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Link archive 2001

Archives for the years 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995.

18 December 2001

New URLs:
The Scandinavian Sicilian Homepage - an international excavation project of the Archaic-Classical Monte Polizzo hillfort on Western Sicily (Italy). In English.
Geophysical Data in Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice - full online text of this ADS guide providing guidelines for the documentation and archiving of geophysical data. Edited by Armin Schmidt. In English.
Societas Archaeologica Uppsaliensis (SAU) - field unit associated with the Department of Archaeology of Uppsala University (Sweden). Offers services in consultation, supervision, and excavation. In Swedish and English.
ArkData - online site database and mapping program developed by the Odense Museum (Denmark). Based on MS-Word, MS-Access, and Mapinfo, this site contains fully detailed and searchable records for (currently) some 24 sites on the island of Fyn. In Danish.

Updated URLs:
Forum Archaeologiae - new address.
arkæologi og landskab - changed URL and comment because of db-controlled access: archaeology pages of the museum of Odense, Denmark. Exhibitions, projects including amateur excavations. In Danish.
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - contents updated, now also in English.
Achill Archaeological Field School - updated comment: the 2002 season again consists of a 12 week programme, commencing 3rd June, at the Post-Medieval Deserted Village of Slievemore on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Accredited Field School of the National University of Ireland at Galway, founded in 1991. In English.
TMA Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie - updated URL and comment: annual journal of Mediterranean archaeology, covering research by archaeology departments in Belgium and the Netherlands. Subscription and ordering information, TOCs of recent issues. In Dutch.
5000 jaar wonen op veen en klei - Archeologisch onderzoek in het reconstructiegebied Midden-Delfland - changed address.
Publikaties van de Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek - changed address, updated comment: Titles and abstracts of Dutch State Service publications, including archaeological cycle routes. In Dutch, some in English.
Recent onderzoek van de Faculteit voor Pre- en Protohistorie, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden - changed address, updated comment: pages for many projects within the research programme into prehistoric archaeology of Department of Archaeology of Leiden University, going back to 1994. In Dutch.

12 December 2001

New URLs:
Direzione Generale per i Beni Archeologici - directorate-general for the archaeological heritage of the Italian Ministry of Culture. In Italian.

Updated URLs:
ROSTRUM - updated URL and comment: an information service for archaeologists and museologists who wish to be informed about EU legislation, institutions, processes, and funding opportunities including the current 5th Framework. Also advertises meetings with a European dimension. In English, French and Italian. Note: start page makes use of FLASH; your browser may not like this.
Dossiers d'archéologie - updated URL and comment: popular monthly journal established in 1973. Full publisher's details, searchable contents. In French.
Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service - updated URL.
The Tsaroukkas, Mycenaeans and Trade Project - updated URL.
The Charles McBurney Laboratory for Geo-Archaeology - updated URL.
TAG 2001 - fixed error in URL.
Archaeometry - fixed error in URL.
Institut für Klassische Archäologie - fixed error in URL.

Deleted URLs:
2314 Limes XVIII conference announcement, expired.
2277 ArchaeoPhysica: duplicate entry.
0963 Toeristische archeologische wandel- en fietsroutes in Nederland: included in record 0965.
0945 CAA99(UK) Call for papers: expired.

21 November 2001

New URLs:
The tomb of Senneferi - very extensive and multifaceted pages about ongoing excavations at Theban tomb 99, Luxor (Egypt).

Updated URLs:
Svenska Runstenar och Runinskrifter - picture archive of all Swedish runestones and runic inscriptions, maintained by Henrik Karlsson. Inscriptions are transliterated and translated into Swedish and English. Searchable, in Swedish.
Egyptology Resources - updated comment. This site is run by Nigel Strudwick at the University of Cambridge.
Portail de l'Archéologie - French-language gateway to archaeology resources on the web, new address.

11 December 2001

New URLs:
ArqueoBeira - Recursos Arqueológicos da Beira Interior - portal site to the archaeology and monuments of the Beira Interior region of Portugal. Includes regional, national, and international archaeological news links. In Portuguese.
Seminario Internacional de Arqueología de la Arquitectura - the international seminar on the Archaeology of Architecture (?) will take place 18 - 20 February 2002 in Vitoria (Basque country, Spain). In Spanish.
Radiocarbon dating services, Radio-ecology lab of RCRM (Kiev) - laboratory offering radiocarbon dating services using conventional dating method since 1992. Page includes links to further radiocarbon web resources. In English and Russian.
The Prehistoric Society - international society, organises lectures and events, provides travel grants and awards. Full text of newsletters and TOCs and abstracts of annual proceedings available online. In English.

Updated URLs:
Internet Archaeology - updated comment: subscription-only refereed online journal on general archaeology, emphasises new directions in online publication. By the Council for British Archaeology. In English.
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology - updated address.
Urgechichte (bis ins 10. Jahrhundert) - changed address.
Mont Bego petroglyphs - changed address, added comment: thousands of rock engravings spread across two Alpine valleys straddling the French/Italian border. By Andrea Arca for the Footsteps of Man collective.
Die Altamira-Höhle - updated URL and comment.
Paleohistoria - updated URL.
Piltdown Man - new URL, updated comment: Excellent starting point for finding information about the famous hoax, by Richard Harter. Including Tom Turrittin's fine annotated bibliography about the famous Piltdown fraud and its treatment in the literature. In English.
Fédération Française d'Archéologie - updated URL.
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, RMO - new address, updated comments: State Museum for Antiquities, Leiden. Introduces its Egyptological, classical, near eastern and Dutch archaeological collections. In Dutch and English.
The BSR Pompeii Project - changed URL.
The Tiber Valley Project - changed URL.
Damarc Underground News - fixed error in URL.
Verdrag van Malta - new address.

3 December 2001

New URLs:
CARN (Core Archaeological Record iNdex) - on-line index to archaeological site information in Wales. Includes data from the National Monument Record of Wales, Cadw, and the four Welsh archaeological trusts. Information from the National Museums and Galleries of Wales will be added in the near future. Currently there are over 120,000 records in CARN, each providing basic information about the site, including its name, type, and location. In English and Welsh.
Oxford ArchDigital - a small company that specialises in archaeological computing (CAD, GIS, statistics, web databases). In English. - L'art rupestre à Fontainebleau - private site by Philippe Boyer, under construction, so it is not yet clear whether this is a serious or fringe effort; database of prehistoric (mostly Mesolithic and Bronze Age) rock engravings in the ?? region of France. Maps, photographs, and descriptions. In French.

15 November 2001

New URLs:
Centre national d'archéologie urbaine (CNAU) - urban archaeology service of the French Ministry of Culture in Tours.
CalPal - CalPal, the Cologne Radiocarbon Calibration & Palaeoclimate Research Package, is a free PC-Win program designed to support research on hominid behavioural response to pleistocene climate change. You can download it with related tools and manual here.
Institut für Klassische Archäologie - department of Classical Archaeology at Innsbruck University, Austria.

Updated URLs:
ArchWEB Nederland - home page of the first nationally organisedarchaeological Web community, now part of the webservice SNA (Foundation for Dutch Archaeology). Links to all institutional homepages and addresses. In Dutch.
De catalogi van archeologische bibliotheken in Nederland - direct web access to Dutch archaeological library catalogues.
Prazská informacní sluzba: Muzea - Prague Information System (PIS)page on museums. Many of these have archaeological collections, such as the Czech National Museum. In Czech; many other languages can be reached via the PIS homepage.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - Departmnent of Pre- and Protohistory at Innsbruck University, Austria. In German.
Historisches Museum der Stadt Regensburg - brief details about this museum and its archaeological collections. Also links to Archäologisches Museum im BMW-Werk.
Dominikanermuseum Rottweil - details of the Dominikanermuseum and two Roman baths sites.
Sumelocenna - Römisches Stadtmuseum Rottenburg - brief details of this city museum and Roman bath site, and of the spectacular remains of the biggest public conveniences in Roman upper Germany.
Mothers of Time - online exhibit on seven palaeolithic figurines from the late 19th century Jullien collection. Are they authentic?
Hadrian's Wall Country - what you can see and do around this Roman wall on the English-Scottish border.
Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueología - Departmental home page at Granada University, Spain.
Centre for research in East Roman Studies - at Warwick University, UK. Brief details. In English.
The Iceman - 'Man from the Hauslabjoch' - Description of treatment and examination by the Anatomical Institut, Innsbruck.
ROMARCH: Roman art and archaeology - edited by Pedar Foss (DePauw University) and supported by the University of Michigan, Romarch is a wide-ranging index of resources on ancient Italy and the Roman world.

Deleted URLs:
0016 - Adressen van bij ArchWEB aangesloten instellingen
0017 - Archeologisch Informatie Centrum / Information centre for Dutch Archaeology
0025 - OSTEO, Buro voor Skeletonderzoek / Skeletal research unit, commercial.
0165 - Actueel overzicht van archeologisch onderzoek in Nederland
0467 - Nederlandse musea met een archeologische collectie.

5-6 November 2001

On these two days, the international workshop Archaeologie und Computer at Vienna may be followed live on-line from 9am to 6pm middle european time. Watch and listen to the speakers, follow the powerpoint presentations. Needs Windows Media plugin.

New URLs:
ARCHEODUNUM SA - Swiss firm specialising in research and publication in the heritage area. In French.
Laboratoire de Paléoanthropologie - at the University of Geneva. Includes the online ADAM database for physical anthropological measurements and the online bibliographic database "Olivier Menk". In French.
Leponti Exposition - online version of the exhibition "The Lepontians between myth and reality", Locarno 2000, on this Alpine Celtic tribe. By Gruppo Archeologia Ticino. In Italian, German, French and English.
Archäologie am Petersgraben 9-11 in Basel - joint building and homepage for the department of pre-and protohistory of Basel University, the Basel urban archaeology service, and the Swiss society for pre- and protohistory. In German.

1 November 2001

New URLs:
All of the following links were lifted, with thanks, from the web pages of the Basel Canton archaeology service:
Arbeitsgruppe Historische Anthropologie - Department of Historical Anthropology, University of Bern, Switzerland.
Anthropologisches Institut und Museum Universitaet Zürich - Institute and Museum of Anthropology, Zürich. Includes pages on palaeo-anthropology and historical anthropology. In English.
Latenium - Service et Musée d'archéologie du Canton de Neuchâtel - combined website of the archaeological park and museum on the site of the famous lake dwellings, regional archaeology service, and institute of prehistoric archaeology of Neuchâtel University (Switzerland). In French.
Museum der Kulturen, Basel - including a brief presentation of its prehistoric exhibits. In German.
Museum für Urgeschichte(n) Zug - brief presentation of the award-winning Prehistoric Museum Zug (Switzerland) and its exhibits and activities. In German and English.
Sächsisches Landesamt für Archäologie mit Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte - State archaeology service and museum of Saxony (Germany). Full details, news, current projects and exhibitions. In German.
Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen - open-air museum with 15 reconstructed neolithic and bronze age lake dwellings on the Bodensee (Switzerland). Full details including educational and research activities. In German with brief intro in French and English.
Abteilung für Provinzialrömische Archäologie - homepage of the Department for the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Freiburg University (Brandenburg, Germany). Includes some brief online articles and an alphabetical list of archaeology links. In German.
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte - homepage of the Department of Pre- and Protohistory, University of Cologne (Germany). Includes labs for dendrochronology, radiocarbon dating, and archaeobotany. In German.
archäologisch - Die Zeitschrift für Archäologie im Internet - independent online journal by postgraduate students of Hamburg University. Includes extensive further links. In German.
DArV - Deutscher Archäologen-Verband - Professional Association of German Archaeologists, established in 1970 and currently with 800 members. In German.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (DGUF) - German Society for Pre- and Protohistory. History, details, meetings. Includes TOCs of the semi-annual journal. In German.
Gesellschaft pro Vindonissa - local society for the study of late celtic to early medieval Vindonissa (Brugg, Aargau, Switzerland) and the support of its museum. In German.
International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) - promotes research, co-operation and standards for archaeozoological work, mainly by organising workshops and a 4-yearly conference. Membership information, calendar of meetings and events. In English.
Knochenarbeit (Archäozoologie, Taphonomie, experimentelle Archäologie) - ideosyncratic private pages by Hans Küchelmann. In German.
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Anthropologie / Société Suisse d'Anthropologie - homepage of the Swiss Anthropological Society. Activities, membership, projects, links. In German, French and English.
S-QUAT - Swiss Quaternary Group - interdisciplinary research group for quaternary studies of Switzerland and adjoining regions. News, membership, activities. In German.
Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS) - interdisciplinary research institute for archaeology; includes departments for archaeobotany, archaeometallurgy, dendrochronology, geophysics, archaeozoology and aerial photography. In German and English.
Zooarchaeology Home Page - Virtual Library for Zooarchaeology, maintained by Frank Dirrigl and Barry Baker. Large collections of worldwide links to all aspects of the field. In English.
Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) A.A.S. - Von Däniken fan club - for aficionados of phantastic archaeology. In German and English.

Updated URLs:
Museum für Archäologie des Kantons Thurgau, Frauenfeld - Swiss regional museum. In German.
Römerstadt Augusta Raurica - updated URL.
Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zürich - updated URL and comment: follow link to the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, which holds collections from prehistory to the present. In German, French, Italian and English.

31 October 2001

New URLs:
Current Swedish Archaeology - English-language annual journal of Swedish professional archaeologists, since 1993. TOCs of all volumes, subscription and authoring details. In English.
Society of archaeology and anthropology (Kiev, Ukraine) - address details and several projects of underwater archaeology. In Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Updated URLs:
Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen - new URL and updated content. The Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen focuses on the archaeology of 260 AD to 750 AD in Southern Germany.
Statens Historiska Museer - fixed error in URL.
Riksantikvarieämbetet - fixed errors in URL and title.
Svenska Arkeologiska Samfundet - new address of the Swedish Archaeological Society; pages updated 9/10/01.
Prehistory of the Slovak Karst - updated address, title, comments. Links to pages on many Slovakian caves. In English.

24 October 2001

New URLs:
The following Swiss links were lifted, with thanks, from the web pages of the Basel Canton archaeology service:
Archaeometry - at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Fribourg (CH). Some pages on ceramological and metallurgical experiments, and further links. In English.
Laboratoire de Préhistoire et d'Ethnoarchéologie, Université de Genève - laboratory of prehistory and ethno-archaeology, University of Geneva. In French.
Séminaire des Sciences de l'Antiquité de l'Université de Neuchâtel - with departments of classical archaeology and prehistory. In French.
Amt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie des Kantons Luzern - Luzern regional archaeology service (CH). In German.
Amt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie des Kantons Zug - Zug regional archaeology service (CH). In German.
Archäologischer Dienst des Kantons Bern - Bern regional archaeology service (CH). In German and French.
Büro für Archäologie der Stadt Zürich - urban archaeology service for Zürich (CH). In German.
Kantonsarchäologie Aargau - Aargau regional archaeology service (CH), address only. In German.
Kantonsarchäologie Baselland - Baselland regional archaeologicy service (CH), in German.
Kantonsarchäologie Solothurn - Solothurn regional archaeology service (CH), in German.

18 October 2001

New URLs:
Archäologische Bodenforschung des Kantons Basel-Stadt - complete and well-designed website of the archaeological research department of the Canton Basel-Stadt (Switzerland). In German.
The following links were lifted, with thanks, from the above site:
Arbeitsgruppe für experimentelle Archäologie der Schweiz (AEAS) - Swiss Society for Experimental Archaeology. In German and French.
Bibliografie zur Denkmalpflege - published by the Institut für Denkmalpflege of the Higher Techical School Zürich. Extensive archaeological bibliography. In German.
Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz - the Encyplopaedia of Swiss History is being put on the Net; it will contains many articles relevant to the archaeology of Switzerland. In French, German, and Italian.
Institut für zerstörungsfreie Analytik und Archäometrie (iFZAA) - private firm located in Basel; specialises in material analysis especially of metals. In German.
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (SGUF) - Swiss society for pre- and protohistory. Acts; summaries of the contents of quarterly and annual publications. In German.
Seminar für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Universität Basel - departmental home page of the Seminar for Pre- and Protohistory of Basel University (CH). Includes an extensive links page. In German.

15 October 2001

New URLs:
Early Farmers in Europe - a European Union Raphael project to study early agrarian civilisations (neolithic period) in Europe. Participating museums are from Hungary, Spain, and the Netherands. Slide-shows presenting partners, select sites, and general introduction to the period and process. Includes announcement of a conference to be held in the Netherlands. In Spanish and English.
Conference on Mediterranean Urbanisation 800-600 BC - to be held in London, 15 and 16 November 2001.
TAG 2001 - annual conference organised by the Theoretical Archaeology Group; this year in Dublin (IE) on 13 - 15 December.
Medieval Europe Basel 2002 - 3rd international conference of Medieval and post-Medieval archaeology, Basel (CH), September 10-15 2002. Full details of programme, registration, accommodation, etc. In German, French, and English.

Updated URLs:
Archaeology Jobs - online database of jobs in archaeology, by Earthworks. Post resumes, read (mostly U.S.) job adverts. In English. Updated URL and comment.

3 October 2001

New URLs:
Journal of Roman Archaeology (JRA) - international journal printing contributions in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish; specializing in synthetic articles and in long reviews. Tables of Contents of annual issues and supplements available online. In English.
Prehistoria 2000 - homepage for the Journal of the International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP). Appears three times yearly; TOCs, editorial, subscription, and advertising guidelines. Note: FLASH intro may choke your browser. In English and French.

Updated URLs:
Archäologisches Projekt Xkipché - updated address.
Sudan Archaeological Society - updated address.
Abteilung Jüngere Urgeschichte und Frühgeschichte - fixed accents in title.
Abteilung für ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärkologie - fixed accents in title.
Tiermes: celtiberic oppidum and roman municipium in Hispania - new address and comment. Note: this site is now coded for newer versions of MSIE. Other browsers may not work correctly.

24 September 2001

New URLs:
Nordic Archaeological Abstracts - annual paper and online bibliography of Nordic (mainly Scandinavian) publications, by the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, Moesgaard, Denmark. In English.
Museum of the Origins of Man - private fringe site, 'promoting the search for the nobler aspects of prehistoric man', namely from supposed art and lithic tools of the Paleolithic. In Italian and English.
Ross Island Mine Heritage and Tourism Site - reviews research into the mining of copper and other metals in Killarney, County Kerry (Ireland), from the early Bronze Age to the 18th century AD. Includes a clickable map and drawing, and a downloadable PowerPoint presentation. There is also tourist information for visitors. In English.
EXARC Bibliography on experimental archaeology - online bibliography, containing over 4,000 titles taken from northwestern European publications. By the EXARC European Project. Searchable by key word and, strangely, by record ID. In English.
Heritage Council of Ireland - established in 1995 to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage, the council is advised by four committees one of which covers archaeology. This is a useful entry point for the 'public' archaeology of Ireland. In English and Gaelic.

Updated URLs:
Classics Server at the Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Dublin - updated URL.
La grotte de Lascaux - updated URL.
Les Premiers Peuplements de l'Ouest de la France et la Domestication du Feu - updated URL.
Le Musée de l'Arles Antique - updated URL.
Celtica Music & Tours - Photo Album - updated URL.
Irish Association of Quaternary Studies (IQUA) - updated URL.
Museumsnett Norge: Museene - updated URL.
Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis / Les Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - updated URL and title.
Eksperimental'naya Archeologiya v Voronezhkom Universitete - updated comment.
Departamento de Prehistoria, Arqueología, Historia Antigua y Medieval, Universidad de Murcia - updated URL and comment.
Centro de Pré-História de Tomar - updated URL.

Deleted URLs:
2430 Workshop - Archäologie und Computer: expired.

18 September 2001

New URLs:
Arqueología del Paisaje - private site by Alfonso Montejo, offering help and information in teaching and learning landscape archaeology. Under construction. In Spanish.
Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland (IHAI) - Founded in 1996 to research, preserve and draw attention to the fascinating, but rapidly vanishing, remains of the industrial technologies of the past. Contact details, newsletters, etc. In English.
Neil O'Flanagan & Co Ltd - archaeological and historical consultancy. The site gives examples of archaeological and historical research carried out by the company, including mediaeval houses in Kilkenny and Galway (Ireland). In English.
Irish Archaeological Consultancy Ltd. (IAC) - offer a full range of professional services from project design to publication. The site consists of a brief introduction to the company and its services. In English.
Heritage of Ireland - web-site of the Heritage Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht & the Islands of Ireland. Contains a guide to archaeological and historic monuments; individual sites or regions can be chosen from a detailed clickable map. In Gaelic and several other European languages.
Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society - information about the Society and its collections, list of articles on local history and archaeology of County Offaly (Ireland) available for purchase, and some texts online. Topics of the latter include Clonony and Broughall Castles, Durrow and Lemanaghan. In English.
'Fringe' and 'cult' archaeology - excellent illustrated tour of a large number of fringe subjects and objects, by Keith Matthews. In English.
EuroPreArt - European Prehistoric Art - EU-funded project; aims to establish a lasting database of European prehistoric art documentation, to launch a European institutional network of units devoted to this domain, and to contribute to the general awareness of the diversity and richness of European Prehistoric Art. An online database will hold 800 records of painted and engraved rocks and caves from several countries. In English.
Liguria Palaeolithic Art Magazine - private online publication that is, object that are thought to have been worked by humans. Since archaeologists have recognised no art older than that produced by modern humans starting in the upper palaeolithic, most of these articles must be considered as 'fringe' archaeology. In Italian and English.

Updated URLs:
East-European Archaeological Journal - changed URL.
The Server of East-European Archaeology - changed URL.
EuRockArt - European Rockart Email List - moved to a new provider. You can now subscribe through

Deleted URLs:
1113 Connemara archaeology - page contains no relevant information.

10 September 2001

New URLs:
Highland Council Archaeology Service - at Inverness, Scotland (UK). The service dentifies, protects, promotes and interprets the archaeological heritage of the Highlands for the benefit of residents and visitors. In English.
Centro di Studio sull'Archeologia Greca - a CNR research centre at Catania University, Sicily (IT). In Italian.
École nationale du patrimoine - French national school for heritage conservation. In French.

Updated URLs:
Prazská informacní sluzba: Muzea - address updated.
Archaeometry Group - Bonn University (DE); updated address.
Frechener Keramik - updated address.
World Art Treasures - changed address.
The Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project - changed address.
Studiengang Restaurierung/Grabungstechnik - updated address.
Archäologische Abteilung, Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - updated address.
Departamento de Prehistoria, Hª Antigua y Arqueología - updated address; however, site is currently inaccessible due to incorrect permission settings.
Fachschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archäologie der Universität Heidelberg - updated URL and title.
Lancaster University Archaeological Unit - updated address and comment.
North West Wetlands Survey - updated address.
ArchNet - Archaeological Software - updated address.

Deleted URLs:
0049 CURIA Irish Manuscript Project; site now merged with 1114 CELT Corpus of Electronic Texts.
0268 9th INTERNATIONAL PALYNOLOGICAL CONGRESS; resource no longer of use.
0312 The Unofficial Guide to National Trust Properties (England); site no longer maintained.
0459 Ausgrabungen und Funde; journal no longer carried by Wiley's.
0495 Centre De Documentation De La Préhistoire Alpine; replaced on 7/9 by URL 2549.
0674 6th International Aegean Conference; this page now expired.

7 September 2001

New URLs:
The Library Catalogue of the Society of Antiquaries of London - currently contains all books, periodicals and periodical articles catalogued since 1988: circa 11,000 monograph titles, 19,500 periodical articles and around 900 currently received periodical titles. In English.
Centre de Documentation de la Préhistoire Alpine (CDPA) - society for the study of Alpine prehistory, Grenoble (France). In French.

Updated URLs:
Site archéologique de Lattara - updated URL and comment.
Musée archéologique de Viuz Faverges - changed to French-language link, updated comment.
CEA Atelier régional de conservation Nucléart (Grenoble) - updated URL.
Terra novA - updated URL.
Aerial Archaeology J. Dassie Archéologie aérienne - updated URL.
Le Thovey - a Roman mansio - updated URL.
Quaternaire: Géologie, Paléontologie Humaine et Préhistoire - updated URL, title, and comment.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Histoire Antique Strasbourg - updated URL.
Grille d'interrogation de la base: Préhistoire - updated URL.
Charavines, village néolithique au coeur des Alpes - updated URL, title, and comment.
La Grotte Cosquer - updated URL.
L'archeologie sous les mers - updated URL and comment.
CCO: Catalogues collectifs des ouvrages - updated URL and comment.
Prehistory of Cyprus - fixed corrupt database record; brief review of Cyprus prehistory, by period. In English.

3 September 2001

New URLs:
Stadtarchäologie Wien - Vienna urban archaeological society. In German.
Prähistorische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien - Department of Prehistory, Museum of Natural History, Vienna. In German and English.
Biblioteka srpske arheologije - Serbian archaeological library, by the Raskto Project, publishes online excerpts of selected books and articles on Serbian archaeology from the paleolithic onwards. Although clearly set up to strengthen the nationalistic cultural claims of Serbia, the projects pages appear to steer clear of providing tendentious information. In Serbocroat and English.
Archeologický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied - Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Nitra (SK). Details of departments, projects, journals and books published, but not much content. In Slovak.
Slovak Archaeology On-line - created as a student project by Andrej Zitnan, this site lists and describes Slovak research organisations and websites. If it can be maintained, this site has the potential of becoming a national portal for Slovak archaeology. In English and Slovakian.

Updated URLs:
Time Team Live 2001 - updated with details of current and past programmes, future plans, the personalities who make up the team and, of course, the archaeology that they bring to life.
Le Parc archéologique de Fourvière - updated URL, title, and description.
Mosaïque mérovingienne de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin - updated URL and description.
Del Nogier - Histoire et Archéologie en Corrèze - updated URL.
Laboratoire départemental de Préhistoire du Lazaret - updated URL.
Council for British Archaeology (CBA) - updated description. CBA is an educational charity promoting the study of, and public interest in, Britain's past. In English.

31 August 2001

New URLs:
Silex-Rohmaterialien aus Bayern - very useful illustrated guide to flint raw materials from Bayern (Germany), organised by region, geological period and type, by Wolfgang WeiÔmller. In German.
Histoire et archéologie des mondes chrétiens et musulmans médiévaux (UMR 5648) - brief presentation of this CNR research unit studying the archaeology of the medieval christian and muslim worlds, in Lyon (France). In French.
Bavay, cité gallo-romaine - single page about the Gallo-Roman town of Bagacum in northern France. In French.

Updated URLs:
Assemblage - issue 6 of this on-line journal edited by graduate students of the University of Sheffield is now out!
Middle Europe between 5500 and 780 BC - cultural complexes - updated title, description, and URL.
Préhistosite de Ramioul - updated URL. title, and description.
Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN) - updated URL and description.
Histoire, Archéologie et Littératures des Mondes Anciens - updated URL and description.
Musée Départemental Breton - updated URL.
Maison de l'Orient Mediterranéen - Jean Pouilloux - updated URL.
The Céide Fields of North Mayo - updated URL.
Aquincum - Roman Budapest - fixed URL.
Prazská informacní sluzba: Muzea - updated URL.
Archeo-125 - updated URL and comment.

21 August 2001

New URLs:
L'Archéologie aérienne dans la France du Nord - Multifaceted web site about aerial archaeology in northern France. Explains about aerial prospection, major discoveries, and the role played by aerial archaeology in the protection of our cultural heritage. Includes a portrait of famous archaeologist Roger Agache, and an educational games module. In French and English. Highly recommended!

9 August 2001

New URLs:
ANISA - Verein für alpine Felsbild- und Siedlungsforschung - fairly extensive web site by society for the study of alpine rock art and settlement. In German.
ARGIS Archäologie & Geodaten Service - based in Graz (Austria), this consulting firm offers excavation, prospection, documentation, and educational services. In German.
Bundesdenkmalamt Österreich (BDA) - Austrian State Heritage Service. In German.
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Feuchtboden- und Unterwasserarchäologie Triton - Society for wetland- and underwater archaeology. In German and English.
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (ÖGUF) - Austrian Society for Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology. In German.
Archaeological Prospection 2001 - the 4th international conference on Archaeological Prospection will be held in Vienna, from 19th until 23rd of September 2001. Full details and forms. In English.
Unterwasserarchäologie Innsbruck - currently mostly empty web site by Thomas Reitmaier from the Archaeological Institute of Innsbruck University (Austria). In German.

7 August 2001

New URLs:
Archeologienet - an interactive introductory tour through 250,000 years of Dutch archaeology, by the State Service for Archaeological Investigations (ROB). Information about 100 sites and monuments per region and period, plus 20 touristic cycle/walking routes. In Dutch.
Forschungsgesellschaft Wiener Stadtarchäologie - homepage of the Vienna Urban Archaeological Society, with program and abstracts of the 6th international workshop on computer archaeology, November 5-6, 2001. In German and English.
Archeologie sperimentali - announcement of conference on experimental archaeology organised by the heritage services of the Trento province (Italy), taking place at Comano/Fiavè on 13-15 September, 2001. Programme, participation form, etc. In Italian.
Wordwell Books - publisher of books on Irish archaeology and heritage, including the annual Excavations Bulletin, the quarterly Archaeology Ireland, Emania and monographs. Searchable catalogue and brief contents of back issues available. In English.
Les Maîtreaux - un atelier de taille solutréen - details results of excavations since 1994 at several well-preserved upper paleolithic flint-knapping camps at Bossay-sur-Claise (Indre et Loire, France). Web site rich in context, bibliography, etc. In French.

Updated URLs:
National Museum of Iceland, Department of Archaeology - updated URL.
Neanderthal Museum - updated comment.

Deleted URLs:
1415 Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - removed duplicate ARGE entry.

9 July 2001

New URLs:
Makedonska Civilizacija / Macedonian Civilization - private site by Vasil Ilyov, presenting the nationalistic and phantastic belief in Macedonia's (pre-)historic greatness, with emphasis on its pre-Neolithic alphabetic (!) inscriptions. In Macedonian and English.

Updated URLs:
TRIAL TRENCH - A newsletter for archaeological indexers - useful resource if you want to (or must) index archaeological publications. In English.
Il Parco Archeologico della Neapolis - of Syracuse (Sicily). URL and comment updated.

Deleted URLs:
0742 The Art of Prehistoric Malta: URL no longer in existence.
0743 Gozo Project: URL no longer in existence.
0744 Brochtorff Circle, Gozo, Malta: URL no longer in existence.

3 July 2001

New URLs:
Malta Homepage - private site, presenting prehistoric and classical monuments of Malta together with some general introductory text and further links. In English. Caution: Geocities advert window!
Archeologie Studeren - overview of all options for studying archaeologie in the Netherlands, by the Foundation for Dutch Archaeology (SNA). In Dutch.
Grabungswörterbuch - fairly complete dictionary of field archaeology and restoration (German-English and English-German), by Norbert and Doris Fischer.
Archaeological Monuments [Památky archeologické] - table of contents for Vol 88 (1997) of this journal of the Czech Academy of Sciences, containing analytical and survey studies in Czech and European archaeology and related disciplines, discussions, and reviews of Czech and foreign literature. In German, English, and Czech.
Archaeological Perspectives [Archeologické rozhledy] - tables of contents for vols. 49-51 (1997-9) of this quarterly journal of the Czech Academy of Sciences, publishes brief original studies, contributions and discussions, reviews of Czech and foreign literature, reports of conferences, personal news, and reports of activities of institutes, university departments, museums and institutes for the preservation of archaeological monuments. In German and English.
Letters of the Archaeological Institute ASCR Brno [Spisy Archeologického ústavu AV ÈR Brno] - tables of content for issues 1-6 (1994-6) of this series of monographs and collections of articles dealing with the most important results of archaeological research conducted at the Institute. It also publishes materials from conferences. In German and English.
Survey of the Field Excavations [Pøehled výzkumù] - table of contents of the 1996 issue, with articles and studies on recent excavations, reports of findings and excavation activities during the calendar year 1992. In Czech, German and English.

Updated URLs:
Institute of Archaeology, ASCR (Brno, CZ) - updated URL.
Institute of Archaeology, ASCR (Prague, CZ) - updated URL.
Archeologie en Prehistorie - home page of the Archaeological Institute of the Free University of Amsterdam (AIVU), new URL.
Provinciaal-Romeinse Archeologie - department of Provincial-Roman Archaeology at Catholic University, Nijmegen (NL). In Dutch.

28 June 2001

New URLs:
CALIB 4.3 - latest version of the radiocarbon calibration program for Windows and Macintosh G3/G4. In English.
Paleoclimate List - unmoderated discussion list for paleoclimatic researchers, hosted by NOAA (USA). Emphasis is on the Quaternary, esp. the Holocene climate. In English.
Øçöéáêüò Áñ÷áéïëïãéêüò ×Üñôçò Ëáóéèßïõ, ÊñÞôçò / Digital Archaeological Map of Lasithi, Crete - web-enabled GIS covering eastern Crete, and holding topographic, geological and landuse data plus over 900 sites (these can be studied through a separate database application). By the Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeo-environment of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies. In Greek and English.
Archaeolink Prehistory park - an 'interpretation center' located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (UK), Archaeolink provides both reconstructions and re-enactment of prehistoric life. In English.

Updated URLs:
Archäologie online - changed URL.
Antiksamlingen - updated URL and comment.
Norwegian Archaeological Review - updated URL and comment.
Studi Ostiensi - updated URL
Cabezas celtas de piedra - updated URL

Deleted URLs:
2073 ?? - removed duplicate ARGE entry.

22 June 2001

New URLs:
Geoarchaeology - international journal, published eight times per year, presents work at the methodological and theoretical interface between archaeology and the earth sciences. From Wiley publishers. In English.
Inventaire des megalithes de Charente-Maritime - private site by Jean Pourtaud, offering an illustrated catalog of megalithic sites in Charente-Maritime, western France. In French.
Scladina cave - with excavations at this Belgian cave site ongoing for the last 30 years, the latest results concern the earlier of two Neandertal occupation phases. Offers a complete bibliography, a section on the excavation techniques, and visiting information as well as links to other prehistoric archaeology web sites. In French, Dutch, German, and Emglish.
3D Murale - an EU-IST project, developing and using 3D Multimedia tools to measure, reconstruct and visualise archaeological ruins in virtual reality using as a test case the ancient city of Sagalassos in Turkey. In English.

The following were lifted, with gratitude, from Thaddeus Breen's web site for Irish Archaeology:
Irish Archaeological Wetland Unit - at University College Dublin. IAWU carries out archaeological surveys of the vast areas of peatlands owned by Bord Na Móna, the Irish Peat Development Authority, for inclusion in the State's Record of Monuments and Places. In English.
Eachtra Archaeological Projects - an archaeological services partnership with offices in Kerry, Cork and Waterford but operating throughout Ireland. Details of services provided and staff, along with a list of recent projects. In English.
John Channing & Company, consultant archaeologists - in addition to information about the consultancy, there are photographs of sites excavated along the line of the proposed Donegal Town by-pass and a useful discussion group for Irish archaeology. In English.
Department of Archaeology, National University of Ireland, Galway - very practical and informative site with details of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, biographical notes and photos of the staff, and details of publications and current research. In English.
Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit - at the Department of Botany, NUI Galway. In English.

Updated URLs:
Trowel - updated URL and comment; latest volume IX (1998/9).
The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland - updated URL, title, and comment.

21 June 2001

New URLs:
Archaeological excavations and fieldwork at Pyrgos tis Reginas - join this dig at a mediaeval monastic site in the Akamas peninsula of Western Cyprus, by an expedition from the Universities of Wales and Edinburgh. Full details available. In English.

The following were adopted from ArchData, the French guide to archaeological resources on the Net:
Euroarch - Community for European Archaeologists - a brand-new subscription service to receive news of events and fieldwork opportunities, register links, start discussion lists, etc. By Lise Bennedsen of the IT University of Copenhagen. In English.
Archives of ArcLing - List covers linguistic Prehistory, Archaeology, and related disciplines. Mirror of the ARCLING List at ARCLING@LISTPROC.ANU.EDU.AU. Subscribe, search archives. In English.
EuropeanArchaeology - moderated discussion list (Yahoo e-group) intended for European prehistoric and historic archaeology, from the Early Palaeolithic through the 1800s. Subscription details and archives available. While English is the primary language, all other languages are welcome.
Archéologie, cultures et sociétés - Bourgogne et France orientale du Néolithique au Moyen Âge - at the Université de Bourgogne (France). Full administrative description of this research group (UMR 5594 CNRS), with partial publication list. In French.
Centre de Recherches Archéologiques Midiévales (CRAHM) - full details of this medieval archaeology research group (UMR 6577) at the University of Caen (Normandy, France). In French.
Archéologies d'Orient et d'Occident - research group UMR 8546 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). Studies of pre- and early Roman western Europe (Celts, Etruscans), and of the Orient. In French.
Unité Toulousaine d'Archéologie et d'Histoire (UTAH) - full administrative details of this research group (UMR 5608) and links to its projects at the University of Toulouse (France). In French.
Histoire et archéologie du monde celtique sur Internet - Internet resource guide for the Celtic world, maintained by Yvette Aumiran (conservator at the library of Lyons university). In French.
Quaternaire - International journal of the French Quaternary Association; contents pages going back to 1996 available as scanned images. In French, English, and German.
La grotte ornée paléolithique de Bédeilhac (Ariège) - giant cave in southern France, in which both over 1,000 portable objects and plastic/painted rock art dating to the Magdalenian has been found. The cave is open to the public. In French.
Laboratoire Archéologie et territoires - full administrative details of this research group (UMR 6575) at Tours university (France). In French.

Updated URLs:
Le Paléolithique inférieur dans le Midi Toulousain - updated comment.
Laboratoire départemental d'Archéologie du Val-de-Marne - updated URL and title.
Civilisations Atlantiques et Archéosciences - updated URL and comment.

14 June 2001

Updated URLs:
Parco della Bessa, Roman gold mine - Mine d'or romaine - updated title and comment; now also in French and English.
Belangenvereniging van Academici in de Archeologie - changed URL and title.
Glavimans Stichting - changed address and title, updated comment.
Eketorp - changed address.
Post-Graduate Web Pages - of the Department of Archaeology in the University of Edinburgh. Changed address and title.
Archaeological Investigations at Reykholt, BorgarfjÎräur - changed address.
Het Europees Forum van het Erfgoed / The European Heritage Forum / Le Forum Européen du patrimoine - changed address and title; updated comment.

11 June 2001

ArchNet relaunch delayed to 30th June - staff at ASU announce that the relaunch of ArchNet, the WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology, will now take place on June 30th.

New URLs:
Archaeological Index to Radiocarbon Dates from Great Britain and Ireland - database developed by CBA; contains almost 9000 radiocarbon dates and can be searched online as part of the ArchSearch catalogue. In English.
Archaeological Investigation Project (AIP) - at Bournemouth University, UK. AIP undertake detailed studies on the nature and extent of archaeological fieldwork, so the records they produce are a basic source of up to date information on current and recent research. In English.
CAA 2002 - from 2 - 6 April, 2002, the CAA conference 'The Digital Heritage of Archaeology' will take place at Heraklion (Crete, Greece). In English.
CAA homepage - homepage of the international professional association of Computer Applications in Archaeology. In English.
ArcheoLinks - newsletter for archaeologists, with weekly choice of archaeological resources and web sites. To join, visit the site or send an e-mail to In Italian.

Updated URLs:
Assemblage - updated comment: issue 5 is out and contributions to issue 6 are sought.
Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueologia - relaunched web site of the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Seville; new URL.

Deleted URLs:
1006 Specialistenbrochure Belangen Vereniging van Archeologen - replaced by pointer to the BVA homepage.
1384 Assemblage 4 - inappropriate pointer to sub-page of this online journal.
1420 Vereniging Archeologie en Publiek (VAP) - no longer active

5 June 2001

New URLs:
B. Schulte (onder water) metaaldetectie en opsporingstechnieken - not-for-profit private site about (underwater) metal detection and prospection. Contains information about equipment and how to use it, plus rules and laws relating to the use of detectors. In Dutch and English.
Archaeology in Wales - private site by Herbert Roese, presenting the prehistoric monuments of Wales and listing books on the subject. In English, Welsh, German, Spanish, and French.
Muinaisjäännöskuvasto / Gallery of ancient sites in Finland - gallery of mainly prehistoric hunter-gatherer sites in Finland, by Mirolith Ltd. Brief descriptions with photographs of the find spots. In Finnish and some English.

Updated URLs:
ArchAgenda - changed URL.
Drevnosty - changed URL.
Living Past - changed URL, updated comment.
Histria - changed URL, updated comment.
AWN afd.16: Nijmegen en omstreken - changed address.
Den Haag toen en nu: Archeologie - changed address and title.
HEMEA: heuristics for mediterranean archaeology - updated comment.

Deleted URLs:
1353 Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen (NVvA): removed this old address.

1 June 2001

Updated URLs:
Two bronze helmets of Etruscan typology... - changed address.
Pere IZQUIERDO's Archaeology Homepage - changed address.
Archaeological Services Unit - changed URL.
Time Team - changed URL, updated comment.
ACTA TEMPESTIVA - changed address, updated comment.
Archaeogeophysical Research Project - changed URL, updated comment.
Anthropology on Film - changed URL and title.
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut - changed address, added comment.
Paleohistoria - changed address and updated comment.
Dpto. de ciencias historicas, area de Prehistoria - changed URL.
University of Leicester Archaeology Services (ULAS) - changed URL.
Centrum voor Isotopenonderzoek - changed URL, updated comment.
RAAP Archeologisch Adviesburo - changed URL, updated comment.
University of Exeter Press: Archaeology Titles - changed address.
Scarab - changed URL and title.
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - changed URL and updated comment.

Deleted URLs:
0681 Nautical Archaeology Society Scotland: no longer available.
0735 Biskupin Archaeological Festival, 1995: no longer available.
1112 The Roman Invasion controversy: no longer available.
1163 Assemblage-info: no longer maintained (last updated 1996).
1189 Il Monte Testaccio CD: no longer available.

29 May 2001

New URLs:
Bibliographie: Histoire, Archéologie, Ethnologie - bibliographical database, by the regional historical society of the Province, about archaeological and historical subjects in the Provence, Alpes, and Côte-d'Azur regions of southern France. Searches by free text or in alphabetical lists. In French.
Celtic Coin Index on the Web - the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford to provide a searchable database of Celtic coins found in Britain. When complete, the project will provide data and images of more than 32,000 coins, each record having a unique url. Geographic and free text searches currently available. In English.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theorie (T-AG) - homepage of the German TAG, a professional society interested in the theory and methodology of german archaeology. Includes discussion platform, reviews, calender of events, and links. In German.
Centro de Pré-História do Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (CPH) - the main content of this website is a geographically organised database with extensive information on over prehistoric 800 sites. In Portugese.
Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen (NVvA) - full details on this well-designed web site of the Dutch Society of Archaeologists, a professional society aiming to develop and maintain the quality of archaeological contributions to heritage management. Currently developing a code of conduct. In Dutch.
Archeo-Inter-Publica - a new on-line monthly journal. Its first two issues concentrate on the prehistory of Switzerland. In German and French. - presents six famous megalithic passage tombs of county Meath, Ireland. In English.

Updated URLs:
Butser Ancient Farm - changed address.
Thetford Forest Archaeology - changed title & updated comment.

23 May 2001

ARGE output format enhanced - You can now mail your comments and corrections on individual ARGE records to the Editors much more easily, by clicking on the status icon to the left of each record. As a consequence, 'dead' links in the database have been made visible as well.

New URLs:
INQUA Commission on Human Evolution and Paeoecology - the commission is an international umbrella for specialists in hominid evolution and landscape change during the Quaternary; it hosts various working groups. In English.

Updated URLs:
NWEurope-10Kbp - discussion list, changed address; updated comment.
Almstein 1995 - Phase plans and descriptions of excavations of Iron Age houses at the Almstein building site in Dutch Limburg. In English; updated comments.
Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle: Section Anthropologie/Biologie Humaine - changed address.
Biskupin archaeological festivals 1996-1999 - changed address.

18 May 2001

New URLs:
Cypr, Polis-Pyrgos - the Polis-Pyrgos Archaeological Project (PAP) on Cyprus. In Polish.
The Nautical Archaeology Society - professional society for nautical archaeology in the UK. In English.

Updated URLs:
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - changed address.
Paléorient - changed address.

4 May 2001

New URLs:
l'Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria - Italian national professional organisation based in Florence. In Italian and English.
Netzwerk archäologisch arbeitender Frauen - home page of the German Women's Network in Archaeology, established in 1991 and dedicated to the study of gender aspects in archaeology. In German and English.
Cercle archéologique Hesbaye-Condroz - Belgian local society. In French.
Le Portail de l'Archéologie - Archaeology Portal. A private site containing a large number of links on many subjects and periods. In French.
Laboratorio de Estudios Paleolíticos - from the Spanish National University of Distance Learning at Madrid. This site offers illustrated reports on a variety of research projects in the Spanish paleolithic. In Spanish and English; occasional files in French.
Becoming Human - by the Institute of Human Origins. In English.

Updated URLs:
Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP) - changed address.
Museo Arqueologico Nacional - National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (Spain). Site hosted by the Ministry of Culture. Permanent exhibition includes periods from the prehistoric to the 19th century plus Egyptian and Greek archaeology. In Spanish and English.

27 April 2001

Updated URLs:
Medieval Pottery Research Group - changed URL.
Archives of European Archaeology (AREA) - changed URL; searchable sections now online.

26 April 2001

Updated URLs:
Archaeological Dialogues - URL and comment updated.
ArqueoHispania: Arqueologia de la Hispania Antigua - updated URL and comment: the site is not maintained by the University of Segovia, but privately by Luis Carlos Juan Tovar.
Arch-Experiment - discussion list for experimental archaeology - updated URL.
Multiple Levels in the Aegean Bronze Age World-System - updated URL.
Institut d'Archéologie et d'Histoire Ancienne (IAHA) - updated URL.
The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology (SPMA) - updated URL.
Dietfurt Museum - updated URL.
Text of the Malta Agreement - updated URL.
Tell Sabi Abyad project - updated URL.
Riu Mannu project - updated URL.
Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie - URL and comment updated.

24 April 2001

ARGE Service Interruptions March 23rd - April 23rd - For the past month visitors to ARGE will have experienced a severely degraded or even totally absent service. This was caused by the repeated closing down or denial of access to the hosting web servers of the University of Groningen, which were under repeated attack by hackers. Unfortunately the lack of access meant that I could not even place an appropriate notification on the ARGE home page.
I hope that the service interruption has not caused you any problems, and that you will continue to visit ARGE - the Editor.

22 March 2001

New URLs: the following were mostly lifted from ArchNet's (no longer maintained) page of new links submitted between 30/09/00 and 20/03/01
Heimdal-archaeometry - private page by Arne Jouttijärvi, introduces archaeometry of metals; under construction. In Danish, with an English version planned.
La sidérurgie antique dans la Montagne Noire - well-presented site, on roman metallurgy at the Black Mountain, the main iron production site in the south of France, and one of the main in the roman empire. Includes experimental work. In French.
Steinzeit in der Wismarbucht - Stone Age in the Wismar Bay, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Complete illustrated report on underwater research at a late mesolithic Ertebølle site, by Harald Lübke. In German.
The Charles McBurney Laboratory for Geo-Archaeology - at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. In English.
Instituto Tecnolµgico e Nuclear, "Cultural Heritage and Science" group - inaccessible because of inactive menus. "Cultural Heritage and Sciences" group at the Nuclear and Technological Institute in Portugal. Main available methods: chemical characterisation of ancient materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), Radiocarbon dating unit and TL-OSL dating unit.
Department of History and Archaeology - University of Cyprus. Brief description of activities. In English.
The Tsaroukkas, Mycenaeans and Trade Project - at the department of archaeology of Reading University (UK), gives an overview of 1996-7 research at a late Bronze Age settlement and cemetery in the Tsarroukas area, a second nearby LBA settlement, and the nearby seabed, of southern Cyprus. In English.
Agia Varvara - ALMYRAS: Ancient Copper Production on Cyprus - in English and German.
Sydney Cyprus Survey Project - regional survey project in the northern Troodos foothills of central Cyprus.
Politiko Phorades - Excavations of a Bronze Age Smelting Site in Cyprus - In English.
@rchemail - site of the Napolitan Archaeological Society Onlus and of Campanian archaeology. In Italian. - private (?) web guide to Romanian archaeology. In English.
Servicios de Topografía, Dibujo y CAD - private pages by Jose Carrasco, offering professional topographical drawing, CAD and mapping services. In Spanish.
@rtefact - private pages presenting a large number of brief illustrated articles on 'fringe archaeology' items, mostly to do with rock art. Calls itself the 'journal of the Virtual Laboratory for Archaeometry (VLA)'. In French and English.
PATRIMONI-UB. Recerca aplicada al Patrimoni Històric - from the Department of Crystallography and Mineralogy, University of Barcelona, Spain. Research group studying the archaeometry of ancient ceramics. In Catalan, Spanish, and English.
Chronozones - annual archaeology bulletin by graduate students of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Articles on-line (including previous volumes) and news about Swiss archaeology. In French and English.
Dossiers d'archéologie - popular monthly journal established in 1973. Site under contruction; no content available yet.
Archaeometry - 6-monthly international journal on the involvement of physical and biological sciences with archaeology. In English.
World Archaeology - brief details of this 6-monthly journal. The 2000 volume (32) is available only to subscribers. In English.
Centre de Recherche en Physique Appliquée à l'Archéologie (CRPAA) - at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Materials IRAMAT, University of Bordeaux III (France). Research here relates to the application of the physico-chemical methods to anorganic materials (ceramics, glass, metals, pigments, architectural stone etc.) for dating, characterization and conservation-preservation. Extensive web site. In French.
Lehrstuhl für Klassische Archäologie - Institut for Classical Archeology at the University of Würzburg (Germany). In German.
Martin von Wagner Museum - of the University of Würzburg (Germany). Details and tour through the collection of Antiquities. In German.
Gazeta de la Sociedad Española de Historia de la Arqueología - web journal of SEHA, Spanish Society for the History of Archaeology. This is an extensive web site which, for example, contains links into many other areas of Spanish archaeology. In Spanish.
Museo Arqueológico Castro de Santa Tecla - late Bronze Age to Roman site and museum of Monte Santa Tecla, Galicia (Spain). In Spanish.
Apamée de l'Euphrate - geophysical surveys and excavations on two Hellenistic sites at Apamea (Urfa region, Turkey), and their integration into other archaeological methods. Joint rescue project by Nantes University and the Museum of Gaziantepe. In French.
Gruppo Archeologico Torinese - web site of the Turin chapter of the Archaeological Associations of Italy. Activities, projects, scope, news, etc. In Italian and English.
Institut Istorii Material'noj Kul'turi - Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences, based in St Petersburg. Oldest state archaeological institution in Russia, founded in 1859. In Russian and English.

Updated URLs:
The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology - new address.
GIS and Remote Sensing for Regional Archaeology: Burgundy, France - new address.
Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia - new address; comment updated.
Paleo.Flint - alternative address.
Archaeology Ireland - new address.

21 March 2001

New URLs:
Stichting Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem - homepage of the Haarlem chapter of the main Dutch amateur archaeological society, AWN. In Dutch and English.
Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory - in New Zealand. Details of sample submission, pricing, and processing for AMS and conventional radiocarbon dating. Inludes radiocarbon references and links. In English.
Comité d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Mauriac et sa Région - site illustrates the neolithic to medieval archaeology of Mauriac and its surroundings in the Cantal region (Auvergne, France), maintained by local society. In French with an English version under construction.
Neanderthals and Modern Humans - A Regional Guide - developed and maintained by anthropologist/journalist Scott Brown, this extensive introduction and guide to internet resources on Neanderthals and early modern humans brings together just about all you could want to know, and puts it in the context of original illustrated and referenced discussions of the evidence for each of four geographical regions. In English. Recommended!
World of the Celts - private site by educator David Freeman, presenting history and archaeology of the ancient Britons in an attractive manner. Pitched at children and the general public, and includes games, events, and links to re-enactment groups. In English.
Lake Down, near Wilsford, Wiltshire - English Heritage report on the geophysical survey of three pond barrows, March 1996.In English.

Updated URLs:
Chester City Council heritage pages - changed URL.
Petite chronologie de l'histoire bretonne - changed URL.
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - changed URL; contains some inoperative links.
Maritime Fife - changed URL.
Mit Neutronen auf den Spuren der Kelten - changed URL.
Museo Leone, Vercelli - changed URL.
The Grauballe Man - changed URL.
II Parthian Legion homepage - changed URL.
Alastair's Derbyshire Stone Circle pages - changed URL and updated contents.
Bibracte: ville Gauloise - changed URL and contents. Details of the excavations, the research centre, the museum, plus section on druids. In French and English.
La Préhistoire de L'Ile d'Oléron - changed URL.
Paleo-Aktueel - changed URL.

13 March 2001

New URLs:
H@R! : Heritage at Risk - series of brief ICOMOS reports on current threats to the archaeological heritage, by country. Mostly in English; some French.
Workshop - Archäologie und Computer - organised annually by the Vienna Society for Urban Archaeological Research since 1996, this workshop brings together computer-using archaeologists mainly from central Europe. Abstracts from the latest workshops are made available. In German.
Conservación y Restauración - commercial conservation and restauration of archaeological materials. This web site under construction introduces the subject to the general and professional reader. In Spanish.
FlintSource.Net - Dutch website dedicated to sourcing flint and similar materials. Includes terminology, literature, and a database of source materials searchable by type or name. Note: site has some display problems in Netscape and older MSIE browsers. In English.
ARCHEO-DEBLAI - archaeological consultancy located in southern France, specialising in preparatory operations for, and assisting in publication of, excavations. In French.
Projekti Arkeologjik i Rajonit Mallakastër / Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project (MRAP) - a joint US-Albanian regional surface survey being operated in the Mallakstra/Fier region of south-central Albania (an area centered on the Greek colony of Apollonia). Includes full interim reports for 1998-2000 and links to further Albanian archaeological web sites. In English and Albanian.

Updated URLs:
ARCHAEOSURVEY - page updated with new material regarding the Roman Age Town of Altino, discovered using the magnetic method. In the magnetic map covering an area of 5 hectares we can recognize the town plan with buildings organized in districts delimited by streets and channels like in the city of Venice. In English.
ABZU Guide to resources for the study of the ancient Near East - from the Oriental Institute, Chicago. In English.
Ancient Sites - a brief illustrated discussion of Newgrange and the Boyne valley megalithic tombs from a variety of points of view. In English.
Ascoli Piceno - Teatro Romano - one image and a brief description of the Roman theatre at Ascoli Piceno. In Italian and English.
The Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum - follow link to 'museum tour'. In English.
Pompeii: teaching resources - the House of the Faun and its mosaics - new address.
Landesmuseum Mainz - new address.
Reiß-Museum, Mannheim - new address.
Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society (BWAS) - new address.
Regia Anglorum - new address.
Archéologie Faverges - Musée archéologique de Viuz - new address.

1 March 2001

Today, your fearless editor has become unemployed!

New URLs:
De Steekproef - archaeological consultancy specialising in preliminary surveys (field walking, geophysical, coring) in the northern Netherlands. In Dutch.

21 February 2001

New URLs:
TMA Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie - annual journal of Mediterranean archaeology, covering research by archaeology departments in Belgium and the Netherlands. Caution: this website sports an advertising window and currently is not functioning at all! In Dutch.
Svenska Ostindiska Companiet - extensive and lavishly illustrated web site by company building an exact replica of the 18th century Swedish East Indiaman Göteborg. Web visitors can follow the project towards the coming launch and the future voyage to China. In Swedish and English.

15 February 2001

New URLs:
Classics Eireann - guide to the study of Greek and Roman civilisation in Ireland. In English.
Archäologie in Bayern - guide to archaeology in Bavaria, by Kurt Scheuerer, Ingolstadt. In German.
Journal of Field Archaeology - subscription and publication details of this quarterly journal published at Boston University; abstracts since volume 1 (1974) available, indexed by author and topic. To find abstracts relevant to Europe, use regional index. In English.

Updated URLs:
Sources of Information on Antiquities Theft - new URL; last updated in July 2000.
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - new URL.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Parma - new URL.
Institutionen för antikens kultur och samhällsliv - at Uppsala university; new URL.
Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - new URL.
Division of Archaeology, School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester - changed URL.

5 February 2001

New URLs:
We welcome a new national guide to archaeological web resources: Finland!
Arkeologian harrastajan nettisivu - private pages by Marjukka Mäkelä, presenting a guide to archaeology in Finland. In Finnish.
La Grotte Cosquer - tour of this undersea cave in southern France, by the French ministry of culture, with maps and images of its art. In French and English.
The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave - tour of this cave discovered in 1994 in the Ardèche region of France, by the French ministry of culture, with maps and images of its art. In English.

26 January 2001 New URLs:
CAA 2001 - This year's conference of the CAA will be held on Gotland (Sweden). Its title: Archaeological Informatics - Pushing the Envelope. All information including abstracts in PDF format available, in English.
la BESSA, Miniera d'oro romana - private pages by Alberto Vaudagna, on an archaeological area in Piedmont, Italy, containing both Iron age petroglyphs and a second century BC Roman gold mine. In Italian.
Vestigia BV, Archeologie en Cultuurhistorie - archaeological consultancy providing expert advise, management support and research for (local) goverment, project developers and land agents. Site rather slow loading due to excessive animation. In Dutch and English.
Sontec GMBH - German firm specialising in geophysical prospection, including that of archaeological structures, magnetic, radar, and underwater surveys. In German.

Updated URLs:
Bremer Stiftung für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie - contents of the site have been updated.

11 January 2001 New URLs:
Lead Mining in the Yorkshire Dales - private pages by Martin Roe; a 'beginners guide' to the history and archaeology of 2000 years of lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales. Introduces the basic landscape components and then places them in regional contexts with small local tours of key sites. In English.
Halifax, a study in industrial archaeology - private pages by Martin Roe, introducing the industrial archaeology (textiles, coal and fireclay mining, quarrying) of the Halifax area of West Yorkshire (UK), from the 17th to the 20th century. In English.
Économies, Sociétés et Environnements Préhistoriques (ESEP) - Web site of the laboratory of Prehistory at the University of the Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France), in association with the CNRS, focuses on technological approaches and environmental reconstructions for the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of Europe and Africa. Includes publications, announcements, and field projects. In French.

Updated URLs:
Alamannenmuseum in Ellwangen - changed URL and now has a more detailed announcement about the new Alamannenmuseum in Ellwangen (DE) dedicated to the archaeology of the 3rd to 8th centuries AD in Southern Germany. In German.
Découvrez la préhistoire au Grand Pressigny - changed URL and updated contents. In French and English.
MEDIOLANVM - new version of the free European field work brokering system, previously named EARP.

3 January 2001 New URLs:
33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry - Amsterdam, 22-26 April 2002. First circular and pre-registration details. In English.
Museum für Archäologie, Frauenfeld - brief details of this local Swiss museum, in German.
Römisches Museum - brief details about this local museum in Kemptem, Germany. In German.
Hollufgård - arkeologi og landskab - pages of the archaeological museum of Odense, Denmark. In Danish.
Moesgaard Museum - museum of prehistory, attached to Aarhus University, Denmark. Extensive pages on the collections and activities of the museum. In Danish and English.
Museet Ribes Vikingen - museum presenting the extensive remains dating to the medieval period of the town of Ribe, Denmark. In Danish, English, and German.
Strandingsmuseum St. George - museum presenting the remains of two British ships stranded in 1811. Further links to center for marine archaeology which holds a register of wrecks for the North Sea. In Danish, English, and German.

Updated URLs:
Achill Archaeological Field School 2001 - a 12 week programme, commencing 4th June, at the Post-Medieval Deserted Village of Slievemore on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Accredited Field School of the National University of Ireland.
Archaeology Department - at the University of Edingburgh (UK); changed address.
Das Schweizerische Landesmuseum, Stammhaus in Zürich - brief details of this general museum with archaeological collections, in German; changed URL.
The World of the Vikings - changed address.
Megalithic! - changed URL.
Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey, by Peter Greenhalgh - changed URL.
Musei dell'Umbria - this guide, unfortunately not searchable by subject but only by place-name, has changed address. In Italian, English, and German.
The Beazley Archive: Greek Painted Pottery - changed URL.
Archäologischer Park Cambodunum (APC) - changed URL.
Institutionen för arkeologi, Göteborgs Universitet - changed URL. In Swedish.
Perseus Atlas - changed URL.
Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter - fixed an error in the URL.

Deleted URLs:
16 'Dead' URLs were removed from the database.

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