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Archives for the years 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995.

17 December 1999

New URLs:
Campanaio, Sicily: A Geophysical Survey 1995 - description af a geophysical evaluation in southern Sicily, identifying industrial activity in the Roman rural settlement of Campanaio.In English.
Glozel - site of the discovery, in 1924, of several hotly disputed objects of possibly neolithic portable art and inscriptions. Well-presented introduction which, however, leaves a lot of questions unanswered. In French, English, and German.
Prehistory and Protohistory in Liguria - photo collection of some 150 pictures of objects with captions by Dr. Giuliva Odetti of the University of Genoa, with alphabetic subject index. In English and Italian.
The vallon de Castel-Merle, an Ice-Age Vacation in France - very brief mention of this Cro-Magnon camp site in south-central France.
Malta - Mentions - private page, collects literary and epigraphic sources for the history of the Maltese islands. In English.
National Archaeological Museum of Athens - by the Greek ministry of culture; information ranges from societies, activities and museums to a complete overview of all the archaeological sites in Greece.
Metis: A QTVR Interface for Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites - alphabetical and geographical lists of links to some 20 Virtual Reality tours of archaeological sites in Greece. Educational resource by the University of Texas. In English.

15 December 1999

New URLs:
Centre for Maritime Archaeology (CMA) - at the School of Environmental Studies, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Courses, research, etc. In English.
Estonian State Maritime Museum Eesti Meremuuseum - Estonian State Maritime Museum, with details and recent research projects. The museum is active in underwater archaeology, using side scan sonar and a remote operated vehicle to search for sunken ships. In Estonian and English.
Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) - at St Andrews University, Scotland. Courses, research, etc. In English.
Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA) - single page introduction to this non-profit company promoting maritime archaeological research in Greece and assisting the Greek Archaeological Service. In English, with a Greek version under construction.
Oxford University MARE - a unit specialising in maritime archaeology excavation and research, this site contains contact details, project briefs, and picture galleries. In English.
Centre for Research in Maritime Archaeology and History (MARCENT) - in Bristol. Course details and some brief introductory text. In English.
Centre for Maritime Archaeology (CMA) - at Southampton University. Some pages on current projects and courses. In English.
Maritim Arkeologi Midt-Norge - NTNU - a collaboration between five museums in Central Norway, this site provides a large number of pages about many different projects, education, and the methodology of Maritime Archaeology. In Norwegian and English.
Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Bodrum, Turkey - tremendously complete web site, with underwater projects, excavations, surveys, artifact pictures and underwater pictures. This is where the grand old man of underwater archaeology, George Bass, was based. In English.
Bodrum Sualti Arkeoloji Müzesi - the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Turkey. Well-presented tour through the museum, but uses very small letters. In English.
Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter - the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the Danish National Museum. Details of the Center, its projects and its publications, including an online newsletter. In Danish and English.
Le Département des recherches archéologiques subaquatiques et sous-marines (DRASSM) - Department for Underwater and Undersea Archeological Research at Marseilles and Annecy is a division of the Heritage Organization (sub-division of archeology) of the French Ministry of Culture.
Carta del Rischio del Patrimonio Culturale - made by the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro of the Italian Ministry of the Cultural Heritage, this project aims to assess the risk and degradation of archaeological remains at a national scale. In Italian, with English version in preparation.

Updated URLs:
Burren Archaeology Research Expedition - site offering 'activity holidays', in this case a field school in western Ireland, excavating a Neolithic court tomb and running June - August 2000. Full details and background. In English.
The ADS catalogue now contains an on-line version of the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record - over 14,000 references to the archaeology of Northern Ireland. As examples, there is a wealth of data about crannogs,sousterrains and early monastic sites.

9 December 1999

New URLs:
Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) - advertisement for the 'Iconographic lexicon of Classical Mythology', supplement of the book-based bibliography of Greek and Roman mythology. From Heidelberg University, in German.
Gabinete de Arqueologia de Fornos de Algodres - GAFAL presents some web resources with regard to the prehistory of Central Portugal.In Portuguese.

6 December 1999

New URLs:
Projet de recherche sur la maison forte du Boisset - the Boisset manor in Berson (Gironde, France) was chosen by the AUSONIUS Service Informatique de Recherche en Archéologie as type-site for the study of the minor rural aristocracy in Aquitaine. It is a first step toward understanding the evolution of aristocratic housing in the northern Gironde. The web site contains many VRML representations and research reports, and is intended as a research tool. In French and English.
Lejre Forsøgscenter - Lejre Experimental Centre in Denmark. Currently home page without any info at all. Watch this space! In Danish and English.
Bremer Stiftung für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie - the Bremen Foundation for Cultural and Social Anthropology supports research in the field of social-cultural anthropology of agrarian societies in precolonial western West Africa and prehistoric Central Europe.In German.
Archäologisches Institut Universität Hamburg, Fachbereiche III und IV: Klassische Archäologie - Department of classical archaeology at the University of Hamburg.In German.
Archäologisches Institut Universität Hamburg, Fachbereiche I und II: Vor- und Frühgeschichte - Department of prehistory and early history at the University of Hamburg.In German.

29 November 1999

New URLs:
Earthworks - free on-line database of career opportunities for archaeologists, geoscientists, remote sensing/GIS staff, etc. Follow link to 'archaeology'. Possibility to advertise vacancies at small charge. In English.
Area di Archeologia Medievale - at the Department of Archaeology and Art History, Siena. Over 450 pages on the activities of this department, directed by Prof. Riccardo Francovich. Current pages are about the lecturers, the computer science laboratory, 11 excavations (interim and final reports), and one landscape project (final report). Includes the web pages of the SAMI (Italian Society of Medieval Archaeologists).
Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti - at Siena University, with archaeology and prehistory sections.
Rocca San Silvestro (LI) - brief section on a medieval mining and ironworking site in Italy.
Notes on Danish Prehistory - private pages by Eva Koch, containing short but well-presented popular essays on observations and curiosities from Danish prehistory. In English and Danish.
WWW-VL: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography - climate and oceanography of ancient times, maintained by Paul Farrar. Part of the WWW Virtual Library, therefore a good place to find the best sites.

12 November 1999

New URLs:
jungsteinSITE - new private online journal for the neolithic of central Europe. Academic articles mainly in German, but with English summaries and figure captions to most articles.

12 November 1999

You may have experienced problems using ARGE's query mechanism over the past few days. This was due to a programming error which is now fixed. However, the ARGE Subject Index still incorrectly reports 'no records found' for many subjects. We are currently looking into this and apologise for the inconvenience. As a work-around you can enter the subject you are searching for in ARGE's string search form.

New URLs:
Pere IZQUIERDO i TUGAS - private pages containing articles and unpublished work on the archaeology, cultural heritage and roman navigation of the Barcelona region. In english, catalan and spanish.
Trabajos de Prehistória - extensive web pages of 'Prehistoric Work', journal by the Department of Prehistory, National Research Council at Madrid, Spain. In Spanish, French and English.

8 November 1999

ARGE was recently chosen 'best site 2000' by the editors of the 2000 Guide of Best Websites (MicrosoftPress). In each of 250 categories the 10 best sites are presented here.

New URLs:
Libreria Archeologica - bookstore specialised in classical and medieval archaeology, with on-line catalogue. In Italian and (some) English.
The "Camp de César" - describing an archaeological site known as Caesar's Camp near Laudun in southern France. In English.
Etruscan_Phrases - Private site by Mel Copeland, showing declension and conjugation of the Etruscan language from extant inscriptions. Requires a plug-in to run properly. In English and Etruscan.
Burren Archaeology Research Expedition - private company reports on investigation of a Final Neolithic - Bronze Age landscape in County Clare (Ireland). A field system, megalithic tombs, and a settlement have already been discovered. Volunteers may apply for places. In English.
John Channing & Co, Consultant Archaeologists - private Irish commercial site detailing current research and excavations; also hosts a discussion list on Irish Archaeology. In English.
Archeobase - rather messy private site running a web guide for the archaeological domain. Caution: Multimania advert window will pop up. In French.
Colloque AGER - Information on the colloquium AGER, Study of the Gallo-Roman Agricultural World, to be held 19-20 September 2000 at the University of Franche-Comté, France.

Updated URLs:
Welcome to Archaeology! - introductory text from the editor of the popular monthly Current Archaeology, Andrew Selkirk.
Directory of British Archaeology - directory of archaeologists and organisatons in Britain.
British Archaeological Excavations - directory of field work opportunities in Britain.

21 September 1999

New URLs:
Archaeology: An Interdisciplinary View - private page by Cheryl Huckerby aims to promote interdisciplinary discussions and the posting of new ideas and approaches to archaeological research. Currently contains some of her publications.
Norwegian Archaeological Review - presents articles of special interest to Scandinavian archaeological research. Tables of contents for last 4 volumes are online. Starting this year, an online subscription can also be taken. Publisher's web site also in Norwegian.
Archives of European Archaeology (AREA) - a research network funded by the European Commission, it presently unites more than twenty archaeological institutions throughout Europe. It aims to promote research on the history of European archaeology, to catalogue and preserve archives relevant to the history of archaeology, and to understand the interrelationship between archaeology and identity (cultural and political). Information on research projects, scholars, and institutions currently involved, plus an online catalogue of archives related to the history of European archaeology (operative from January 2000).
EAA 6th Annual Meeting - announcement and call for session proposals of the September 2000 conference of the European Association of Archaeologists, to be held at Lisbon. In English.
Conservare - searchable site containing info on people, organisations, institutes and companies involved in the study, preservation, restoration etc. of Europe's cultural heritage.
Landscape dynamics at the Ljubljana Moor, Slovenia - paleogeographic study, using GIS, by Dimitrij Mlekuz of Ljubljana University. Traditional archaeological research in this intensively researched region in Slovenia was concerned mainly with architecture, pottery styles and cultural relations with other regions. An outdated model of lakeside settlements was in use for over one hundred years.
Archeoclub di Pantelleria - this town in the province of Trapani has its own section within the Archeoclub d'Italia, with details of current and planned projects. In Italian.
Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen - brief details of this museum, which is dedicated to the archaeology of the Alaman tribe (3rd to 8th century AD) in Southern Germany.
Open Archaeology - site by Sebastian Heath, promoting the creation and use of open-licensed content for archaeology. Links to on-line archaeological content (bibliographies, software, etc) that is available for redistribution under open licenses.
Scienze della Terra per l'Archeologia - 'Earth Sciences for Archaeology', home page of Digiter, a company specialising in geo-Archaeology (soil mapping, survey, consultancy, geophysical prospection). Also in English.

9 September 1999

New URLs:
Vangelis Tsakirakis, Archaeologist - Private page linking to research and find reports arising from the surface survey of Western Achaia, conducted from 1989 to 1995, and to articles about various archaeological database applications programmed by Tsakerakis. In Greek with English summaries.
Pictures of History - Pompeii - nearly 100 images of Pompeii, plus further links, by John Hauser at Berkeley University (USA). In English.
Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork Guide to Good Practice - another in the ADS series of guides, this one is intended for those responsible for the creation of digital archives containing archaeological excavation and fieldwork data, for agencies and bodies commissioning this work, and for the curatorial staff who will receive the resulting digital archives. In English.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA - wetenschappelijke instellingen - private page listing scientific departments and research schools within the area of classical / mediterranean archaeology. In Dutch.
HEMEA - musea - private page listing museums with antiquities / collections within the area of classical / mediterranean archaeology. In Dutch.
Frühe Eisenverhüttung im Saar-Kohle-Wald - reports on the survey and excavation of iron processing sites in the Saarland (Germany). Private pages, under construction. In German.

7 September 1999

New URLs:
Cloddio am Lycllynwyr / Digging for Vikings - the National Museum of Wales has been excavating a Viking Age site on Anglesey for the last five years; these pages contain extensive and well-presented background info, plus a diary of this year's ongoing excavations. In Welsh and English.
­jĂńminjasafn ňslands Fornleifadeild - National Museum of Iceland, Department of Archaeology, provides brief information on a number of projects currently being worked on. Also in English.
Archaeological Investigations at Reykholt, Borgarfj╬rńur - details past and present investigations at the 13th century farm site possibly inhabited by the famous poet Snorri Sturluson, at Reykholt, Iceland. In English.

18 August 1999

Did you notice the new button in our home page? ARGE is setting up a new maintenance module to allow remote editing of the database. Currently in a test phase, this module will give editors and translators password-protected access to specific areas (e.g., a country and/or a subject) of the database. We hope it will come on-line by mid-September. Watch this space!

New URLs:
Time Team Live 99 - the award winning Channel Four show that has turned millions of viewers into armchair archaeologists. Over the weekend of 3rd-5th September the Team will simultaneously excavate two (with a possible third waiting to be confirmed) sites throughout the historic city of York. The dig will be broadcast live over the Internet on this page, with lots of interactive features! In English.
Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft, and Looting - ordered list of links regarding objects stolen from museums worldwide, including 10 from Europe. In English.
The Kensington Runestone - one of a group of allegedly 'Viking' inscriptions proving that 14th century Vikings penetrated far into North America, this runestone was discovered in Minnesota in the 1860's. This private page by Michael Zalar (pro, by the way) reproduces much of the 'evidence'. In English.
Ecole Française d'Athènes - official web site of the French School of Archaeology at Athens. In French.

5 August 1999

New URLs:
Bayesian radiocarbon calibration service (BCal) - from the School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University, Wales. This service is available for use free of charge by members of the international academic research community and for a small fee by others.
Radiocarbon web-info - from the Waikato (NZ) C14 Lab, all you ever wanted to know about radiocarbon dating.

Updated URLs:
ArchDATA and ArchAGENDA, the web sites for French archaeology and for worldwide archaeological events, have both moved to a new address.

13 August 1999

New URLs:
Découvrez la préhistoire au Grand Pressigny - Discover prehistory at Le Grand Pressigny (France): touristic and educational information. Site maintained by the local heritage societies of the South Touraine. Also in English.

Updated URLs:
ArchSearch, the UK Archaeology Data Service's digital archive search engine, has over the past year grown to become an important access point for archived archaeological records in the UK. Its catalogue now also contains:

  • the first installment of the digital archive from the first (1996) major excavation undertaken within the area of the Middle Saxon port of Lundenwic - under the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden
  • an on-line version of the Greater London SMR (core data for over 71,000 records referencing Greater London) maintained by English Heritage
  • the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) 'Archaeological Site Index to Radiocarbon Dates from Great Britain and Ireland' - 6,382 records
  • Museum of London 'Archaeological Archive' (MoLAA) 1907-1991: a guide to records of excavations by the Museum of London and its predecessors - 3,169 records
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) 'National Monuments Record of Scotland' (NMRS) - 142,000 site level index records, with live connections to the NMRS records on Canmore-Web
  • Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) 'Excavation Index for England', part of the National Monument Record (NMR) for England - 50,061 records
  • RCHME 'Index to Microfilmed Archaeological Archives', also part of the NMR - 5,730 records
  • West of Scotland Archaeology Service (WoSAS) 'Sites and Monuments Record for the West of Scotland' - 18,226 records
  • York Archaeological Trust (YAT) 'York Archive Gazetteer' detailing archaeological activity by the Trust during the last 27 years - 999 records

8 July 1999

New URLs:
The Prehistory of Finland in a Nutshell - an illustrated overview article written by Dr. Pirjo Uino of the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. In English.
The Prehistory of Finland (NBA) - very nice illustrated introduction to Finnish prehistory and history up to the Middle Ages, with links to further documents. From the National Museum. In English.
Museovirasto - the National Board of Antiquities of Finland. In Finnish, Swedish, and English.
Kalliojumalan Jäljillä - "tracing the cliff god", a presentation of the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi. In Finnish and English.
Åland island's prehistory - by Åland Museum. In English.
Virtuelle Bibliothek Klassische Archaeologie - a new section of the WWW Virtual Library. Systematic and thorough presentation and short annotation of links concerning classical archaeology, from the Humboldt University in Berlin. In German.
Links for Palaeobotanists - guide to internet resources for palaeobotanists, from Würzburg University.
Pontic Memorials - electronic journal from the Ukraine. Archaeology of the Kherson region, especially the Olbia excavations. Brief text and some illustrations. In English.

Updated URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - table of contents of this journal, now in its 6th issue (Year II,1998, No 3). In English.

6 July 1999

Today, most of the behind-the-scenes database structure supporting ARGE is being changed. This may lead to some access problems while we're working, for which we apologise. We hope to have the new version of ARGE up and running, and any remaining bugs removed, by Thursday 8 July. New features include:
  • the reliability of links is now permanently checked by ARGE and is indicated by an icon to the left of each link.
  • a listing of keywords is now included with each link. You can use these to guide your future searches of the ARGE database.
  • the text-only (lynx) version was no longer supported. This option has therefore been removed from the home page

29 June 1999

New URLs:
The role of animals in the lives of palaeolithic people - private pages by Anne-Maire Denvir, member of the Paleo Ring. Brief illustrated discussion of the various roles played by animals in the life of paleolithic people. In English.
Trajan's Column on CD-ROM - a replica of this famous monument, the original of which is in Rome, was made for the Romanian state in the 1940's; it is now exhibited in the National History Museum in Bucharest and has been put on CD-ROM by CIMEC. This website has the story and some sample images. In English.

Updated URLs:
ArqueoHispania: Arqueologia de la Hispania Antigua - resource guide for ancient Spain and Portugal, maintained at the University of Segovia. Includes a bulletin board and news service. In Spanish.

25 June 1999

New URLs:
Laboratorium voor Prehistorie - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Includes pages for INQUA, working group on humans in the late pleistocene, and brief outlines of research projects (including some on microwear studies). In English.
Skalk - popular Danish archaeological periodical, published by ??. In Danish.
La Cultura Ibérica a través de la fotografía de principios de siglo. Un homenaje a la memoria - Exhibition tracing the work of important Spanish archaeologists whose work played a major role in uncovering Iberian culture, using photographs and documents never published before. Complete catalogue available online. In Spanish.
Fundación de Estudios Romanos - Spanish Foundation for Roman Studies, dedicated to the promotion of the Roman legacy in Spain. In Spanish.
3.o Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular - 3rd Congress on Iberian Archaeology, taking place at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) at Vila Real, Portugal, from 21-27 September 1999. In Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

14 June 1999

New URLs:
Grupo de Investigación en Arqueología del paisaje - Software - this Spanish working group offers two Windows NT packages: ADRA (Archivo Digital del Registro Arqueológico), an archiving utility, and ConvCoord (Conversor de Coordenadas geográficas y UTM), a co-ordinate conversion utility.

The following links were kindly pointed out to me by Lafli Erguen:
Projekt Troia - Details of the new excavations by the universities of Tübingen and Cincinnati taking place at Troi. In German and English.
Das Tübinger Lykien-Projekt - details of this research project taking place in Lykia, south-west Turkey. In German, Turkish, and English.
The Alacami - the last surviving free-standing monument of antique Flaviopolis/Flavias, now the modern town of Kadirli on the fringes of the Cilician Plain (Southern Turkey), this building started out as a late Roman basilica. The university of Newcastle-on-Tyne has published these detailed pages on its excavation, survey and three-dimensional reconstruction.
Aphrodisias - one of the most important archaeological sites of the Greek and Roman periods, Aphrodisias lies in the Maeander River basin in central Turkey. Famous for its sanctuary of Aphrodite, the city's patron goddess, Aphrodisias enjoyed a long and prosperous existence from the 1st century B.C. through the 6th century A.D. Since 1990, the emphasis of research at Aphrodisias, carried out by New York University, has shifted away from large scale excavation to documentation, conservation, and publication. In English.
3D Modelling at Assos, Xanthos, and Miletus - slides of 3d reconstructions of a large number of buildings in these three towns which now lie in Turkey. By Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens. In Greek and English.
Virtual Sagalassos - a large research project from the University of Leuven (Belgium), studying this town in southern Turkey. The area is being excavated since 1990 and is now a showcase for 3D-modelling technology developed by the department of electrical engineering of the K.U. Leuven. Main content of the site is an article on 3D reconstruction techniques. In English.

Updated URLs:
Learning Sites, Inc. - producer of Digitally Reconstructed Ancient Worlds for Interactive Education and Research announces its completely reworked Web presence.

7 June 1999

New URLs:
Association pour les fouilles archéologiques nationales (AFAN) - this association, controlled by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, is responsible for nearly all rescue excavation in France. The site presents the association and its current excavations.
Comarca del Nalón - Asturies, northern Spain, stood at the cradle of the industrial revolution in 1792. The site now hosts a Mining Museum and historic archive, and other pages about the early Spanish industrial heritage. In Spanish.

1 June 1999

New URLs:
NAVIS 1. A database on ancient ships - image database on ancient shipping in Europe, created jointly by eight European museums and institutes of ship archaeology. NAVIS currently contains some 50 ancient ships and is supported by EC-DG X. The central part of the database is queryable in 8 European languages on its historical, technical and regional aspects. May load somewhat slowly because it uses Java.
Universiteit Utrecht, Laboratorium voor Palaeobotanie en Palynologie - Palaeobotany and Palynology Laboratory at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. In Dutch and English.
LPP Foundation - applied research services in palynology and palaeobotany for Oil & Gas, Archeobotany and Environment. In English.

Updated URLs:
KomiSC Archaeology - aka ArchaeoSpace, covering northeastern European Russia, has changed address. In Russian and English.
UMR 6566 - CNRS research unit on Atlantic civilisations and Archaeosciences based at Nantes University (France), previously known as UMR 153, has changed its name and address. In French.

25 May 1999

New URLs:
TAG '99 - the 1999 conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group, to be held at Cardiff University (UK). The deadline for papers is 30th June.
Mugello Valley Archaeological Project (MVAP) - extensive and good-looking web pages of this American research project in Tuscany, excavating an Etruscan hilltop site in the Mugello valley, Italy.

Updated URLs:
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities - aka TestPit, has moved to a new host. You can find their list of European fieldwork opportunities here.

20 May 1999

New URLs:
Prehistoria - Universidad de Cantabria - Prehistory section at the department of historical sciences, University of Cantabria (Spain). - Spanish company that markets StratiGraf, software to manages stratigraphic information. Enter the stratigraphic relationships and StratiGraf will detect any inconsistency, calculate inmediate relationships and draw the excavation matrix. Documentation and interpretation errors of stratigraphic evidence can be detected and corrected in the early stages of the process. In Catalan, Spanish, and English.
Third International Conference on Archaeological Prospection - 9 to 11 September 1999, Munich, Germany. Last Call For Papers. The focus is on recent work in all aspects of archaeological prospection including aerial archaeology and remote sensing. Topics presented should be of broad interest to archaeologists as well as to geophysicists and specialists working in technical fields. Contributions from practitioners in these fields are welcome.
La grotte de Spy - one of the most important palaeolithic cave sites in Europe, research at the Spy cave (Belgium) led to the final acceptance of the existence of Neanderthals. In French.
Jobs for the Academic Community - a recruitment website owned and created by the academic community. The service advertises job vacancies for academic institutions around the world but for the most part from Britain. It provides a free jobs-by-email alert service for thousands of people around the world. Over 260 academic insitutions now regularly advertise their academic and related vacancies on the site. Use the 'Advanced Search' option to find archaeology-related jobs.
Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH - publishers inRahden/Westphalia since 1983, specialize in archaeological and historical publications and currently offer more than 200 titles covering subjects from pre- and protohistory, archaeology of the Roman provinces, medieval and modern archaeology, as well as topics from classical and Near Eastern archaeology. Indexed on author and subject. In English and German.

17 May 1999

New URLs:
Ural State University Laboratory for Archaeological Research - at Ekaterinenburg. Details archaeology of the Ural region; description of projects and excavation reports. Announcement of conferences and an international Summer Field School. In English and Russian (both WIN and KOI systems).
Irish Association of Professional Archaeologists Specialist List - searchable site for Irish archaeology listing specialist information and services available by subject. Private page by Conor McDermott.

Updated URLs:
ARCHEON Online - archaeological theme park near Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.
Prehistorisch Openluchtmuseum (SPNE) - Prehistoric theme park and open air museum near Eindhoven, Netherlands. In Dutch with English summary.

14 May 1999

New URLs:
Archaeobotany - details of several projects that reconstruct the Palaeo-environment using archaeobotanical data and information from soil science in the Eastern Mediterranean/Near East (mainly Bronze Age) and Middle Europe (mainly Neolithic). From the paleo-environmental research laboratory at Tübingen University, in English.
Plan Integral de Actuación en el Valle de Ambrona (Soria, Spain) - the Comprehensive Plan of Action in the Valley of Ambrona is about research into the first productive economy in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, about cultural diffusion and rural employement. Fron the Universidad de Valladolid - Instituto Arqueológico Alemán de Madrid. In Spanish, English, and French.
Le site archéologique de la Grande Rivoire (Isère, France) - the abri (rock shelter) of la Grande Rivoire, situated toward the north of the Vercors mountains near Grenoble (France), contains evidence for human occupation from the mesolithic to the middle ages in its sediments. Each period is treated with a well-illustrated page or two. From the University of Geneva; in French.

Updated URLs:
Centro Studi Storici Ostia - home page of this society for the study of ancient Ostia. Brief articles on various aspects of its archaeology and daily life. Under construction, in Italian.
Dark age and medieval archaeology in Poggio Imperiale - these pages from University of Siena Department of Archaeology changed their URL. The site has also been completely updated with new projects and excavations.

6 May 1999

New URLs:
Arch-Experiment - discussion list for experimental archaeology. You can join by sending the message "join arch-experiment " to Mailbase UK.
Museumsdorf Düppel - im Stadtmuseum Berlin; ein Versuchsgelände der experimentellen Archäologie. Experimental Medieval village in Berlin. Pages include a listing of other experimental archaeology sites in Europe. In German, English, and Latin.
AARAD - Agency for Automated Research on Archaeological Data - professional Dutch service provider, specialized in the processing of data for all kinds of archaeological projects, including database-management, GIS, statistics, and cartography. In Dutch, English, French and German.

3 May 1999

New URLs:
Department of European Archaeology - University of Amsterdam.
Leerstoelgroep Mediterrane Archeologie (UvA) - Department of Mediterranean Archaeology.
Allard Pierson Museum - Archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. Information in Dutch, German, English, and French.
Memento: oudheidkundige musea - Lists details of all archaeological museums in the Netherlands. In Dutch.
Rubriek: 15.32 prehistorische archeologie, protohistorische archeologie - electronic archaeology according to the Dutchess service, Dutch Royal Library, The Hague.
Provinciale VVV Zeeland - with details of the Aardenburg Municipal Museum, Zeeland province, the Netherlands.
Letteren : Archeologie - Department at the Free University of Amsterdam. In Dutch.
Archeologie in Den Haag - pages for the municipal archaeology of The Hague. In Dutch.
Betuweroute - pages detailing archaeological research and rescue work along the path of a new railroad line to be built from the port of Rotterdam to the German Ruhr area.
Provinciaal Gallo Romeins Museum Tongeren - Museum of the Gallo-Roman period at Tongeren, Belgium.
IASE - Identification and Advisory Services in Entomology - professional entomological services at the University of Amsterdam.
Ondernemers in de Archeologie - complete listing with details of units, consultants, etc..
Department of Archaeology and Ancient history, Uppsala university

26 April 1999

New URLs:
Grands sites archéologiques - a selection of important French archaeological sites.
la Vienne antique - Capital of the Allobrogi, Vienne can vie with its neighbour Lyon (capital of the Gauls) in posessing the most impressive gallo-roman monuments. These include a temple, forum, theatre, circus, warehouses, bath complex, and houses decorated with mosaics and wall paintings. Over 200 iconographic documents evoke the life of the ancient viennois.
Site de Castel-Merle - one of the most important Upper Paleolithic camp sites in Europe, dating from Mousterian through Magdalenian. There is also a significant early Medieval record. In English.
Institute for Ice Age Studies - the IIAS is a not for profit organization supporting European Paleolithic research and education. The site is password protected.
Yesterday Today - calls itself "An archaeology community for the UK". Ad-infested page which could well harbour some interesting information, especially if you are looking for a chat or the latest news about UK archaeology.
Tropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch - direction to this cave near present-day Regensburg (Germany), which was used by Neanderthals. Offers meditative and acoustic experiences to the visitors.
Nea Paphos Hellenistic Theatre Excavation - presentation of the 1995-7 excavations of this theatre on Cypros, from Sydney University.
The Material Culture of Pompeii Households - briefly presents the research at Pompeii and relevant publications by Penelope Allison from Sydney University.

Updated URLs:
Newgrange, about a well-known Irish neolithic mound, changed its URL. Caution: adverts!
The eneolithic settlement Ilgynly-Depe changed its URL and updated its contents.

Related URLs:
Thèbes - French excavations at Thebes, Egypt.
Virtual Institute for Spatial Technologies in Archaeology (VISTA) - at Sydney University. Here you can find learning materials on basic computer skills, data management, and GIS/mapping applications.

9 April 1999

Today, the old static Period Index was replaced with a new, table-based dynamic index. This is still under construction and will be refined over the next few months. (MvL)

New URLs:
Classical Backpacking in Greece - a little touristy, but only in order to let travelers learn more about several major archaeological sites (some 15 at the moment). Try some of the specific sites like Thorikos, Perachora, etc... In English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Updated URLs:
Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome - changed its URL and updated its content.
Archaeological Texts - site updated. Information about courses in British archaeology and texts which can be accessed.

6 April 1999

New URLs:
Journal of Irish Archaeology - name says it all. Contents of back issues available, plus abstracts of current issue 8.
Vereniging Archeologie en Publiek - society that aims to further public activities in the area of Dutch archaeology; also publishes a journal. In Dutch.
Instytut Prahistorii UAM - Poznan - Institute of Prehistory of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. Complete set of pages including a guide to Polish archaeology on the web. In Polish and English; German version forthcoming.
Talactor S.L. - Arqueología y Patrimonio - a commercial firm specialising in the urban archaeology of the city of León, the old Legio VII Gemina headquarters and sometime capital of the Spanish kingdom of that name. Under construction; in Spanish.
The OTS Foundation - Education & Historic Preservation in Malta - non-profit organisation whose goal is "to facilitate a broader understanding of the importance of this Mediterranean island nation in world history, and to assist in the preservation and conservation of the incomparable prehistoric heritage of Malta and Gozo". Books, travel, T-shirts, and of course the famous Neolithic temples. In English.

Updated URLs:
Department of Archaeology - at the National University of Ireland, Galway, has changed its name and that of its web host.

1 April 1999

New URLs:
Svenska Arkeologiska Samfundet - Swedish Archaeological Society. Professional association, publishingf Current Swedish Archaeology, an annual journal for debate and new research in Swedish archaeology. Tables of contents available for back issues.
ARGO - Gruppo Ricerche Subacquee - Venezia - courses and general information for technicians in underwater archaeology, leading to a national qualification. Also notes on the archaeology of the northern Adriatic.
Archaeosurvey - Geophysics for Archaeology assessment - brief description of the more popular geophysical methods for archaeological assessment, and some case histories relating to ground penetrating radar, magnetometer and resistivity surveys carried out by the author, Sandro Veronese. In English and Italian.
Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - semi-annual journal of archaeology managed and published by research students at the University of Cambridge; requests submissions for its upcoming issue.
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research - at the University of Cambridge. The institute contains laboratories for geoarchaeology, archaeozoology and bioarchaeology. The extensive faunal remains collection of the Department of Archaeology is now based within the McDonald Institute and a corresponding reference collection of plant remains is being assembled.
Préhistoire Quercinoise - review of the Prehistory of South-Western France (Quercy region) from the Palaeolithic to the early Iron age. Under construction: no content available yet. In French.
Hunnprosjektet - excavations at Hunn (eastern Norway) in 1996 to 1998 have provided invaluable material thatsheds light on early metallurgy, ritual, technology and culture around the beginning of the Late Bronze Age (1000-700 BC). Mainly in Norwegian, but English version is being added.

Updated URLs:
I.A. Recordings - these well-appointed pages have moved to a new address and are well worth a (second) visit. Industrial Archaeology: Books, Television, Films, and Reviews. Founded in 1982, I.A. Recordings is dedicated to the recording of past and present British industrial activity on film and video. The website includes a short description of industrial archaeology, and links to other industrial archaeology pages across the world.
Home page of Manuel Medrano and Maria Antonia Diaz - expanded and actualized.
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet - The Documentation Project, an extensive information system on Norwegian language and culture, was updated in November 1998. In Norwegian and English.

23 March 1999

New URLs:
Arqueojovem - 'ArchaeoYouth', n for the Preservation of the Cultural and Natural Heritage. In Portuguese.
Centro Europeu de Investigação da Préhistória do Alto Ribajeto (CEIPHAR) - European Centre for Prehistoric Research in the North Ribatejo, northern Portugal. Courses in conservation and restauration, and in landscape archaeology.
Departamento de Arte Arqueologia e Restauro - Instituto Politécnico de Tomar.
Centro de Pré-História - Prehistory Centre of Tomar, including a database of several hundreds of sites.

Updated URLs:
Institut for Klassisk Arkaeologi, Aarhus Universitet
Institut for Forhistorisk Arkaeologi, Middelalderarkaeologi, Etnografi og Socialantropologi, Aarhus Universitet

15 March 1999

New URLs:
Museo Archeologico Virtuale - at Ivan Boni's Italian Archaeology site. To contain a choice of archaeological finds with images, descriptions and 3d reconstruction (and animation). A small section on glass is online already. Rather slow loading due to extensive use of (animated) graphics. In Italian; English version to be built.
Leskernick - project exploring a multidisciplinary approach to landscape and the symbolism of place on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England. Directed by Barbara Bender, Sue Hamilton and Chris Tilley of the Institute of Archaeology and Department of Anthropology, University College London. The web site, edited by Paul Basu, includes articles, an image-text gallery, discussion list, project diaries, etc. and forms part of the multi-media publication of the project.
Archéologie aérienne J. Dassie - Guide to aerial archaeology in the Poitou-Charentes department, France. Private site maintained by Jacques Dassié. In French, but links to another English language site.
Aerial archaeology - in the Poitou-Charentes department, France. In English; links to French version. Caution: Geocities advertisements may cause your browser to give up!
Post-graduate stuff - web site of the Postgraduates of the Department of Archaeology in the University of Edinburgh, including information on research topics, lectures, discussion topics and lots more.
Henry's BIG Adventure - by the National Museum of Wales. A light hearted and interactive look at the serious business of keeping archaeological coins in mint condition. Great example of how to build an educational exhibit - your kids will love this!
Archaeology - National Museums & Galleries of Wales - tells the story of Welsh archaeology within three of its museums, each one drawing on different evidence to tell a unique part of the tale: numismatics, and the roman legionary fortresses at Caerleon and Segontium.
The Tregwynt coin hoard - interactive guide to the largest English Civil War hoard yet to be discovered in Wales. Part of the Archaeology & Numismatics section of the National Museum & Gallery Cardiff pages. Covers the discovery of the hoard; its academic value (includes full catalogue); and the chance to explore the hoard for yourself.
Archaeological Museum of the Voronezh University - largest archaeological repository of south Central Russia presents its first exhibition - Bronze Age. In Russian. English version is under construction. Images of the artifacts, maps and artist's reconstructions are available.

Updated URLs:
Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Copenhagen - comprises many activities; current research is conducted on prehistoric and historic periods. Geographically, the center of research is Southern Scandinavia, but the area studied also spans other countries of Europe & neighbouring continents. Provides a newsletter in English, "Archaeological Notes", in which ongoing research is described.

1 March 1999

New URLs:
Terra novA - commercial site, promoting the use of non-destructive methods for the detection and mapping of archeological sites (from neolithic to modern times). Several methods and examples are given, including the use of aerial photos, their rectification, the integration of these data in a GIS, the geophysical methods (electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, radar), and pedological studies. In French and English.
Atapuerca Research Team - Research and educational activity of the Atapuerca Research Team from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Catalonia, Spain). Contains some of the recent research in Abric Romaní, featuring Homo Heidelbergensis. Very much under construction. In English, Spanish, and Catalan.
St udi Ostiensi - a start-up archaeological magazine, accepting articles on Ostia and on archaeological methodology. Contact:

24 February 1999

New URLs:
Monumenti Antichi e Scavi Archeologici - Comune di Roma, monuments and excavations.
The American Academy in Rome
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
The following links, providing access to catalogs of archaeological libraries, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Catalogo URBS - joint catalog of the Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche; login: "opaceng". Includes the foreign archaeological academies in Rome. In English.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Histoire Antique Strasbourg - joint catalog of the CNRS (French research institutes), including archaeology. In French.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Préhistoire - joint catalog of the CNRS (French research institutes), prehistory. In French.
IRIS - Getty Research Institute - main catalog, including archaeology.
Bibliothèque de la Maison de l'Orient Méditerranéen - catalog at the University of Lyon; 30,000 titles. In French.
Museo de Prehistória - Valencia, biblioteca - catalog containing some 40,000 book titles and 1030 journals on prehistory and archaeology.
The following links, providing access to maps of the classical world, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean map index - terrain and/or place names, from the University of North Carolina. Uses PDF high resolution format, so you will need the Acrobat reader.
LacusCurtius - Roman Atlas - from Kansas University. Includes maps of the provinces plus a database of Roman place name gazetteer and co-ordinates.
Map s: Distribution of Greek Pottery - from the Beazley Archive in Oxford; under construction.
Maps: Greece / Rome - from Acadia University (Canada); look in the directories "GREECE" and "ROME" for html files covering pre-classical and classical Greece, republican and imperial Rome.
Perseus Atlas - the Perseus Project atlas covers the ancient Greek world, is interactive and searchable by place name. from Tufts University.

22 February 1999

New URLs:
Departamento de Prehistoria, Historia Antigua y Arqueología - Universidad de Salamanca (Spain). In Spanish.
HEMEA heuristiek mediterrane archeologie - very complete bibliographic and iconographic guide to the study of mediterranean and classical archaeology. By Stephan ten Hacken. In Dutch.
The following links, providing access to English and German-language dissertations, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Ind ex to Classical Dissertations and Theses in Progress - Classics and Archaeology from north America and Great Britain, from UCLA.
DArV: Magister- und Dissertationsthemen - searchable bibliographic database of German archaeological PhD theses, from the Deutscher Archäologen-Verband at the University of Berlin. In German.
Abfrageformular Österreichische Dissertationsdatenbank - searchable database of Austrian theses on classical archaeology, at Innsbrück University. When asked for BI, type G0510. In German.
The following links, providing access to e-mail and address lists, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians - searchable index from NESTOR, includes e-mail address and areas of interest. In English.
Worldwide E-mail Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA) - worldwide searchable index of anthropologists and archaeologists. Also in French and Spanish.
Adressen der arch╠ologischen Hochschulinstitute in Deutschland, in ┌sterreich und in der Schweiz - by the Deutscher Archäologen Verband. Also gives e-mail and web page addresses if available. In German.
Ancient and Byzantine Cultural Heritage - address list of departments, faculties, schools and government services, from the Greek Ministry of Culture. In English.
Accademie straniere - address details of the foreign academies in Rome.
The following links, providing access to glossaries, were lifted from HEMEA with kind permission from Stephan ten Hacken:
Ceramic Attribute Glossary - in English, from ArchNet; very handy because it is illustrated.
Classical Archaeology Glossary - a simple and brief glossary with some illustrations from the Cambridge University Museum. In English.
Shapes of Greek Vases - glossary of Greek vessel names, linking to further discussion and images, from the University of Kentucky. In English.

16 February 1999

New URLs:
Kent Archaeological Society - the county archaeological society for Kent, England, founded in 1857. Members are mostly amateurs. A registered charity, its objects are to promote the study and publication of archaeology and history in all their branches, particularly in the ancient county of Kent which includes parts of south east London.

11 February 1999

New URLs:
Icelandic archaeology: excavations and research - presentations of various excavations of mainly Viking Age and Early Medieval settlements in Iceland, by a commercial unit. Mostly in Icelandic.
3rd Symposium of the Greek Society for Archaeometry (GSA): Abstracts - Athens, November 1996, under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Main topics: Dating of organic and inorganic materials, Artifact provenance studies, Ancient technology, Organic residues studies, Mathematical and statistical methods, Prospection and Geoarchaeology. The Symposium included a session on "Technology and Trade of Lithic Material and Metals in the Eastern Mediterranean during Prehistory". The abstracts are available in Greek and English.
Fröjel Discovery Programme - copious project notes on the excavation of this Viking Age harbour. In Swedish and English.
The Greek Society for Archaeometry - a non profit association formed in 1982, its purpose is to promote the application of Science and Technology to the fields of Archaeology, History of Art and generally the cultural heritage. GSA members form the overwhelming majority of scholars engaged in such activities, in Universities, Archaeological Service and Research Centres as well as in the private sector. Activities include the organisation of conferences and seminars, public lectures, and a detailed survey of Greek Archaeometry activities.
Ancient Ceramic Technology & Production in Cyprus - part of a large scale multidisciplinary study of ancient ceramic technology in Cyprus from Late Neolithic to the Hellenistic period. The artefacts presented in the database demo are part of the Nicosia Museum Collection. Excellent demonstration of what can be done with Java.
Science and technologies applied to archaeological issues of the Hellenic World - title says it all, really. Also hosts the web site of the Greek Society for Archaeometry.
Santuário de Panóias - "Panóias é um sítio ermo e bravio que jaz na freguesia de Valnogueiras, concelho de Vila Real, onde a religião dos nossos maiores, deixou vestígios valiosíssimos, porque todo o terreno abunda de rochedos de granito que a piedade antiga aproveitou para em alguns, gravar inscrições, ou com intuito cultural de abrir certas cavidades. Foi pois aí um antuário, isto é, um templo, como em uma dessas inscrições o diz. Nesse templo recebia especialmente culto Serápis."
Château Gaillard - Actes des colloques Château Gaillard - Articles de fond et résumés en trois langues (Français, Anglais, Allemand)
Archéologie Médiévale - Revue propre du CNRS - Articles de fond sur l'Archéologie - Chronique des fouilles archéologiques réalisées dans l'année en France

Updated URLs:
Laboratory of Archaeometry - at the Instute of Materials Sciences, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, Greece. Includes details of the EMAC '99 conference (october 99). In English.

9 February 1999

New URLs:
Institutt for arkeologi - at the University of Tromsø. The usual presentation of research projects, indexed both chronologically and by subject. More detailed stuff is available in the Arctic Archaeology and Medieval Archaeology sections. In Norwegian and English.
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut - the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin is one of the major nationally and, through its foreign departments internationally active organisations in Germany and provides many research services. Details of projects, field work and publications. In German.
Grodzisko w Grzybowie - results of excavations at a 10th century fortified settlement in Grzybowo near Wrzesnia (Poland). Also in German and English; slow loading.

4 February 1999

New URLs:
A bibliographical corpus of the Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Figurines from Asia Minor - by Ergün Lafli.
Bibliography of the Sagalassos Red Slip Ware - by Ergün Lafli.
The Viking Bronze Casting Site - guide to resources on Scandinavian bronze-casting in the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages, by Anders Söderberg, in Swedish and English
Sussex Archaeological Society - southern England. Contains reports from current excavations at Fishbourne Roman Palace and the discovery and display of the Patching Hoard, the latest hoard of Roman and pseudo-Roman coins from the British Isles. Also news, fun, etc.
Queens University archaeology society - provides details on what it is like to study archaeology at Queens, and a tourist guide to archaeological sites in and around Belfast. Part of the Paleo and Archaeology web rings.

Updated URLs:
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo - new address. Now contains an exibition of medieval pottery. Also in English.
Il sito archeologico del Monte Castellare - new address. Provides fairly complete documentation of the excavations at this Archaic, Etruscan, and Medieval hilltop site near Pisa. Includes attractive educational 'slideshow' of sections at the site.

26 January 1999

New URLs:
Dr. J's Illustrated Greek Sites and Lectures - private page from Temple University (USA) features very high quality photos of Greece and many archaeological sites with accompanying lectures including coverage of the Athenian Acropolis, Mycenae, Delphi, Santorini, Delos, Mt. Olympos and many more.
La Grotte de Lascaux - the Official Lascaux Cave site by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. A specialist of the Centre national de préhistoire has selected over one hundred documents showing the major features of the cave: figurative pictures (animals or man) and geometrical signs. Also covers the history of the cave from its discovery in 1940 and the recent physical and chemical analyses. English, German, and Spanish versions planned. And there's a nice interactive feature on the home page, too!
Computer Applications in Archaeology International Conference 1999, Dublin - a.o. procedures for booking your place at the conference and accommodation in Dublin City. Timetables and general information relating to the conference organisation and activities will be updated as we get closer to April, so keep checking back.
Anglo-American Project in Pompeii - updated with new research and information on the 1999 Field School
ArchaeoSpace, guide to the archaeology of the European Northeast, has changed address. Currently available in Russian only, this site employs the Windows-1251 Cyrillic encoding.
ARCHAEOLOGIA BULGARICA 5th issue (1998/2) - out now; contents pages are available here. Languages: English, German and French.

19 January 1999

New URLs:
Arqueologia i Ensenyament - Archaeology and Teaching Group, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In Spanish.
Artesans Armas Don Diego - online store selling products for medieval and historical swords, daggers, full size armours, shields, Masonic court swords, and more recent/modern arms. In English.
Archaeology of Novgorod - research centre of Novgorod State Museum, deals with recent archaeological research in Novgorod, Russia. Situated at a crossroads of medieval trade routes ("from Varangians to Greek") the town became a gateway to the West. Strong trade links with the Hansa made it an extremely wealthy mediaeval city. Perfect preservation of organic remains in its cultural layers make it a place of permanent archaeological interest. In Russian and English.
Libro Carteia - electronic version of the book "Carteia" which presents past, present, and future of this Roman town, situated at San Roque (Cádiz, Spain). In Spanish.
Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - home page of this semi-annual journal of archaeology managed and published by research students at the University of Cambridge since 1981. Information about subscription, sales, and submission.
Artefacts - a UK company that specializes in the research and reconstruction of items related to archaeology and social history from the European neolithic to c. AD 1600. Their clients are mainly museums, schools and historical documentary work for television.

12 January 1999

Since just before Christmas, the 'Countries' button in ARGE's homepage erroneously pointed to an experimental page which loaded very slowly and did not give correct results. This has now been fixed - our apologies!

New URLs:
Archéodrome de Bourgogne - archaeological park. Reconstructions, experiments, games, etc.
Archéo Virtua - 1st International Festival of Multimedia in Archaeology, 25-6 March 1999. Program, members of jury and round-tables, and the registry form. Also in English.
Eine mittelalterliche Glashütte im Schönbuch - excavation report and other information regarding this late medieval glass-blowers hut. In German.
Arbeitsbereich Archäologie des Mittelalters - department of medieval archaeologie at Tübingen University. Teaching, excavations, publications and thematic exhibitions. Also links to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Archäologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit.
Departamento de Prehistoria - Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain). Impressive pages, well worth visiting. Also in English.
Department of Archaeology, University College Cork.
Archaeological Services Unit - at Cork University provides a range of excavation and post-excavation services to developers and archaeologists in Ireland. Brief description and contact information.
Archaeological Survey of County Cork - run jointly with the National Monuments Service of the Ministry of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. Under construction.
BRITISH AND IRISH ARCHAEOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY (BIAB) - contain everything you ever wanted to know about bibliographic data for Britain and Ireland. This includes information on the scope, aims, background and history of the BIAB project, along with extensive details of archaeological serial publications, and contact details of archaeology publishers and/or editors.
ARCHEOLO-J Service des jeunesses archéologiques - society that promotes the involvement of children in the archaeological heritage through field work, excursions. etc. In French.

Updated URLs:
The ADS Catalogue is now back online, with the West of Scotland SMR, the CBA's Radiocarbon Index, and the Museum of London's Gazetteer of London sites. The British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography and the Society of Antiquaries of London Library remain available as Special Collections. To follow shortly are the National Monuments Record for all of Scotland (!), the YAT Gazetteer of sites in York, the RCHME Excavation Index for England, and the RCHME Microfilm Index.

11 January 1999

New URLs:
Slavia Foundation for Polish History and Culture - a non-profit organization which encourages and supports archaeological research in Poland and offers opportunities for volunteers and students to participate in Early Medieval excavations at the sites of Ostrow Lednicki and Giecz (fortified royal seats from the 10th and 11th centuries which served as the base for the formation of the first Polish state). The foundation offers a series of 2-week programs of field excavation, paleoenvironmental labwork and lectures, and educational tours.

Updated URLs:
Agrarian communities in the Lower Meuse area - combines all research carried out in the Faculty of Pre- and Protohistory of Leiden University concerning the Late Neolithic until the Roman Period in the southern part of the Netherlands and neighbouring areas. Several projects deal with different aspects of these agrarian communities: social organization, economy, burial ritual, exchange systems, settlements systems, etc. As much as possible these aspects are studied from a diachronical perspective and within the setting of a changing natural and social environment.

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