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Archives for the years 2002, 2001, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995.

21 December 2000

New URLs:
CAA-UK 2001 - the Sixth Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (UK) meeting will take place at Bristol University from Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th February 2001. Full details and submission forms. In English.
7th EAA Annual Meeting 2001 - the Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 2001, at the German town of Esslingen, 19 - 23 September 2001. First circular and request for program proposals available here. In English and German.
Odessa State Museum of Archaeology - from the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. Brief introductory text, some images and animations, but not much information. In Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
Arkæoastronomi - astronomi i oldtiden - private pages by Rud Kjems, providing access to web resources on archaeoastronomy of Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain. Unfortunately I cannot evaluate this site, because it is in Danish.
Projekt Kamerun - pages describing research into the earliest neolithic people of Cameroon (Africa), by the University of Tübingen (Germany) during 1997 and 1999. In German.
Projekt Heidengraben - pages detailing the excavations at the Iron age to early medieval Oppidum Heidengraben (Kr. Reutlingen, Germany) by the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory and Medieval Archaeology of Tübingen University. In German.
ArkIkon - Illustrasjon & visualisering - commercial archaeological reconstruction and illustration service from Norway. Also offers 3D visualization, web design, replicas. In Norwegian and English.
Sanniti - the Samnites: their people, land, towns, language, religion, myth, and their wars against Rome. Attractive and informative private pages by Davide Monaco - if slightly romanticised. In Italian and English.
Sito paleolitico La Pineta, Isernia - Italy. Private pages by Davide Monaco, well-illustrated and informative, including pages on the paleolithic museum of Isernia, present the find of a Homo Erectus fossil dated to 700,000 years ago. In Italian, English, French, and German.

13 December 2000

ARGE software upgrade: Recurrent problems with ARGE's database server since before the summer have now finally been fixed, and important improvements have been made to ARGE's response speed at the same time. String and date searches can now be accessed from ARGE's home page.
ArchNet ceased service The WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology maintained since 1993 by Tom Plunkett and John Lizee at the University of Connecticut has ceased service as of October. John and Tom are looking for people who are prepared to adopt ArchNet.

New URLs:
The Marki Project - description of the Australian excavations by Latrobe University at Marki Alonia, a bronze age town in Cyprus. In English.
Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Vor- und Frühgeschichtlichen Ausgrabungen im Osnabrücker Land E.V. - web site of the society for the furtherance of excavations in the Osnabrück region of northwestern Germany. Details of several projects and activities. In German.
El comte Arnau: arqueologia de la llegenda del comte arnau - an investigation into the thruth about the legendary Count Arnaud, with details of his castle in Mataplana, Andorra. In Catalan.
Stone Age Hand-Axes - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing introductory text, a map, and lots of images. Very good educational page. In English.
Stone Age Habitats - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing a richly illustrated introductory text on stone age habitats. Very good educational page. In English.
Roman Musical Instruments - page by Wladyslav Kowalski of Penn State University, containing a richly illustrated overview of musical instruments used by the Romans. In English.

28 November 2000

New URLs:
Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie ARCHAEOMETRIE - founded in May 1999, this international professional society aims to promote interdisciplinary discussion about the role of scientific methods in and for archaeology. News and contact details in German.
ARCHway: gateway to resource sharing in archaeology - a UK Research Support Libraries Programme project, which is evaluating whether and how it will be possible to enhance access to archaeology journals and related materials through collaborative collection management, a web gateway to journal holdings, and current awareness and document delivery services. In English.
SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting - a free email service, courtesy of Taylor & Francis publishers, for delivery of tables of contents of any Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal. For each of your choices, you will receive the relevant bibliographic information and full contents details, names of authors and the appropriate page numbers from the printed version.Click on the SARA button to register. In English.
Megalithic Sites of Great Britain - site presenting new surveys based on photographic images and computer extrapolation which purport to substantiate the existence of Alexander Thom's 'Megalithic Calendar and lunar standstill program' in Bronze Age Britain. In English.
Geschichte & Chronologie - on-line journal concentrating on criticisms of, and alternatives to, generally accepted archaeological and historical chronologies. The editors and authors seem to constitute a group of catastrophists and pseudo-archaeologists. In German and English. Caution: adverts!
Scythica-Celtiqum - Archaeology, Numismatics & Antiquariat - annotated web resource catalogue, by Dr V.E.Eremenko. In Russian.
Paleo.Flint - Educational web site concentrating on paleolithic flint in Spain. Rather difficult to find your way. In Spanish.

Updated URLs:
SNA - Stichting Nederlandse Archeologie - Dutch ArchWeb site, now reorganised and updated. In Dutch.
MDA - UK Museums Documentation Association - now have a restructured and redesigned web site.In English.
Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: Guide to Good Practice - 2nd Edition.

10 November 2000

New URLs:
The TOMBA project - a multilingual internet image database for the tombs of the elites in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe (2400/2300-480/450 BC). The database has been localized into Danish, English, French, German, Greek, and Italian.
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture - database of 7th - 11th century sculpture at the Department of Archaeology, University of Durham, England. In English.
Dore Abbey - interactive guidebook to this former Cistercian abbey (founded 1147) which became an Anglian Parish Church, on the English - Welsh border. Works only with MSIE 4 or higher. In English.
Hands-on-holiday - tour operator offering vacations for those interested in the archaeology of England. Currently 3 tours on offer. In English.
Global Museum - published by Roger Smith, the Global Museum is a free weekly newsletter gathering information from a large pool of museums located all over the world. This newsletter will plug you into information that is just slightly off the beaten media track. Follow the 'news' and 'museum resources' links from the home page to get to a host of archaeology stories and links. In English.

31 October 2000

New URLs:
ADS ONLINE - Issue 8 of the electronic newsletter of the Archaeology Data Service. As well as regular features on the latest additions to ArchSearch, the ADS catalogue, and an introduction to the "PATOIS" project, this issue takes a look at three projects that will enhance access to research materials for students and researchers in archaeology: the Cambridge University aerial photography library; the Excavation Index for England from EH NMR; and a service to manage and improve library journal holdings called "ARCHWay". In English. NB: you may ignore the popup window by pressing "Cancel"
Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition - an interdisciplinary archaeological project by the Classics Department at Oxford University, studying life in this remote and rugged part of Crete, from ca 3000 BC until the end of Ottoman rule in AD 1900. The survey has involved the use of environmental, archaeological, documentary, and local information collected over a 13-year period. The very extensive web site operates on different levels, from introductory to specialist, and includes a teaching database designed to introduce students to the uses of survey data and a presentation about fabric analysis (with pictures of a selection of our fabrics). In English with an introductory article in Greek.
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut (ÖAI) - home page of the Austrian National Institute of Archaeology in Vienna. Presents many current projects in Austria, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. In German.
Luganskaya archeologicheskaya ekspeditsia - archaeology in the Luhansk region of the Ukraine, with contact details, some on-line publications, and brief details about the three archaeologists involved. In Russian, with English version in the making.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA: heuristics for mediterranean archaeology - new address; last updated in August 2000. 100's of links. In Dutch.
Archaeologia Books and Prints - based in Oakland, California. These sellers of antiquarian, rare and out-of-print scholarly books on archaeology offer a free (well, if you are prepared to receive their occasional e-mailings) screensaver with eleven stunning pictures of achaeological ruins from around the world. You can also browse their collection of books and prints covering Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece & Rome, the Ancient Near East, and the Americas. In English.
Lantern Slides of Classical Antiquity - this joint project of CSA and Bryn Mawr College has added about 150 images, primarily of architecture from the Roman period, to those already available on its web site. Images are fully described and indexed geographically. In English.
Landscape Archaeology Group (LAG) - updated site; includes archaeological computer applications used during LAG's researches, summaries of LAG's publications (newsletters PYXIDA vol 1, 2, and a book about local Greek history), full WEB publication of the newsletter PYXIDA vol 3 (years 1997-98) in Greek, with summaries and an article by J. Bintliff in English. In Greek and English.

17 October 2000

ARGE will appear in the 'Millennium Guide to Cultural Resources on the Web' - a CD-ROM attached to the World Culture Report 2000 published by UNESCO. The guide can also be consulted at the UNESCO web site.

3 October 2000

New URLs:
Addition of new links will continue in November, when the Editor returns from fieldwork in southern Italy.

Prehistoric megaliths in the Western Caucasus - a long-term project fieldwork sponsored and administered by the Institute for Study of Material Culture History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg, Russia. Illustrated report of past campaigns, details of upcoming campaign. In English.

22 September 2000

New URLs:
Archaeological Vestiges in Romania - a list of 70 of the most famous sites and treasures in Romania, with pictures taken by the page author, Andrei Stirbu. In English.
Southern Romania Archaeological Project (SRAP) - a survey and excavation project by the University of Wales and the historical museums in Bucharest and Alexandria, examining trends in prehistoric land use and settlement patterns in Southeastern Europe. Started in July 1998, SRAP focuses its attention on the Late Neolithic (4800-3600BC) of the Teleorman River Valley, 85 km Southwest of Bucuresti.In English
ROSTRUM - An information service for archaeologists and museologists who wish to be informed about EU legislation, institutions, processes, and funding opportunities including the current 5th Framework. Also advertises meetings with a European dimension. In English and Italian. Note: start page makes use of FLASH; your browser may not like this.
Museum of Macedonia (Skopje), Department of Archaeology - while this site currently consists mostly of placeholders and 'under construction' messages, it is to be hoped that content will appear quickly. In English.

29 August 2000

New URLs:
Studien der Sachsenforschung - home of the International Society for Saxon studies. Under construction: currently links to one exhibition in the Nienburg Museum (Niedersachsen, Germany). In German.
Franken und Sachsen beiderseits des Rheinlimes - programme of the 51st conference of the International Society for Saxon Studies, 17 to 21 September 2000 in Leuven, Belgium. In German and English.
Margaret Morris Books - this egyptologist/educator has written a book debunking recent theories claiming to overturn the established view of Egypt's ancient past. The site provides excerpts and other texts. In English.

Updated URLs:
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - Dutch society for experimental and educational archaeology; changed address.
Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia - annual journal of the Faculty of Prehistory at Leiden University; changed address.
Centro Camuno di Studu Preistorici - Rock Artsite updated with new sections, sites, exhibition; french and italian pages also updated.

22 August 2000

New URLs:
CD: Carnuntum - Virtuelle Tour - info and some screenshots of this 3-lingual CD containing a virtual tour through a quarter of ancient Carnuntum (Austria), once one of the most important towns in the Roman Empire. In German, English, and Latin.
Albion Archaeology - commercial services in the area of planning, evaluation, and mitigation. In English.
Ancient Art Gallery Traces from the Past - dealer in objects from all periods. In English.
Gruppo Archeologia Ticino (GAT) - Archaeological society of the Ticino canton (Italy).Site currently contains only one page about a small exhibition. In Italian.
Folk Magic in Britain 1200-2000 - Brian Hoggard's PhD project on the archaeology of folk magic. Dried cats, witch bottles, horse skulls... In English.
Museo Archeologico di Aquileia - by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Soprintendenza. Presents collections of this museum specialising in the Roman and early Christian perods. In Italian and English.
Artacorn - Archaeological Illustration - Commercial digital archaeological illustration, graphic design and the Archaeological Soils Recording Chart - ASR Chart. In English

Updated URLs:
Archaeology in Luxembourg - changed address.
Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie - changed address.

11 August 2000

New URLs:
Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service - includes projects, annual reports, and news. In English.
East Anglian Archaeology - archaeological report series for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and the Fenland Project. The first report was published in 1975 and there are now over ninety titles in the series, controlled by an editorial committee of senior archaeologists from the three counties, and supported by English Heritage. In English.
Spoilheap archaeology - a collection of archaeological data by Sue Anderson. Extensive introductory pages on pottery and other ceramics, human skeletal remains, and burial archaeology. Emphasis on Britain but also reviews evidence in other parts of Europe. In English.
The British Association of Biological Anthropologists and Osteoarchaeologists (BABAO) - including news, conferences, etc. In English.
Ymddiriedolaeth Archaeolegol Gwynedd / Gwynedd Archaeological Trust - educational charity for north-west Wales. In English and Welsh.
Archaeoleg CAMBRIA Archaeology - educational charity for Dyfed (west Wales). In English and Welsh.
Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust - educational charity for south-east Wales. In English and Welsh.

Updated URLs:
CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments - site redesigned; new address.

28 July 2000

New URLs:
Namur - Musée Archéologique - brief details of this local Belgian museum with collections from prehistory and the Roman and Merovingian periods. In French.
Arqueologia - page from the University of Trás-us-Montes, Portugal, linking to 6 projects. In Portugese.

Updated URLs:
TITUS: Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text - und Sprachmaterialien - changed URL.
Department of Ancient History & Archaeology - University of Birmingham. In English. Changed URL.
The Vikings - changed URL.
Historic Scotland - changed URL.
Kerkenes Dag - changed URL.
King Alfred's College - changed URL.
The European Cultural Legacy CD-i Series - changed URL.
Le Musée d'Archéologie Préhistorique de l'Université de Liège - changed URL.
Centre de Recherches d'Archeologie Nationale (CRAN) - changed URL.
Aiolos (Klassieken) - changed URL.
Muinaisjäännösten hoitoyksikkö - changed URL.
TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin, issue 10 - changed URL.
CBA guide to UK archaeology online - changed URL.
Makedonika:History - changed URL.
EAA Code of Practice - changed URL.
3.o Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular - changed address.
Kalliojumalan Jäljillä - changed address.
Scienze della Terra per l'Archeologia - changed address.
TRACCE - changed address.

Deleted 3 dead URLs

25 July 2000

New URLs:
Arkeoosteologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AOFL) - archaeoosteological laboratory at the Institute for Archaeology, Stockholm. Current project: the Kronan warship. In English.
Numismatiska forskingsgruppen - numismatic research group at the Institute for Archaeology, Stockholm. One current project. In Swedish.
Carrowmore - short description, in English, of the Swedish excavations of megalithic tombs at Carrowmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland.
Ajvide - description of a research project. In Swedish.
Lovöprojektet - description of a research project. In Swedish.
Etruscan Landscapes - brief details of an excavation of an Etruscan farm; an Earthwatch project. In English.
Late Renaissance Ceramics - excavations at a Tuscan villa are to throw light on the development of Maiolica ware; an Earthwatch project. In English.
Mallorca's Copper Age - excavations at the (neolithic) Bell Beaker site of Son Mas; an Earthwatch project. In English.

Updated URLs:
Keltenmuseum Hochdorf - changed URL.
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - changed URL.
Arte Rupestre - Description of rock art from Val Pellice in the Italian Alps. In Italian. Changed URL.
The search for Neanderthals - changed URL.
Revista de Estudios Ibéricos - changed URL.
Bibracte - changed URL.
History of the Glenmorangie Area - changed URL.
Adkins Archaeological Consultants - changed URL.
Riu Mannu Project, Sardinië, Italië - changed URL.
Birka Vikingastaden - changed URL.
Eketorp - changed URL.
Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet (AFL) - changed URL.
Asociación de Arqueología, Estadística e Informática - changed URL.
Museovirasto - changed URL.

Deleted 9 dead URLs

18 July 2000

New URLs:
Archaeological Diving Unit - at St.Andrew's University (UK). In English.
Monumentenzorg en Archeologie in Zwolle - municipal archaeology of Zwolle, one of the Hansa towns along the IJssel river in the Netherlands. In Dutch.
Chersonesos - Excavation, remote sensing, and conservation project on this 6th century BC Greek colony on the Crimea (Ukraine), by the University of Texas and the Archaeological Museum of the Chersonesos.
Limes XVIII conference - The 18th international congress of Roman Frontier Studies will take place in Amman (Jordan) from 2nd to 11th September 2000. Registration and programme available in English.
Archaeology Department - at University College Dublin. In English.
E-FAITH - European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, founded 1999. Aims,membership, further links. In English.
Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie (VVIA) - Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology. This website is so new that there is no content yet. In English and German.

Updated URLs:
Excavations at Capo Alfiere, 1990 - changed address. Results from University of Texas excavations at the neolithic site of Capo Alfiere, near Croton, Calabria, Italy. In English.
Historical and Industrial Archaeology Sites in Hampshire - new address. Illustrated tourist trail along a large number of the most interesting sites and monuments. Despite the title there are lost of prehistoric and roman sites too. In English.
Discover Museums in Hampshire - changed address. Includes Museum of the Iron Age and other archaeology museums. In English.
Musée de Normandie, Caen: Histoire, Archéologie, Ethnographie - changed address. Department of Basse Normandie. Publications, exhibits, new acquisitions of the Museum. In French.
Welcome to Chester Archaeology - Chester City Council heritage pages, changed address and title.
Journal of Material Culture - fixed URL.
Classics Department - at University College, Dublin (IE). Gives a wide range of links (archaeological, literary, historical, including a not-so-serious page!) to a huge number of sites. In English. Changed address.
ArchNet - Archaeological Software - changed URL.
Association for Environmental Archaeology - changed URL. In English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
Guide to Historic Wreck Sites (Designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973) - changed URL. Page by the Archaeological Diving Unit of St.Andrew's University (UK). In English.
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art - changed URL.
Musée archéologique Gallo-Romain, Martigny - changed URL. In French and English.
Sites gallo-romains - in Lyon (FR) changed URL. In French.
Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust - changed URL.
Urgechichte (bis ins 10. Jahrhundert) - changed URL. From the regional government of Upper Austria.

Deleted 1 dead URL:
Institute of Archaeology,Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland).

11 July 2000

This week, ARGE received two awards:
  • on July 6th, ARGE was ranked a "Key Resource" for Archaeology and Anthropology, by the Links2Go Internet index;
  • on July 7th, ARGE's Period Index was highly rated as an educational page useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate, by the UK Schoolzone's panel of 400 expert teachers.
To find out more, see our prize cabinet!

6 July 2000

New URLs:
Department of History and Archaeology - University of Cyprus. In English.
Archaeological Research Unit - at the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters - Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. In German.

Updated URLs:
Headland Archaeology Ltd - changed address.
About Cyprus: History - brief overview from the Cyprus Government (from the Neolithic to the present day); includes current excavations. In English. Changed address.
Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro, Passau - In German. Changed address.
Das Oppidum von Bramefan - In German and French. Changed address.
University Museum Publications - over 600 anthropology and archaeology titles in this online catalogue and ordering system from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. In English. Changed address.
Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln - In German. Changed address.
Abteilung Ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärökologie - at Tübingen University. In German and English. Changed address.
Abteilung Jüngere Urgeschichte und Frühgeschichte - at Tübingen University. Changed address.

4 July 2000

The ARGE user help system is being overhauled. A new button named 'Help/Info' has replaced the two separate 'Help' and 'Info' buttons that were part of ARGE's navigation bar earlier. The new button opens a separate window containing frequently asked questions-and-answers so that new users can have this help function available while browsing ARGE.

New URLs:
ARC Archaeological research and Consultancy BV - web site of commercial unit associated with the University of Groningen. In Dutch.
Musée de l'Homme de Néandertal, La Chapelle Aux Saints - the museum, the skeleton, and its discovery in central France in 1908. In French and English.
Die Keltentruppe CARNYX - founded in spring 1999 and named after a Celtic war trumpet, the main aim of this German re-enactment group is to present the Celtic era of European prehistory in detail and with realism. Archaeological findings supplemented by information from ancient writers are the main source for the reconstruction of Celtic dress, jewellery, tools and weapons. In German, French, and English.
The Colchester Archaeological Trust - this local society presents discoveries and publications in and relating to Colchester, Britain's first Roman town. In English.
Espahisa Europa s.l. - Commercial CRM consultancy in Spain. In Spanish.
Journal of Social Archaeology - journal "devoted to social approaches to archaeology, engaging with and contributing to theoretical developments from other related disciplines across the social sciences, including politics and heritage issues. Explicitly global in outlook, it covers world archaeology with temporal parameters from prehistory to recent periods". Electronic subscription possible. In English.

Updated URLs:
Journal of Material Culture - from SAGE publishers; changed address.
The Council for Scottish Archaeology - changed address.
Musée de la civilisation Gallo-Romaine - changed address. Brief details of this museum at Lyon, France. In French and English.
Musée et Site Archéologique de Saint-Romain-en-Gal - changed address. Brief details of this museum at Lyon, France. In French and English.
York University Archaeological Society - changed address; rather slow loading due to Jave enhanced web pages. In English.
Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology, 2000-2001 - changed address.
Institute of Archaeology - University College London, changed address.
Archäologie online - new name and URL for the WWW-VL site for German archaeology.
Information about Dutch Archaeology - formerly known as ArchWeb-NL, this site has changed address yet again.
The Bonn Archaeological Software Package (BASP) - new address.

30 June 2000

New URLs:
Vindonissa-Museum Brugg - details of this museum, and news of special exhibitions on Roman Vindonissa (Argau, CH). In German.
Museum Schwab, Biel - complete set of pages for this local Swiss archaeological museum with prehistoric to Roman collections. In French and German.
Avenches: site et musée romains - brief details. Aventicum was the Roman capital of Switzerland. In French.
Musée romain de Lausanne-Vidy - brief details. In French.
Kantonsarchäologie Baselland - Liestal, Switzerland. Complete set of pages from the regional archaeological service of the canton Baselland. In German.

Updated URLs:
Antikenmuseum und Sammlung Ludwig Basel - changed address. Complete set of pages for this museum of classical antiquities. In German.
Musée cantonal d'archéologie et d'histoire, Lausanne - changed address. Brief details and history. In French.
Archäologischer Park Cambodunum (APC) - new address.
Instytut Archeologii - new address. Very brief details of the Institute of Archaeology, Jagellionian University, Cracow. In Polish and English.
Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - changed address; brief illustrated details of the museum (Bayern, Germany) and its archaeological collections. Includes further links to regional archaeology. In German.

Deleted URLs:
City Museum, Beziers - page missing.

27 June 2000

New URLs:
Helms Museum - Hamburger Museum für Archäologie und die Geschichte Harburgs - full details of this museum in Hamburg, Germany. In German.
Antikensammlung Kunsthalle zu Kiel - page introducing the collection of antiquities of the Department of Classical Archaeology of Kiel University. In German.
The tomb of Senneferi (TT99) - very complete set of pages about this ongoing excavation by Egyptologists from the University of Cambridge at Luxor (Egypt). In English.

Updated URLs:
Ulster Journal of Archaeology - changed address.
Hereford and Worcester County Archaeological Service - changed address.
School of Archaeology and Palaeoecology - Queens University, Belfast; changed address. Also offers radiocarbon and dendrochronological dating services.
Index to Classical Dissertations and Theses in Progress - compiled at UCLA, mainly from the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies and the American Philological Association Newsletter; changed address.
Charter of Courmayeur 1992 - changed address.
Statens Historiska Museer, Stockholm - changed address.
Department of Classics and Ancient History - University of Wales at Swansea (UK); changed URL.
Schiffswracks im Bodensee - online article, changed URL and updated.
Mittelalterlicher Bergbau auf Eisen, Blei und Silber; begrenzte Mittel und zahlreiche Veränderungen - online article "Mining on Iron, Lead and Silver in the Middle Ages - limited Resources and numerous changes", changed URL and updated.
Archäologie im Internet - changed name and address.

Deleted URLs:
Brief details of museums and galleries in Modena.
Virtual Reality Heritage Conference
three annual reports 1992, 1994, 1995 of the TT99 project - replaced by new web pages (see above).
Ausgrabungen und Funde - apparently no longer carried by Wileys Publishers.

26 June 2000

New URLs:
cursus INDUSTRIELE ARCHEOLOGIE / course on INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY - brief web pages accompagnying a course taught at the Dept. of History, Free University of Brussels. In Dutch.
Amt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie, Kanton Luzern - hosts links to Swiss archaeological institutions within the cantons and universities. In German.
Werkgroep Archeologie Gemeente Gorinchem - municipal archaeology of Gorinchem (Netherlands); projects, publications, etc. In Dutch.
Etruscans on the Web - from the Open University, England. links to (useful) information relating to the Etruscans, excluding only tourism itineraries and other largely commercial sites. All sites have been visited but inclusion on these pages is no guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of information. In English.

Updated URLs:
Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA) - new address. The object of the Association is the advancement of the study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines. The Association holds meetings and publishes volumes of collected papers. Includes further links to many websites relating to environmental archaeology. In English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.
Mark Beech's research page - updated. A goldmine for environmental archaeologists who are prepared to dig a little further. In English.
Talactor, S.L. Arqueología y Patrimonio - new address. Talactor is an archaeological firm working mainly in urban archaeology of the León region. Currently in Spanish only.

16 June 2000

New URLs:
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze - brief details of the National archaeological museum of Florence. In Italian.
Museo Egizio - brief details of this museum at Florence. In Italian.
Museo Archeologica 'Gaio Cilnio Mecenate' - brief details of this museum at Arezzo. In Italian.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Siena - brief details of this museum at Siena. In Italian.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Chiusi - brief details of this museum at Chiusi (SI). In Italian.
Antiquarium Statale di Cosa - brief details of this museum at Cosa (GR). In Italian.

Updated URLs:
Manx Heritage Sites - new address.
Council for Scottish Archaeology - new address.
Civitas Aquilonia - new address. Roman precursor to Quimper, Brittany. In French and English.
Victoriamuseet för egyptiska fornsaker - The Victoria Museum of Egyptology of Uppsala University. In Swedish and English.
Svensk forntid och medeltid - Sweden's prehistory and middle ages, at the Uppsala University Museum. In Swedish.
Kulttuurien tutkimuksen laitos, arkeologia - Institute for Cultural Research, Department of Archaeology, University of Helsinki. In Finnish.
Soprintendenza Archeologica per la Toscana - new address.
The Viking Bronze Casting site - new address.
A thousand pictures from Lebanon - July / August 1995 and April 1996 - new address and new title.
Irish Coinage - from the earliest currency to modern coins. New address.
Irish Hammered Coinage ~995-~1660 - new address.
Early Irish Use of Coinage (before 995 A.D.) - new address.
Irish Milled Coinage (1680-1822) - new address.
Irish Modern Coinage 1928 to date - new address.

8 June 2000

New URLs:
East Anglian Archaeology - an academic monograph series for reports describing archaeological work carried out in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and the Fens. Established in 1975, there are now over ninety titles in the series. The site lists information about all these titles and allows the user to order books direct. In English.
On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics - a commercial service to the Classics teaching community. Topics covered include Roman and Greek history, philosophy, religion, mythology, culture, art, archaeology, language and literature in the original Latin or Greek as well as in translation, and its reception, influence and study in ages subsequent to antiquity. Provides complete product information, prices from various distributors, and hyperlinks to available on-line reviews, audio and video previews, screenshots of software, and distributors of every product. In English. Archaeology - previously known as The Miningco, is a general guide to online resources. Your guide to world archaeology is Kris Hirst. Lots of links including digs, jobs, further links, articles, chat. In English
Navan at Armagh - a few pages presenting Navan Fort, the ancient Emain Macha of Irish history and legend, and earliest capital of Ulster.In English. - portal site for Dutch archaeology. Possibly the best place to start if you can read Dutch!

Updated URLs:
Amsterdams Archeologisch Centrum - changed address. Formerly known as the Department of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (IPP). In Dutch and English.
Hadrian's wall country - changed address.
Associazione Internazionale Archeologia Computizionale ?? (AIACE) - changed address.
The Viking Network Web - changed address. In Swedish and English.
Monte Castellare excavations - changed address. In Italian.
WebAcropol - a virtual tour of the Acropolis. In English.
Accademie straniere - browse down this page to find details of and links to the foreign academies in Rome.
Mothers of Time - fixed error in URL. In French and English.

Deleted URLs:
North-eastern Turkey Archaeology Project
Museen und wissenschaftliche Sammlungen at the University of Bonn.
Navan Fort, Armagh
Navan Fort
RING, Nederlands centrum voor dendrochronologie

31 May 2000

New URLs:
Internationales Vasen-Symposion: Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext - 1st announcement of a conference on Greek vases, taking place from 24 to 28 September 2001 at Kiel University, Germany. Introductory text and registration form. In German.
Phaselis: Pirate city of antiquity - brief history and pictures of this ruined classical town and pirate nest on the southern coast of Turkey. Private page by Aytac Yuce, for tourists. In English.
Artemis Ephesia - brief illustrated history of this famous prehistoric and classical town on the western coast of Turkey. Private page by Bulent Temurlenk, for tourists. In English.

Updated URLs:
The British Museum - new and refurbished web site.
Arte e Cultura a Roma - Musei - new address for this listing of museums in the care of the municipality of Rome - mostly archaeological.
Römerstadt Augusta Raurica - extensive website by the museum of Roman Antiquities in present-day Augst (Switzerland). In German, English, and French.
Historisches Museum Haus zum Kirschgarten (Basel)

Deleted URLs:
History & Archaeology CD-ROMs from Multimedia Management.
Guide to Swiss Museums and Exhibitions

25 May 2000

New URLs:
Institut für Altertumswissenschaften: Klassische Archäologie - department of classical archaeology at the University of Jena, Germany. In German.
Boundary Productions - commercial production of archaeological videos and web design, from Germany. In English.
The Server of East-European Archaeology - Internet resource guide to the archaeology of Eastern Europe, by the cultural heritage preservation institute of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Art. Extensive and well-organised collapsible menus offering links to all types of organisations (including non-European parts of the former USSR), field work, theory and methodology, archaeometry, a journal, book reviews, etc. In Russian and English. Currently for MSIE only.
Skithskij mir (The Scythian World) - on-line exhibition introducing the history, ideology, and culture of the Scythians, who inhabited the Eurasian steppe from the 8th to the 1st centuries BC. Emphasis on portable high-status objects. In Russian.

Updated URLs:
Anglesey Through the Ages - changed address.

22 May 2000

New URLs:
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - Dutch society for experimental archaeology and education offers information on activities, newsletter archive, membership and further worldwide links. In Dutch only.
ArchaeoPhysica - provides a comprehensive range of reconnaissance services for archaeology, including geophysical and topographical survey, test-pitting and augering and other related services. In English.
Schloss Monrepos, Neuwied - hosts the Museum of Ice Age Archaeology which presents research against the background of an exhibition of the overall history of the Ice Age and Palaeolithic and Mesolithic peoples. Seat of the Palaeolithic Research Department of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz, which carries out major national and international research projects. In German.
Ancient music instruments - private online version of a paper by Kristof Swentel from Gent University, on musical instruments, especially of the classical world. Lots of pictures and brief texts about the instruments. In Dutch and English.
Gistarychna-Arkhealagichny Zbornik (The Historic-Archaeologic Collection) - brief details of this journal, published by the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In English. Contents of issues since 1993 (In Belarussian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian).
Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus - brief details of the Institute, with links to abstracts of published research since 1992. In English.
Links to the Bronze Age in Europe and beyond - private site by Bernd Sprenzel, listing and briefly commenting sorted bronze age links by country. In English and German.
Les industries lithiques taillÉes holocènes du Bassin rhodanien - round table on the Neolithic lithic industries of the Rhône Valley, organised at Lyon (France) on December 9th, 2000. Details, registration forms, etc. In French.

Updated URLs:
Stone Pages - changed its URL.
Archaeological Texts (AT) - text-writing service for archaeologists; redesigned and relocated.
Museum für Antike Schiffahrt - changed address.
Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz - changed address.

18 May 2000

New URLs:
Dacian Virtual Museum - from New York, the "Institute of Dacian Civilization" tells you about the greatest unknown civilization of the world - that of the ancient Dacians in present-day Romania. Interesting examples of archaeology harnessed for nationalistic purposes - and don't be fooled by all the official-sounding blah blah! In English.
Two bronze helmets of Etruscan typology coming from a Roman wreck found at Les Sorres anchorage (Gavà-Viladecans, Catalonia) - illustrated scientific paper by P. Izquierdo i Tugas and J. M. Solias i Aris, on two etruscan bronze helmets found in a 2nd century BC roman shipwreck near Barcelona (Spain). In English.
Virtual Library: Museum Law and the Protection of Cultural Property - part of the Virtual Library: Museums in Germany, this private guide by Klaus Graf links to institutional and private pages relating to the protection of the cultural heritage (or cultural property) and to legislation (or legal issues) concerning museums, archives and libraries. Archaeology is present as a subsection. In German and English.

Updated URLs:
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg
Grands sites archéologiques

11 May 2000

New URLs:
Field-Walking - discussion list hosted by mailbase, and is concerned with all aspects of archaeological field walking. It responds to a perceived need for greater communication of ideas and results. Its scope ranges from the design of sampling strategies to the interpretation and comparison of results. In English.

3 May 2000

New URLs:
Jose Gabriel Gómez Carrasco: Servicios de Topografía, Dibujo y C.A.D. - commercial service specialised in archaeological mapping, GIS, CAD, and digital drawing. In Spanish.
Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Marburgs Umgebung - private page by Irina Goerner, offering descriptions and references for hiking trails along prehistoric monuments in the surroundings of Marburg (DE). In German.
Archaeologies East - Archaeologies West - International conference taking place from 18-21 May 2000 in Poznan (Poland), with the theme 'Connecting Theory and Practice Across Europe'. In Polish, German, and English.
NEAPOLITAN TOURIST NETWORK PROJECT - research project at C.N.R. Italy, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici delle Province di Napoli e Caserta, presents lots of archaeological tourist pages in the Napels area. Mostly Italian, but four subsections are also in English.

Updated URLs:
HEMEA : heuristiek mediterrane archeologie - changed its URL.

1 May 2000

New URLs:
Gruppo Archeologico Vercellese - archaeological society of Vercelli province, Italy.In Italian.
XIVe Congrès de l'Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP 2001) - at Liège, Belgium, on September 2-8, 2001. Program, sessions, information, registration form, etc. In French and English. Caution: requires FLASH plugin.
MESO 2000 - the 6th International Conference on The Mesolithic in Europe to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 4-8, 2000. In English.
Fibules Online - the stated aim of this unaffiliated site by Laurent Tiphaine, still under construction, is to bring the user up to date on current knowledge and research regarding fibulae. However, it is unclear who provides the information, and what will be the quality of the site. In French.
Keramiska ForskningsLaboratoriet / KFL - Laboratory for Ceramics Research, Department of Quaternary Geology at Lund University, Sweden. Performs material, technique and function analyses. Links to various projects carried out across Europe, and to abstracts of recent publications. In English.
Archaeology's Dig - children's magazine produced by Archaeology Magazine, both official publications of the Archaeological Institute of America. Provides an information resource for children, parents, teachers and educators about archaeology in general (but with an American slant). Page contains some useful resources, especially that of Dr. Dig who answers questions from children, but no online magazine content. In English.
Anthropologie biologique: de la préhistoire au moyen-âge - from cranial trepanations to a medieval necropolis to general hominid evolution, these pages present research carried out by Loïc Hibon. Includes a discussion forum. Worth visiting even if the coding isn't always correct. In French.

27 April 2000

New URLs:
Verdrag van Malta - extensive pages introducing the Valetta treaty, including links to the official text and an overview of available fact sheets. In Dutch.
École française de Rome - French institute of history and archaeology. Over 500 pages with details of all activities: symposiums, publications, library. Follow the "Archaeology" link to get an account of the excavations headed by the School. Under "Actualité", Suburbium links to a workshop on roman suburbs. In French and English.
Portail de l'Archeologie - web guide to archaeology, offering cross-referenced and commented links plus a personal e-mail reply service. By Antony Aubert, 'heritage mediator', in French.
Novaesium, alias Neuss - private site, providing an overview of the history and excavations in the Roman city of Neuss (Germany). In German.
Mediterranean Archaeology Resources - sorted lists of web resources relevant to mediterranian archaeology, by Ioannis Georganas at Nottingham University. In English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen - homepage at the University of Bern (Switzerland). In German.
Scythica-Celtica - private pages by Dr. V. E. Eremenko, on the archaeology of the eastern European early Iron age, the late preroman period, LaTene, and the Zarubinetz, Poienesti-Lukaschewka, Scythian, and Mylogrady cultures. In Russian and English.

14 April 2000

ARGE is being fitted with an all-new help system, which you can preview by clicking on the 'help' button in the home page. This opens a window with searchable information in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format. The new system will make it much easier to keep ARGE's help function up to date and can also be extended to provide context sensitive help at a later stage. We welcome your comments, and suggestions for Q and A!

27 March 2000

ARGE VL is now featured in the ISI Net Current Web Contents catalogue. Its editors write: You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this reason, ISI has selected your site for inclusion in Current Web Contents, the ISI premier current awareness database that provides information in the fields of science, social science, technology, and the arts & humanities.

New URLs:
Virtual Heritage Network (VHN) - a new international organisation designed to promote the utilisation of technology for the education, interpretation, conservation and preservation of Natural, Cultural and World Heritage. The network is a physical and electronic network of people and organisations in many countries currently working in the virtual heritage industry. In English.
Corinth Computer Project - an extensive educational website from the University of Pennsylvania, based on field work by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. The site incorporates historical, literary and archaeological information from the Roman city of Corinth, Greece. Includes a 3D fly-through of Corinth, a Quicktime movie of the Roman forum, interactive plans, digital maps, 3D models, site photographs, satellite images, interactive GIS data and literary texts. Suitable for K-12, college, scholars and the public at large. Regular updates and additions are scheduled. In English.

Updated URLs:
European Association of Archaeologists - now with further information about the September, 2000, conference in Lisbon.
Archeobase - changed address.

20 March 2000

New URLs:
Model for the Description of Archaeological Archives - by the English Heritage Centre for Archaeology. This page introduces a downloadable PDF document which describes the conceptual model used by CFA to describe its archaeological archives. Comments are welcomed and can be e-mailed to
Archaeological Prospection - contents pages of this journal, containing articles relating to the archaeological uses of a wide range of prospecting techniques, including remote sensing (airborne and satellite), geophysical (eg. resistivity, magnetometry, etc.) and geochemical (eg. organic markers, soil phosphate, etc.). In English.
Archäologisches Museum im Wasserturm - the small Watertower Archaeological Museum at Mönchengladbach-Rheindahlen presents the Rheindahlen excavation site, famous for its paleolithic finds. In German with summaries in English and Swedish.
Balearic Prehistoric Archaeology - private pages by William Waldren, mostly detailing archaeozoological finds of an extinct antelope (Myotragus Balearicus) found associated with mesolithic human occupation remains in two rock shelters on the island of Mallorca. In English.
Damarc Underground News - publication of the Beia museum on the island of Mallorca; contains one article by William Waldren, on bronze age Bouquique Pottery in the Balearic Islands. In English.
Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art - an international non-profit society whose aim is to promote the study and enjoyment of Scandinavian prehistoric art. Page provides brief details on membership and activities. In Swedish and English.

Updated URLs:
Ondernemers in Archeologie - moved to a new address.
Geology Archaeology in Upper Rhine Area - moved to a new address. Rather slow loading. Caution: asks for UMP plugin.

16 March 2000

New URLs:
Mégalithes du Morbihan - one of the showcase sites of the French Ministry of Culture, highlights the famous Carnac megalith alignments. Context, rock art, legend, other megaliths in the Morbihan, and some panoramic shots. Rather slow-loading. In French and English.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archäologie - Universität Heidelberg - department Prehistoric and Near Eastern Archaeology in Heidelberg; pages include information on staff, lectures, courses, and research. In German.

10 March 2000

New URLs:
Museum Monrepos - brief details, exhibition and lecture programme for this Museum of Ice Age Archaeology, located in Neuwied, Germany. In German.
VISTA - new discussion list on VIsualisation STandards in Archaeology, devoted to 3D visualisation, reconstruction and presentation standards in Archaeology and the Humanities.The object of this list is to allow academics, researchers, and other interested parties to discuss the feasibility, suitability, and nature of any form of standards or conventions.
Kaupang-undersøkelsen 2000-2006 - full documentation of past and future excavations at this important Viking settlement near Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway. In Norwegian and English (under construction).
Arqueoguia - Revista de Arqueologia - online guide to archaeological news and events in Portugal. Also publications, software, jobs, mailing list, further links, and full guide running on a database. Maintained by Novarqueologia, a new commercial unit. Well worth a visit! In Portugese.

6 March 2000

New URLs:
EuRockArt - European Rock Art Mailing List, a new unmoderated resource for rock art scholars and enthusiasts covering all areas and periods. To subscribe, send an empty message to Mainly English/Italian.
Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver - part of the Footsteps of Man rock art resource, this first ever publically available screensaver slide-show presents prehistoric Alpine Rock Art in contains 57 slides of the most important sites in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. 18 Maps have been added to locate the sites in the larger Alpine area. In English and Italian.

Updated URLs:
Archeologia Medievale - large website by the Department of Archaeology and Art History of the University of Siena. More than 500 pages contain detailed descriptions of 11 excavations (see especially the Poggio Imperiale project and the Rocca San Silvestro project with sections on human skeletal remains, archeozoology, dark age village, archaeological park, aerial photographs, etc.) and 2 landscape projects; also information on the Departments activities and a large section of links (around 450) focused on Mediaeval Archaeology. In Italian with an English version under construction.

2 March 2000

New URLs:
Revue Géoarc Rhin sup - private site presents recent archaeological research in the upper Moselle and Rhine basins. The first article is about the late Paleolithic station of Mutzig-Felsbourg. In French.
400.000 Jahre Schöningen Speere - details the discovery in 1995 during lignite works near Schöningen (Niedersachsen, Germany) of eight wooden spears with an age of 400,000 years - so far the oldest hunting weapons ever found. In German and English.
The Tiber Valley Project - by the British School at Rome, Italy. Full set of pages introduces this landscape archaeology project, its aims and participants. In English.
The BSR Pompeii Project - by the British School at Rome, Italy. Introduction to the project re-analysing old research of the House and Bar of Amarantus, and excavating older pre-eruption layers. In English.
The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara - Turkey. These pages provide full details of programmes, contacts, and projects, and lead off to web pages on some projects. In English.

24 February 2000

New URLs:
Network for Underwater Archaeology (NUA), Ireland - NUA (the Irish word for new) is a network of institutions actively involved in research on the underwater archaeology of Ireland. This is an excellent set of pages providing news, links, projects, a bulletin board, and much more. From the University of Ulster, in English.
Forleifastofnun Íslands - brief descriptions of the Institute of Archaeology (Reykjavik, Iceland), of archaeological surveying in Iceland and of an archaeological field school run by the Institute at Hofstadir, NE-Iceland, in August every year. In English and Icelandic.

Updated URLs:
Archaeologia Bulgarica - issue 10 is out (IV 2000 1), and the contents page is available here.
Pere Izquierdo Homepage - changed address. Articles and unpublished works on archaeology, cultural heritage and ancient navigation, in english, spanish and catalan.

18 February 2000

New URLs:
Etruscan Phrases - private pages by Mel Copeland, publishing his research into the Etruscan language. Contains word list, declension and conjugation patterns as reconstructed from phrases in the extant scripts. Large site, but badly designed and very difficult to navigate. Asks for an unspecified plug-in. In English.
Eksperimental'naya Archeologiya v Voronezhkom Universitete - the Experimental Archaeology laboratory of Voronezh University. Presents studies in Bronze Age metallurgy, casting and melting of copper, smithing and pottery production based on scientific research and experiments. In Russian and German; English version under construction.
Unidad de Arqueometría de la Universidad de Alicante - archaeometry unit of Alicante University, applies a host of techniques to the study and restoration of archaeological objects. Includes further links, a journal Scientific Heritage in PDF, and (under construction) a virtual atlas of thin pottery sections. In Spanish and English.
Institutet för Forntida Teknik - the Institute for Ancient Technology in Östersund, Sweden, specialises in experimental archaeology for research and educational purposes. They publish the journal Forntida Teknik, with lots of articles online (in swedish). In Swedish and English.

1 February 2000

New URLs:
Demetra - a unique monument of the 1st century AD, the Demeter Vault (which is on the top ten list of world heritage monuments) is located in the ancient Ukrainian town of Kerch, ancient Pantycapaion, capital of the Bosporus Kingdom.It has marvelous frescoes of the Greek goddess of fertility Demeter which are now decaying; this site carries an appeal to contribute toward its preservation. Also information about other monuments of the Crimea. In Russian and English.

13 January 2000

Today, ARGE received the Argus Clearinghouse seal of approval. Argus is a top-level guide to worldwide web resources, and ARGE is listed under Social Sciences: Archaeology: General. The listing should help improve the end user 'visibility' of ARGE.

New URLs:
Backtrack Archaeology - Scottish Archaeology Online - company specialising in archaeological illustration, survey and CAD graphics provides an assemblage of archaeology / history stories from newspapers in Scotland, plus links to Scottish sites, plus The Digger online excavators newsletter. In English.
East-European Archaeological Journal - new e-journal on the archaeology, history and culture of Eastern Europe intends to bring "... new empirical data and new interpretations, analysis of cultural aspects of development ethnos, archaeometry." Currently works with MSIE browser only. Very slow in loading. In Russian.
Amateur Archaeology - Thetford Forest - details of the Thetford Forest Surface Collection Survey, carried out in a British lowland pine forest environment. Includes studies of lithic distribution and manure scatters. Private site, in English.

7 January 2000

New URLs:
Viaþa pe malul Dunãrii acum 6500 ani - 'Life along the Danube, 6500 years ago', eighth in the series "Famous archaeological sites" by the French Ministry of Culture. This website documents the results of recent work at the chalcolithic tell of Harsova, located on the lower reaches of the Danube in Romania. In collaboration with the Romanian national museum of history. In Romanian and French.
Pagine Mediterranee / Pages from the Mediterranean Sea - set of rather amateurish private pages in which the author speculates about the collapse of the Homeric world. In Italian and English.
Ukrainian Archaeological Archives on WWW - field reports, articles, unpublished manuscripts, slides from sites etc, mainly from the archive of the Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine. Supported by Soros foundation.In Ukrainian and (partly) English.

Updated URLs:
ARXEOS: Arqueologia Celta Hispana en Internet - updated and expanded, and with a new address.

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