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Archives for the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1996, and 1995.

22 December 1998

New URLs:
Museums nett Norge: Museene - lists links to Archaeological museums in Norway. Part of very good seachable museums index for Norway. In English and Norwegian.
Heritage Lincolnshire - home of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire. Describes the activities of the trust which include archaeological excavation, interpretation, education and planning. The trust also operates a buildings preservation trust and owns several ancient monuments in Lincolnshire. Fine set of pages.

16 December 1998

Today, the subject and country index pages were revamped. There are now many more subjects to choose from - some 130 - and the resulting pages are generated by a database query rather than being maintained by hand. The country pages are now also generated by query and options for selecting specific data sources within each country will be added this week. The result should be more up-to-date than it was. It is possible that small coding errors have occurred. If you spot one, please alert

14 December 1998

New URLs:
Scotlands Past - deals with all periods of Scottish history with an extensive timeline. Includes news, books, environmental news sections, and much more. Site associated with a commercial bookseller.
Rotstekeningen in Bohuslän (S) - rock art of the Swedish west coast, including the famous Tanum site. The area is now on the UNESCO heritage list and under threat from air pollution. In Dutch, with links to further web sites.
Tanums Häristningsmuseum - Museum rock art research centre, including Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art, documents rock art in the Tanum area. In Swedish and English.
Gabinete de Arqueologia de Fornos de Algodres (GAFAL) - documents research on the recent prehistory and sites to visit in the Fornos de Algodres area (Central Portugal). Also links to other portuguese archaeological web sites. Part of the 'Archaeology on the Net' web ring. In Portugese.
Kompjuteri v Archeologii - 'Computers in Archaeology', site under construction. Currently contains information about designing a database to contain an image catalogue and some GIS software descriptions. Correctly reading the Russian encoding is problematic.
Oxford Archaeotechnics - a UK based company specializing in archaeological prospection and non-destructive archaeological investigation. Includes examples of magnetic and topographic survey.
Mark Beech's home page - follow the 'EAL' link for a list of environmental archaeology links. Mark's own Phd research on bones from the United Arab Emirates is also there.

Updated URLs:
Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek - Dutch State Service for Archaeological Research web site, completely revamped.

8 December 1998

New URLs:
Les Chevaliers-Paysans de l'An Mil, fouilles du site de Colletière, Isère, France - discover the daily life of the farmer-knights who settled on the shores of Lake Paladru in the Middle Ages, uncovered through off-shore archaeological excavations and other studies in the past 20 years. Also in English.
Susiluolan tutkimukset - meaning 'Wolf cave', this paleolithic site was exceptionally preserved under the ice during the last Ice Age. Archaeological and geological excavations are now in full swing and the first preliminary report of the research has been published on the web site. Also in English and Swedish.
Arkeologinen kultuuriperintö, Museovirasto - National Board of Antiquities of Finland. Also in Swedish and English.
Muinaisjä ;ännösten hoitoyksikkö - searchable index with descriptions of over 250 Finnish archaeological sites. Swedish and English versions forthcoming.
Ename 974 - this important early medieval pre-urban settlement (dd 974) was deserted in the mid-11th Century, and an abbey was built on top, preserving the earlier site. It is now an award-winning archaeological parc where techniques such as VR, 3D reconstructions and video are being used to inform and entertain the public. Also in English.
Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey Portfolio - full set of pages detailing this survey to investigate the transition from Ireland's Later Mesolithic to the Neolithic from a regional-scale perspective in a part of Ireland with no history of systematic field collection, in County Donegal, Ireland.
IATH Research Reports - Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia, research report pages include recent reports on the Forum at the civic center of Pompeii, using digital photogrammetry to document the geometry and construction of key areas of the building, and on the hydrological history and urban development of the city of Rome from 753 BC to the present day. Don't forget to look at earlier reports, going back to 1993!
METIS: A QTVR INTERFACE FOR ANCIENT GREEK ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES - site under construction, from the University of Texas at Austin. Uses QuickTime 3.0 plugin.

1 December 1998

New URLs:
ArqueoHispania - guide to the archaeology of ancient Hispania from the coming of the Romans to the end of the Visigoths, maintained by Juan Tovar at the University of Segovia. This is a great new resource providing access to a large number of sites, projects and organisations previously largely unknown outside Spain. French and English translations are planned.
International Cultural Property Protection - from the United States Information Agency (USIA), this page "provides background on the problem of international pillage of artifacts and the U.S. response; information about relevant laws, bilateral agreements and U.S. import restrictions; recent news stories and magazine articles, and much more".

Updated URLs:
CCO: Catalogues collectifs des ouvrages - access to the CNRS-SHS bibliographic databases, with subject areas such as Ethnology, Ancient History, and Prehistory. Also in English.

27 November 1998

Geographic and Thematic indexes are now served directly from the ARGE URN database, making the most up-to-date information available to you (on an experimental basis). For links pertaining to a particular country, try the query-based country page; for links to a particular subject, try the query-based subject page.
New URLs:
Kultûros paveldo centras - Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, Department of Cultural Heritage Protection. Includes register of some 1300 archaeological monuments, legal documents, a searchable index, etc. Mostly Lithuanian, but some English and French pages.
Sourcing Scottish East Coast White Gritty Ware - brief statement on a ceramic research project funded by Historic Scotland.
Northern English Medieval Whitewares: Project design for pilot study - description of ceramic research project funded by English Heritage; primary aim is to characterize medieval pottery produced in northern England from white-firing clays from the 12th to the 15th centuries.
ARCHPUB - Archaeological Publications Announcement List - moderated announcement list / discussion group aiming to provide a platform for the announcement and review of archaeological publications (ie recently published or forthcoming books, journals, etc). The list is open to professionals, students, and others with an interest in archaeology. To subscribe send the message: subscribe ARCHPUB to
Tiermes: celtiberic oppidum and roman municipium in Hispania - Tiermes (Montejo de Tiermes, Soria) is one of the most important archeological sites in Spain: neolithic habitat, iron age necropolis (Carratiermes), celtiberic oppidum (Termes), roman municipium (Termes, Termesos, Termantia,...), medieval sanctuary (Sta. María de Tiermes). Since 1975 archaeologists are uncovering the ancient city (3500 BC to AD 1500). Summaries in French and English.
DIVISION DU PATRIMOINE CULTUREL DU CONSEIL DE L'EUROPE - has a lot of information on managing historic cities. In French, English, and Spanish.

23 November 1998

New URLs:
Norfolk and Norwich Millenium Project - currently empty, this site is to publish a major excavation by the Norfolk Archaeological Unit in the centre of Norwich, to last until late April 1999. The site covers just under a hectare and is adjacent to the Market Place in St Peter Mancroft parish, the richest medieval parish of the city. The site will be updated during the course of the excavation (with the assistance of a digital camera).
On the Rock Art Paths - an educational experience with Valcamonica Rock Art. An entire web site created by secondary school children: texts, poems, tales about prehistoric engraved figures.
MegArt - Megalithic Art - Brittany Megalithic Art Photo Gallery: Gavrinis and Locmariaquer.
Archaeospace - due to Russian encoding I can't read this site; an English version is under construction. Its author, Alexander Murygin, writes "167 000 Syktyvkar Russia Komi. Komi scientific centre Ural Division RAS. Archaeological infospace of the European northeast, Medieval archaeology of the European northeast, Database on medieval archaeology of drainage-basin Mezen and of the Pechora Pre-Ural Area."
Römis che Inschriften in Germanien - Roman Inscriptions in Ancient Germania, presentation of a research project at the University of Osnabrück.
KALKRIESE - Die Örtlichkeit der Varusschlacht - presentation of undergraduate research into the locality of the defeat of P. Quinctilius Varus in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. Preliminary explorations and excavations in the district of Osnabrück, Lower Saxony (Germany), from 1987 until today.

Updated URLs:
RockArtNet - online Rupestrian Archaeology resources and communication, has moved to a new URL.
TRACCE - Online Rock Art Bulletin - now in its 10th issue, with more than 140 papers, has moved to a new URL. The site has been improved with an internal search engine.
Legio X Gemina - new address.
Archaeology in Luxembourg / D'GEORGES KAYSER ALTERTUMSFUERSCHER - new address.

17 November 1998

New URLs:
Otterböte in Kökar - brief description of the remains of a seal-hunters' settlement about 2800 years old, from the late Bronze Age. In Swedish and English.
Rock paintings in Finland - this site catalogs the more than sixty rock painting sites that have been found in Finland. Together they comprise about 450 pictures of different kinds, usually painted on vertical smooth cliffs along ancient water routes.
ArchEd 1.0(beta) - Harris-Matrix software for Windows, from MPI Informatik, Germany. Includes an introduction to the use of Harris Matrixes.
Fulachta Fiadh / Burnt Mounds - details of an experimental archaeology project, the reconstruction of a fulachta fiadh, to see if it could have been used for textile production. Part of the Archaeology Web Ring.
Munich Archaeometry Group - at the Physics department of the Technical University, Munich. Includes article on Mössbauer Spectroscopy applied on Celtic metalwork.

Updated URLs:
Mediterranean Prehistory Online - now includes Articles, Book Reviews, Archaeological News, NewsGroup, Library, and WWW Links. It also welcomes manuscripts (and announcements) to be published.

10 November 1998

New URLs:
Abteilung für Ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärökologie - Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters, University of Tübingen.
Secrets of the Seas - Society for Underwater Exploration chronicles recent discoveries in the ancient Lost City of Alexandria, and uses RealVideo to display some of the techniques used in recovering artifacts. The goal of the Society is to inform and involve the public in the field of marine archaeology. Special focus on latest discoveries involving Cleopatra's Palace in the ancient Royal City of Alexandria and the excavations of ships from Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet in nearby Aboukir.
Exhibition "Art and Magic in Prehistory" - Calarasi, Romania, 1997. In Romanian; English version in preparation.
Exhibition "Cucuteni - the Last Great Chalcolitic Civilisation of Europe" - Thessaloniki, Greece, 1997.
Cetati Dacice din Regiunea Sarmizegetusa - The Dacian Fortresses: Sarmizegetusa. In Romanian and French.
Museum of History and Archaeology in Roman - Romania.
Ind-Arch: resources for industrial archaeology - resource list from the University of York Dept of Archaeology.

Updated URLs:
CIMEC - Institutul de Menorie Culturlã - gateway to the Romanian cultural heritage, this gives access to a wide range of cultural information from Romania, including archaeological excavation reports (in Romanian), archaeological museums and collections, information on archaeologists in Romanian museums, exhibitions. Also in English.

Archaeology Page
Short overview of Romanian Archaeology
Bronze Age Monuments Multilingual Glossary - supported by the Council of Europe. French, English and Romanian names and definitions of over 100 bronze age terms.

2 November 1998

New URLs:
The 4th International Archaeological Camp Luxembourg 1999 - Field work opportunity: the Archaeological Society "D'Georges Kayser Altertumsfuerscher" will organize this at Goeblange in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, from 2 to 14 August 1999. Paying volunteers are welcome at this excavation of a Gallo-Roman farmstead.
Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (UK) 1999 - call for papers from the organisers at Cardiff University. They are particularly hoping to receive contributions from postgraduate students, staff in field units and those who have not participated in a CAA before.
Viaggi virtuali: Cerveteri - short description of the etruscan site of Caere (Necropoli della Banditaccia), with 15 photos. Slow loading and slightly confusing site.
Airphoto - WinNT/Win95 software for the geometric processing of archaeological airphotos. Another great software module from Scollar's BASP set, AirPhoto makes orthophotos from scanned extreme obliques or verticals and superimposes them on scanned maps in various ways. Also available from various mirror sites and via FTP. Costs $250 but there's a 30 day free trial available.
Das Gebäude extra muros in Oescus (Gigen, Bulgaria) - web version of a 1996 M.A. thesis on what is probably a Roman bath, by Andreas Günther. In German.
Arheoloski Muzej u Zagrebu - the Archaeological museum Zagreb (Croatia) holds collections from prehistoric to medieval and numismatic. Also in English.
Furtivo - if you're looking for a good collection of images of paleolithic and chalcolithic artifacts, with a brief description of the periods and characteristics, this private collection by Julian Romero is as fine a place as any. Also in English. Irritating 'Geocities' adverts window included.

26 October 1998

New URLs:
Direcçao Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais (DGEMN) - State service in charge of Portugese standing monuments and related archives. Also in English.
Institutionen för humaniora: Arkeologi - Archaeology section of the department of Humanities at Mid Sweden University, Östersund. Includes a database of pecked axes in North Europe and references on early farming in Sweden. Partly in English.
Institutet för Forntida Teknik - studies, documents, and publishes about ancient technology. Both experimental and ethnographic research. Also in English. Full contents of back issues of the journal Forntida Teknik available in Swedish.
Andromeda s.a.s. archaeology and communication - the ANDROMEDA company combines archaeological, architectural and IT specialists to produce educational, hypertext and multimedia publications of various types. In Italian and German.
Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: a Guide to Good Practice - second volume in the series published by the Archaeology Data Service. The guide provides guidance for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of digital resources derived from aerial photography or satellite imagery. It is written for specialists, students, and those in between and is endorsed by the Council for British Archaeology.
Assemblage 4 - the electronic journal of archaeology of the postgraduate (graduate) students of the University of Sheffield, initiated in 1996, has published its October 1998 issue, with papers on Chert Use in the Mesolithic of Northern England, Which Way is Up? Context Formation and Transformation: The Life and Deaths of a Hot Bath in Beirut, Archaic Settlement and Early Roman Colonisation of the Lepine Foothills, and much, much more.

Updated URLs:
Bova Marina - excavations at Bova Marina in Calabria, Italy.

16 October 1998

New URLs:
Istituto per l'Archeologia etrusco-italica del CNR - home of the national research institute for Etruscan archaeology. Includes issues of Etruscan News and various other useful leads. English version to follow.
Archeologia e Calcolatori - home page of this journal contains guidelines for authors, indices, and news.

13 October 1998

New URLs:
Museo Civico di Velletri - Also in English, German and French.
EARTHWORKS - on-line world database of career opportunities for archaeologists, geoscientists, soil scientists, etc. The service is entirely free to visitors.
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology - Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow Branch. In English and Polish.
CNRS Editions: Liste des ouvrages trouvées - specialized online bookseller. The link leads directly to the section dealing with Archaeology (currently some 500 books).
Notes from the Field: the Bova Marina Project - located in the Calabria (toe) region of Italy and run by the University of Southampton, these pages accompany the project and include a journal and a question and answer section.
Kamianets-Podilsky Foundation - the foundation aims to preserve this Ukrainian medieval and subrecent city and, ao, conducts excavations there.
Maecenas. Images of Ancient Greece and Rome - a collection of photographs of architecture, cities, and archeological sites. Later on it will also include ancient sculpture and images from other periods. Visitors may download and use images for any non- commercial purpose. The site currently has several hundred images. By Leo C. Curran.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - if you have trouble remembering them all, or would simply like to know more about them, this is the place to go.
AWN afd.16: Nijmegen - regional section of Dutch amateur archaeological society. In Dutch.
Archeologia Polska - (incomplete) overview of archeological cultures in Poland; currently only neolithic and bronze age are covered. In Polish.
The Monumental Barrows of the Period 700-1100 AD at the Russian North-West - abstract of a book by Nicholas Petrov, Saint-Petersburg, 1998.
Türkiye Arkeolojik Yerleçmeleri (TAY) - online database; aims to create, maintain and make available to the international community a complete inventory of all archeological sites within Turkey. In Turkish and English.
3rd Stone: the Magazine for the New Antiquarian - details and sample articles of this quarterly magazine of archaeology and folklore.
Paleo Mediterrani - detailed report on paleolithic research conducted in the 80s; private pages by Antoni Freixes Massana. In Spanish.
Geophysics and Marine Archaeology - expose of recent marine geophysical investigations of the Inshore coastal waters (Northern Ireland).
Time Echoes - Simulated Archaeology for Dynamic Learning - details a highly successful week-long course aimed at children. Bernard Barnes, Synaptic Connections.

Updated URLs:
Archaeology on the Net - Books Database - Searchable database of archaeological publications and commercial online bookshop is updated with the addition of new titles on archaeology. At present there are 7500+ books listed under 80 categories.

Related URLs:
Archäologisches Projekt Xkipché - this project from Bonn University aims to do a large-scale excavation of the Mayan town of Xkipché in Yucatan, Mexico.

30 September 1998

A cleanup of the Dutch pages has resulted in the following changes:

New URLs:
Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen - Dutch professional organisation of archaeologists.
Boney Bussiness, bureau voor fysisch antropologisch onderzoek - commercial human skeletal research.
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Leerstoelgroep Mediterrane Archeologie - Institute of Mediterranean Archaeology, Municipal University of Amsterdam.
Faculteit der Archeologie - Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
Afdeling Provinciaal-Romeinse Archeologie - Department of Provincial Roman Archaeology, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen.
Museum Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede - one of the most famous early medieval trade settlements of the Netherlands.
Archeologische Dienst Gemeente Amersfoort - municipal archaeological service, Amersfoort.
Landelijke AWN-werkgroep Archeologie Onder Water - national underwater archaeology working group.

Updated URLs:
Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek
Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor de Geschiedenis
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Centrum voor Isotopenonderzoek
RING, Nederlands centrum voor dendrochronologie
Convent van Gemeentelijke Archeologen - Dutch organisation of municipal archaeologists.
Stichting RAAP Advies - commercial surveys.
Department of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Municipal University of Amsterdam.
Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (RMO) - State Museum of Antiquities, Leiden.
ARCHIS expertise centrum archeologisch informatiesysteem - Centre of Expertise and Central Archaeological Information System.
BIAX Consult, onderzoeks- en adviesbureau voor Biologische Archaeologie en landschapsreconstructie - research services for palaeolobiologic and palaeogeographic reconstruction.

29 September 1998

New URLs:
EAA Code of Practice - text approved by the members of the European Association of Archaeologists on 27 September 1997. In English.
Training and Mobility of Researchers - Migration and diffusion of hominids and anatomically modern humans in the Mediterranean basin in early prehistory: palaeoenvironments, routes, subsistence. A European Commission SRD Program. In Italian and English.
Mediterranean Prehistory Online - publishes high quality archaeology papers, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions concerning the prehistory and protohistory of the Mediterranean Basin. In Italian and English.
Aerial Archaeology Research Group - VL site for aerial archaeology.
Fortidsminder - archaeology branch of the Danish National Forest and Nature Agency works to promote a balance between use and protection. In Danish.
The Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA) - professional organisation of British (and many continental) archaeologists. Provides standards, courses, conferences, etc.
Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies - from University College London, this e-journal is published bi-annually and contains student papers on a wide range of topics within the field of conservation and museum studies.

21 September 1998

New URLs:
L'Isola Virtuale - 3D and VR reconstructions of ancient monuments (nuraghe) in Sardinia, accompanied by short texts. Needs plug-ins for the VR.
ArchSearch Catalogue - developed by the UK Archaeology Data Service, it allows fast searching of records such as the National Excavation Index for England; the Fife, Shetland, and Strathclyde sections of the National Monuments Record of Scotland; and the Microfilm Index for England.
Drevnosty - "Antiquities", regional collection of links pointing to resources related to the archaeology of South-Eastern Europe - the steppe and forest-steppe zones of the European part of Russia and Ukraine. From Voronezh State University (Russia). In English and Russian (Cyrillic).
Bronze Age of the Don-Donets area - Ukrainian-Russian excavations in the Eastern Ukraine. Russian only; a good site to test your browsers international script encoding options on. Very slow to load.
Fachschaft Vor- und Frühgeschichte - Institute for Pre- and Early History (incl. Roman Archaeology and Medieval Archaeology) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz; includes links to archaeological bibliographies. In German and English.

Updated URLs:
The Pomoerium (classics links) has changed address.

18 September 1998

Some 250 URLS were added to the ARGE database today, and are accessible through the Query page. You may find there are still some HTML formatting problems in the output generated by the Query form, but these will hopefully be ironed out shortly...

15 September 1998

New URLs:
University College, Galway.
Archaeogeophysical Imaging Project - at Galway U., which has been producing valuable information on the interior of mounds at Rathcroghan and Carnfree, Co. Roscommon.
Mvnicipivm Tvriaso - excavations in this Roman municipium near Tarazona, Aragón. From the Museum of Zaragoza. In Spanish.
Archeologia Italiana - closed (and private?) mailing list on Italian archaeology. Warning: carries advertisements. In Italian. You can subscribe using this form.
Scientific American: The Viking Longship - 1998 feature article.
Scientific American: Reading The Minds Of Fossils - 1998 review of Ian Tattersall's book Becoming Human: Evolution and Human Uniqueness.
Scientific American: An Anthropologist's Attic - 1996 review of the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford.
Scientific American: The Scientific American Young Readers Book Awards - 1996 review of Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel Deschamps and Christian Hillaire.

Updated URLs:
Archaeology on the Net web site has been updated with the addition of an extensive books database and addition of 150 new sites to the resources index. The books database is an extensive collection of academic literature on archaeology and closely related subjects. More than 6000 books are collected in a searchable database which is divided into 72 categories.
The ARCHEO-125 association has changed address.
Lepenski Vir changed address.

Deleted URLs:
Regional Archaeological Survey Resource (RASR).

31 August 1998

New URLs:
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean - extensive 29 lesson course, with some 500 scanned images (mostly color views of sites, but also some color object photographs and a few line drawings) and independently indexed text, bibliography, and image caption files. The project has been developed by Dartmouth's CS development lab.
HADDON - Online Catalogue of Archival Ethnographic Film Footage, 1895-1945, at Oxford University. Includes links to further sites.
The Aegean Dendrochronology Project - a team at the Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology at Cornell Universityare have for the past eight years been trying to build a single master tree-ring chronology for the Aegean and Near East that will extend from the present to the seventh millennium B.C.
The Classical Atlas Project - details and samples of a new atlas of the Greco-Roman world, to be published in 1999.
Childr en's books on Archaeology - list of book details maintained by Diane Arnson Svarlien, University of Kentucky.
AnthroNet: Archaeology lists and Archaeology Discussion Lists - guides to worldwide archaeological lists.
AegeaNet: AnthroNet
Scientific American: Reviews and Commentaries: THE FUTURE OF THE PAST: 8/97 - review of Rome Reborn, a long-term project to build VR reconstructions of Rome, by Ben Davis.
Scientific American: Exhibit: The Digital Museum: June 1, 1998 - VR reconstruction of the Propylaia ruins, Athens.
Scientific American: Analysis: Pot Luck: July 1996 - news item discussion the 1994 find of Linear A script at Miletus in Turkey.
Scientific American: Analysis: Artful Dating: June 1996 - news item discussing developments in radiocarbon dating that may allow rock carvings to be dated.
Inter-Congress Meeting of UISPP Commission 4 - still accepting papers on Data Management & Mathematical Methods in Archaeology. 19-22 November 1998, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Internet Archaeology 5 - opening with 'A small mesolithic site at Fife Ness, Fife, Scotland' by Caroline Wickham-Jones and Magnar Dalland.
Archeologia Bulgarica 1998/1 - Table of Contents only.
Ústav Archeologie a Muzeologie - Institute of Archaeology and Museology of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. In addition to the usual stuff this contains pages on two excavations and on-line issues of its faculty bulletin. Also in English.
Computing in Archaeology - a new guide to computing resources, including software, projects, GIS, CAD, visualisation, etc, by Jeremy Huggett at Glasgow University.
Dictionary of Prehistoric Archaeology - by Dr. Linda R. Owen. Samples and ordering details of new English - German and German - French dictionaries.
Creating a Viable Scholarly Data Resource - AHDS leaflet intended to inform humanities researchers and teachers about steps they can take to ensure that data resources they create today are accessible to them, and possibly to others in future despite numerous and unpredictable changes in computer technologies.
GIS in Archaeology Survey - results of a user survey by Khalid Gourad, Hunter College, New York.

Updated URLs:
Museums Documentation Association - relaunched and revamped this August.
ArchNet - the WWW Virtual Library site for archaeology moved address as Jon Lizee is no longer at UConn (he is at Yale) and Tom Plunkett is transferring to CUNY. If there are problems try it as The documents have been renamed lower-case so some errors will occur w/older bookmarks. This precedes a major revamping of the site that will see it entirely database driven. Please send any questions or or comments directly to Tom Plunkett .
Archeologia Italiana - has updated, with four RealSpace images of Marzabotto (3 for the east necropolis and one for houses near road D), the ancient Misa, and a new section on book and CD-ROM publications.

7 August 1998

New URLs:
Maknet:Museums - includes the Museum of Macedonia.
Makedonika:History - rather politicised site dedicated to Macedonian history and culture, but includes some archaeology.
Finno-Ugrian Petroglyph Museum from Stoneage - a good starting point for northern European petroglyph sites. Includes news of workshops.

31 July 1998

New URLs:
The Ancient Macedonians - this private site by Vasil Ilyov gives some general information on ancient Macedonia and has pages on its script, communication routes, the neolithic revolution, and three sites (Osinchani, Tserye, and Sitovo). In English.

27 July 1998

New URLs:
Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica, AIAC - including news, links, and an agenda for archaeological events in Rome. Some English text.
Archeologia Italiana - news, bibliography, travel info and an 'exhibit' of Italian archaeology. This private site is maintained in Italian and English by Ivan Boni. Warning - site appears to use a lot of processor power.

Updated URLs:
Arheologie din România / Romanian Archaeology - from the Institute for Cultural Memory (CIMEC) in Bucharest.

13 July 1998

New URLs:
The palace of Nestor - at Pylos. Consists mainly of a series of images (views and reconstructions).
Program in Bronze Age Archaeology - from the University of Manitoba, by Michael Cosmopoulos. Includes the Eleusis archaeological project and the Early Bronze 2 Artifact databases (metal, stone, clay, bone, ivory, seals, figurines).
Archetype Publications - publishers and booksellers in conservation, archaeology & museum studies, Archetype Publications is based at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, London. Includes new, current and forthcoming publications.
University of Exeter Press Archaeology Publications - details of publications currently available. Includes an index of authors/editors and titles.
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Publications - arranged largely by geographic area but with a couple of sections on general subjects, this site provides access to a large number of both recent and forthcoming archaeology publications. A non-frames version is also available.
BUBL 930: History of ancient world - centrally funded British guide, uses Dewey classification.
Direc ciones de Interes en Arqueología - Ciberjob guide to (mainly Spanish-language) web resources. In Spanish.
Das Heuneburgmuseum. Frühe Kelten an der oberen Donau - the archaeology of a Celtic town in upper Swabia - excavation finds in the museum and the hiking trail to the burial mounds and other monuments in the landscape. In English and German.
Archéologie et gobelets - academic group studying the Bell Beaker phenomenon throughout europe. Publications, conferences, background. In French and English.
BAnque NAtionale de DOnnées RAdioCarbone (BANADORA) - searchable database of radiocarbon data from the University of Lyons 1, now extended to cover Europe. In French.

10 July 1998

New URLs:
PREROMAN ITALY - discussion list from the School of Classical Archaeology, University of Copenhagen. Forum for scholarly discussion on all aspects of the cultures of Preroman Italy (including Sardinia and Sicily) from the Late Bronze Age to the 3rd century BC. To subscribe send the message: subscribe preroman-italy to:

7 July 1998

New URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - details of new Bulgarian archaeological review, from the Institute of Archaeology, Sofia. In English, German, and French. Now in issue 4.
Shef field University Archaeology Society
Arcus Consultancy - based at Sheffield University.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities - including a European section. Does exactly what it says.
TOCS-IN - gopher menu accessing tables of contents of 127 journals of interest to classicists, including archaeology and Anatolian studies.
Association of American University Presses Online Catalog - search this combined catalog for books and journals by subject, title, press, or catalog entry. Then load up your shopping cart and pay at the exit! Commercial.
Old World Archaeology Newsletter - from Wesleyan University. Mainly subscription info, but the most recent issue is available too.
Labyrinth: Medieval Studies Infoserver - impressive resource guide for medieval studies, including archaeology. Includes educational pages for kids.

Updated URLs:
Oxford University Archaeological Society
Department of Archaeology

6 July 1998

New URLs:
Grupo UCM de Paleontología Humana - Universidad Complutense, Madrid. One of the few well-rounded project pages, currently with details of the human paleontology of Atapuerca. Also in English.
Institut für Altertumskunde - Ur- und Frühgeschichte - somewhat misleading title for what appears to be a paper on the Zone nordwärts der Alpen and the technocomplexes found there. In English.
Archaeology - yet another valuable worldwide guide to archaeology on the web, by Phil Burns; organised alphabetically by subject.
Acta Tempestiva - collection of news items and recent discoveries in Roman art and archaeology, allied to the ROMARCH guide to Roman archaeology.
Aplicaciones de la Infografía a la Arqueología - computer-enhanced archaeological constructions of the throne room of the 10th century palace city of Madinat al-Zahra (modern Córdoba). Mostly in Spanish with some English.
Risorse Archeologiche in Sardegna - provides access to most archaeological museum and monument resources in Sardinia. Also in English.
Archaeology - private pages by Gillian Thornhill; discusses the effects of the second millenium BC explosion of Thera on the bronze age civilization of Crete. Links into further Minoian sites.
Brescia e la sua provincia - includes considerable amount of information on the history and monuments of this north Italian town and province. Also in English.
Crete - brief introduction to the Minoan and 2nd Byzantine periods, and equally brief introduction to the most important (tourist) sites. In English.
Da Engliscan Gesithas Home Page - offers information on all aspects of Anglo-Saxon language and culture. Includes information on the ornithology of Dark Age England, the Saxby Anglo-Saxon Village Project (to reconstruct an Anglo-Saxon settlement using authentic techniques and tools), and a select bibliography for Anglo-Saxon studies.
Die Alamannen im Oberen Gau - pages running parallel to a 1996 exhibit on the Alamannen provide a brief illustrated introduction to the archaeology of this early medieval tribe.
Hypogeum - well-presented pages describing the neolithic burial chambers of the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum on Malta (a World Heritage site). Unfortunately the Maltese and German text versions are inaccessible!
Light Years Ago - briefly introduces a print-format photographic study of the NewGrange and Loughcrew T cairns accompagnying the book by Tim O'Brien, and suggests that these sites were built by "a sophisticated society with a keen interest in tracking and recording the movements of the sun". Uses shockwave plug-in.
Lost Continent - offers excerpts from JV Luce's book The End of Atlantis: New Light on an Old Legend which suggests that the legend of Atlantis was inspired by the volcanic eruption of Thera.
Medieval Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon Britain - web guide to the literature, culture, and history by William Layher.
Orvieto - illustrated tourist pages, including of course, the monuments from Etruscan to Medieval periods. Also in English.
Verona Romana - brief illustrated tour through the city and its Roman monuments. Also in French, German and English.

Related URLs:
Medicina Antiqua: Ancient Medicine - ancient texts, news items, and guide to ancient medicine, by Lee Pearcey.
Siberian Archaeology - images from a mobile exhibition of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Archaeology and Ethnography of Northern Asia". Paleaolithic to early Medieval.
Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page - your entry page to Byzantine studies on the Internet.
An tique Roman Dishes - Collection - yummy collection of recepies for eating in, Roman style. Put your fish out to rot!

1 July 1998

New URLs:
Secrets Beneath Your Feet - the York Archaeological Trust celebrate 25 years of archaeological discovery. These pages show how painstaking excavation and research have contributed to our understanding of York's past.
DISCOVER ARCHAEOLOGY - website presenting a new commercial glossy bimonthly magazine reporting on the latest discoveries in archaeology and archaeological science, mainly for the US market, but to be made available elsewhere too.
Gardom's Edge Archaeological Project - a long term landscape and excavation project near Baslow in the Peak District, ranging from the neolithic through to post-medieval periods. Contains background information, previous research findings, QuickTime VR panoramas (requiring plug-in), and regularly updated images from this year's work.

Updated URLs:
CBA guide to UK archaeology online - this guide replaces the current UK directory maintained by Keith Challis, which will no longer be accessible.

26 June 1998

New URLs:
Corpus Middeleeuws Aardewerk (CMA) - information on content of the CMA series of publications on medieval ceramics in the Netherlands and Flanders, and how to obtain them. In English.
Anthro-l discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub anthro-l yourname
Histarch discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub histarch yourname
Photogrammetry and Archaeology - tutorial on photogrammetric applications to archaeology. Including an introductory essay, examples of applications, pros and cons, rules for documentation etc. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte der Universität Wien - homepage of the Institute for Prehistory and Early History of the University of Vienna gives information on staff, projects and excavations, and events.
Archaeological Texts - UK Commercial service for archaeological text writing and illustration. Also offers some courses in post-Roman and Medieval archaeology.

Updated URLs:
Arch-l discussion list - send message (members only) or subscribe using sub arch-l yourname

24 June 1998

New URLs:
A Landscape of Ancestors: The Heuneburg Archaeological Project - long-term research project which will involve excavations in an early Iron Age archaeological landscape in southwestern Germany as well as analysis of existing collections, focussing on a group of burial mounds or tumuli associated with one of the best excavated and most extensively studied late Hallstatt period (~600-400 BC) hillfort settlements in western Europe, the Heuneburg.
Keltenmuseum Eberdingen-Hochdorf - with details of the recently excavated 'prince's' tumulus. In German.
GIS Guide to Good Practice - this guide, published by the UK Archaeology Data Service, provides guidance for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of GIS-based digital resources. The volume is written for specialists, students, and those in between.
FROM CYPRUS TO MUNICH - feature article in Archaeology on the recent recovery of stolen Cypriot frescoes and mosaics.

Updated URLs:
Allen Lutins' seminal guide to Anthropology Resources on the Internet has reached Release 8.2!!

19 June 1998

New URLs:
Ancient and Medieval Frisia - page devoted to furthering research and interest into the area of Frisia, which once covered much of modern Netherlands and the northern coast of Germany. Includes links to primary text sources. By Jonathan Driscoll.
Project Zeugma - Remote Sensing, GIS and Geomorphology at Rumkale (southeastern Turkey). Site under threat from new dam. In English.
Virtual Reality Modeling Language and Archaeology - resource list at Southampton University. Needs plugin.

15 June 1998

NB: the ARGE 'notices' page was discontinued as of today.

New URLs:
The Roman Painted House at Dover - images and details of a Roman mansio from Kent, UK.
Manx Archaeology/Archaeology in the Isle of Man - from Iron Age to Middle Ages, the Isle of Man now has its own guide to archaeological Internet resources. Includes news and current events.
Le Paléolithique inférieur dans le Midi Toulousain - older paleolithic (Acheulian culture) in the Haute-Garonne department (near Toulouse). In French.
Préhistoire du Sud-Ouest - local Prehistory magazine, by Association Préhistoire Quercinoise, covering south-west France. Includes abstracts of published articles in French, English and Spanish.
The Shapwick Project - From June 17th to July 21st, 'live' excavations at Shapwick on the internet, with photographs and text updated on-site on a daily basis.
Osteo Interactive - Internet guide to human osteology, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, histology. From Valeri Nielson at Utah University.
Academic Info: Anthropology - web directory maintained by Academic Info, currently with an American slant.
Academic Info: Archaeology - web directory maintained by Academic Info, currently with an American slant.

8 June 1998

New URLs:
Sui Sentieri dell'Arte Rupestre - over 70 pages created by Italian secondary school children during an educational project centering on Valcamonica rock art. Drawings, poems, tales and riddles have been created choosing some of the most important themes in Copper and Iron age rock art. In Italian.
TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin issue 10 - out now. 15 short papers on Rock Art research (sub-Sahara, USA, Europe, Brazil, India, UK, Italy), preservation (USA, Spain), meetings, and educational work. By Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative.
The Megalith Map - map-based index to images of British megaliths & prehistory on the Web. 1000s of links. Watch out for the advertisements! Also The Stone Circle - Web ring which has around 50 prehistoric web sites as members.

Updated URLs:
UISPP - comments updated: non-governemental organisation related to CIPSH (UNESCO), grouping pre- and protohistorians over the world. History, organisation and list of members, statutes etc.
MDA - Many features updated. New features include an Advice Point and Adviser Network (SPECTRUM), a terminology project (TERM-IT).

6 June 1998

Suite101 'Best of the Internet' prize for ARGE!
Suite101 writes: "you are still "The Best" on our site. ... Over the last year your site (your efforts) has played a big part in helping members find the best of the Web quickly. Your site, which has been chosen by Anita Cohen-Williams, contributing editor for Anthropology, as one of the "Best of the Internet," deserves particular recognition."

New URLs:
Archaeology on the Net - a new site indexing archaeology resources on the internet. Currently over 1200 sites are indexed under 33 categories provided with annotated links. It has an associated list and Archaeology and Anthropology 'Web Rings'.
Cultural Heritage Protection - collection of worldwide heritage links.
Chester Archaeological Society - Cheshire, UK. - find academic posts in the UK. With the formal approval and support of the Higher Education Funding Councils for England, Wales and Scotland. "The website will carry advertisements for vacant posts, fellowships, scholarships and other such items of interest to those in Higher Education and Further education." Recently added features include a Direct Mailing Facility.

20 May 1998

New URLs:
Monte Polizzo - a proto-urban settlement tentatively dated to the 9th - 4th Centuries BC, this dominant Sicilian hilltop site is currently being investigated by a Scandinavian /Italian project.
Ilgynly-Depe - excavation of this eneolithic monument in Turkmenistan (former USSR) by Institute of History of Material Culture at St. Petersburg. Offers samples of prehistoric ceramics and instruments and archaeozoology information. Participation of volunteers in the field work is also welcome.
The British School at Rome - an interdisciplinary research centre for the humanities and the fine arts. Includes awards offered, publications, archaeological work undertaken, as well as taught courses, committees, how to subscribe etc.
Celtic Heads? - Recently discovered sculptures of human heads found in the hermitage of Virgen de Cabanas (La Almunia de Dona Godina, Aragon, Spain). Could these be Celtic?. In Spanish and English.

11 May 1998

New URLs:
Pompei Scavi - Pompeii Ruins - well-presented site which, when it is finished, will surely draw many visitors. Currently in Italian only.
Society of Antiquaries of London - One of the earliest to be formed, one of the Society's main aims is the study of (British) archaeology. Its catalogue of publications is computerised from 1988 and will be made accessible over the Internet shortly.

Updated URLs:
Simon James's Ancient Celts Page has moved to a new URL.

6 May 1998

New URLs:
Doon Archaeological Nature Peninsula - Doon is an Inland Promontory Fort on Lough Carra, with sites from the Late Bronze Age. This site offers an archaeological trail through the area.
Highland Archaeology Service - Major entry point for Highlands County (Scottish) archaeology; includes a newsletter, events, publications, and archaeological trails.
Northamptonshire Heritage - County heritage service with extensive web presence.

1 May 1998

New URLs:
Inagina, the last house of iron - In Mali, on the cliffs inhabited by the Dogon, an ethnoarchaeologist and a cameraman participated in the reduction of iron ore. Exhibit at the University of Geneva, in French and English.
Archeological Web Symposia - or on-line conferences are a new means of professional communication in archaeology. Here is the first site to explore its potential, with 'symposia' on the neolithic of south-eastern Europe and on the Bronze Age of the Balkan peninsula. From the Department of Archaeology, University of Belgrade.
The Tarbat Discovery Programme - a field school at this major Scottish site, run by Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd in conjunction with the University of York.

Updated URLs:
The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland web site has moved to
The CBA's web site, kindly hosted on the server of The British Academy, now has its own domain name - includes new and recently added features, such as a directory of email addresses for individuals and organisations with an interest in UK archaeology. There are also a number of initiatives in hand which will make available a wide range of material produced by the CBA over the years. These include online access (via the Archaeology Data Service) to:
* a database of radiocarbon dates for British & Irish archaeology
* a database of information on stone axes from Britain
* all out-of-print CBA Research Reports and Occasional Papers
* a bibliographic database for British archaeology with over 100,000 references dating back to the 17th century

27 April 1998

New URLs:
Republicki zavod za zastitu spomenika culture Srbije - Major entry point for Serbian archaeology, currently including pages on Lepenski Vir, Felix Romuliana, and Viminacium. By the Republican Institute for the protection of Monuments of Culture of Serbia. In Serbian and English.

22 April 1998

New URLs:
Quaternary TL Surveys - A Guide to TL Date Measurement - An exhaustive tutorial on this archaeometric dating technique. Quaternary TL Surveys is a commercial unit set up to provide thermoluminescence date measurement services to archaeologists and geologists. The range of applications includes flint, stone and stalagmitic calcite from the Middle Pleistocene onwards, and Upper Pleistocene and Holocene sediments.
Laboratory for Ceramic Research - information about the structure, analytical methods, projects, publications and staff of the Laboratory, at the Quaternary Dept. of Lund University.

21 April 1998

New URLs:
Thinking Through the Body - Lampeter Workshop in Archaeology, 20-22 June 1998. This informal workshop aims to bring together archaeologists and colleagues from other disciplines who share an interest in the archaeology of the body. It will break with tradition, which usually focuses on limited aspects of archaeological work such as iconographic studies and physical anthropological analysis.
UISPP Commission 4 Inter-Congress meeting - hosted by Arizona State University's Department of Anthropology and its Archaeological Research Institute, this meeting will be held 19-22 November 1998, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. General theme: Data Management and Mathematical Methods in Archaeology.
The Rudi-Maetonium - a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the cultural heritage of Moldova. Main activities are a field school and post-graduate training at an Iron Age site.
Giovanni Morigi e Figlio Restauratori - Listing past and current work done by this firm in the restauration of various objects and materials, this site suffers somewhat from bad graphics. In Italian and English.
Archéologie de l'Age du Bronze, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - major French site on aspects of life and death in the Bronze Age.
Les textes juridiques francais et internationaux sur l'archeologie - extensive listing of French and international legal texts regarding the archaeological heritage.
Greek and Roman catapults - a good introductory site on this subject, by D. Baatz. In English, with further links.
Histo ric Scotland - an impressive new website that unfortunately requires installation of the Schockwave Flash plugin, provided only for Windows and Mac flavours.
Archaiologia Ltd. - the home page of this organiser of commercial tours and courses includes a database service to help archaeologists find jobs, staff and contracts.
IRAC'98 - Congresso Internacional de Arte Rupestre - Crossing Frontiersx, International Rock Art Congress, Vila Real, Portugal, 6-12 Sept 1998. In English and Portugese.
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu / Poznañskie Towarzystvo Prehistoryczne - Poznan Museum of Archaeology and Prehistoric Society. In Polish and English.
Dataci ón por Racemización de Aminoácidos - Details of thisbook on amino acid dating as applied to paleobiology, bioarchaeology, and anthropology. By Policarp Hortolà.
IV Coloquio Internacional de Arqueologia e Informatica - The Association of Archaeology and Computing announces its IVth International Symposium which will be held in the city of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). The aim of this meeting is to exchange and make known the most recent knowledge and latest advances in the field of Archaeological Research Computing, at any stage of development. There will be life transmission via Internet; those interested should contact the roOrganization (E-mail: In Spanish and English.

Updated URLs:
Roman Ceramics - this valuable site on Samian ware by Allard Mees of the Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum has now been recoded with Java, and shows how the Web can be used as an important research tool..
The correct address for the journal NOTES is
AmberWeb now lives at
Riksantikvariämbetet has updated its home page.

19 March 1998

ARGE's move to Groningen is now complete. In the next few months mirror sites will be set up at CILEA (Milan, Italy) and at the University of Birmingham. Do not forget to change your bookmarks!

New URLs:
CANMORE on the Web - a pilot project called Accessing Scotland's Past, supported by the Archaeology Data Service and SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network). The site provides a mechanism to run queries against the NMRS, via CANMORE (Computer Application for National MOnuments Record Enquiries). Access is free, at least for this financial year.
Kerkenes Dag - Excavations and surveys at this important Iron Age site in Turkey.
Italian-archaeology - discussion list for the exchange of information and discussion for archaeologists (prehistoric, classical or medieval) interested in Italy. Membership is free and open to all those with an interest in Italian archaeology.
America's Stonehenge - an astronomical complex in New England, USA, similiar to European sites. Many believe it was built by Celts who visited America a few thousand years ago. One of those is Barry Fell, a Harvard Professor known for his book America B.C.
Archaeological Remote Sensing Consortium - ARSC is a working group of scholars at all levels of expertise involved in practical and theoretical applications of remote sensing techniques in archaeology. It acts as a clearinghouse of information as well as a forum in which individuals can find assistance and research partners with complimentary interests and expertise.
World Archaeological Congress 4: Cape Town - Jan 10 - 14, 1999 - CALL FOR SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP CONVENORS CALL FOR PAPERS AND POSTERS. Theme: Global Archaeology at the Turn of the Millennium. Papers will be available electronically to registered delegates prior to the Congress, and full details of the programme will be posted on our website as they become available. Registration and submission deadline: 30 April 1998.

Updated URLs:
THE KHAZARIA INFO CENTER - information on the Khazars and their history and archaeology.
New WinBASP mirror - The Bonn Archaeological Statistics Package is now also mirrored from the University of Edinburgh. There is also an FTP server, directory /ftp/pub/baspmirror. The former mirror at the University of Tuebingen in Germany now points automatically to Cologne. The former mirror at the University of Trier is no longer available.

15 January 1998

New URLs:
Les nécropoles à incinérations gallo-romaines du grand-duché de Luxembourg- Premiers résultats d'une recherche en cours - article in Internet Archaeology 4, by Michel Polfer and Jos Thiel. Also available in English.
HW Wilson Art Abstracts - from EDINA (Edinburgh Data and Information Access), this database provides both abstracts and bibliographic references for a wide variety of art-related disciplines including archaeology. Archaeological journals abstracted include: American Journal of Archaeology, American Antiquity, Antiquity, Archaeologischer Anzeiger, Archaeologia, Archaeological Journal, Archaeology, Biblical Archaeologist, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Journal of Field Archaeology, Museum News, and Revue Archeologique.
Draft criteria for the evaluation of heritage multimedia - by the CIDOC Multimedia Working Group.
Archives & Museum Informatics - this company provides consultancy, publication and training for cultural heritage professionals. Its pages include the proceedings for recent and future international conferences in this area.
Cambridge University Press Social Sciences - this site, still under construction, will list publications in Anthropology and Archaeology.
CD-ROM Archaeological Applications of GIS - information, including abstracts of all papers and reports, plus ordering information for the CD containing 35 papers with more than 500 illustrations, many in colour, resulting from a colloquium on GIS applications in Archaeology held at the UISPP XIIIth Congress in Forli (Sept. 1996).
Understanding Mapinfo - written by archaeologists, this is the book you should find most helpful if you decide to use Mapinfo GIS. Previews and ordering info.
3rd Congress of Iberian Archaeology - Vila Real, Portugal, 22-26 September 1999. For more information, contact Executive Committee of the 3rd Congress of Iberian Archaeology, Drª. Mila Simões de Abreu, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro - Geociências, Campus da Quinta dos Prados - Apartado 202 - 5001 Vila Real -Portugal, Fax: (0) 59- 325058, E-mail

Changed URLs:
Computer Application in Archaeology Conference 1998 - Barcelona, 24/28 March. A list of current papers and registration details are available, and new papers are still being accepted. In Catalan, Spanish and English.

14 January 1998

ARGE services have now been relocated to the University of Groningen. We apologise for the four-month gap in our services. Over the next few weeks there will be minor disruptions while we process the backlog of changes and new links built up since last August!

New URLs:
Atlantis expedition - Proposal by Institute of Metahistory for an expedition planned for the summer of 1998, with the aim of verifying the hypothesis suggesting that Plato's Atlantis was located on the Celtic Shelf, with the capital city in the region of contemporary Little Sole Bank 130 nm to the south-west of England, and submerged as a result of glacio-eustatic rising of the sea level and compensatory isostatic subsidence of that area at the end of the last glaciation, precisely at the time Plato spoke of in "Timaeus" and "Critias".
Edinburgh University Press - useful titles include The Handbook for British and Irish Archaeology: Sources and Resources by Cherry Lavell. Answers questions such as: Where can I find an amateur archaeological society to join? How can I find out more about a particular aspect of archaeology? Which are the most useful available texts in this field? Which universities run archaeology courses? A copy of Edinburgh's archaeology catalogue can be obtained from
Poggio Colla CD-review - Issue 4 of *Internet Archaeology* has opened with a review by Phil Perkins of the Poggio Colla 1995 Season Sampler CD-ROM. The sampler gives details of the excavations at Poggio Colla, an Etruscan hilltop settlement in Tuscany.
Internet Archaeology has also started a mailing list which will discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the internet. To join send an email to with the line: join intarch-interest firstname(s) lastname in the body of the message.
Publicize your programs in the 1998 ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELDWORK OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN - The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) invites you to participate in the preparation of the 1998 Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB). The AFOB lists excavations and surveys with openings for volunteers and staff, as well as educational programs including field schools, study tours, and museum internships. It is available to the public on the first of January each year. If you have any questions, please contact Susanna Burns at (617) 353-8708, e-mail:
Conference: MOBILE COMPUTING IN THE FIELD - 26th September 1997, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. An interdisciplinary conference on the use of mobile computers, Global Positioning Systems and mobile communications to support fieldwork. It will interest ecologists, environmental scientists, archaeologists and other fieldworkers, and computer scientists and engineers interested in the challenges which fieldwork presents.
Centro Studi Archeologia Africana - this group can be contacted at
Megalithic Mysteries - As the title implies, there is little academic material here, but there are some good images of sites in Wessex (including aerial views), Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cumbria the Cotswolds, Orkney, Caithness, Loch Ness and the Western Isles.
Gacetilla de Arqueologia - An excellent resource, updated monthly, about Spanish archaeology, with information about museums, biographies of archaeologists, excavations, exhibitions, publications, a hypermail forum, and a directory of archaeology with links to a wide range of Spanish and other organisations and resources.
Archeo-125 - An association dedicated to studying the archaeology of Basse-Normandie, with details of events, publications, excavations open to volunteers, a photo gallery and a paper on the prehistory of Potigny.
Giverny et Vernon - An illustrated guide to four archaeological sites in this region, with links to the local museum, and to on-line text about the "earliest archaeological discovery in the world", the neolithic tomb at Cocherel examined and recorded in 1685. Available also in English.
King Alfred's College, Winchester - Archaeology Dept.
SCRAN - the Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network is a Millennium Project to build a networked multimedia resource base for the study, teaching and appreciation of history and material culture in Scotland. It aims to achieve 1.5 million records online on SCRAN, 100,000 SCRAN multimedia objects and 100 SCRAN funded CD-ROMs. A searchable database is already available for trial.
Archaeology in Luxembourg - Information on iron age and Gallo-Roman archaeology in Luxembourg, with a large number of excellent pages of excavation reports and related on-line papers, opportunites for excavation, bibliographies, a chat-room and a message board.
AGAI - Arbeitsgruppe Archäologie und Informatik - the homepage (also available in French) of this organisation for archaeology and computing in Switzerland leads to an index with links and information.
Archäologisches Institut - der Universität zu Köln.
Geophysics and Archaeology - A good set of illustrated pages about the geophysical prospection of archaeological sites, with examples.
The Celtic Coin Index - Philip de Jersey's pages about this index of images of approx 25,000 Celtic coins found in Britain, with pages about the Index and illustrated pages on coinage and Celtic society, how coins were made, an introduction to British Celtic coinage, and bibiographies.
Associazione Italiana di Archeometria (AIAr) - the Italian Association for Archaeometry promotes and developes research, teaching and professional activities in this area.

Changed/Updated URLs:
Federseemuseum, Bad Buchau - Featuring a description of the museum and the new open-air reconstructions in this moorland, lakeside environment, covering 16000-year-old ice age reindeer-hunter material through neolithic settlement, and bronze age fortified villages to unusual iron age pile dwellings and the famous Kappel hoard. Available in English.
Museum of London Archaeology Service - A good set of pages with summaries of excavations, details of different aspects of their work such as finds, environmental and other scientific work, and publications. It also hosts pages for the City of London Archaeological Trust and the European Association of Archaeologists.
Sui sentieri dell'arte rupestre - The final report on a rock art educational project promoted by the Municipality of Turin, in 25 web pages.

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