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16 December 1996

Changed URLs:
Moved Brogarin Megaliitit - the "Ring of Brogar" in Scotland, reputed by some to be the mythical golden temple of the Finnish semi-goddess of Lemminkainen, to the fringe archaeology page.
CIMEC, the site for Romanian archaeology, has been reorganised and the best entry point in English is now here.
CIMEC also contains a page with information on sites in the Republic of Moldavia.

New URLs:
Lunigiana Statues Stelae Virtual Museum
Valtellina Rock Art

10 December 1996

New URLs:
Archweb-l Netherlands - moderated list for Dutch archaeology. Archive available. To subscribe, contact moderator.

Changed URLs:
Following the relocation of the server for the Institute for Pre- and Early History at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany, the following links have changed URLs:

27 November 1996

Updated URLs:
ArchDATA - WWW site for French archaeology.

8 November 1996

Changed URLs:
Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology - This useful resource lists over 500 organizations in British Archaeology in its yellow pages. These include universities, professional units, local authority curators, and archaeological societies, both national and local.

4 November 1996

Changed and updated URLs:
Department of Archaeology - Göteborg University.

Deleted URLs:
The Stone Age - a paper on the Scandinavian Stone Age
The Bronze Age - a paper on bronze age rock carvings in Scandinavia
The Celtic and Roman Iron Age - a paper on the Iron Age in Scandinavia
The Migration and Vendel Ages - a paper on the migration period in Scandinavia
The Viking Age - a paper on the Viking age in Scandinavia, with references to Ireland and Vinland

New URLs:
Nordic TAG 1997 - Preliminary details, including session titles, of the conference to be held 2-5 April 1997.
Headland Archaeology Ltd
Michael Kimball's Home Page - with links to his research on the mesolithic-neolithic transition in eastern Co. Donegal through the Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey.
The ArchLaw Home Page - A new organisation, ArchLaw is a group of lawyers, archaeologists, anthropologists and other professionals dedicated to the protection of the world's cultural heritage. The pages currently include information on the UK Treasure Bill and details of a successful prosecution.
IND-ARCH - discussion list, intended to encourage discussion within the area of Industrial Archaeology - it aims to help establish links between fieldwork, research, individuals and establishments.
Forum Archaeologiae - Austrian Journal of Archaeology - A new quarterly journal of (mainly classical) archaeology published in Vienna, the first german-language internet archaeology journal.
Vigo: Patrimonio arqueolóxico - The archaeology of Vigo, Galicia, and its region, with text and images, part of a set of pages about the cultural and natural heritage of Vigo (in Spanish).
Human Prehistory: An Exhibition - A 'walk-through' exhibition including notes on Lyell and Darwin, human evolution, palaeolithic art (Lascaux, Willendorf etc) and the neolithic sites of Catal Huyuk, Sesklo and Dimini. Links at the end to other related internet sites. A nice-looking site, but warning: large images embedded in text pages.
Phoibos Verlag - A specialist Austrian publisher on classical archaeology.
Dolmen e Menhir di Giurdignano - Details of a 9km archaeological itinerary in the Puglia region.
Virtual Tour in Puglia - A series of virtual tours including many archaeological sites.
Hunebedden in Nederland - Pages about megalithic tombs in the Netherlands, including descriptions of all 54 known. Text in Dutch and English.
La Pré-histoire de L'Ile d'éron - A brief summary.

1 November 1996

Changed and updated URLs:
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana - The Tuscan Archaeological Service
Marinarkeologi - Nordic Underwater Archaeology. Concise English version available.
Crannogs on the Web - Mark Holley's comprehensive guide to the crannogs of the Inner Hebrides, with site reports and pictures for 30+ crannogs on Mull, Coll, Tiree and Islay.

New URLs:
Access to Archaeology - A 2-year project to create WWW-based VR and multimedia educational materials. Builds on the results of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project.
Scotland's Past - A website for Scottish archaeology and history, hosting the official Web pages for the Council for Scottish Archaeology, The National Committee on Carved Stones in Scotland and the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society. Within the next few weeks the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology will be added. Also a history and archaeology News page and a comprehensive Links page.
CCSP Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - The Camunian Centre of Prehistoric Studies, Valcamonica, directed by Prof. Emmanuel Anati, with information about the research and educational activities of the centre for the archaeology of rock art, publications, conferences and symposia announcements.
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana, Musei Archeologici - The Tuscan Archaeological Service page of archaeological museums in Firenze, Arezzo, Chiusi and Siena (also in English).
Archeologie et WWW - A resource in French for worldwide archaeology, with a page of European links organised by country.
Institut d'Archéologie et d'Histoire Ancienne - University of Lausanne. Includes centres for Gallo-roman and classical archaeology.
Centre de Recherches Archeologiques - University of Lille.
Université Montaigne - Bordeaux. Details of a diploma course in physical methods in archaeology and museography.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - The Association is an international organisation for everyone with an interest in bio- and geoarchaeology.
EMAS - University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society - with information about the society and links to sites of archaeological interest.
Hermetica - archaeology - Pages on megaliths and Pictish symbol stones, with brief descriptions and pictures.
Service de Préhistoire et Centre de Recherche Archéologique - Université de Liège

23 October 1996

New URLs:
Panel of archaeological indexers - maintained by Lesley and Roy Adkins. Link timed out.
Department of Ancient History & Archaeology - University of Birmingham. Homepage empty on 22/10.

14 October 1996

Changed or updated URLs:
Prehistoría y Arqueología, - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Die Steinzeit, Die Eisenzeit, Die Römerzeit in Austria.
Anglesey pages
Hechingen Stein - pages updated with a virtual tour through the museum and a new excavation report.

New URLs:
Origins of Humankind - Deals with all aspects of human evolution, including a lively Neanderthal message board, and links to other related work.
In search of the Neanderthals - Report of ongoing Earthwatch excavations of Neanderthal sites in Spain
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos - Homepage and on-line articles from the journal (in Spanish)
Otzi - L'Uomo del Similaun/Der Mann vom Similaun - A full description of the find, in Italian and German. Pictures and useful text. For a different source of information on this find, jump to this Austrian source
Archeo Prospections - An interdisciplinary research group in Vienna working on geophysical prospection in archaeology. "A tour through various prospected sites of all periods is presented with additional information on basic methodology and papers for further information". Well-illustrated (image-heavy) pages on these subjects, including a good aerial archaeology resource.
City of York Council Archaeology Home Page - A fine resource, with details of archaeological projects in York, of the administration of archaeology in the City, and the new version of that famous resource for students, the Oxley and Morton Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator.
University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society - "EMAS was started as a Society for the students of the Certificate and Diploma in Field Archaeology and the Diploma in Archaeology at the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, which is part of Birkbeck College, although the membership has now been extended to include anyone in the London area who is interested in Archaeology."
The Ancient Illyrians - from "Albania: a country study" from the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.
Aegean Dendrochronology Project 1992 Annual Progress Report - from Cornell University, including dates for Catal Huyuk and additions to the bronze age/iron age master chronology, 23rd-5th cent.B.C.
Roman Archaeology Field Reports - A page with links to field reports of Roman archaeology, the majority in Europe
Museé National d'Histoire et d'Art, Luxemburg: On-line-visit - "Empreintes du passé" including reconstructions of various prehistoric, Roman and medieval sites
Iraklion Museum of Archaeology - From a Greek holiday company, this is a useful page with links to more detailed pages about individual archaeological sites in Crete, which themselves have links to material about Minoan archaeology, Sir Arthur Evans etc.
Archaeology Data Service - home page of the brand-new UK site for spatial archaeological (meta-)data.

10 October 1996

Assemblage - the new Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology. Issue No. 1 just out.

7 October 1996


2 October 1996

Roman Ceramics - intriguing set of pages maintained by Allard Mees at the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz, including Banassac figure types, research and publication on Roman ceramics and Samian ware, amphora, and ceramics archaeometry and analysis.

19 September 1996
ARCHCOMP-L - Computational Archaeology list maintained by Hugh Jarvis and Irwin Scollar. This list is for for discussion and dissemination of information about archaeological computing. Relevant topics include numerical methods, software, hardware, statistical analysis of data, methods for support of field techniques, methods for storage and dissemination of data, techniques for Internet, World Wide Web, and multimedia publication of research, image recording and analysis, photogrammetry, site recording, and database design and management. To subscribe, send an email letter to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU containing only: SUB ARCHCOMP-L First-Name Last-Name.

13 September 1996

New URLs:
The first issue of Internet Archaeology has just been published. It points the way forward to Internet publication in Archaeology. Among the 'papers' are:
  • Beardah & Baxter - The archaeological application of kernel density estimates
  • Gillings & Goodrick - Sensuous and reflexive GIS: exploring visualisation and VRML
  • Lyall & Powlesland - The application of high resolution fluxgate gradiometry as an aid to excavation planning and strategy formulation
  • Peacey - The development of the pipe kiln in the British Isles
  • Tomlinson & Hall - A review of the archaeological evidence for food plants from the British Isles: an example of the use of the Archaeobotanical Computer Database (ABCD)
  • Tyers - Roman amphoras in Britain
Please note that to see the papers you will need to be a registered user (there is a registration form to fill in on the web pages, and you will NOT be committing yourself to any payments of any kind). The journal is currently free, so please come and browse! The editors look forward to your feedback.

From the CIMEC Web pages for Romanian Archaeology:

Changed URLs:
The Department of Archaeology at the University of Newcastle changed over from a Gopher server to a WWW server.

9 September 1996

New URLs:
Newsletter 11 of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, detailing the recent excavations (including the discovery of a fine mosaic) at Whitley Villa in Shropshire, is out now!

Changed URLs:
History and natural history of the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

23 August 1996

New URLs:
OSU MAP - a free DOS-based GIS based on Dana Tomlin's original MAP package. It is a grid-cell based system and will handle databases up to several tens of thousands of cells. All of the original map algebra commands are operational. The software, including the source code, several databases, and a workbook are available via anonymous FTP from There is a complete manual available.
Three new discussion lists have been set up to further discussion on the European Archaeological Heritage Web and its services (including ARGE):
EAHW list to discuss plans and proposals to build the European Archaeological Heritage Web.
EAHW-ARGE list to discuss plans and proposals to further develop ARGE and similar archaeological resource guides at a national level.
EAHW-MUSEUMS list to discuss plans and proposals to build a Virtual Museum of European Archaeology.

20 August 1996

All pages describing archaeological sites and monuments have been moved into a separate Sites and Monuments page subdivided by country. All country pages link into this new page.

8 August 1996

NB: All internal ARGE links have now changed to reflect the new location of the ARGE directory tree - Please remember to update your bookmarks and other references to ARGE accordingly. The old location ( will remain operative until December 31st 1996.

5 August 1996

New URLs:
Orizzonti di Preistoria nel Cuneese - An extremely interesting text (in Italian) is made very difficult to read by the use of green script on an arty black and white background. Worth persevering.
Istituto Italiano Archaeologia Sperimentale - The Italian Institute for Experimental Archaeology is located in Genova, Italy. Primarily a research institute connected to the Department of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Genova, IIAS is involved in public outreach and conservation projects as well as research; their activities cover a range of time periods from the early neolithic to classical Greek (Italian and English versions).
The Life and Times of Late Roman Ceramics (350-650 AD) - A Dissertation Proposal by Sebastian Heath.
Présentation Lucie Chabal - Lucie's work on charcoal in southern French archaeology, from the neolithic to the medieval period (theme 4 details currently online).
A series of photographs of Irish archaeological sites including:
The Turoe stone
St Fechin's Church
A Knowth satellite tomb
CashelRock and round tower
Cahir Castle
Das Fach Vor- und Frühgeschichte am Institut für Geschichte - University of Regensburg.
Laufende Magisterarbeiten und Dissertationen - Useful list of current research topics in archaeology at Bamberg.
Cinema Archeologico - The result of a short season of archaeological films, this 'programme' has details and resumes of a wide range of such films, forming an extremely useful resource.
Archaeology on Film - An electronic database of archaeology film reviews maintained by Heidi Schultz, this has good critical discussion of films used regularly in teaching archaeology, including some with European subject matter, and invites further reviews.
North East of Scotland Museums Service - With clickable map and museum details
Bibracte en Ligne - Centre Archéologique Européen du Mont Beuvray
Bibracte: Musée de la civilisation celtique - The new site museum for the oppidum of Bibracte (Mont Beuvray).
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut
Laboratory of Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology, Lund University - This page includes links to other dendro webpages, listings of research and publications, and a very good online guide to the technique, What is Dendrochronology?
Istituto Italiano di Dendrocronologia - Attractive pages but very slow-loading, particularly the homepage which contains a screensize image; marginally quicker to load is the short Archeologia section.
Sheffield Dendrochronology Laboratory - Details of research, and a 'What is Dendrochronology?' section.
Romano-British Sites and Museums (part I): a guide to Roman forts and related museums - From Athena Review, Vol.1, No.1. Listings, no images.
History of the Area - Prehistory - The prehistory of the Tain region in Rossshire, brought to you by the whisky people.
The Council of Europe's Cultural Routes - The highlights of the World of the Vikings route - 50 sites in 16 countries.
The Fourvière Archeological Park
Wexford Heritage Park - An open-air museum of reconstructions of a variety of site types from the mesolithic to the 12th century AD.
Navan Fort - Detailed press release about Navan Fort, including the archaeology, the landscape and the exhibition. No images.

Changed URLs:
Castle Bookshop - a specialist bookseller dealing mainly in books about Archaeology, Local History, Architecture, Wales, Celtic Studies and linguistics.

31 July 1996

New URLs:
Centre for Wetland Archaeology - With research on the Humber Wetlands Survey, and links to WARP and a diary of 'wetland' events.
Skellig Michael - From 'Travels in the Celtic World', one man's "journey back to the lands of his ancestors... a highly personal view of the Celtic world". Nice pictures. The homepage also has links to Stonehenge and Dingle Peninsula pictures/brief text.
Die Steinzeit - Brief notes on the Austrian palaeolithic and neolithic periods from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Die Eisenzeit - Brief notes on the Austrian iron age from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Die Römerzeit - Notes on the Roman period in Austria, from the Oberösterreichische Landesgeschichte page (in German).
Altamira-Höhle (Nachbau) - Reconstruction of the Altamira cave in the Deutsches Museum, München (in German).
Grosssteingräber in der Weser-Ems-Region - A nice resource with descriptions, plans, pictures and quicktime movies of megalithic tombs, from the Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte in Oldenburg (in German).
WebMuseen - The homepage of WebMuseen, a resource guide to all German-language museums with a WWW presence (not all archaeological).
Städtische Museen Heilbronn - with links to Vor- und Frühgeschichte.
Museum Steinheim - with details of a special exhibition: Sonderausstellung: Experimentelle Archäologie in Deutschland
Die Alamannen im Oberen Gäu - Online text (in German) and pictures, associated with an exhibition on the Alamanni, from the Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte der Universität Tübingen.
Moravske zemske muzeum v Brne - Details (in Czech) of an exhibition 'O puvodu cloveka a pocatcich jeho kultury', about early humans and their culture.
ArcheoligickéObjevy na Území Mista Liberce (Evidováno v Roce 1994) - Results of urban rescue excavations.
The Evidence for Pleistocene Burials: Neandertals versus Modern Humans - Research paper.
The Samnites in the Royal Palace at Caserta - Description and discussion of the archaeological evidence.
Stone Circles of the Derbyshire Peak District - Still under construction, this page has brief details including grid references, and a few pictures.
Historical Wiltshire - from the Wiltshire Web. Links to short text and pictures on Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and White Horses.
Stonehenge on the Net - A collection of links to a wide range of web pages about Stonehenge, from the archaeological (eg Ancient Monuments Laboratory) through fringe archaeology, paganism and fiction to pictures and poems.

Changed URL:
The Castles of Wales

26 July 1996

New URLs:
County Mayo: An Outline History Part 1 - Prehistory
County Mayo: An Outline History Part 2 - 400 -1600 - Includes early Christian archaeology.
Prehistoric Archaeology: Dartmoor National Park - A description of 'one of the most important archaeological landscapes in Britain'.
CADW: Heritage in Wales - The official pages, with lists of properties in care, events and joining details.
Historic Scotland - The web pages of Historic Scotland, which "safeguards the nation's built heritage and promotes its understanding and enjoyment on behalf of the Secretary of State for Scotland." They maintain over 300 monuments and properties in the care of the Secretary of State, many of which are listed and illustrated on these pages.
Access to Archaeology - A 2-year project to create WWW-based multimedia educational materials, building on the results of the Wroxeter Hinterland Project.
Nordic underwater archaeology - An excellent website mainly for north European underwater archaeology, with links to a wide range of resources including museums, societies, courses, current projects, mailing groups and publications, and tools and techniques. Well organised, attractive and useful site.
EURA - European Rock Art - A trilingual resource page for European rock art with links to specific projects and areas including the Mont Bego petroglyphs
Rock Art Net - A web project for rock art and rupestrian archaeology online.
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - The rock art research centre for Val Camonica (also in English).
Universität Zürich - Abteilung für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - (also in English).
Arisitum: Histoire et archéologie en France - A new server for news and publications.
The Archaeology Data Service - The aim of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) is to collect, describe, catalogue, preserve, and provide user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - Information about membership and activities of the Association.

26 July 1996

New URLs:
Hampshire County Council Museums Service - In an exciting new development, Hampshire Museums Service have made 80,314 object records available on the Web. They may be browsed by subject classification or searched by keyword. The records are part of Hampshire County Council's own web site (Hantsweb) "providing public access to the affairs and achievements of the local authority", and represent a UK and probably European 'first'.
Service d'Histoire de l'Art et d'Archéologie de la Grèce Antique, Université de Liège
Sites gallo-romains - Pictures and brief descriptions from a tourism source.
The Rollright Stones - A description and pictures from the Cotswold HyperGuide
Prehistoric Aberdeen and Grampian - Includes links to excellent detailed descriptions of some 20 sites, including circles, cairns, monoliths, flint quarries and Pictish symbol stones. A very good set of pages.
Nota Bene: another national web site has now come online -
Archäologie in Deutschland
- Virtual Library for German archaeology (also available in English), sorted by discipline/subject and institutions.
Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma (CSIC) - Spanish School in Rome.
Sigtuna Museum - has a permanent archaeological exhibition and also carries out excavations and research, specializing in Viking Age - Early Middle Ages (10th - 13th century). Sigtuna, Sweden's oldest town, was founded aroung 980AD. In Swedish and English.

Changed URLs:
Trent & Peak Archaeology Trust's UK Archaeology page - the old url will automatically forward users for the time being.
The Historical Metallurgy Society and the Material Science-based Archaeology Group at Oxford University.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Freiburg

Revised URLs:
The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project (SMU Excavations in Tuscany) is pleased to announce a major revision of its world wide web site. The site now provides "quasi-live" coverage of the 1996 season, currently underway (the most recent entries are dated 4 July 1996). It includes these components:
Unit Descriptions -- an overview of the trenches, including recent images;
Finds -- representative and interesting objects unearthed;
Director's Diary -- Director Greg Warden's informal notes on the season's progress; Excavator Perspectives -- diary entries, comments, and other materials from individual excavators;
Background -- a general overview of the site and reports on the 1995 season;
Updates -- a chronological listing of additions to the site this season.

24 July 1996

Updated lists of news and discussion groups (see Thematical index).
New URLs:
The historical complex of Split and the palace of Diocletian - this has a link to Michael Greenhalgh's original version of Diocletian's palace at Split.
Alta Petroglyphs - the World Heritage Site of Alta, Norway, with its petroglyphs. A brief two-sentence description only.
Changed URLs:
GRAP - Groupe de Recherches en Archéologie Préhistorique affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, University of Geneva.
British Archaeology on the Internet
The CMCC Virtual Museum - including the palaeolithic 'Mothers of Time (are they fakes)' exhibition from Canada. Registration now required, but free.
The World Heritage List at UNESCO.

28 June 1996

New URLs:
Another national archaeological web server coming online:
ArchDATA - The webserver for French archaeology, with links to CNRS, universities, museums, research centres, government bodies, reports and exhibitions, bibliographies and news (in French and English).
Le Thovey - a Roman mansio - Short report on excavation (in English) with some pictures.
Estonian National Museum
Museum of the City of Skopje - Pictures of some of the archaeological material.
Slovenske Narodne Muzeum - Archeologicke Muzeum - The National Museum in Bratislava (in Slovak).
Musée archéologique Gallo-Romain
Namur - Musé Archéologique
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège
Les Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Main page for Belgian royal museums, including the most important Musée du Cinquantenaire which includes the archaeological collections.
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte Berlin - Charlottenburg - With pages on history, organisation of the exhibitions, publications and education (in German).
Restauration Rhone-Alpes - Workshop for the restoration of mosaics and wall-paintings (in French or Italian).
Celtica's Photo Album - This commercial site includes a gallery of site photographs from Ireland including megalithic tombs, forts and early Christian sites.
The Scythians - High Plains Drifters - An interesting, informative and largely accurate view of the Scythians seen from the hemp-smokers angle.
Tattooed Mummies of the Bronze Age - A non-archaeological source of information on ancient tattooing, including the Iceman and the Pazyryk burials with pictures.
6th International Aegean Conference - Abstracts from papers given at the conference on Craftsmen, Craftswomen and Craftsmanship in the Aegean Bronze Age.
6th International Aegean Conference - John Younger's conference summary.
Dorestad Sibbe - Kees Huyser's page about a reenactment group with Frisians, Franks and Vikings, trying to recreate the life in 9th century Dorestad.
Didattica e archeologia: Sui sentieri dell'Arte Rupestre - Archaeology and education: Along the paths of Rock Art, the presentation of an educational programme and its results from the Footsteps of Man team.
I.A.Recordings - Founded in 1982, I.A.Recordings is dedicated to the recording of past and present British industrial activity on film and video. This website includes a short description of industrial archaeology, and links to other industrial archaeology pages across the world.
Simon James's Ancient Celts page - Pages intended to introduce non-specialists to the debate about the nature of 'Celticity', particularly for the Iron Age of the British Isles, and how this relates to the modern world. It incorporates both the traditional outlines of 'Celtic' history, and orientation on recent 'Celt-sceptical' perspectives.
Groupe de Recherches en Archéologie Préhistorique - Affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, University of Geneva, this resource details research by the group in Switzerland, Italy and Saudi Arabia.
II Parthian Legion homepage - This resource for the Severan period in Roman history includes links to text descriptions of monuments and a presentation of the Lake Nemi Roman Ship Reconstruction Project.
Antiquity - a quarterly journal for archaeology - Includes the full contents of the most recent issues, including the first pages of some highlights among the articles; summary content of less recent issues; and the index to vols. 51-69 (1977-1995).
Laboratoire départmental de Préhistoire du Lazaret - Multidisciplinary research in the early prehistory and environment of the Alpes-Maritimes and Liguria (in French). Includes details of work on the Lazaret cave itself, and on the Mont Bégo rock art site.

Changed URLs:
Report on theTheban Mission 1995 - Cambridge University research project on the Tomb of Sennefer at Thebes. Reports from 92-95 also available.
The Oppidum of Bramefan

Removed URL:
Imperium Romanorum

26 June 1996

New URLs:
Virtual Stonehenge - including recreations of the summer solstice event, brought to you by Intel and English Heritage. You will need to download software in order to see this.

17 June 1996

New URLs:
Volume 3 (1996) of CLASSICS IRELAND, the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland, has already been issued in traditional form but now it is available here. Contains several archaeological articles, including Claudine Dauphin on the excavation of a bath/brothel complex in the Byzantine Holy Land and John Curran on digging under the Vatican and a review of Ray Laurence's Roman Pompeii.
Dark age and medieval archaelogy in Poggio Imperiale - From the archaeology department of the University of Siena, a project on a 'dark age' village and a small medieval town (in Italian).

Changed URLs:
OUAS - Oxford University Archaeological Society
Servers for the Levant archaeology section

3 June 1996

New URLs:
HERITAGE-TOURISM. A forum for people to discuss issues germane to this topic. They include but are not limited to: resource protection, planning, heritage areas, byways, interpretation, research, appropriate marketing. To subscribe, send a message to: In the body of the message: subscribe heritage-tourism.
Birmingham Roman Roads Project - A project team investigates the course of Roman roads crossing the City of Birmingham. From the School of Continuing Studies, University of Birmingham.
SARC-Stone Age Reference Collection - A reference program containing information about the typology, technology, raw materials and study methods of Stone Age tools.
We are happy to see yet another national archaeological resource guide come on-line - the CIMEC Information Centre for Culture and Heritage - Described as the 'gateway to the Romanian cultural heritage', this fine new resource gives access to a wide range of archaeological information from Romania, including 160 excavation reports (in Romanian), Treasures of the Romanian Cultural Heritage (in English, with images), archaeological museums and collections, information on archaeologists in Romanian museums, abstracts of CAA96 papers from Iasi conference and (to come) archaeological sites excavated during the past ten years.
Romanian Museums and Collections - Choose 'Archaeology' from domain menu on this search page and list of 130 archaeological museums/collections is presented, with links to individual descriptions.
Antiquities of Co. Galway - an introduction - Useful description, scanned in from Galway's Official Guide to City and County.
The Céide Fields of North Mayo - News report on the continuing research project on this remarkable neolithic landscape.
Wexford Heritage Park - An open-air museum of reconstructions of a variety of site types from the mesolithic to the 12th century AD.
Archeological Institute ASCR, Prague
Archeological Institute ASCR, Brno
The Pavlov Site - A report on the research project on lithic evidence from the Upper Paleolithic at this site in southern Moravia.
The Vukovar Area in the Past - An introduction to the archaeology and history of this region.
Arte Rupestre - Description of rock art from Val Pellice in the Italian Alps.
Newsletter from Poland - June 1995 - News of an early bronze age site at Biskupin 1000 years earlier than the well-known iron age site.
Biskupin Archeological Festival - Description of the archaeological festival held in September 1995.
Muzeum Archeologiczne, Warszawa - A brief description of the museum.
Tracking the Scythians - A Time magazine article about Scythian burials (Jan. 1972).
Aegean Dendrochronology Project December 1994 Progress Report
The Grauballe Man - Illustrated discussion of the bog-body.
Aspetti della Cultura Eneolitica di Monte Claro - Description of the culture with illustrations.
Le tombe dipinte - Description of painted tombs dating from the 4th century BC in Campania, particularly those in Capua.
Il Museo Archeologico dell'Antica Capua - Rich text descriptions of various aspects of the collections.

28 May 1996

Moved all museums and museum exhibitions, sorted by country, into separate museums page, with links maintained from each counrty page.

24 May 1996

New URLs:
Archaeology and Prehistory - Part of a 'virtual field trip', a resource set up for participants in a 'real' geography field trip, this page has a short outline of Malta's archaeology and some really excellent pictures.
Gozo Project - Report on the collaborative research project.
The Art of Prehistoric Malta - Report on finds from recent excavations.
Brochtorff Circle, Gozo, Malta - Outline of a research project.
Albania's Antiquities at Risk - Judith Rasson's disturbing paper
A Viking-age hide-out in the cave Vogelmir - Interesting find described in the annual Surtur for 1993.

22 May 1996

Changed URLs:
The Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg moved to a new directory.

New URLs:
Scavi archeologici nel complesso monumentale del Priamàr - Excavations at Priamàr, Savona, on the remains of the late antique and Byzantine city.
Archeologia Sicilia - Gli Scavi - Excavations at Segesto and Agrigento briefly outlined.
Il Museo Archeologico di Agrigento - Brief notes and some pictures.
Museo Archeologico e della Ceramica di Montelupo - Includes notes on collections, excavations, educational resources etc.
Museo delle Palafitte di Molina di Ledro - A brief introductory page
Le Domus de Janas di Anghelu Ruju - Discussion of material from the extraordinary neolithic (and later) cemetery site.
Passeggiando per Cagliari con un archeologo - A virtual tour of Cagliari sites including La villa di Tigellio and La necropoli di Bonaria (both 2nd-3rd century AD), and an archaeological garden.
Aerial Pictures of Dorset - Aerial photographs and brief descriptions of sites including the Cerne Giant, Badbury Rings, Chalbury and Poundbury hillforts, and Corfe Castle.
Archaeology around the Astons - Page produced by The Astons' Local History Group, with information on a number of sites including the iron age hillfort on Blewburton Hill.
Mit Neutronen auf den Spuren der Kelten - A paper on the sourcing of iron age pottery, especially that found at the oppidum of Manching, using neutron activation analysis.
Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Sofia
Bulgarian Archaeology - Report on the early stages of a collaborative research project (neolithic - bronze age) in NE Bulgaria.
Podgoritsa - Report of the Podgoritsa Archaeological Project.
Navarra y Pamplona Hasta el 905 - A long index to text pages on the archaeology and early history of this region, this first part covering the lower palaeolithic to the end of the Roman empire.
Guide to the Excavations at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods - This complex on Samothrace includes the Rotunda, "the largest circular building known in Greek architecture".
Samothrace - Guide to the Museum
Mantova etrusca e romana - Archaeology of Mantua. A short essay in Italian.
Museo Leone, Vercelli
Paleolithic Site Survey in the French Pyrenees - Report on survey investigating palaeolithic open sites.
Excavations at the Grotta dell'Edera in the Italian Karst - Report on excavations at this cave to retrieve environmental data.
1995 Excavations at Pokrovka, Russia - Report on excavations of a kurgan cemetery.
Excavations in Daghestan - Report on excavations in Daghestan, southern Russia, at the chalcolithic and bronze age site of Velikent.
Empreintes du passé - "On-line visit" to a number of reconstructed scenes from Luxemburg sites (warning - image heavy).

21 May 1996

Moved all academic departments and research groups, sorted by country, into separate page. Links to this page are maintained from each individual country.
Started construction of Chronological index.

New URLs:
"Version 2 (History and Archaeology) of Essentials of Statistical Methods" - details of the book.
"RomanSites-L" is a mailing list for sharing Web sites of interest to students of ancient Rome, i.e., from the Etruscans to roughly 476 AD. Topics follow the Roman content of the Web at large, and thus tend to the archaeological, but the list does cover anything Roman, including texts, philology and history. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE RomanSites-L to:
"LITHICS-L" is a mailing list for the discussion of all matters pertaining to the analysis of archaeological lithics, natural and artificial. To subscribe, send the message SUB LITHICS-L FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME to: LISTSERV@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU.
"ARCHAEOBOTANY LIST" - The aim of this list is to facilitate communication through the exchange of information on meetings, conferences, bibliographies, publications, reference collections and botanical and ethnographic data relevant to the analysis of archaeological plant macro-remains. To subscribe send the message subscribe archaeobotany First_name Last_name to:
Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust - Information about the Trust and reports on recent fieldwork projects
English Heritage Archaeology Review 1994-5 - Updates of recent work on archaeology projects in England (not UK). The content spans all major archaeological periods, and includes 'modern' work on heritage management.
Archaeological Excavations at Boxgrove - The Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, near Chichester in West Sussex contains the largest area of preserved palaeolithic landsurface in Europe. Human remains c. 500,000 years old were discoverd here in 1993 and 1995. This website gives details of the excavations and the finds, and of the continuing research project.
The Castles of Wales - A second and much more extensive website dealing with castles in Wales, including much historical background information, a section on Native Welsh Castles, and many photographs. An excellent site.
Guide to Historic Wreck Sites
Nautical Archaeology Society Scotland
Maritime Fife
E-scapes: Electronic Resources for the Study of Ancient Landscapes - Details of a research project for the study of ancient Greek landscapes using "innovative applications of information technology" integrating GIS, an archaeological gazetteer and a lexicon of ancient geography.
Hyperespaces écologiques de communautés: Néolithiques dans les Pyrénées méditerranéennes - paper by Jean Philippe Bocquenet.
University of Ghent, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History
Einige Beiträge zur Denkmalpflege im Saarland - A private page by Christel Bernard and Jan Selmer on mainly late medieval archaeology - Verschiedene Vorberichte und Texte, im wesentlichen zu Untersuchungen und Ausgrabungen der Autoren, meist frühneuzeitlicher und mittelalterlicher Zeitstellung im Saarland.
Archäologie des Mittelalters Homepage - Department of medieval and modern archaeology at the University of Bamberg provides information about courses, teachers and publications, lists current excavations in northern Bavaria and other news. Available in German and English; some pages are still under construction.
ROMARCH mirror site at the University of East Anglia (UK)
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Toscana - The first Soprintendenza officially online, with a news page and information on exhibitions, excavations, educational resources, museums, restoration and the library.

20 May 1996

Changed URLs:
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - Moved to a different server location.
The Roman Open Air Museum in Hechingen-Stein has moved to another URL now. The old link still works but the new one is faster and has smaller graphics. Also available in English
Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Archaeology, and Historic Preservation, Peter Stott's invaluable guide.
The Sloinge Project moved to a new home.

New URLs:
The School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies, University of Liverpool
Bournemouth University School of Conservation Sciences
Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle includes Virtual Gallery in three sections
Ground Penetrating Radar survey at Wroxeter Report on a GPR survey of part od the Roman town of Wroxeter, detailing the techniques used in the survey and processing. Parallel technical and educational texts. Includes many images
The Ironbridge Institute - The Ironbridge Institute, located at the World Heritage site of Ironbridge in Shropshire (UK), teaches courses in Heritage Management and Industrial Archaeology
Kilmartin House - a centre for archaeology and landscape interpretation A top-notch web-site for this new eco-museum based in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, which focuses on the rich archaeological landscape around Kilmartin. Among other goals they aim to provide the key focal point for environmental education to local schools, and to retrieve for the region archaeological materials which are currently housed in museums in Edinburgh and London. Included on-line are a section on prehistoric music (with sound), a clickable map of local archaeological sites, and illustrated information on their educational and research projects. An excellent resource.
Science Matters: The Role and Achievement of Science in Greek Antiquity Conference July 8-12, 1996
TAG Conference December 1996
British Archaeological Excavations now online, courtesy of Current Archaeology
Gruppo Archeologico Pisano A volunteers' association operating in Pisa since 1970 in the field of cultural heritage, archaeology in particular, and belonging to the national association Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia and to the European Forum of Heritage Associations. Some sections in English; includes excavation reports.
Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia Una associazione di volontariato che si occupa della tutela, della valorizzazione e della salvaguardia del patrimonio storico, archeologico e pi=F9 in generale culturale del nostro Paese, collaborando con le istituzioni preposte a questi compiti, quali le Soprintendenze competenti per territorio ed i Musei.
Il Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, Pisa - includes an exhibition of medieval pottery

17 May 1996

Updated all thematic pages with new links.
Please check all your bookmarks - in Netscape 2.* you can do this automatically by clicking on Window - Bookmarks - File - What's new?.

6 May 1996

Updated all country pages with new links.

5 April 1996

Changed URLs:
Çatal Hüyük Project - University of Cambridge excavation of a Neolithic Tell
Cimiez Museum - near Nice, Roman Cemenelum
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet - archaeology, coins, and runes at the University of Oslo. Also available in English
Aquincum - Roman Budapest -
Viking Age rune stones - includes descriptions, pictures, photos and transcriptions
Classics Server - at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin. Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites
Fringe Archaeology - A skeptical look at popular pseudo-archaeology
Zoöarchaeology Laboratory home page - Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham. Contains links to many other areas of Environmental Archaeology

New URLs:
Knowlton Henge Complex, interim report - field survey and excavation at the Neolithic henge complex of Knowlton, Dorset
Greek Ministry of Culture -
Cyberarqueologo Portugues - Revista da Associacao Independente Arqueologia dedicada a Arqueologia em Portugal. Journal on Portugese archaeology by independent group
As gravuras paleoliticas do vale do Coa - Database of paleolithic engravings from the Coa valley. Fully annotated. Uma base de dados relativos `as gravuras paleoliticas do vale do Coa, com textos integrais, referencias bibliograficas, referencias de noticias e resumo e recursos na internet
Institute of Archaeology - Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland). Under construction
Council for Independent Archaeology Newsletter 20 - Contents: The Flag Fen meeting, May 18th, Portable Antiquities, a Discussion Document, The Archaeological Investigations Project, Treasure Trove or Treasure Bill?
Castle Bookshop -
Current Archaeology -
Asociacion Profesional de Arqueologos de Galicia (APAG) - lists activities of the Association, including lectures, conferences, and courses. Also includes some e-mail addresses and links to other useful pages
History of Budapest - Overview of Budapest history and archaeology in ~10 sections
Slovak karst - archaeology - Details of the archaeology in the limestone caves of the Slovakian karst region
Keltit - Tom Sjoblom's page about the Celts (mentions archaeology - in Finnish)
Ile d'Ogoz - documentation - M. Bouyer's "L'Ile de Pont-en-Ogoz sur le lac de Gruyère, Histoire et Archéologie", Les dossiers, No 62, avril 1982, pp. 42-47
Laboratoire d'anthropologie UMR 153 (Rennes) - publications and seminar programme of the Anthropology Laboratory, University of Rennes
Centre De Documentation Archéologique Régional de Lattes, Languedoc-Roussillon -
Quelques objets exposés au Musée Henri Prades -
Site de Lattara -
Council for Scottish Archaeology -
PIA (Papers from the Institute of Archaeology) - Founded at University College London 1990, its primary aim was to provide an outlet for research at the graduate level, much of which would not otherwise be published. The journal is refereed largely by members of staff of the Institute. Issues 1 and 4 a
The Ironbridge Institute -
Archaeology Group, University of Bournemouth -
Institute of Field Archaeologists Wessex Group - Home Page of the first regional IFA group online; includes newsletters and events listings
Neolithic Studies Group - a loose-knit collectivity of archaeologists, mainly from Britain and the Atlantic seaboard countries of the European Union, with an interest in the Neolithic period
Les dates de l'Histoire Bretonne - Brief notes on the archaeology and history of Brittany
Activités pour Accompagner Histoire CM (Hachette 1995) - French language educational resource, presented online, with archaeological subject matter
Le site de Portejoie et la boucle du Vaudreuil au moyen-âge (du 7e au 14e siècle) - The excavation of a medieval cemetery of 1600 graves (runs over a number of pages in French)
cyberarqueólogo português - Revista da Associação Independente Arqueologia dedicada à Arqueologia em Portugal. Vol 1 for 1995, containing: António José Marques da Silva 1995, O Megalitismo na Beira
Associação Independente Arqueologia - information about the organisation
Paléontologie Humaine et Préhistoire - personnel of the laboratory including doctoral students, description of aims and research interests
L'Homme Préhistorique: Son Évolution, Son Milieu, Ses Activités - programmes and research teams of the ??
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - Description of a hillfort whose interior was completely excavated, producing finds from all periods between palaeolithic/mesolithic transition and medieval, with construction of hillfort in the iron age (section still under construction). From North Some
Medieval and Earlier Reenactment and Living History Groups -
Departamento de Historia Antigua, Universidad de Granada -
Ali so v Slovenijina Ali najstarej e glasbilo? - The report of a find of possibly the earliest musical instrument in Europe, from excavations at the cave Divje Babe I in W Slovenia 1995. Pierced bear-bone found in Mousterian levels, dated to before 40,000 bp. English translation.
A radar survey of Pond Barrows - A report by Ted Flaxman, a retired engineer who has become interested in pond barrows and has conducted a detailed survey of five such sites using ground penetrating radar.

13 March 1996

Warning: if you visit C.I.R.T. - International Center for Retrieval of New, Ancient and Rare Books, they may send you unsolicited book listings
Changed URLs:
The Greek and Roman Civilisation site at University College Dublin has been transferred to a new address
CEIPAC has moved to a new host
New URLs:
The no. 2 issue of TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin, maintained by Footsteps of Man (Valcamonica)
Rosgartenmuseum Konstanz
Anglo-American Research at Pompeii - by Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford. Review of project, report on 1995 season, and outline of Field School.
nweurope-10kbp discussion list - This new list has been initiated following informal discussions at the XIV INQUA Congress in Berlin in August 1995. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussion for archaeologists, environmental scientists and quaternary geologists with an interest in the human response to the Pleistocene/Holocene transition in Northwest Europe. New subscribers will receive a full background file. To join send the following command to: join nweurope-10kbp firstname lastname. Anybody wanting further information before joining is invited to contact the list moderator Chris Tolan-Smith
GPS/GIS related Web pages - by Jeff Hamilton, Trimble Mapping Systems dealer.
Archeologische Werkgroep Lichtenvoorde - Archeologie in de Achterhoek (Nederland). Opgravingsverslagen, lopende projekten, vragen en publicaties.
Projekt Römerzeitung - Elektronische Schülerzeitung im Deutschen Schulnetz, an electronic project on the Romans from a group of eight primary and secondary schools in Germany (ages 10-15), each doing complementary topic work which includes much archaeology, especially the Kaiseraugst Project. Uses maps, photographs, reconstructions, original archaeological material, and students' drawings to illustrate some excellent text.
Tour of Caistor Roman town
Archéologie générale y compris la topographie - annotated bibliography, a subsection of Bibliotheca Classica Selecta (BCS): Une introduction bibliographique aux Études classiques
Megalithic Sites and Mounds - written by art historian Chris Whitcombe, and part of his Earth Mysteries pages. Contains illustrated texts on: Archäometallurgie des Eisens - in der Oberlausitz von der älteren Eisenzeit bis zum Hochmittelalter
Städtische Museen Heilbronn: Von den ersten Siedlern zu den Trois Seigneurs - Archäologische Funde aus dem Biterrois, Eine Ausstellung des Musée Saint Jacques, Béziers und den Städtischen Museen Heilbronn
Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum und Emder Rüstkammer im Rathaus am Delft
Antikensammlung Charlottenburg - Der Besucher bekommt hier bedeutende Stücke antiker Kleinkunst von der kretisch-mykenischen Zeit bis zur frühbyzantinischen Epoche zu sehen
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte im Bode-Museum - Berlin
Museum im Frey-Haus Brandenburg
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster Archäologisches Museum
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften Radiokohlenstoff-Labor - Radiocarbon laboratory, also available in English
Stone Pages - British and Irish prehistoric sites from an Italian viewpoint (also available in Italian)
Radiokohlenstoff-Methode: Der Tod startet die Stoppuhr - (Death starts the stop-watch) - a beautifully illustrated description of the radiocarbon dating technique
Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen
Rupestrian Archaeology guestbook - Open space for news & messages online from/to Rock Art researchers and organisations.
Achill Archaeological Summer (Field) School - Late Medieval Environmental Archaeology. Field School for training students and other interested participants in archaeological field methodology. Maximum Credits 6. Approved by Department of Education, Ireland.
Archaeology and Tourism in Sicily - touristic information, images of the archaeological sites of Western Sicily. Detailed report of the archaeological activities carried out in 1995.
Production and trade of iron in north-east Roman Spain
THE AMPHORAS PROJECT - Information on plain, unglazed, ceramic storage containers, with two handles, mostly pointed at the bottom, used to carry wine, oil, fish, and other commodities around the ancient Mediterranean. AMPHORAS is making available part of the archive collected by Virginia R. Grace at the excavations of the Agora at Athens, as well as some additional materials.

27 February 1996

The 16th International Radiocarbon Conference
Mark Holley's World of Crannog Research - An introduction to crannogs
Marischal Museum - University of Aberdeen. Offers information about the museum, its collections, exhibitions and services. Also included are information and programmes for the North-East Section of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Marischal Museum Young Archaeologists.
The 1996 British Archaeological Awards lecture, on `Archaeology and the public', given by Francis Pryor on 18 January in London to an invited audience
The no. 2 issue of TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin, maintained by Footsteps of Man (Valcamonica) will be avalaible on March 1 1996.
UISPP Commission IV, Colloquium II: GIS Applications in Archaeology - Full program including abstracts and author addresses
Fachschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - Universität Heidelberg
Forschungsstelle Archäometrie - Akademie der Wissenschaften, Heidelberg. Archaeometry Research Group.
Unitat de Paleo-etologia Hominida, Seminari d'Estudis i Recerques Prehistoriques (S.E.R.P.) - Departamento di Prehistoria, Historia Antiga i Arqueologia, Universitat de Barcelona. The Unit aims to reconstruct the behaviour of the first hominids not only from archaeological remains (such as tools, habitat structures, food scraps, etc.), but also by making use of studies of present-day primates (including humans).
The Historical Metallurgy Society home pages - descriptions of the Society, its activities, and forthcoming meetings. Although the society is called the Historical Metallurgy Society, its meetings and publications cover the whole timespan over which metals have been used.
Material Science-Based Archaeology Group - Department of Materials, Oxford University. The research of the group is primarily focused on all aspects of the ancient metallurgy, but also deals with related materials, or the application of archaeo-metallurgical techniques to other types of materials.

14 February 1996

Chester Heritage Services
The GIS Master Bibliography - searchable on-line resource that provides abstracted references to much of the current material (both technical and trade journal) in the GIS area.
The Viking Discovery of America - including the archaeological evidence from the World Heritage Site of L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland
Megalithic Art Gallery - Pictures of stones at Knowth, Ireland
Tony's Favourite Rocks Page - Pictures of Irish and other megalithic sites
Newgrange and megalithic art - A view from the Netherlands
Brogarin Megaliitit
Das Archäologische Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg - with:
Centre De Documentation De La Préhistoire Alpine: main page, with:
  • Charavines - Voici une première série de dessins ou photos d'objets du Néolithique récent provenant de Charavines
  • Charavines
Archéologie - French archaeological libraries
Archéologie générale y compris la topographie - annotated bibliography
Musée d'ethnographie, d'histoire naturelle et d'archéologie - Cherbourg (Manche)
Montignac-Lascaux - includes notes on Lascaux I and II and other prehistoric sites in the region, including Les Eyzies
Der Mann, der Mecklenburg ausgrub - a short biography of Ewald Schuldt
Museum für das Fürstentum Lüneburg
Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln
Regia Anglorum - "These pages are designed to be an interactive experience for anybody with an interest in Early Medieval Europe in general and Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in particular".
News on Foz Côa Dam - Details of the cancellation of the Foz Côa Dam Project
History and Tourism pages of the Département Rhône-Alpes, with:
Archeologie en bodemkundig onderzoek in Overijssel - Netherlands
Archéologie Faverges - Musée archéologique de Viuz - Haute-Savois, France
Euroasian Petroglyphs - project about regions and pictorial dialects in the petroglyph record of the Eurasian taiga. From Umeå University, Sweden
The Cotswolds Hyperguide, with:
Department of Archaeology, University of Reading
Crannogs - Mark Holley's home page
Archaeology in Hampshire Annual Report 1995 - Report of the County Archaeologist
Hampshire Archaeology Trail - "Discover Hampshire on our WWW archaeology trail"
Hampshire - Museums of War & Peace - includes Museum of the Iron Age and other archaeology museums
Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society
University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS)
Keltenmuseum Hochdorf
Musées de Basse-Normandie - welcome page, with:
La Crypte Archéologique Du Groupe Évêche Cathédrale
Mosaïque mérovingienne de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin
L'Ouest De La France Et La Domestication Du Feu
ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine - reports on the latest archaeological news from Europe and around the world. It is an official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

7 February 1996

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads - offers materials on Sauro-Sarmatian archaeology in the southern Urals. From Berkeley University.
Landscape Archaeology Research Group, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Works mainly in heritage management, archaeological impact assessment, and information systems.

5 February 1996

NOTES - Italian Archaeological Bulletin. Publication forum for short papers up to Iron Age, includes Announcements section. Based at Ferrara University.
GISARCH - GIS and Archaeology forum. Includes list of members, access to the archived messages, and access to any files that have been associated with the list. Maintained by the University of York.
Gruppo Archeologico Pisano (GAP) - volunteer association for cultural heritage, operating in Pisa, Tuscany , Italy. Pages in Italian but contain some information in English. Includes a detailed directory of all the archaeological museums in Tuscany.

24 January 1996

Zoöarchaeology Laboratory home page - Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham. Contains links to many other areas of Environmental Archaeology.
MoLAS, the Museum of London Archaeology Service. Commercial.
Site of Norman invasion found at Upper Wilting Farm (UK)? - a presentation of evidence that a planned road will pass through a site that may contain the first Norman camp of William the Conqueror and the Invasion site in 1066. By Nick Austin.
Gruppo Archeologico Torinese - Associazione di volontariato archeologico di Torino; sezione locale dei Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia. Archaeological Volunteers Group of Turin.
Fringe Archaeology page by Martijn van Leusen.

15 January 1996

Mayflower 2000 - The Mayflower III is an historically accurate full size replica of the Pilgrims Mayflower of 1620, to be built over the next two years on the River Thames in London, England, and then sailed on a goodwill voyage from England to America early in 1998, before returning to England in time for the millenium celebrations at the end of 1999. By the Southwark Heritage Association.
Report 2 on the Lockington (Leicestershire) barrow excavations by BUFAU.
Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge University
The history of plumbing - Roman and English legacy - from: Plumbing and Mechanical, July 1989.

12 January 1996

Changed URLs:
The Valcamonica Rock Art Home Page is now at a different server. The Rock Art Links page (New Europe and world-wide) also moved to that server.
New URLs:
Lascaux page - Now there is a clickable map (no text!) available here with pictures of the famous cave paintings.
The Hessisches Landesmuseum at Darmstadt has some archaeological material.
AmberWeb - L'Ambra nella Scienza e nell'Archeologia - exemplary set of pages in Italian and English. Very good!
TRACCE - TRACKS, On Line Rock Art Bulletin, by Footsteps of Man, Valcamonica, Italy. In the first issue:
  • Cemmo boulders menaced by a road
  • Direct dating: does it work? The Coa valley experience
  • Rupe Magna, the biggest engraved rock in the Alps
  • New Iron Age engraved rocks found in western Alps
  • Archeo-links
  • Short news and appointments

8 January 1996

The South Cadbury Environs Project 1995 - a new addition to the South Cadbury hillfort archive at the University of Birmingham.
The Italo-Austrian Iceman - brief document by the Institute for Anatomy at the University of Innsbruck.

5 January 1996

Capo Alfiere Excavations - this is a preliminary posting of results from University of Texas excavations at Capo Alfiere, Calabria, Italy. It is the first part of a web site being put together for the UT Institute of Classical Archaeology.
Archaeometry and Stonehenge - details AML involvement in the Stonehenge 20th Century Excavations Project.
English Heritage Guidelines:
Lancaster University Archaeological Unit - Information about their work including the Virtual Rome
Imperium Romanorum
ROMAN EMPERORS with pictures and quiz
MORE INFO ON GEMINA (under construction)

3 January 1996

Changed URLs:
The San Telmo project has moved to another server
Athena Review, a quarterly journal of archaeology, history, and exploration, has moved to a new server.
The Sudan Archaeological Society homepage moved to a new URL, is no longer under construction and is now also available in English.
New URLs:
BASP - the Bonn Archeological Statistics Package, with details about the program and screenshots
Archaeological Investigations in the Chad Basin - Research Project on West Africa funded by the German Research Foundation.
Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, University of St Andrews. Offers post-graduate courses in Maritime Studies (archaeology, history and ethnology of mankind's relationship with the sea); hosts the Archaeological Diving Unit, National Historic Ships Project, the Maritime Fife and Duart Point Shipwreck projects.
Archaeological Diving Unit - exists to provide technical support and advice to HM Government Department of National Heritage and the United Kingdom's Home Country Heritage organisations.
The Gemina Project - Roman Military Reconstruction.
Rock Art Links - A complete world wide list of Rock Art links in Europe, the US, India, and Australia.
Valcamonica Rock Art - a presentation of Valcamonica, the most important prehistoric rock art site in the Alps. By Footsteps of Man (IFRAO member), an Archaeological Cooperative working in Rupestrian Archaeology.
Jeremy Huggett's Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries database. A set of resources relating to early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, including a number of cemetery datasets available for downloading.
Link archive 1996 Archives for the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, and 1995.