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Archives for the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, and 1995.

28 August 1997

New URLs:
Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa - this Roman city on the North African coast has been excavated by archaeologists since the 1920s. From Phoenicean beginnings through successfully defeating attempts at Greek colonisation to becoming a significant Roman city this site has welcomed many of the great names of the Roman Empire. Although now a UNESCO World Heritage site, few tourists get to see the wonders of this site in person, but the work of the latest team of archaologists to excavate this site is being made available on this web site for all to see.
'Fish remains and humankind' - Internet Archaeology 3 now contains the following papers from the Fourth meeting of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) fish remains working group:
  • D.C. Brinkhuizen: Some remarks on seasonal dating of fish remains by means of growth analysis
  • Mona L Colburn: Cranial osteology of the redear sunfish; examples from the American Midwest
  • Richard C. Hoffmann: Pike (*Esox lucius*) in Late Medieval culture: from illiterate empericism to the literate traditions
  • David J. Ward: A simple machine for bulk processing sediments
Internet Archaeology now has a review section, for which no username or password is needed:
  • Review: Perseus 2.0 CD-ROM - by Nick Eiteljorg. The CD covers sources and studies on Ancient Greek culture.
  • Review: Fieldworker - review by Nick Ryan et al. of the FieldWorker Advanced 2.3.5 and FieldWorker Pro 0.91 Global Positioning System software.
2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology, 2-5 October 1997, Darfo-Boario Terme (Valcamonica - Italy). The Congress, organized by the Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative which maintains some of the best rock-art related web pages, draws together researchers in the field of archaeology, ethnography, and the history of religion with the aim of refining the chronological, interpretative and methodological aspects of European Rock Art research.
TRACCE 8 - the new issue of TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin.

21 August 1997

New URLs:
Guder & Grave - a pilot presentation of Danish Bronze Age by the National Museum. Well worth a visit as it is a portent of things to come. Useful archaeological dictionary. Also in English.
Det Kulturhistoriske Centralregister - the National Archaeological Records of Denmark. Also in English.

19 August 1997

A cleanup of Irish Archaeology resources is now in progress. Preliminary results:

New URLs:
Discovery Programme - extensive pages on late prehistoric research, including sites at Tara, North Munster, the western stone forts and the Ballyhoura hills. Includes use of GIS. Last updated Feb 1997.
Irish Association of Quaternary Studies (IQUA) - interdisciplinary forum for specialists working on various aspects of the Quaternary period, including archaeology.
The Roman Invasion Controversy - defence by Richard Warner of the theory that Ireland was invaded by the Romans.
Connemara archaeology - County Galway.
CELT - the Corpus of Electronic Texts. Database on historical and literary texts in the languages of Ireland.

Updated URLs:
Trowel - the journal of the Archaeological Society of University College Dublin, with articles by postgraduate students and lists of recent theses. Very interesting link, worth having a look at.
Ulster Journal of Archaeology
Classics Ireland online - the journal of University College Dublin. Volumes 1-4 available.
Achill Archaeological Summer (Field) School - Late Medieval Environmental Archaeology. Field School for training students and other interested participants in archaeological field methodology. Maximum Credits 6. Approved by Department of Education, Ireland.
The Céide Fields of North Mayo - News report on the continuing research project on this remarkable neolithic landscape.
CURIA Irish Manuscript Project
Department of Archaeology, Queens University of Belfast. Barebones page with staff list. Information about teching and courses lives here
Department of Palaeoecology, Queens University of Belfast - includes 14C laboratory and staff list.
Newgrange and megalithic art - a view of these neolithic mounds, with photos taken during solstices, from the Netherlands. Links to pages for Dowth and Knowth mounds.
Irish Archaeology Home Page - A guide to Irish archaeology resources.

Deleted URLs:
The Turoe stone
St Fechin's Church
A Knowth satellite tomb
Cashel Rock and round tower
Cahir Castle
Celtica's Photo Album - This commercial site includes a gallery of site photographs from Ireland including megalithic tombs, forts and early Christian sites.
Antiquities of Co. Galway - an introduction - Useful description, scanned in from Galway's Official Guide to City and County.
Megalithic Art Gallery - Pictures of stones at Knowth, Ireland
Tony's Favourite Rocks Page - Pictures of Irish and other megalithic sites
Navan Fort, County Armagh: ancient seat of the kings of Ulster - from the Armagh Planetarium. Also
Newgrange and megalithic art - a non-specialist view.
Classics Server at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin. Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites.
Irish Prehistory and Archaeology - fairly complete introduction to Irish Archaeology by lecturer from Creighton University, USA.

5 August 1997

Four Star Award for Web Excellence - Anthropology awarded to ARGE!!

1 August 1997

New URLs:
Romanian Archaeology - An overwiew on Romanian archaeology by Mircea Angelescu (available in English and French). It contains a brief history of archaeology in Romania, the main institutions involved in archaeological excavations, a presentation of the Greek-Roman City of Histria, with 3D reconstructions of its main monuments and a guided tour of the site museum with complete inventory of the collection.
The Museum of History and Archaeology in Roman - (available in English and Romanian). Rich archaeological collection from Neolithic, Hallstatt, La Tène and 4th century AD.

28 July 1997

New URLs:
Derbyshire Archaeological Society - With calendar of events, and on-line searchable index of the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal from 1879-1997.
European Archaeological Research Projects - A project from the EU-funded Archeonet network offering students and researchers opportunities to participate in excavation and field survey projects.
Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome - A site dedicated to the archaeology of Ostia, with pages of colour-coded plans, ancient texts, photos and bibliography, as well as further links; a developing, good-looking site.
Instituto de Arqueologia, Universidade de Coimbra
Del Nogier - Histoire et Archéologie en Corrèze - A developing site; pages of links available, and a summary of archaeological information on the region.
Roman Military Sites in Britain - Contains a gazetteer, regional maps, an introduction to Roman military sites, bibliographies and photos: lots of information.
Arte Parietal Paleolítico - Applications of digital photography in the analysis and tracings of rock art (also in English).
Esslingen in Mittalter - Nice-looking site with short descriptions of the excavations on the Carmelite friary and the excavation museum (also in English).
Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Copenhagen.
III Coloquio Internacional de Arte Megalítico - Third colloquium on megalithic art, Coruña, 8-13 September 1997.
Federseemuseum, Bad Buchau - English text available.

21 July 1997

New URLs:
MicroImages, Inc. - a free copy of their TNTlite GIS and mapping software can be downloaded here. Restrictions apply to the size of the maps and databases you can build.

18 July 1997

New URLs:
ST-GIS - discussion list for archaeological GIS and mapping with a time-based component, for example systems which deal with coastal change, urban growth, sites & monuments records, rise and fall of empires etc. To subscribe, send a message WITHOUT A SUBJECT TITLE to: the majordomo. The message should read: subscribe st-gis xxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxx is your email address. The list is owned by Ian Johnson, Coordinator, Archaeological Computing Laboratory School of Archaeology, University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia.
Department of Archaeology - University of Belgrade, Serbia. In Serbian, German, and English. Includes:
Jelica - Gradina - excavation in western Serbia, on a site with prehistoric, paleobyzantine, germanic and medieval periods.
Rose - Malo Rose - excavation on the Montenegran coast, with antique, late antique, paleobyzantine and medieval remains.

2 July 1997

New URLs:
ARCHEOLOGIS - a programme under the EU INFO2000 aegis to build an archaeological GIS for the Mediterranean area.
Issue 3 of Internet Archaeology is out!
Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica (AIAC) - International Association for Classical Archaeology.

Updated URLs:
The lists EAHW-ALL, EAHW-ARGE, and EAHW-MUSEUMS are closed, and messages and members are transferred to the list EAHW.

24 June 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological prospection data and the Internet - home page of Ben Armstrong, who is starting a dissertation project to develop web access to survey data at the University of Bradford, UK.

14 June 1997

Updated URLs:
Stichting RAAP - Contract research unit based in Amsterdam. Also in English.
Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie

8 June 1997

New URLs:
ArcheoTech S.A. - Mesures Techniques et Développements informatiques en architecture et archéologie; investigations archéologiques. Commercial.
Ori delle Alpi - Alpine Jewellery; Ornaments from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages. Available in English, German and French too.

Updated URLs:
Centro Studi Archeologia Africana - a study society for African archaeology based in Milan. Also in English.

21 May 1997

New URLs:
L'Histoire de l'Art et l'Archéologie du Monde Gréco-Romain sur Internet - resource list maintained at the University of Liege; under construction.
Intern ational Journal of Nautical Archaelogy, Vol. 23 (1994) - contents listing.
ANATOLIAN PREHISTORY - details of a symposium held from 28th April - 3rd May 1997.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Lieège - homepage with general introduction to prehistory, and review of excavations by the museum since the 19th century.
Activités chypriotes - publications and research on Cypriot antiquities.
Internet Ancient History Resource Guide - from Ghent University.
Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP) - oldest established professional organisation. In French and English.
Cellule Archéologie des Âges des Métaux (CAM) - forum for research on the Belgian Bronze and Iron Ages. In French and Dutch.
The European Cultural Legacy CD-i Series - full description of its contents; topics include Cistercian architecture, Pompeii, and Thera.
Centre de Recherches d'Archeologie Nationale (CRAN) - covers prehistoric, gallo-roman and medieval sites and projects in Belgium and surrounding countries. Lists details of people and publications.
Archéologie du Nord-Ouest européen - description of the research programme, including mapping, environmental archaeology, gallo-roman and postmedieval archaeology.
Musée de la Préhistoire en Wallonie

Updated URLs:
Archéologie et Électronique - La rubrique archéologique d'Aiolos. Resource guide with many links worth pursuing. See especially the topographic and underwater sections, and a very complete online catalogue of catalogues for classical archaeology, built by librarians at the University of Amsterdam.
Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology - postgraduate programme at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Projects in Turkey amongst others; in English and Dutch. Last updated May 1996.
Namur - Musé Archéologique - prehistoric, Roman and Merovingian collections, mainly of the city itself.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège - focuses on palaeanthropology of the Ardennes region.
Les Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Main page for Belgian royal museums, including the most important Musée du Cinquantenaire which includes the archaeological collections. In English and French; last updated December 1996.

Deleted URLs:
Archeologi e en Kunstwetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Dept. of Archaeology and Art Sciences)

19 May 1997

New URLs:
Aiolo s (Klassieken) : Web bronnen : persoonlijke selectie - resource list for Classical archaeology.
UBA: Aiolos (Klassieken) : Algemene bronnen - resource list, mainly for bibliographic services in Classical archaeology.
Historic and Archaeological Sights in Crete - Details of 7 museums and 13 archaeological sites on Crete, from University of Crete.
ARTIFACT - Listserv discussion list for the study of artifacts.
ARCHSTUD - Listserv discussion list for students of archaeology.
Computer Aided Design in Archaeology - links for archaeologists working with CAD packages, from Reading University.
Institut für Klassische Archäologie - Karl-Franzens University of Graz.
ARMAMENTARIUM - The Book of Roman Arms and Armour - A continually updated virtual book on Roman military equipment, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne University Museum.
Katedra archeologie Masarykovy univerzity Brno - Department of Archaeology, Masaryk University Brno (Czechia). Also available in English.
Studia minora - series archaeologica et classica - The first Czech electronic journal for archaeology and classics, with articles and summaries (in German).
The Discovery Programme - The homepage of this archaeological research institution, funded by the Heritage Council of Ireland. Details of the four first research projects and the two new feasibility studies, and of survey and mapping techniques, geophysical survey and GIS. A good-looking and informative site.
Williams College Excavations at Psalmodi, France - Excavation at the Benedictine monastery of Psalmodi, with details of sculpture and pottery from the prehistoric, Roman and medieval periods.
Archaeology_AT - "This site collects links to internet resources of interest to classical archaeologists and other scientists. It is particularly dedicated to archaeological sites in Austria and German-language internet archaeology publications".
The British Museum - The official pages.
The School of History and Archaeology (HISAR) - University of Cardiff.

Updated URLs:
Roman Ceramics - Updated version of Allard Mees's magnificent Roman pottery pages, with recent publications from 13 European countries, general bibliographies, Samian and amphora research, Banassac illustrated figure-type catalogue and much much more. Includes new search and explore features (requires 32bit Netscape 3.0, 4.0 or IE 3.0). A highly recommended site.
La Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyrénées orientales) - From the Laboratoire de Préhistoire, Université de Perpignan, an extensive site dedicated to the 450,000 year-old human from Tautavel, including details on dating and environment, reconstructions and animations.

15 May 1997

New URLs:
Ein multimediales archäologisches Museum - linking to 3D reconstruction stills based on a CAD model of Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Xanten). Also in English.
The Ancient Greek World Index - introductory and illustrated 'textbook' on ancient Greece, from the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
The Ancient Greek World Introduction - based on an exhibit at the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
The Corinth Computer Project - Reconstructing the city plan and landscape of Roman Corinth. From the American School of Classical Studies, details methods used to create plans.
Exploring Ancient Cultures - introductory online college textbook with sections on Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. Worth a visit because nothing like it yet exists for European archaeology.
FAQ about careers in archaeology - aimed at US audience, but useful nonetheless. Also links to archaeology on TV, film and in fiction.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - images, reconstructions and explanatory text from Boston University. Includes Temples of Zeus at Olympia, of Artemis at Ephesus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities in Europe - excavations in need of volunteers.
Ir ish Archaeology Homepage - sites, database of excavation reports.

Updated URLs:
two excavations, one at Sos Hoyuk (EBA to Medieval), the other at Buyuktepe Hoyuk (IA to Hellenistic)
PERSEUS updated
Pylos project updated - a book-length report plus some 600 images of the BA site.
Isthmia project - focuses on the sanctuary of Poseidon and the lifting of a mosaic from its Roman bath. Important religious festival site.

7 May 1997

New URLs:
The second issue of Assemblage, the Sheffield graduate journal of archaeology, is now out. See also assemblage-info, dedicated to providing a constantly updated information service for the archaeological community at large and postgraduate students in particular, currently listing details of *126* funding sources, *59* conferences and links to *149* online archaeological bibliographies! The info pages also offer a short selection of genuinely useful links and cool archaeological web sites and coming soon will be info on academic jobs, a news clippings service and schedules for archaeological TV programmes.

23 April 1997

New URLs:
Guide to awards in the Humanities and Social Sciences from the British Academy (Archaeology Grants).

16 April 1997

New URLs:
European Archaeological Research Projects (EARP) - an ArcheoNet service, EARP is intended to be a Europe-wide database for fieldwork projects offering student places. There are forms for submitting projects and for searching the database.
The Nemea Valley Archaeological Project (NVAP) - reports on intensive survey of part of southern Corinthia, by the American School in Athens.
Moyse's Hall Museum pages - including text and images relating to, amongst others, the First Hunters, Seasonal Settlers, the First Farmers, the Chieftains ... through to the South Folk of the East Angles.

Updated URLs:
The MDA Website has now been updated, to include information about the second edition of SPECTRUM, the UK Museum Documentation Standard; the first announcement of the Standards in Action Workshop to be held at Churchill College Cambridge, 1st-3rd Octobe, and an updated UK email directory.
The Bonn Archaeological Statistics Package (BASP) is now available from two sites in Europe (Tübingen and Köln) and two sites in the USA (New York and Connecticut ). To obtain BASP by anonymous FTP, ftp to, login as 'anonymous', use your own e-mail address as your password, cd to pc/basp, type 'bin' and 'prompt no' in order to set up multiple binary FTP, then type 'mget baspwin*.zip'.

31 March 1997

New URLs:
Late Bronze Age Settlement in the Beira Interior Region (Central Portugal) - extensive summary of a book by Raquel Vilaça 1995.
Home page of Manuel Medrano and Maria Antonia Diaz - slightly over-the-top, but containing a number of interesting archaeological pages on the site of Contrebia Belaisca (Botorrita, Aragón):
Las cabezas cortadas y la pila de sacrificios humanos: ritos célticos en Aragón (España).
Reconstitución del gran mercado de pieles de Contrebia Belaisca (Botorrita, Aragón).
Las instalaciones para fabricar curtidos en la ciudad celtibérica de Contrebia Belaisca.
El tercer documento escrito en lengua celtibérica de Contrebia Belaisca.
l'Arqueologia de Menorca - sets out to provide a complete view of Menorcan archaeology. Contains an introduction, a guided tour of the island, and pages on six different monuments. By Ferran Lagarda i Mata.
The Caesar Project - EC- supported international project aiming to coordinate the cataloguing of Roman pottery. Contains interactive 3D model sample.
Revista Electrónica Galega de Arqueoloxía (REGA)
Il Monte Testaccio - An extensive Web version from the University of Barcelona of the exhibition in Rome of archaeological and archeometric research on Il Monte delle Anfore, the 'amphora mountain'. An excellent and detailed site. In Italian, Catalan and Spanish (English to come). See also Excavaciones españolas en el Monte Testaccio (Roma) and the Il Monte Testaccio - multimedia CD (Catalan, English, Italian)
Excavaciones en el ciudad romana de Arva (Alcolea del Río, Sevilla)
Excavaciones en Calafell (Tarragona)
Poblado ibérico de Montbarbat (Lloret de Mar-Maçanet de la Selva, Girona)
Corpus informático del instrumentum domesticum - epigraphic database of domestic ware in the western Roman empire.
Asociación Española de Arqueología e Informática
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos
Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica - the Roman town of Italica. Also in English.
Museo Arqueológico Nacional - National archaeological museum, Madrid
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - with seats in five Catalan cities, this museum provides a virtual trip through the combined displays and collections.
El arte rupestre levantino, Región de Murcia - Various prehistoric rock art sites.

Deleted URLs:
The Instituto Portugues de Museus.
Navarra y Pamplona Hasta el 905.

Updated / Changed URLs:
Some 20 URLs relating to Portuguese and Spanish archaeology have now been updated. Please visit the appropriate pages for more details.

21 March 1997

New URLs:
Sciences de l'Antiquité - Université de Lausanne
Ecole Suisse d'Archeologie en Grece - Université de Lausanne. Excavates at Eretria, Euboea. English version available
Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie - Université de Lausanne. Explains about some recent technical developments and offers a database of dated sites.
ArchAGENDA: An international agenda to scientific and cultural events in archaeology - An excellent initiative from two Parisian Universities, extending the range of Europe-wide archaeological Internet services to include a fully searchable calendar of events, with details, links, downloadable documents etc.
Do cumentazione Archeologica e Immagini - of the Rassegna degli strumenti informatici per lo studio dell'Antichitá classica; sections on Guides and Gateways, General Resources and many geographical regions. Probably the largest guide to Internet resources in classical archaeology in Italy.
Ionio Net: Archeologia - a resource guide mainly for Italian archaeology
Italian General Subject Tree: Archeologia - with a lot of new Italian links.

20 March 1997

Changed URLs:
The Birmingham Zoo-archaeology Laboratory moved to a new URL, and have completely refurbished and updated their pages.

16 March 1997

New URLs:
The Vikings - an introductory article by A.E. Christensen.
Arkeologiseksjonen - Universitetet I Tromsø, Norway.
Institutt for Arkeologi og Kulturhistorie - Trondheim University, Norway
Klassillinen arkeologia - Archaeology course at the Institute for Classics and Ancient Cultures of Turku University, Finland.

Changed URLs:
Moved server:

The Viking Network Web
The Viking Discovery of America
Moved to Related Subjects:
Servers for the Levant, with:
The place of archaeology in the reconstruction of Beirut
1000 photographs from Lebanon (July - August 1995)

Deleted URLs:
Alta Petroglyphs - the World Heritage Site of Alta, Norway, with its petroglyphs. One sentence only.
Department of Archaeology, Åbo University

14 March 1997

New URLs:
Issue 2 of the electronic journal Internet Archaeology has now been opened. The first paper to be mounted on the web is:
  • The need for the solid modelling of structure in the archaeology of buildings, by Robert Daniels of the University of Reading, UK
  • Other papers to follow in the next few days include:
    Iron age and Roman copper alloys from Northern Britain by David Dungworth, which includes a database of examples and images
    The chaine operatoire approach to lithic analysis by Roger Grace, which compares Norwegian and English sites
    Enhancing the record through remote sensing: the application and integration of multi sensor, non-invasive remote sensing techniques for the enhancement of the Sites and Monuments Record, Heslerton Parish Project, North Yorkshire, England, by Dominic Powlesland, James Lyall, & Daniel Donoghue.
Internet Archaeology has also started a mailing list which will discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the internet. To join send an email to with the line: join intarch-interest firstname(s) lastname in the body of the message

13 March 1997

Deleted URLs:
ARKEOLOGEN - bimonthly journal.
Department of Archaeology - Umeå University
Department of Archaeology - Uppsala University.
Department of Egyptology - Uppsala University

New URLs:
Birka Vikingastaden - Museum and excavations on the site of the famous Viking trade town
Eketorps borg - excavations, 300-1200 AD
Arkeologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Arkeoosteologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AOFL) at Stockholm.
Numismatiska forskningsgruppen at Stockholm
ArkeologiKonsult - archaeological consultancy

Changed URLs:
Institutionen för antikens kultur och samhällsliv - Department of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University. English version available.
Riksantikvarieäbetet - State Service for Antiquities, Stockholm
Statens Historiska Museer - State Museum of History, Stockholm, with archeological collection from prehistory to middle ages
Arkeologiska Institutionen, Lund University. English version available.
Stockholms läs museum - Stockholm county museum.
Institutionen för arkeologi - Göteborg University. In Swedish and English

26 February 1997

New URLs:
Luftbildarchiv at the Institute for Prehistory and Early History in Vienna. Aerial archive, dealing with aerial archaeology and photogrammetry.
Time Team - a popular TV programme that stages 3-day professional excavations in order to solve archaeological conundrums. You need a plug-in that reads Director type files before you can visit this URL.
Butser Ancient Farm - one of the longest established experimental archaeology stations, in Hampshire, UK. Replica Iron Age farm, with pages on crops and animals and structures as well as details of courses and special events; some images.
Regional Archaeological Survey Resource (RASR) - offers a new feature: the International Survey Project Directory. The Directory is intended as a resource for those interested in identifying survey projects by subject matter, time period or regional location. Contact names and their hotlinked email addresses are provided as well as hyperlinked project summaries. If you are planning, running or have completed an archaeological survey project, you are encouraged to submit your listings to the Directory. Only the framework exists at the moment; your listings will build the Directory into a useful resource for the archaeological survey community.

17 February 1997

Fixed broken links to the Birmingham University Zoo-archaeology Laboratory.

1 February 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological Student Society at the University of Birmingham. What a difference professional page design can make!

29 January 1997

Changed URLs:
The Museum Documentation Association, UK, moved to a different server.
Musée Départemental de Préhistoire, Le Grand-Pressigny - some details. English version available. Contains:
Le Site Pressignien - Short notes about the famous Grand-Pressigny site with pictures
L'Archéolab - Site museum/presentation of ongoing excavations at the Grand-Pressigny site, with partial reconstruction of a late neolithic workshop structure.
Les Préhisto-Jeux - Details of 'public archaeology' at Grand Pressigny, including 'hands-on' specialist and children's workshops and the 'Championnat d'Europe d'Armes Préhistoriques (arc et propulseur)', friendly competition with bow and spear-thrower in the spirit of scientific enquiry.

22 January 1997

New URLs:
Archeonet - network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training. First phase of a project funded under the EC SOCRATES programme.
ARCHEONET-ALL - List for members of the European archaeological educational and training community wishing to be involved or kept informed about the development of ARCHEONET, a thematic network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training. To join this list, mail to: a message containing only the following text (substituting appropriately): join archeonet-all firstname(s) lastname. For further information relating to this new list, contact its owner at

14 January 1997

New URLs:
La Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyrénées orientales) - "Tautavel Man", one of the earliest palaeolithic human remains from France
Fédération Française d'Archéologie - brief details of the Viuz archaeological museum (Haute-Savoie), and Le Thovey mansio report
L'art préhistorique des Pyrénées - Exhibition on portable art associated with Magdalenian people in the Pyrenees. In French and English
Musée Départemental de Préhistoire, Le Grand-Pressigny - very brief details. English version available
Département des Sciences de l'Antiquité, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris - Includes links to its laboratories and research groups
Groupe d'Archéologie Médiévale (GAM) - at the Centre de Recherches Historiques in Paris. Mission statement and publication list
CEA Atelier régional de conservation Nucléart (Grenoble) - Conservation and restauration of organic materials. In French and English
Musée Départemental Breton - includes archaeological collections. In French and English

10 January 1997

New URLs:
Wharram Percy - Description of the deserted medieval village, with maps, plans, photos, reconstruction drawings, bibliography and glossary of terms - an attractive site.
The Giant Search - Rodney Legg's defence of a prehistoric date for the Cerne Abbas Giant hill-figure, with earliest drawings (including 'censored' version)
Archaeology on the Jubilee Line Extension - A page from London Underground on sites at London Bridge, Stratford and Westminster
Land's End Map of Stone Circles and other Ancient Sites - with links to site descriptions and photos
British Turf Labyrinths - Descriptions and photos of all known British turf labyrinths
History - PreHistory - from the Dept of Foreign Affairs on the Irish government's website. Brief, traditional summary.
Irish Underwater Archaeological Research Team - Excavation reports and other activities
Hunt Museum
Archaeology in Ireland: the Celtic High Cross in Clonmacnois - Discussion of crosses and grave-slabs from Clonmacnois, Co. Offaly
Tipperary Historical Journal - Listed contents of first ten vols from 1988, including many archaeological articles.
William Wilde's Lough Corrib (1867) - A scanned version (not yet fully proofed) of Wilde's famous book, with many descriptions and illustrations of archaeological sites and historic monuments
Palaeolithic rock art in La Garma (Cantabria), Spain - Palaeolithic cave paintings and engravings, discovered November 1995, together with extensive upper palaeolithic settlement area. Includes images of art and site.
Institut d'Archéologie et d'Histoire Ancienne - Université de Lausanne
Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali - Pubblicazioni, Abstracts e Preprints section includes links to three volumes of Preistoria Alpina (1992-4) with online abstracts
Excavations at the Grotta dell'Edera in the Italian Karst - Report on excavations of neolithic to Roman levels in this cave
Archeologia preistorica a Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) - A guide to prehistoric sites (mesolithic to bronze age) in the Sesto Fiorentino region
Lake Onega Rock Art - Description, discussion and illustrations of the petroglyphs newly documented during fieldwork 1982-94.
Multiple Levels in the Aegean Bronze Age World-System - Article by Nick Kardulias from the Journal of World Systems Research 1996

8 January 1997

New URLs:
Archaeological Investigations Project - A national study of the nature and extent of fieldwork in England in the early 90s, from Bournemouth University. Supported by EH.
Monuments At Risk (MARS) programme - A national survey of archaeological monuments, their survival, condition, and protective measures, from Bournemouth University. Supported by RCHME and EH.

7 January 1997

New URLs:
Skene diffusion - A central site for heritage and arts in the Région Wallonne, with links to the Division du Patrimoine, with details of protection, restoration and excavation of the archaeological heritage. Other pages on archaeology and museums in the region, summaries of legislation, heritage days, heritage news, and a big section on the Préhistosite de Ramioul. A key resource full of useful information.
Laboratoire Départemental d'Archéologie - Report of 1995 activities by the Val-de-Marne departmental laboratory, with extremely useful information on relationships with developers, official archaeological bodies, principal results of archaeological intervention, post-excavation processes etc.
ArcheoNord - Interesting and attractive pages from the Service Archéologique du département du Nord with details and photos of recent and current excavations.
Mosaïque mérovingienne de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin - Discovery, description and pictures of the Merovingian mosaic.
Museum im Hollerhaus, Dietfurt an der Altmühl - containing the results of excavation and fieldwork made during the 1959-1992 building of the Main-Donau canal.
Arbeitsgruppe Archäometallurgie, Mainz - Pages on 'what is archeometallurgy', current projects, and pictures and photomicrographs of sites, slags and ores.
Frechener Keramik - Report on neutron activation analysis of Frechen pottery (13th-18th century)
Prehistorisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven
The Fogou Reveals its Secrets - A Cornish fogou excavated by the Time Team
Institutt for Arkeologi Kunsthistorie og Numismatikk, Oslo
The Manchester Museum

6 January 1997

New URLs:
A Mostly Complete Piltdown Man Bibliography - A fine annotated bibliography about the famous Piltdown fraud and its treatment in the literature
Diana Nemorensis - The Lake Nemi Roman Ship Reconstruction Project
London Archaeology Notice Board - The London Archaeology Notice Board is intended as an informal forum for anything relating to London archaeology and archaeological events in the London area.
IRIS, Integrated Research Information System - An online catalog for the collections of the Getty Research Institute. IRIS displays bibliographic records of over three hundred and fifty thousand book and serial titles, as well as descriptions of approximately three thousand archival and photograph collections; material includes European art, archaeology and architecture from the Bronze Age onwards
MuseumNet - An information resource for museums in the UK
Pioneering Glass - Some excellent pages on the development of English drinking glasses in the 17th-18th centuries, including research on manufacturing techniques and different styles. Good-looking, with useful information.
Ireland before the Famine - An excellent set of pages about the Strokestown Archaeology Project, including results of recent and current fieldwork in Gorttoose, Co. Roscommon
Prehistory of Cyprus - A general overview, mainly from Encyclopedia Britannica, but includes a more detailed section on the Chalcolithic taken from Peltenburg's book
The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
Coriosolite Expert System - John Hooker's pages on Coriosolite coinage
Der Mann aus der Steinzeit - Pages including Quicktime VR movies of Iceman reconstructions from GEO Magazine
Medieval Pottery Research Group - Pages include:
Annual Conference, provisional programme (Worcester, 12-14th May 1997)
Details of 'Medieval Ceramics' volume 19 (just published)
Christmas newsletter
membership and publications-order forms
links to medieval pottery pages

Changed URLs:
The Hermetica pages have changed server
Simon James's Ancient Celts pages have moved to a new home and have been updated
The Environmental Archaeology Unit, York, moved to a new home
Moravske zemske muzeum v Brne has changed server

3 January 1997

New URLs:
European Association of Archaeologists

2 January 1997

New URLs:
ARCHPORT - mailing list for Portugese archaeology. Send the message subscribe archport yourname to the majordomo
AEGEANET - discusses issues relating to the pre-Classical Aegean world. Send message subscribe aegeanet to the list owner.
C14-L - mailing list for Radiocarbon dating. Send the message subscribe c14-l yourname to the majordomo
Irish Prehistory and Archaeology - fairly complete introduction to Irish Archaeology by lecturer from Creighton University, USA.
Some Dutch journals:
  • Analecta Prehistorica Leidensia - annual research journal by the Leiden Institute of Prehistory. Contents, prices and ordering form.
  • Paleo-Aktueel - annual review of work carried out by the Groningen Institute for Archaeology. Contents only.
  • Paleohistoria - scientific publications by Groningen Institute of Archaeology. Contents only.
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