolitica di Monte Claro - Description of the culture with illustrations.
Le tombe dipinte - Description of painted tombs dating from the 4th century BC in Campania, particularly those in Capua.
Il Museo Archeologico dell'Antica Capua - Rich text descriptions of various aspects of the collections.

28 May 1996

Moved all museums and museum exhibitions, sorted by country, into separate museums page, with links maintained from each counrty page.

24 May 1996

New URLs:
Archaeology and Prehistory - Part of a 'virtual field trip', a resource set up for participants in a 'real' geography field trip, this page has a short outline of Malta's archaeology and some really excellent pictures.
Gozo Project - Report on the collaborative research project.
The Art of Prehistoric Malta - Report on finds from recent excavations.
Brochtorff Circle, Gozo, Malta - Outline of a research project.
Albania's Antiquities at Risk - Judith Rasson's disturbing paper
A Viking-age hide-out in the cave Vogelmir - Interesting find described in the annual Surtur for 1993.

22 May 1996

Changed URLs:
The Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg moved to a new directory.

New URLs:
Scavi archeologici nel complesso monumentale del Priamàr - Excavations at Priamàr, Savona, on the remains of the late antique and Byzantine city.
Archeologia Sicilia - Gli Scavi - Excavations at Segesto and Agrigento briefly outlined.
Il Museo Archeologico di Agrigento - Brief notes and some pictures.
Museo Archeologico e della Ceramica di Montelupo - Includes notes on collections, excavations, educational resources etc.
Museo delle Palafitte di Molina di Ledro - A brief introductory page
Le Domus de Janas di Anghelu Ruju - Discussion of material from the extraordinary neolithic (and later) cemetery site.
Passeggiando per Cagliari con un archeologo - A virtual tour of Cagliari sites including La villa di Tigellio and La necropoli di Bonaria (both 2nd-3rd century AD), and an archaeological garden.
Aerial Pictures of Dorset - Aerial photographs and brief descriptions of sites including the Cerne Giant, Badbury Rings, Chalbury and Poundbury hillforts, and Corfe Castle.
Archaeology around the Astons - Page produced by The Astons' Local History Group, with information on a number of sites including the iron age hillfort on Blewburton Hill.
Mit Neutronen auf den Spuren der Kelten - A paper on the sourcing of iron age pottery, especially that found at the oppidum of Manching, using neutron activation analysis.
Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Sofia
Bulgarian Archaeology - Report on the early stages of a collaborative research project (neolithic - bronze age) in NE Bulgaria.
Podgoritsa - Report of the Podgoritsa Archaeological Project.
Navarra y Pamplona Hasta el 905 - A long index to text pages on the archaeology and early history of this region, this first part covering the lower palaeolithic to the end of the Roman empire.
Guide to the Excavations at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods - This complex on Samothrace includes the Rotunda, "the largest circular building known in Greek architecture".
Samothrace - Guide to the Museum
Mantova etrusca e romana - Archaeology of Mantua. A short essay in Italian.
Museo Leone, Vercelli
Paleolithic Site Survey in the French Pyrenees - Report on survey investigating palaeolithic open sites.
Excavations at the Grotta dell'Edera in the Italian Karst - Report on excavations at this cave to retrieve environmental data.
1995 Excavations at Pokrovka, Russia - Report on excavations of a kurgan cemetery.
Excavations in Daghestan - Report on excavations in Daghestan, southern Russia, at the chalcolithic and bronze age site of Velikent.
Empreintes du passé - "On-line visit" to a number of reconstructed scenes from Luxemburg sites (warning - image heavy).

21 May 1996

Moved all academic departments and research groups, sorted by country, into separate page. Links to this page are maintained from each individual country.
Started construction of Chronological index.

New URLs:
"Version 2 (History and Archaeology) of Essentials of Statistical Methods" - details of the book.
"RomanSites-L" is a mailing list for sharing Web sites of interest to students of ancient Rome, i.e., from the Etruscans to roughly 476 AD. Topics follow the Roman content of the Web at large, and thus tend to the archaeological, but the list does cover anything Roman, including texts, philology and history. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE RomanSites-L to:
"LITHICS-L" is a mailing list for the discussion of all matters pertaining to the analysis of archaeological lithics, natural and artificial. To subscribe, send the message SUB LITHICS-L FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME to: LISTSERV@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU.
"ARCHAEOBOTANY LIST" - The aim of this list is to facilitate communication through the exchange of information on meetings, conferences, bibliographies, publications, reference collections and botanical and ethnographic data relevant to the analysis of archaeological plant macro-remains. To subscribe send the message subscribe archaeobotany First_name Last_name to:
Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust - Information about the Trust and reports on recent fieldwork projects
English Heritage Archaeology Review 1994-5 - Updates of recent work on archaeology projects in England (not UK). The content spans all major archaeological periods, and includes 'modern' work on heritage management.
Archaeological Excavations at Boxgrove - The Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, near Chichester in West Sussex contains the largest area of preserved palaeolithic landsurface in Europe. Human remains c. 500,000 years old were discoverd here in 1993 and 1995. This website gives details of the excavations and the finds, and of the continuing research project.
The Castles of Wales - A second and much more extensive website dealing with castles in Wales, including much historical background information, a section on Native Welsh Castles, and many photographs. An excellent site.
Guide to Historic Wreck Sites
Nautical Archaeology Society Scotland
Maritime Fife
E-scapes: Electronic Resources for the Study of Ancient Landscapes - Details of a research project for the study of ancient Greek landscapes using "innovative applications of information technology" integrating GIS, an archaeological gazetteer and a lexicon of ancient geography.
Hyperespaces écologiques de communautés: Néolithiques dans les Pyrénées méditerranéennes - paper by Jean Philippe Bocquenet.
University of Ghent, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History
Einige Beiträge zur Denkmalpflege im Saarland - A private page by Christel Bernard and Jan Selmer on mainly late medieval archaeology - Verschiedene Vorberichte und Texte, im wesentlichen zu Untersuchungen und Ausgrabungen der Autoren, meist frühneuzeitlicher und mittelalterlicher Zeitstellung im Saarland.
Archäologie des Mittelalters Homepage - Department of medieval and modern archaeology at the University of Bamberg provides information about courses, teachers and publications, lists current excavations in northern Bavaria and other news. Available in German and English; some pages are still under construction.
ROMARCH mirror site at the University of East Anglia (UK)
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana - The first Soprintendenza officially online, with a news page and information on exhibitions, excavations, educational resources, museums, restoration and the library.

20 May 1996

Changed URLs:
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - Moved to a different server location.
The Roman Open Air Museum in Hechingen-Stein has moved to another URL now. The old link still works but the new one is faster and has smaller graphics. Also available in English
Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Archaeology, and Historic Preservation, Peter Stott's invaluable guide.
The Sloinge Project moved to a new home.

New URLs:
The School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies, University of Liverpool
Bournemouth University School of Conservation Sciences
Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle includes Virtual Gallery in three sections
Ground Penetrating Radar survey at Wroxeter Report on a GPR survey of part od the Roman town of Wroxeter, detailing the techniques used in the survey and processing. Parallel technical and educational texts. Includes many images
The Ironbridge Institute - The Ironbridge Institute, located at the World Heritage site of Ironbridge in Shropshire (UK), teaches courses in Heritage Management and Industrial Archaeology
Kilmartin House - a centre for archaeology and landscape interpretation A top-notch web-site for this new eco-museum based in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, which focuses on the rich archaeological landscape around Kilmartin. Among other goals they aim to provide the key focal point for environmental education to local schools, and to retrieve for the region archaeological materials which are currently housed in museums in Edinburgh and London. Included on-line are a section on prehistoric music (with sound), a clickable map of local archaeological sites, and illustrated information on their educational and research projects. An excellent resource.
Science Matters: The Role and Achievement of Science in Greek Antiquity Conference July 8-12, 1996
TAG Conference December 1996
British Archaeological Excavations now online, courtesy of Current Archaeology
Gruppo Archeologico Pisano A volunteers' association operating in Pisa since 1970 in the field of cultural heritage, archaeology in particular, and belonging to the national association Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia and to the European Forum of Heritage Associations. Some sections in English; includes excavation reports.
Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia Una associazione di volontariato che si occupa della tutela, della valorizzazione e della salvaguardia del patrimonio storico, archeologico e pi=F9 in generale culturale del nostro Paese, collaborando con le istituzioni preposte a questi compiti, quali le Soprintendenze competenti per territorio ed i Musei.
Il Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, Pisa - includes an exhibition of medieval pottery

17 May 1996

Updated all thematic pages with new links.
Please check all your bookmarks - in Netscape 2.* you can do this automatically by clicking on Window - Bookmarks - File - What's new?.

6 May 1996

Updated all country pages with new links.

5 April 1996

Changed URLs:
Çatal Hüyük Project - University of Cambridge excavation of a Neolithic Tell
Cimiez Museum - near Nice, Roman Cemenelum
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet - archaeology, coins, and runes at the University of Oslo. Also available in English
Aquincum - Roman Budapest -
Viking Age rune stones - includes descriptions, pictures, photos and transcriptions
Classics Server - at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin. Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites
Fringe Archaeology - A skeptical look at popular pseudo-archaeology
Zoöarchaeology Laboratory home page - Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham. Contains links to many other areas of Environmental Archaeology

New URLs:
Knowlton Henge Complex, interim report - field survey and excavation at the Neolithic henge complex of Knowlton, Dorset
Greek Ministry of Culture -
Cyberarqueologo Portugues - Revista da Associacao Independente Arqueologia dedicada a Arqueologia em Portugal. Journal on Portugese archaeology by independent group
As gravuras paleoliticas do vale do Coa - Database of paleolithic engravings from the Coa valley. Fully annotated. Uma base de dados relativos `as gravuras paleoliticas do vale do Coa, com textos integrais, referencias bibliograficas, referencias de noticias e resumo e recursos na internet
Institute of Archaeology - Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland). Under construction
Council for Independent Archaeology Newsletter 20 - Contents: The Flag Fen meeting, May 18th, Portable Antiquities, a Discussion Document, The Archaeological Investigations Project, Treasure Trove or Treasure Bill?
Castle Bookshop -
Current Archaeology -
Asociacion Profesional de Arqueologos de Galicia (APAG) - lists activities of the Association, including lectures, conferences, and courses. Also includes some e-mail addresses and links to other useful pages
History of Budapest - Overview of Budapest history and archaeology in ~10 sections
Slovak karst - archaeology - Details of the archaeology in the limestone caves of the Slovakian karst region
Keltit - Tom Sjoblom's page about the Celts (mentions archaeology - in Finnish)
Ile d'Ogoz - documentation - M. Bouyer's "L'Ile de Pont-en-Ogoz sur le lac de Gruyère, Histoire et Archéologie", Les dossiers, No 62, avril 1982, pp. 42-47
Laboratoire d'anthropologie UMR 153 (Rennes) - publications and seminar programme of the Anthropology Laboratory, University of Rennes
Centre De Documentation Archéologique Régional de Lattes, Languedoc-Roussillon -
Quelques objets exposés au Musée Henri Prades -
Site de Lattara -
Council for Scottish Archaeology -
PIA (Papers from the Institute of Archaeology) - Founded at University College London 1990, its primary aim was to provide an outlet for research at the graduate level, much of which would not otherwise be published. The journal is refereed largely by members of staff of the Institute. Issues 1 and 4 a
The Ironbridge Institute -
Archaeology Group, University of Bournemouth -
Institute of Field Archaeologists Wessex Group - Home Page of the first regional IFA group online; includes newsletters and events listings
Neolithic Studies Group - a loose-knit collectivity of archaeologists, mainly from Britain and the Atlantic seaboard countries of the European Union, with an interest in the Neolithic period
Les dates de l'Histoire Bretonne - Brief notes on the archaeology and history of Brittany
Activités pour Accompagner Histoire CM (Hachette 1995) - French language educational resource, presented online, with archaeological subject matter
Le site de Portejoie et la boucle du Vaudreuil au moyen-âge (du 7e au 14e siècle) - The excavation of a medieval cemetery of 1600 graves (runs over a number of pages in French)
cyberarqueólogo português - Revista da Associação Independente Arqueologia dedicada à Arqueologia em Portugal. Vol 1 for 1995, containing: António José Marques da Silva 1995, O Megalitismo na Beira
Associação Independente Arqueologia - information about the organisation
Paléontologie Humaine et Préhistoire - personnel of the laboratory including doctoral students, description of aims and research interests
L'Homme Préhistorique: Son Évolution, Son Milieu, Ses Activités - programmes and research teams of the ??
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - Description of a hillfort whose interior was completely excavated, producing finds from all periods between palaeolithic/mesolithic transition and medieval, with construction of hillfort in the iron age (section still under construction). From North Some
Medieval and Earlier Reenactment and Living History Groups -
Departamento de Historia Antigua, Universidad de Granada -
Ali so v Slovenijina Ali najstarej e glasbilo? - The report of a find of possibly the earliest musical instrument in Europe, from excavations at the cave Divje Babe I in W Slovenia 1995. Pierced bear-bone found in Mousterian levels, dated to before 40,000 bp. English translation.
A radar survey of Pond Barrows - A report by Ted Flaxman, a retired engineer who has become interested in pond barrows and has conducted a detailed survey of five such sites using ground penetrating radar.

13 March 1996

Warning: if you visit C.I.R.T. - International Center for Retrieval of New, Ancient and Rare Books, they may send you unsolicited book listings
Changed URLs:
The Greek and Roman Civilisation site at University College Dublin has been transferred to a new address
CEIPAC has moved to a new host
New URLs:
The no. 2 issue of TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin, maintained by Footsteps of Man (Valcamonica)
Rosgartenmuseum Konstanz
Anglo-American Research at Pompeii - by Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford. Review of project, report on 1995 season, and outline of Field School.
nweurope-10kbp discussion list - This new list has been initiated following informal discussions at the XIV INQUA Congress in Berlin in August 1995. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussion for archaeologists, environmental scientists and quaternary geologists with an interest in the human response to the Pleistocene/Holocene transition in Northwest Europe. New subscribers will receive a full background file. To join send the following command to: join nweurope-10kbp firstname lastname. Anybody wanting further information before joining is invited to contact the list moderator Chris Tolan-Smith
GPS/GIS related Web pages - by Jeff Hamilton, Trimble Mapping Systems dealer.
Archeologische Werkgroep Lichtenvoorde - Archeologie in de Achterhoek (Nederland). Opgravingsverslagen, lopende projekten, vragen en publicaties.
Projekt Römerzeitung - Elektronische Schülerzeitung im Deutschen Schulnetz, an electronic project on the Romans from a group of eight primary and secondary schools in Germany (ages 10-15), each doing complementary topic work which includes much archaeology, especially the Kaiseraugst Project. Uses maps, photographs, reconstructions, original archaeological material, and students' drawings to illustrate some excellent text.
Tour of Caistor Roman town
Archéologie générale y compris la topographie - annotated bibliography, a subsection of Bibliotheca Classica Selecta (BCS): Une introduction bibliographique aux Études classiques
Megalithic Sites and Mounds - written by art historian Chris Whitcombe, and part of his Earth Mysteries pages. Contains illustrated texts on: Archäometallurgie des Eisens - in der Oberlausitz von der älteren Eisenzeit bis zum Hochmittelalter
Städtische Museen Heilbronn: Von den ersten Siedlern zu den Trois Seigneurs - Archäologische Funde aus dem Biterrois, Eine Ausstellung des Musée Saint Jacques, Béziers und den Städtischen Museen Heilbronn
Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum und Emder Rüstkammer im Rathaus am Delft
Antikensammlung Charlottenburg - Der Besucher bekommt hier bedeutende Stücke antiker Kleinkunst von der kretisch-mykenischen Zeit bis zur frühbyzantinischen Epoche zu sehen
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte im Bode-Museum - Berlin
Museum im Frey-Haus Brandenburg
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster Archäologisches Museum
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften Radiokohlenstoff-Labor - Radiocarbon laboratory, also available in English
Stone Pages - British and Irish prehistoric sites from an Italian viewpoint (also available in Italian)
Radiokohlenstoff-Methode: Der Tod startet die Stoppuhr - (Death starts the stop-watch) - a beautifully illustrated description of the radiocarbon dating technique
Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen
Rupestrian Archaeology guestbook - Open space for news & messages online from/to Rock Art researchers and organisations.
Achill Archaeological Summer (Field) School - Late Medieval Environmental Archaeology. Field School for training students and other interested participants in archaeological field methodology. Maximum Credits 6. Approved by Department of Education, Ireland.
Archaeology and Tourism in Sicily - touristic information, images of the archaeological sites of Western Sicily. Detailed report of the archaeological activities carried out in 1995.
Production and trade of iron in north-east Roman Spain
THE AMPHORAS PROJECT - Information on plain, unglazed, ceramic storage containers, with two handles, mostly pointed at the bottom, used to carry wine, oil, fish, and other commodities around the ancient Mediterranean. AMPHORAS is making available part of the archive collected by Virginia R. Grace at the excavations of the Agora at Athens, as well as some additional materials.

27 February 1996

The 16th International Radiocarbon Conference
Mark Holley's World of Crannog Research - An introduction to crannogs
Marischal Museum - University of Aberdeen. Offers information about the museum, its collections, exhibitions and services. Also included are information and programmes for the North-East Section of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Marischal Museum Young Archaeologists.
The 1996 British Archaeological Awards lecture, on `Archaeology and the public', given by Francis Pryor on 18 January in London to an invited audience
The no. 2 issue of TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin, maintained by Footsteps of Man (Valcamonica) will be avalaible on March 1 1996.
UISPP Commission IV, Colloquium II: GIS Applications in Archaeology - Full program including abstracts and author addresses
Fachschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - Universität Heidelberg
Forschungsstelle Archäometrie - Akademie der Wissenschaften, Heidelberg. Archaeometry Research Group.
Unitat de Paleo-etologia Hominida, Seminari d'Estudis i Recerques Prehistoriques (S.E.R.P.) - Departamento di Prehistoria, Historia Antiga i Arqueologia, Universitat de Barcelona. The Unit aims to reconstruct the behaviour of the first hominids not only from archaeological remains (such as tools, habitat structures, food scraps, etc.), but also by making use of studies of present-day primates (including humans).
The Historical Metallurgy Society home pages - descriptions of the Society, its activities, and forthcoming meetings. Although the society is called the Historical Metallurgy Society, its meetings and publications cover the whole timespan over which metals have been used.
Material Science-Based Archaeology Group - Department of Materials, Oxford University. The research of the group is primarily focused on all aspects of the ancient metallurgy, but also deals with related materials, or the application of archaeo-metallurgical techniques to other types of materials.

14 February 1996

Chester Heritage Services
The GIS Master Bibliography - searchable on-line resource that provides abstracted references to much of the current material (both technical and trade journal) in the GIS area.
The Viking Discovery of America - including the archaeological evidence from the World Heritage Site of L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland
Megalithic Art Gallery - Pictures of stones at Knowth, Ireland
Tony's Favourite Rocks Page - Pictures of Irish and other megalithic sites
Newgrange and megalithic art - A view from the Netherlands
Brogarin Megaliitit
Das Archäologische Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg - with:
Centre De Documentation De La Préhistoire Alpine: main page, with:
  • Charavines - Voici une première série de dessins ou photos d'objets du Néolithique récent provenant de Charavines
  • Charavines
Archéologie - French archaeological libraries
Archéologie générale y compris la topographie - annotated bibliography
Musée d'ethnographie, d'histoire naturelle et d'archéologie - Cherbourg (Manche)
Montignac-Lascaux - includes notes on Lascaux I and II and other prehistoric sites in the region, including Les Eyzies
Der Mann, der Mecklenburg ausgrub - a short biography of Ewald Schuldt
Museum für das Fürstentum Lüneburg
Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln
Regia Anglorum - "These pages are designed to be an interactive experience for anybody with an interest in Early Medieval Europe in general and Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in particular".
News on Foz Côa Dam - Details of the cancellation of the Foz Côa Dam Project
History and Tourism pages of the Département Rhône-Alpes, with:
Archeologie en bodemkundig onderzoek in Overijssel - Netherlands
Archéologie Faverges - Musée archéologique de Viuz - Haute-Savois, France
Euroasian Petroglyphs - project about regions and pictorial dialects in the petroglyph record of the Eurasian taiga. From Umeå University, Sweden
The Cotswolds Hyperguide, with:
Department of Archaeology, University of Reading
Crannogs - Mark Holley's home page
Archaeology in Hampshire Annual Report 1995 - Report of the County Archaeologist
Hampshire Archaeology Trail - "Discover Hampshire on our WWW archaeology trail"
Hampshire - Museums of War & Peace - includes Museum of the Iron Age and other archaeology museums
Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society
University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS)
Keltenmuseum Hochdorf
Musées de Basse-Normandie - welcome page, with:
La Crypte Archéologique Du Groupe Évêche Cathédrale
Mosaïque mérovingienne de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin
L'Ouest De La France Et La Domestication Du Feu
ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine - reports on the latest archaeological news from Europe and around the world. It is an official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

7 February 1996

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads - offers materials on Sauro-Sarmatian archaeology in the southern Urals. From Berkeley University.
Landscape Archaeology Research Group, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Works mainly in heritage management, archaeological impact assessment, and information systems.

5 February 1996

NOTES - Italian Archaeological Bulletin. Publication forum for short papers up to Iron Age, includes Announcements section. Based at Ferrara University.
GISARCH - GIS and Archaeology forum. Includes list of members, access to the archived messages, and access to any files that have been associated with the list. Maintained by the University of York.
Gruppo Archeologico Pisano (GAP) - volunteer association for cultural heritage, operating in Pisa, Tuscany , Italy. Pages in Italian but contain some information in English. Includes a detailed directory of all the archaeological museums in Tuscany.

24 January 1996

Zoöarchaeology Laboratory home page - Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham. Contains links to many other areas of Environmental Archaeology.
MoLAS, the Museum of London Archaeology Service. Commercial.
Site of Norman invasion found at Upper Wilting Farm (UK)? - a presentation of evidence that a planned road will pass through a site that may contain the first Norman camp of William the Conqueror and the Invasion site in 1066. By Nick Austin.
Gruppo Archeologico Torinese - Associazione di volontariato archeologico di Torino; sezione locale dei Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia. Archaeological Volunteers Group of Turin.
Fringe Archaeology page by Martijn van Leusen.

15 January 1996

Mayflower 2000 - The Mayflower III is an historically accurate full size replica of the Pilgrims Mayflower of 1620, to be built over the next two years on the River Thames in London, England, and then sailed on a goodwill voyage from England to America early in 1998, before returning to England in time for the millenium celebrations at the end of 1999. By the Southwark Heritage Association.
Report 2 on the Lockington (Leicestershire) barrow excavations by BUFAU.
Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge University
The history of plumbing - Roman and English legacy - from: Plumbing and Mechanical, July 1989.

12 January 1996

Changed URLs:
The Valcamonica Rock Art Home Page is now at a different server. The Rock Art Links page (New Europe and world-wide) also moved to that server.
New URLs:
Lascaux page - Now there is a clickable map (no text!) available here with pictures of the famous cave paintings.
The Hessisches Landesmuseum at Darmstadt has some archaeological material.
AmberWeb - L'Ambra nella Scienza e nell'Archeologia - exemplary set of pages in Italian and English. Very good!
TRACCE - TRACKS, On Line Rock Art Bulletin, by Footsteps of Man, Valcamonica, Italy. In the first issue:
  • Cemmo boulders menaced by a road
  • Direct dating: does it work? The Coa valley experience
  • Rupe Magna, the biggest engraved rock in the Alps
  • New Iron Age engraved rocks found in western Alps
  • Archeo-links
  • Short news and appointments

8 January 1996

The South Cadbury Environs Project 1995 - a new addition to the South Cadbury hillfort archive at the University of Birmingham.
The Italo-Austrian Iceman - brief document by the Institute for Anatomy at the University of Innsbruck.

5 January 1996

Capo Alfiere Excavations - this is a preliminary posting of results from University of Texas excavations at Capo Alfiere, Calabria, Italy. It is the first part of a web site being put together for the UT Institute of Classical Archaeology.
Archaeometry and Stonehenge - details AML involvement in the Stonehenge 20th Century Excavations Project.
English Heritage Guidelines:
Lancaster University Archaeological Unit - Information about their work including the Virtual Rome
Imperium Romanorum
ROMAN EMPERORS with pictures and quiz
MORE INFO ON GEMINA (under construction)

3 January 1996

Changed URLs:
The San Telmo project has moved to another server
Athena Review, a quarterly journal of archaeology, history, and exploration, has moved to a new server.
The Sudan Archaeological Society homepage moved to a new URL, is no longer under construction and is now also available in English.
New URLs:
BASP - the Bonn Archeological Statistics Package, with details about the program and screenshots
Archaeological Investigations in the Chad Basin - Research Project on West Africa funded by the German Research Foundation.
Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, University of St Andrews. Offers post-graduate courses in Maritime Studies (archaeology, history and ethnology of mankind's relationship with the sea); hosts the Archaeological Diving Unit, National Historic Ships Project, the Maritime Fife and Duart Point Shipwreck projects.
Archaeological Diving Unit - exists to provide technical support and advice to HM Government Department of National Heritage and the United Kingdom's Home Country Heritage organisations.
The Gemina Project - Roman Military Reconstruction.
Rock Art Links - A complete world wide list of Rock Art links in Europe, the US, India, and Australia.
Valcamonica Rock Art - a presentation of Valcamonica, the most important prehistoric rock art site in the Alps. By Footsteps of Man (IFRAO member), an Archaeological Cooperative working in Rupestrian Archaeology.
Jeremy Huggett's Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries database. A set of resources relating to early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, including a number of cemetery datasets available for downloading.

1 December 1995

Virtual Reality Heritage Conference
The Museum of Antiquities, one of the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge
Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

30 November 1995

Moved all countries into separate pages to make Geographic index load faster.
New URLs:
Römerbuch - details of Auf Römerstraßen durchs Land, a new book on museums and sites in Roman SW Germany
Rottweil: Römersiedlung mit vollem Stadtrecht - details of the Dominikanermuseum and two Roman baths sites
Rottenburg: Die Stadt mit der Rekordlatrine - details of the Römisches Stadtmuseum and Roman bath site, and of the spectacular remains of the biggest public conveniences in Roman upper Germany
Stein und Köngen: von der Live-Villa zum Neckarkastell - details of the Römerpark open-air museum at Köngen and the Villa Rustica at Stein
Aalen und Reinau: Eine Antikenschau der Superlative - the Aalen Limesmuseum and the open-air archaeological park at Reinau
Museen und wissenschaftliche Sammlungen - University of Bonn museums including the Antikenmuseum of the Archäologisches Institut
Augsburg - Römisches Museum
Il Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari e altre risorse archeologiche in Sardegna - new materials from Cagliari Museum, and other archaeological resources in Sardinia
Il museo archeologico di Ozieri
Il museo speleo-archeologico di Nuoro
Genna Maria di Villanovaforru - Parco archeologico e museo
Besançon Roman mosaic - image of a Roman mosaic from Besançon

29 November 1995

Monte Castellare excavations - excavation of one of the earliest fortified medieval settlements in NW Tuscany, with an Etruscan site below
Haithabu - Museum - From Kiel University; under construction.
Archäologisches Institut - From Kiel University; under construction.

28 November 1995

Internet Archaeology - Launch Date: August 1996. The editor writes: "Call for papers available at the Home Page. Internet Archaeology will concentrate on final excavation and fieldwork reports and on data-rich papers of all types. We will be making use of the indexing and linking facilities of the Web rather than the instant publishing side. As such, we will be swimming against the tide!"
BWAS - the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society

17 November 1995

Changed URLs:
In Themes/Charters, Conventions etc, fixed error in URL for Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict 1954 - 'Hague Convention'
In Italy page, changed URL for Etruscan Resources
New URLs:
Musei di Archeologia - Roma
Museo Preistorico ed Etnografico L. Pigorini - Roma
Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England - and its public archive, the National Monuments Record
Medieval Life - "aims to be popular printed magazine yet one which presents to its readers information, ideas and images which are not easily accessible elsewhere. We hope to give it freshness and topicality by publishing the fruits of recent research in a way which does not demand prior knowledge of the subject. We also hope to encourage the pursuit of readers' interests by providing reviews of books, important exhibitions, conferences etc." - Richard Briggs, editor.
Archaeometry and Stonehenge - results of scientific dating of material from 20th century excavations
UNESCO World Heritage Center - this is a particularly important link because of the new World Heritage Information Network that is being established between the Centre, States party to the Convention, its advisory bodies, and individual sites. Includes the World Heritage Convention and World Heritage List.

14 November 1995

Limesmuseum Aalen - Zugang (Baden-Württemberg) - the Limesmuseum specialises in the history and archaeological remains of most of the provinces of the Roman empire. Includes information on the latest activities of the museum.

10 November 1995

Laboratoire de Paléoanthropologie - current work in the Palaeoanthropology lab in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Geneva includes projects on neolithic and medieval populations

9 November 1995

Welcome to Archaeology! - from the editor of Current Archaeology
Anthropology Resources on the Internet - Allen Lutins' guide to anthropology (including much archaeology) on the Net.
Crete: The Minoan Period, with:
  • Knossos - the Minoan palace at Knossos, Crete
  • Phaistos - the Minoan palace at Phaistos, Crete
  • Gortyn - Minoan settlement and other sites, Crete
  • Malia - the palace of Malia and other sites, Crete
  • Zakros - the Minoan palace, and other sites, Crete
Importants doutes archéologiques en France - a challenge to orthodox archaeological views on Gergovia, Alesia and Bibracte
Le Centre Archéologique et son Musée - the new museum at Mont Beuvray
Le Musée de l'Arles Antique
Forchheim: Neueste Ausgrabungen - recent archaeological work in Forchheim has revealed evidence for Frankish/early medieval settlement
Das Pfalzmuseum, Forchheim

7 November 1995

Changed URLs:
As of November 2, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) has been using its own domain name for its WWW and gopher sites. The new addresses are: and gopher://
The change will also affect:

6 November 1995

Changed URLs:
Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna
New URLs:
Megalitismo numa região de Portugal: a Beira Alta - megaliths in Beira Alta, Portugal. Includes discussion about prospection techniques including phosphate analysis. By: Associacao Independente Arqueologia. Also available in french.
Rivista Archeologia Viva - an on-line journal for underwater archaeology
Carta del Rischio del Patrimonio Culturale - Risk Map of the cultural heritage in Italy
Archaeology of Lithuania
The Altamira Cave - a World Heritage rock art site in Cantabria
Altamira bison - a single image from the Altamira cave, from a tourist guide to Cantabria
Institute of Near Eastern Studies at Charles University, Prague
Perseus Project Art and Archaeology page - from the Perseus Project, "an evolving digital library on Ancient Greece", a searchable illustrated catalogue including sites (179), buildings (381), sculptures (366), vases (1420) and coins (523).
International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians
Old World Archaeology Newsletter
Journal of Roman Archaeology
Thomas Bateman's Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave Hills - includes on-line extracts from this 1861 classic barrow-digging record
Ashmolean Museum: Anglo-Saxon Catalogue - an experimental on-line version of the catalogue, still in the editing process
Siracusa - notes on Il Museo Archeologico, one of the largest museums of Europe (founded 1988), and on Il Castello Eurialo, a 5th century BC Greek fortress
Il Parco Archeologico della Neapolis - includes the largest theatre in the Greek world, the mysterious Orecchio di Dionisio, and other Greek and Roman monuments
Palazzo Acreide - the site of Akrai, founded 664 BC, includes a theatre and the Bouleuterion
Napoli - sites and museums
Global Museum - electronic museum prototype, giving access to three virtual exhibitions of objects from six Magna Graecia museums
Magna Graecia exhibitions - one of the above
Un salto indietro nel tempo - a resource from Elba, with links to pictures of stone age and iron age artefacts
Lazio - the region, with details and pictures of archaeological sites in ancient Ostia, the Cerveteri Etruscan cemetery, Tarquinia museum, Palestrina, and the ancient town of Aletrium
Roma - archaeological sites, including the Palatine Hill, the Baths of Caracalla and the Coliseum
Ascol i Piceno - Museo Archeologico Statale
Ascoli Piceno - Teatro Romano - also in English
Cisterne Epuratorie Romane - Roman cisterns in Fermo
Antiquarium Communale - Fermo Archaeological Museum
Musei di Genova - including Museo Archeologico Durazzo Pallavicini
Museo Civico Il Correggio - includes an excellent clickable plan of the museum
Musei a Forlì - brief details of museums in Forlì
Musei e pinacoteche - brief details of museums and galleries in Modena
Gallerie e Musei, Parma - includes details of Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Reggio Emilia: L'Antica Città - includes details of Musei Civici
Rimini, Museo della città - brief details
L'Arco di Augusto, Rimini - description and photo of the Arch of Augustus
Civico Museo Archeologico, Milano - lengthy description of the contents
Civici Musei del Castello
Parabiago, Museo Archeologico-Storico-Culturale Carla Musazzi
Legnano, Museo Civico Sutermeister
Cuneo, Museo Civico - details of the contents
Musei di Cuneo - another source of information on museums in Cuneo
Etruscan Resources
SMU Excavations in Tuscany
Books on the Mediterranean - a wide range of archaeology books and excavation reports from the catalogue of the University of Pennsylvania Museum
Ancient Sites - a discussion of Newgrange and the Boyne valley megalithic tombs from a variety of points of view
Images of sites in the British Isles - Clive Ruggles' on-line image resource for archaeoastronomy
Images of sites in continental Europe - including northern France, Bulgaria, Rumania, Mallorca
Newgrange and megalithic art - a non-specialist view
Archaeology of the Dingle Peninsula
Musaem Chorca Dhuibhne, Baile an Fhirtéirigh - Corca Dhuibhne Regional Museum
Kerry County Museum

1 November 1995

Today, ArchNet - Europe was renamed ARGE, and all its pages were reorganised to accommodate the steadily growing number of resources in them. We hope no major editing errors have occurred, but should you find one, then please let us know!
If you want to know more about ARGE, just click the ARGE logo at the top of this page or on our home page...
New URLs:
Irish Archaeology Home Page - A guide to Irish archaeology resources, maintained by Thadeus Breen. From this:
  • Excavations Database - Searchable database with summary reports of all 221 excavations which took place in Ireland in 1993.
  • Trowel The Archaeological Society of University College Dublin has now put recent issues of its journal on line, with articles by postgraduate students and lists of recent theses.
  • Ulster Journal of Archaeology.
Department of Archaeology, Åbo University

31 October 1995

Changed URLs:
All URLs pointing to the server in the Netherlands page have been changed to
New URLs:
Journal of Material Culture
Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia - annual journal of the Faculty of Prehistory at Leiden University
November 3 1995: The Homo Sapiens enigma, The Hague (NL)
January 17-19 1996: Archeologie en theorie, Leiden (NL)
CAA96 (UK), 17-18th February 1996 - FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT
CAA96 Iasi, Romania, 25-27th March 1996 - First Announcement

27 October 1995

Stockholms läns museum - an exemplary model for using the WWW in museum outreach.
Stockholm County Museum aims to serve its county's population, especially those in districts without a local museum, by offering access to information about local culture and history, and virtual tours of the 'cultural paths' established across the county which include archaeological sites. In Swedish with an English summary.
Viking Age rune stones - includes descriptions, pictures, photos and transcriptions
The following links were taken from 'Our Troth':
The Stone Age: a paper on the Scandinavian Stone Age
[Copied link from 19 October] The Bronze Age - a paper on bronze age rock carvings in Scandinavia
The Celtic and Roman Iron Age: a paper on the Iron Age in Scandinavia
The Migration and Vendel Ages: a paper on the migration period in Scandinavia
The Viking Age: a paper on the Viking age in Scandinavia, with references to Ireland and Vinland

25 October 1995

Changed URL:
CEIPAC (Ancient economy in the Roman Empire - University of Barcelona) has moved to a new URL.

24 October 1995

Archaeometallurgy Group at the Institut für Geowissenschaften, Mainz University. "Petrographisch-petrologischen und chemischen Untersuchungen an Erzen, metallurgischen Abfällen, Metallen, technischer Keramik, Glasuren und Glas. Die Schwerpunkte sind die Technologien von Eisen, Kupfer, Blei, Silber, Zink. Die Funde, die wir in Zusammenarbeit mit den Archäologen untersuchen, stammen aus allen Zeitstufen, vom Chalkolithicum bis in die Neuzeit. Regionale Schwerpunkte sind z.Zt. Spanien und Iran."

23 October 1995

Today, we have lots of new museums:
Museums Guide Danmark - a guide to Danish State or State-subsidised museums, arranged by county, with information on the collections in Danish, English and German
The Gallery of Archaeological Collections featuring items from a mobile exhibition The Archaeology and Ethnography of Northern Asia
The Neanderthal Museum - plans for an ambitious site covering all things Neanderthal
Menhirs et Dolmens dans le Morbihan
Instituto Português de Museus - "A virtual tour of the universe of Portuguese museums"
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - a World Heritage site for Industrial Archaeology
MOUSEION: Museums, Museology and Related Resources - a joint project in Italy to research and set up an Internet node devoted to museums, museum technology and associated subjects
Elenco musei attualmente aperti - brief details of some museums in Umbria
Elenco musei dell'Umbria - more Umbrian museums, slightly more detailed information
I musei del Veneto - information on the museums of seven cities in the Veneto region, with more detailed information on those in Rovigo, Treviso and Venezia
But also:
The Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Bronze Age - a paper on bronze age rock carvings in Scandinavia

19 October 1995

CIRT - International Center for Retrieval of New, Ancient and Rare Books. Up-to date list of new italian books on Archaeology, Antiquities and Classical Philology.

18 October 1995

Created Related Subjects & Disciplines page. Started moving some resources to this page.
Copied Northern Ireland links into UK page.
New URLs:
Archaeometry Group - Institut für Strahlen und Kernphysik, Universität Bonn
Antikensammlung Erlangen - Institut für Altertumskunde und Klassische Archäologie, Universität Erlangen
And from the ArchNet museums page:
International Museum of the Horse Contains extensive resources on the history of Humans and the Horse, including archaeology
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Contains resources on Classical and Egyptian Archaeology
Peabody Museum at Harvard University - description of collections, among which some of interest to European archaeology
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology - contains a.o. Ancient Egypt and Greece exhibits
Sources of Information on Antiquities Theft, paper compiled by Laura Pope Robbins.

16 October 1995

Hereford and Worcester County Archaeological Service - contains information on the main aspects of the service. Expansion in the next few months will include a listing of local groups, projects, and interesting sites to visit. Very good pages for the non-specialist.
Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum. Hungarian National Museum - includes details of all Hungarian museums, arranged by county
Numismatics - Roma e il suo fiume, storia e diffusione della moneta
Reading Museum and Art Gallery - a listing of collections, many of which are archaeological
Blackwell's Bookshop Archaeology Page - Internet shopping with searchable index of hundreds of books on archaeology. Commercial.

11 October 1995

Changed URL:
Jorvik Viking Centre, York, England. Jorvik is the Viking Age city uncovered by archaeologists beneath Coppergate in York. As they peeled back the debris of centuries, houses and workshops emerged, still containing everyday tools, utensils and clothing from a civilisation buried for a thousand years.
AWN - Archeologische Werkgemeenschap voor Nederland. Organisation of amateur archaeologists
New URLs:
THE KHAZARIA INFO CENTER - Bryant University, USA - for information on the Khazars and their history and archaeology
Niebüll: Friesisches Museum, Germany - includes a small prehistoric collection of finds from palaeolithic, neolithic and iron age
Department of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Municipal University of Amsterdam
List & Bedrog, a book of archaeological spoofs and fakes, by Leo Verhart. Commercial

10 October 1995

Athena Review Contents page, a new quarterly journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration - published in Napels.

9 October 1995

Changed URLs:
Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology
The London & Middlesex Archaeological Society
New URLs:
International Organisation of Palaeobotany - University of East London Palaeobiology Research Unit
ABZU Guide to resources for the study of the ancient Near East - Oriental Institute, Chicago
Dalriada Celtic Heritage Society gopher site.
Víteliú: The Languages of Ancient Italy. Linguistic information on the languages of Pre-Roman Italy: Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, etc. Contains maps, sample inscriptions, and background information.

2 October 1995

Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Württemberg - State Monuments Protection Agency in Baden-Württemberg
Especially interesting: a list of LDA publications
North-European Archaeology - under development at Umeå University, Sweden. It will eventually link to all departments conducting North European archaeology.
New link copied from this site: Changed URL for L'archéologie sous les mers, a virtual trip under water.

27 September 1995

CEIPAC: Ancient economy in the Roman Empire - University of Barcelona
Proyecto San Telmo: Arqueología en la Antártida: Spanish Archaeological Mission in Antarctica, looking for the wreck of the Spanish warship "San Telmo". Includes project abstract in english. From the University of Zaragoza.

22 September 1995

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Cyprus through the ages (from the neolithic to the present day)

18 September 1995

Departamento de Prehistoria, Arqueologia, Historia Antigua y Medieval, Universidad de Murcia
Addresslist of German, Austrian and Swiss archaeological institutions
Sudan Archaeological Society, Berlin. Under construction until 22 September.
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Frankfurt a. Main
Stadtmuseum, Ingolstadt
Römisches Museum und Archäologischer Park Cambodunum (APC), Kempten
Reiß-Museum, Mannheim
Naturkundemuseum, Oldenburg. Contains section on archaeology.
Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro, Passau

14 September 1995

Changed links:
Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
L'archeologie sous les mers - Underwater Archaeology, a virtual trip under water.
Added links:
Dept. of Palaeoecology, Queens University of Belfast - includes 14C laboratory.
Classics Ireland online
Museums Håndbogen Museums Handbook: a comprehensive list of Danish museums accessible by type
Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm
Guide to Swiss Museums and Exhibitions, from which we made the following selection: Archeologie en Kunstwetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Dept. of Archaeology and Art Sciences)
Département d'Archéologie et d'Histoire de l'Art, Université Catholique de Louvain (Dept. of Archaeology and History of Art)

11 September 1995

Manx Heritage Sites: includes virtual tour of Peel Castle
Arkeologian laitoksen kotisivu -Department of Archaeology, University of Helsinki
Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz
Landesmuseum, Mainz
Museum für Antike Schiffahrt: new museum for five Roman warships, allowing visitors to watch conservation work as it happens ("Archäologie-live!")
Cimiez Museum - Roman Cemenelum, near Nice
Base bibliographique Préhistoire du CNRS-SHS: database of bibliographical information on books and articles on prehistory in French libraries, searchable by author, title, subject etc.

8 September 1995

Created a new Germany page and added German archaeology hotlist - many thanks to Andreas Brunn - with the following new resources:

7 September 1995

Material Science-based Archaeology at the Department of Materials, Oxford University
Computing Archaeology Research Group, Staffordshire University

4 September 1995

Changed server address for Servers for the Levant. From Norway.
The place of archaeology in the reconstruction of Beirut
1000 photographs from Lebanon (July - August, 1995) - includes a lot of photographs from the Beirut excavations.

31 August 1995

Classics Server at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin. Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites.
Underwater Archaeology Resources - an index to resources for underwater archaeology on the Internet
STILE: Clive Ruggles' Students' and Teachers' Interactive Learning Environment - Leicester University
MegaLithic!: Prehistoric Ritual Monuments within the British Isles (250 images currently available)
Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow
Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

29 August 1995

L'Oppidum de Bramefan (commune de Puyloubier, Bouches-du-Rhône) - excavation report

25 August 1995

Removed V& F: sistema interattivo per l'analisi dei testi greci e latini because it's not an archaeological link
Exeter history: Roman and medieval Exeter, with links to explanatory on-line videos
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Lodz (Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Lodzi)
Archaeological Resources for Rome - New Laboratory for Teaching and Learning at Columbia University
Pompeii: teaching resources - the House of the Faun and its mosaics
Clickable Map of the Empire: excellent resource to find Web documents for 54 individual Roman provinces
Roman Basilicas: a Progress Report - paper by C.V. Walthew in Classics Ireland 1995 Vol. 2
Prehistoric Italy, from the Windows on Italy pages - Istituto Geografico De Agostini
The Early Italic Tribes, from the Windows on Italy pages - Istituto Geografico De Agostini
Storia di Capri: the archaeology of prehistoric, Greek and Roman Capri
Golfo Porto Aperte: a cultural tour along archaeological sites in the Naples region, including Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Pompeii
Salerno Porto Aperte: a cultural tour along sites and museums in the Salerno area
Cyprus Tourist Page: includes Roman sites and museums

23 August 1995

Deleted Yugoslavia from geographic section, inserted Serbia.
The Young Archaeologists' Club - UK archaeological society for children
Map Maker - Free GIS for Windows - available for free to non-profit making institutions, academics, and students. Includes extensive support for people making their own field surveys who can enter their numeric data which is then converted into map form.
Directory of GIS-using archaeologists - sorted by country. Includes snail- and e-mail addresses, as well as hotlinks to relevant WWW homepages where available.
Department of Egyptology, Hamburg University - Informationen zum Studium, zu den laufenden Forschungsprojekten, und Resümees der Reihe "SAK" (Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur).
ARKEOLOGEN, bimonthly Swedish journal.
ArchNet - Software page

17 August 1995

Jorvik Viking Centre - York, UK
British Museum
Leicestershire Museum, Arts and Records Service: Archaeology
Swedish Archaeology Bulletin Board - Unofficial page of the Central Board of National Antiquties, Regional office West Sweden
The Slöinge Project - Results from ongoing field work dealing with a Southwest Swedish chieftain site dated to AD 400 - 1000.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Jüngere Abteilung - University of Tübingen

16 August 1995

Prazska informacni sluzba: Muzea: information on museums in Prague, many with archaeological collections, including the National Museum
Atlas de Historia de Aragon: maps and commentaries on the archaeology of Aragon from the Iron Age to the Visigoths

14 August 1995

Aphrodisias: site tour of 'the birthplace of the goddess of love'
Defence of Britain project at CBA - 20th century military/engineering archaeology.
Millennium Archaeology Project 2000 at CBA - charting human impact on the environment over the last 250,000 years.
Set up a Netherlands page, with a number of new links in it.
And, copied from the Michigan Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology Server:

11 August 1995

Added some news groups to General section:
1 sci.archaeology.
2 sci.anthropology.
3 sci.classics.
Added a number of project descriptions from the University of Birmingham (UK) Field Archaeology Unit:
1 The Wroxeter Hinterland Project - An ongoing project employing IT to study the processes of Romanization in Shropshire (UK)
2 Monte Covolo - Excavations at a Rock Shelter near Riparo Cavallino (IT): a teaching resource
3 Shepton Mallet - Excavations at a Roman roadside settlement (UK): a teaching resource
4 Bromfield - A Prehistoric Barrow Cemetery in Shropshire (UK)
5 South Cadbury Castle, Somerset - Later Prehistoric Pottery at an Iron Age Hillfort (UK)
6 Gold Barrow, Leicester - Press release: discovery of important treasure in barrow (UK)
7 Old Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - Description of a project currently being set up

10 August 1995

Removed inoperative link to experimental database project (Oslo University).
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet: Archaeology, Coins, and Runes at the University of Oslo

9 August 1995

Moved all French and Italian links to new pages.
Added a form to our home page to facilitate submission of new links.
The Brownshill Dolmen, Carlow
Mycenae: images of buildings and objects
Minos: images of buildings and objects from Crete
Greece: images of buildings and objects
Pompeii: images of buildings and objects
Rome: images of buildings and objects

7 August 1995

The Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum
Naval and Maritime Museums in Europe
Museum of Anatolian Civilisation, Ankara
The Legacy of Roman Times
Istanbul's Museums: including Archaeological Museum
Antalya's Historic Sites
Izmir's Historic Sites: includes Ephesus
Diocletian's Palace - now directly from Croatia
History of Avillium, the capital of a Gaulish province
Mothers of Time: are the palaeolithic figurines from the Jullien collection authentic?
Archaeological Dialogues: details of this new journal from the Netherlands
Irish Coins - from the earliest currency to modern coins
Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge: details from the prospectus
Institute of Archaeology - University College London
Navan Fort, Armagh - from the Armagh Planetarium
Durham Cathedral - from the Durham University Department of Law
A virtual tour of Caistor Roman town - from the University of East Anglia
3-D Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Mummy using X-ray computer tomography