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20 September - 14 October 2002

ARGE is in southern Italy, conducting a field survey around the Bronze Age to Hellenistic hilltop sanctuary of Timpone della Motta...

New URLs:
The Beginnings of Academic Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (1890-1930) in a European Perspective - conference to be held from 13 to 16 March 2003 at the Humbold University of Berlin.
Geoarchaeology and Archaeometrical Techniques Symposium - 3rd virtual conference of Anthropology and Archaeology, starting October 1st, 2002.
4th Symposium on Archaeometry of the Hellenic Society of Archaeometry - Athens, May 2003.
Prehistoric Pottery: People Pattern and Purpose - joint conference of the Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group and the Ceramic Petrology Group, 11 to 13 October at the University of Bradford.

16 September 2002

New URLs:
CAD: A Guide to Good Practice - by Harrison Eiteljorg II, Kate Fernie, Jeremy Huggett and Damian Robinson. One of the ADS series of guides, the CAD guide is aimed at those who create CAD files, at project managers and at those considering the management of CAD archives. It offers a description of CAD software with a discussion of its use in a variety of situations, methods of data capture and good practices in the preparation of CAD models including consideration of layer naming schemes, drawing conventions and file formats. It provides a source of information about the management of digital data both during the project life-cycle and for its long-term preservation, archiving and effective data re-use.
Geophysical Data in Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice - by Armin Schmidt. One of a series of ADS guides, this volume is aimed at archaeological geophysicists, at project managers, agencies responsible for commissioning fieldwork and at those concerned with the management of digital archives. Offers an introduction to archaeological geophysics and the variety of data that is produced including the raw measurement data, processed data and interpretative drawings, and provides an introduction to storage and archiving of geophysical datasets and to sources of geophysical data in the UK. Also available in print from Oxbow Books (email
SOMA 2003 - 7th postgraduate symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, 21-23 February 2003 at University College London. First call for papers.
EAA Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology -
6th Conference of Italian Archaeology - to be held April 15 to 17, 2003 at the University of Groningen (Netherlands). 2nd Circular, Call for Papers, and Registration forms available.

Updated URLs:
- .

12 August 2002

New URLs:
Workshop 3D GIS and Visualization for Archaeology - within the conference VSMM 2002 that will be held in the ancient city of Gyeongju (alias Kyongju), Korea, 25-27 September 2002. Submission of workshop papers is possible until 25 August, to Maurizio Forte at

29 July 2002

New URLs:
Stanford Digital Forma Urbis Romae Project - also known as the Severan Marble Plan, this is a giant marble map of ancient Rome, dating to the reign of Septimius Severus (circa 200 AD). Unfortunately, the map has been broken into 1,186 fragmented pieces, and not all of the pieces still exist. Presently, engineers from the Department of Computer Science and archaeologists from the Department of Classics at Stanford University, along with the Sovraintendenza of the City of Rome, are working to piece the map back together. This site currently features a sample of 28 fragments from the map, with each entry containing digital color photographs and 3D models, a search box, a description of the fragment, an analysis of its significance, and a review of the scholarly literature. The full release of the database of all known fragments is planned for 2003.

10 July 2002

New URLs:
Enter the Past - billed as "The E-way into the four Dimensions of cultural heritage", this is the call for papers for the CAA 2003/UISPP Comm. 4 conference in Vienna, to be held from April 8th to 12th.
Arbeitsgruppe "Datenanalyse in der Archäologie" - brief details of this working group on archaeological data analysis of the German Classification Society.
Doug's Archaeology site - a private web page containing links to fringe archaeological and skeptical resources, but also to resources on Roman Britain.
Archeonews - thematically indexed resource guide for Italian archaeology. Contains lots of interesting links, but appears not to have been kept up-to-date.
Soprintendenza Archeologica della Liguria - home page of the regional government archaeological service of Liguria (Italy).
Soprintendenza Archeologica per le province di Salerno, Avellino e Benevento - home page of the regional government archaeological service of three provinces in south-central Italy.
Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell'Abruzzo - home page of the regional government archaeological service of the Abbruzzo province in central Italy. Links to museums, excavations, etc.
Dipartimento di Scienze storiche archeologiche e antropologiche dell'Antichità - department of historical, archaeological, and anthropological sciences at the "La Sapienza" university of Rome.
The Gatas Project - studies the social and economic changes of the successive prehistoric communities that occupied the site of Gatas, and exploited its immediate hinterland in the lower Aguas valley, on the southern edge of the Vera basin (Almería province, southeast Spain).
The Severn Estuary - field investigations in the intertidal zone of the Severn Estuary (western Britain). Coastal erosion in this area exposes a complete sedimentary sequence of the last 10,000 years including former dry land, saltmarsh and peat bog environments. Within these sediment sequences is the richest coastal archaeological evidence yet located in Britain.
Journal of Archaeological Science - aimed at archaeologists and scientists with particular interests in advances in the application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology. This established bimonthly journal publishes original research papers, major review articles, and short notes of wide archaeological significance.
Silchester Roman Town: The Insula IX 'Town Life' Project - an annual field training school and research excavation established in 1997 by the Department of Archaeology of the University of Reading, located in the heart of Calleva Atrebatum, the Roman civitas capital (administrative centre) situated in the modern village of Silchester, Hampshire (England).
Archéologia - since 1964, the monthly magazine of archaeology in France and the world: prehistory to the present.
Arkéo Junior - this monthly magazine, overseen by both scientific and pedagogical boards, is aimed at children until the age of 13/14.
Excavaciones arqueológicas en la cueva de Arangas (Cabrales, Asturias) - brief illustrated report on excavations in the Arangas rock shelter (Asturias, Spain), by the university of Cantabria.
El Pedroso: a mountain sanctuary in Spain - two major archaeological sites have been known since the 1970s on this isolated granite mountain close to the border between Portugal and Spain: a Copper Age walled enclosure (about 3500 to 2400/2200 BC) containing a number of circular houses, an arrowhead workshop and the remains of a tower, and a decorated cave on the lower slope. This site reports on trial excavations in the cave, conducted jointly in 1998 by Reading University and the Universities of Valladolid and Santiago de Compostela.

18 June 2002

New URLs:
?Fedans? Keltische Geschichtsdarstellung - re-enactment society specialising in the late iron age european Celts, including their music.
Brigantia - British Iron-Age Celtic re-enactment society.
Les Ambiani - troupe de Gaulois - reconstitution protohistorique - re-enactment society for the 1st AD century life of the french celtic tribe of the Ambiani.
Centre de Recherches Archéologique (CreA) - Centre for Archaeological Research of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, manages projects regarding field archaeology and art history of various periods and countries, as well as studies in paleoanthropology, paleoenvironment, ceramology, etc. Site leads to details of a large number of projects both inside Europe and beyond.
Kelten und Römer ?Geschichte zum Anfassen? eV. - re-enactment society of Roman and Celtic life in southern Germany.

Updated URLs:
Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven (SPNE) - updated title and comment: iron age to medieval theme park and open air museum near Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Museum of the Origins of Man - updated URL and comment: private fringe site, 'promoting the search for the nobler aspects of prehistoric man', and defining eight 'artistic-religious palaeolithic civilizations' on the basis of supposed art and lithic tools of the Paleolithic.
Mesolithic sites of Siebenlinden - updated URL and comment: details of an excavation project of mesolithic open air sites near Rottenburg, by the State Office for Historical Monuments of Baden-Wurttemberg.
Museo Preistorico ed Etnografico L. Pigorini - Preistoria - updated URL and added comment: thematically organised and illustrated overview of the magnificent exhibits of this famous Roman museum.
Sourcing Scottish East Coast White Gritty Ware - updated URL and comment: report on a ceramic research project on Scottish medieval White Gritty Ware, funded by Historic Scotland.

Deleted URLs:
0127 - Artefacts Ltd.: site not available.
2398 - Svenska Ostindiska Companiet: duplicate database entry.

12 June 2002

Greek archaeologists on strike
430 Greek archaeologists went on a 48 hour strike today to protest against a law now being discussed in the Greek parliament. The archaeologists feel that the new law poses too few barriers to foreign exchanges and gifts, which are currently allowed only under very strict conditions.

10 June 2002

New URLs:
Legio XV Apollinaris Cohors I - a Roman reenactment group from Pram (Upper Austria), based on the late 1st century AD presence of the XV Legio Apollinaris in Carnuntum (Petronell, Lower Austria).
Groupe de Recherche en Archéologie Navale (GRAN) - based at the French harbour of Toulon, this non-profit research society specialises in ships of the 16th century, and ships involved in the negroe slave trade.

Updated URLs:
Direcçao Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais (DGEMN) - changed URL.
Archaeology - National Museums & Galleries of Wales - changed URL.
Ålands Museum - changed URL title and comments: covering the island province of Åland in Finland, this museum has extensive pages on both prehistory and history.
Cloddio am Lycllynwyr / Digging for Vikings - changed URL.
Le Département des recherches archéologiques subaquatiques et sous-marines (DRASSM) - changed URL.
Kantonsarchäologie Solothurn - Solothurn regional archaeology service (CH): changed URL.

Deleted URLs:
1482 - 3.o Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular (1999) - expired.
2198 - Bremer Stiftung für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie - duplicate entry.

22 May 2002

New URLs:
Les hommes des lacs. Vivre à Chalain et à Clairvaux il y a 5000 ans - well-preserved remains of neolithic villages and houses along the banks of the Chalain and Clairvaux lakes in the French Jura, allow this reconstruction of daily life by the French Ministry of Culture.
Lofotr - Vikingmuseet på Borg - the Viking museum at Borg on the Norse Lofoten islands is built around a full-scale reconstruction of the largest longhouse from the younger iron age ever found in Scandinavia (83 m. long). The museum organises camps and experimental work.
Archeoweb Antwerpen - provides information on the archaeology of Antwerp (BE). Includes a virtual museum containing information on a selection of 40 major excavation sites and about 200 objects, an events agenda and a news column. From the Antwerp municipal archaeology service.
Proyecto arqueológico Plaza de Moros - details of excavations (since 1998), field school, and reconstruction of daily life in a late Iron Age hilltop enclosure at Villatobas, Toledo (ES).

Updated URLs:
TLTP Archaeology Consortium - updated URL and comment:
Museo delle Palafitte di Molina di Ledro - changed URL and comment: very brief visitors details for this reconstructed lake dwelling.
Stellenangebote - aktuell - updated URL and comment: job offers for archaeologists, from the Deutscher Archäologen-Verband e.V.
Revista Electrónica Galega de Arqueoloxía (REGA) - updated comment: currently three article online, by the Professional Society of Galician Archaeologists APAG.
Henry's BIG Adventure - changed address.
Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie (VVIA) - changed address.
Irish Archaeological Consultancy Ltd. (IAC) - changed URL.

Deleted URLs:
0583 - GPS/GIS related web pages, by Jeff Hamilton: page no longer available.
0983 - Glavimans Stichting: page no longer available.
2610 - TAG 2001 conference announcement: no longer applicable.

20-21 May 2002

SERVER DOWN - between 7 PM local time on 20 May, and 8 AM local time on 21 May, ARGE services were interrupted because of unexpected maintenance work on its server.

16 May 2002

New URLs:
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies - at the University of London Institute of Classical studies. Promotes research, education, and publication on the Greek world. Also publishes the Journal of Hellenic Studies.
Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies - at the University of London Institute of Classical studies. It is the leading organisation in the United Kingdom for those interested in the study of Rome and the Roman Empire. Its scope is wide, covering Roman history, archaeology, literature and art down to about A.D. 700. Also publishes the Journal of Roman Studies and Brittannia.
9th Conference of the International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ) - general conference on archaeozoology at Durham (UK) from 23rd-28th August 2002.
CONTACTS DE CULTURES DANS LES MEDITERRANEES DE L'ANTIQUITE: Archéologie et anthropologie culturelle - summer course of the european university at Montpellier (FR), from 1 to 10 july 2002, offers 40 participation bursaries for European students. Programme, participation forms. Course language: French.
Gemeente Delft: Archeologie - pages of the municipal archaeology service of the town of Delft (NL).
Archeologie in de gemeente Vlaardingen - pages of the municipal archaeology service of the town of Vlaardingen (NL), including its eponymous neolithic 'Vlaardingen culture'.

Updated URLs:
SUMELOCENNA, Römisches Stadtmuseum Rottenburg - updated address and comments: permanent exhibition on daily life in Sumelocenna (Roman Rottenburg in SW Germany) including a remarkable public toilet.
Institute of Archaeology - at the University of Oxford. Updated address.
Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin E.V. - Sudan Archaeological Society, Berlin. Updated address.
Discover Museums in Hampshire - updated address.
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften Radiokohlenstoff-Labor - updated address and comments: Radiocarbon laboratory at the Institute for Environmental Physics of Heidelberg University.
Departamento de Historia Antigua, Universidad de Granada - Department of ancient history, university of Granada (Spain).Updated address.
Anthropology on Film - updated address.
ARCHIS expertise centrum archeologisch informatiesysteem - Dutch national archaeological archive site. Updated address.
Arkeologiska Institutionen - Lund University. Updated address.

Deleted URLs:
0923 - Archaeology on the Jubilee Line Extension: page has disappeared.

26 April 2002

New URLs:
Archaeology and Ancient History - part of BBC 'interactive', this page gives access to educational materials, including games, for many periods but concentrates on Britain.
Dighton Rock - Manuel da Silva, MD, argues that the purportedly early 16th century Portuguese Dighton Rock inscriptions (a 40 ton boulder with a face of 55 square feet), located 40 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts (USA), need serious consideration by epigraphers.
Before Farming - a new quarterly online journal, on the archaeology of Old- World hunter-gatherers. Information about the journal, call for papers. By WASP Publisher, Bristol.
Altamira Press - a UK-based publisher specialising in archaeology. Topics include public, 'Old World', theory, historical, and gender archaeology.
Dava International - a quarterly online review of carpatho-danubian studies, now in its 4th issue. Mostly in Romanian, but some articles are in English.
Archeologia v Internet: Rossiya - resource guide for Russian archaeology, maintained by Valery Bulgakov at the Institute of Archaeology of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kiev University.
Archeologia v Ukraina - resource guide for Ukrainian archaeology, maintained by Valery Bulgakov at the Institute of Archaeology of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kiev University.
ark242 - Spanish consultancy firm specialising in 3D reconstruction (including VR) of archaeological objects and buildings.
Amateur Archaeology - UK - web site and Yahoo! group maintained by Ged Thompson, hoping to pull together the wealth of information collated by non-professional archaeologists and to provide a medium through which to share this information. Also contains recommended books, links & various academic papers.

Updated URLs:
Proleg StratiGraf - stratigraphy in real time - URL, title, & comment updated: StratiGraf allows you to record, document, analyse and interpret archaeological sites. It integrates in a single place field registration data, photography, bibliography, artifacts inventory, the archaeological drawing and the harris matrix, creating thus, a real Digital Model of the excavation.

Deleted URLs:
2132 - Corinth Computer Project: duplicate database entry.

15 April 2002

Updated URLs:
Centre National de la Préhistoire - new address and comment: National Centre for Prehistory at Périgueux, a research establishment under the French Ministry of Culture. Research areas include rock art, pollen analysis, photogrammetry, and sedimentology. In French.
Civici Musei del Castello Visconteo - new address, title, and comment: housed in a splendid 14th century castle in Pavia, Italy, this museum includes several rooms of archaeological exhibits. In Italian.
Musée de Normandie, Caen - new address.
ArcheoNord - fixed URL error.
Département des Sciences de l'Antiquité, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris - fixed URL error.
Birka Vikingastaden - changed URL.
Eketorps borg - changed URL.
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Publications - changed URL.
Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) - changed URL.
Cambridge University Press Archaeology - new address and comment: publisher's site, listing its many series and monographs in Archaeology. Search, browse, and order online.
Internet Ancient History Resource Guide - changed URL.
Ancient Ceramic Technology & Production in Cyprus - new address.

9 April 2002

New URLs:
HBSMR software - Historic Buildings, Sites and monument record system software developed by exeGesIS SDM Ltd., a spatial data management consultancy specialising in countryside management, coastal zone and local government applications, for use in the UK. Powerpoint demo available.
Virtual Troy - website under construction, links to Art+Com AG, a Berlin company that specializes in VR applications. The settlement history of Troy is virtually reconstructed in conjunction with the Troy Project of Tübingen University.
Training, Education, Management and Prehistory in the Mediterranean (TEMPER) - TEMPER is an EU funded project involving five prehistoric sites in Greece, Israel, Malta and Turkey. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of our shared Mediterranean heritage through educational programmes and the development of integrated site management plans.
Romans in Sussex - 3-level educational site, intended to provide an in-depth look into how people may have lived in the Sussex region during the later Iron Age, the Roman period, and early Anglo-Saxon times. By the Sussex Archaeological Society.
Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry - new international interdisciplinary journal issued by the dept. of mediterranean studies, University of the Aegean on Rhodes, Greece. Initially free of charge, issue 1 is available online.
Monument and museum information systems - details several projects at the center for cultural informatics of the Information Systems Laboratory of the Greek National Science Foundation FORTH.
Enter the Past - April 8-12, 2003, annual conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), in Vienna city hall. First announcement and call for papers, in collaboration with UISPP commission 4.
The History Journals Guide - useful web directory for journals and discussion lists in all fields of history and archaeology. Part of the WWW-Virtual Library.
Archeologia v Internet - well-appointed web resource guide for the archaeology of the republics of the former Soviet Union and countries of Eastern Europe. Maintained by Valery Bulgakov at the Ukrainian Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Institute of Archaeology at Kiev. In Russian with a reduced English version. Well worth spending some time on!
Cork Historical and Archaeological Society - homepage of this regional society, founded in 1891 for the collection, preservation and diffusion of all available information regarding the City and County of Cork. First volume (for 1892) of its annual journal is made available in CD-ROM format.
Treasures from Underground - The archaeology of mineral raw materials in eastern Europe - on-line exhibition on raw materials and their processing. Part of an EU project, this web site is intended to demonstrate how the archaeology of eastern Europe can be made more accessible through the use of the Internet.
Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Stillfried - single page of description and contact details.

Updated URLs:
Sussex Archaeological Society - new address and comment: southern England. Contains pages on five site museums, current excavations at Fishbourne Roman Palace, and the discovery and display of the Patching Hoard, the latest hoard of Roman and pseudo-Roman coins from the British Isles. Also news, fun, etc.
ArkeologiKonsult - changed address.

Deleted URLs:
0060 Departement d'Art Parietal Paleolithique: removed because it is a sub-page of the Centre National de Prehistoire (Perigueux, France; record 0059).

18 March 2002

New URLs:
The Forum for Information Standards in Heritage (FISH) - UK-based forum works "to co-ordinate, develop, maintain and promote standards for the recording of heritage information". Discussion list, archive, standards.
Archeos - educational website about Dutch archaeology, intended for elementary and high-school students and teachers. Information about sites is linked to paleo-geographic reconstructions.
Prehistoric Megaliths in the Western Caucasus - excavation project by the Institute for Study of Material Culture History, Petersburg, investigates prehistoric tombs and dolmens on the Russian Black Sea coast. Offers annual Field School opportunities.
Instituto del Próximo Oriente Antiguo - Murcia - home page of the Institute of the Ancient Near East (University of Murcia, Spain), which excavates in Syria in the sites of Tell Jamis and Tell Qara Quzaq.
Un site de plein air gravettien à burin du Raysse: La Picardie (Preuilly-sur-Claise) - private pages, detailing 1998 excavations of lithic remains of the Gravettian culture (end of the Paleolithic). In addition to large blades and tools, the site has also produced a special type of blade nuclei: "Raysse burins".
Apollonia d'Illyrie - home page of a joint Albanian-French excavation project in Apollonia. This Greek colony forms the core of the largest archaeological park in Albania. Abstract in English.
Context One Archaeological Services - firm, offering commercial archaeological services and consultancy mainly as part of the planning process in southern England.
Esbjerg Museum - local Danish museum with pages on its collections from the Iron Age and Viking Age, its large amber collection from prehistoric times until today, and the Østskoven archaeological park.
Der Salzherr von Hallstatt - attempt at reconstruction of an eastern Alpine early Celtic (ca. 650 BC) warrior lord in his weaponry. Private site by Stefan Jaroschinski.
Arkeoland - digitalt ressursbibliotek for nordisk arkeologi - national Norse gateway to digital archaeological resources. In Norwegian.

Updated URLs:
Institut d'Archéologie et Sciences de l'Antiquité - Université de Lausanne. Changed URL and title.
École Suisse d'Archéologie en Grèce - changed URL.
Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen - site updated: local museum, dedicated to the early Medieval archaeology of southern Germany. Focuses on the spectacular excavations at Lauchheim/Jagst and the Alaman tribe (3rd to 8th century AD). In German.
Artacorn - Archaeological Illustration - changed URL.
Chronozones - changed URL.

Deleted URLs:
2331 - Artacorn Archaeological illustration: removed duplicate database entry.

1 March 2002

New URLs:
Niederbayerisches Archäologiemuseum, Landau/Isar - archaeology of lower Bavaria (Germany).
Stadtarchäologie Passau - local archaeology of Passau, Bavaria (Germany).
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire - portal to the archaeology of the Lincolnshire region (England), including Archaeological Project Services and Community Archaeology.
Antikensammlung und Vorderasiatisches Museum (Pergamonmuseum) - one of the world's foremost museums of Greek, Roman, and near eastern antiquities, located in Berlin.

Updated URLs:
Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society (BWAS) - updated contents and comments: established in 1870, the society promotes the study of the archaeology of central England.
Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro, Passau - changed URL.
Musée des Beaux Arts et d'Archéologie, Besançon - changed URL title and comment: brief details of archaeological collections of the Besançon city museum (Franche-Comte, France), including one image of a Roman mosaic.
Exeter tourism: heritage & history - changed URL title and comment: set of texts on Roman and medieval Exeter (England).
Museum für das Fürstentum Lüneburg - changed URL and added comment: brief details and description of collections (prehistoric to medieval).
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte - changed URL and comment: introduction to the wide-ranging prehistoric collections of this Berlin museum.
Museum für Spätantike und Byzantinische Kunst, Bode-Museum, Berlin - changed URL and comment: wide-ranging collection of late antique and Byzantine art, in the national museum at Berlin.
Slovenské národné múzeum - Archeologické múzeum - changed address: archaeological department of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava.
Ground Penetrating Radar survey at Wroxeter - changed address.
Archäologiemuseum Heilbronn - changed address.
ArcheoTech S.A. - changed URL.
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology - changed URL.
Department of Archaeology - at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and its Archaeogeophysical Imaging Project - changed address.

Deleted URLs:
0464 - Rescue excavations at Ciftlik (Sinop): no longer available.
0469 - City of Lincoln Archaeology Unit: no longer in existence.
0483 - Archäologische Ausgrabungen (of the Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg) - no longer available.
0507 - News on the Foz Côa dam (Portugal): expired.
0778 - Museum Charlottenburg, Berlin - duplicate site, no longer available.
2498 - Department of Archaeology, NUI Galway: duplicate database entry.

28 February 2002

New URLs:
The International Nemrud Foundation - World Heritage mountain top site in south-eastern Turkey. In Turkish, English, German and Dutch.
Archäologisches Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein - regional museum for Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), with an ethnographical slant.
Creswell Crags - Home of the Ice Age Hunter - located in a limestone gorge in central England, the Creswell Crags provided shelter for Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans between 70,000 and 100,000 years ago. Includes a virtual tour of the limestone gorge and selected caves; themed pages through which to explore aspects of life in the last Ice Age.
Visita virtual a la villa romana de Torre Llauder - explore this 3D reconstruction of a roman villa in Spain

Updated URLs:
Wikinger - Museum Haithabu - changed address, updated comment: dedicated to the famous Viking settlement at Haithabu in northern Germany.
Antiksamlingen - Collection of Classical Antiquities and Svensk forntid och medeltid - Sweden's prehistory and middle ages, at the Uppsala University Museum. Changed URLs.
Departamento de Prehistoria, Historia Antigua y Arqueología - at Salamanca University (Spain). Changed URL.
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut - new URL and comment: home page of the Austrian Archaeological Institute. Includes pages on national and international projects in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.
Estudio integral del complejo arqueológico de La Garma (Omoño, Cantabria) - changed address, content updated.

Deleted URLs:
0643 - Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England - has merged with English Heritage; website no longer valid.

6 February 2002

New URLs:
The Internet Journal of Archaeology in Ireland - new online non-academic journal dedicated to Irish archaeology, aims to (p)republish scholarly material from other groups to make it available quickly and cheaply.

Updated URLs:
Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Württemberg - changed URL.
Römerpark Köngen - changed URL, updated title and comments: details of the Roman open-air museum at Köngen.
Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg - new URL, updated comments: Main seat in Stuttgart, Germany. Includes many pages on permanent and temporary exhibitions, links to subsidiary seats, specific sites, and various overviews.
Publikationen des Landesdenkmalamts Baden-Württemberg - changed address.
Scottish Archaeology - changed address and updated comment: page of links maintained at the Department of Archaeology of Glasgow University. Includes University departments, units and services, museums, excavations, and other links.
Istituto Italiano di Dendrocronologia - changed URL.

Deleted URLs:
0207 - Aalen und Reinau: eine Antikenschau der Superlative - newspaper article, no longer available.
0262 - Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Parma - no longer available.
0375 - Institut für Altertumskunde at Erlangen University - no longer exists.
0482 - Das Jahr 1994 - review of activities by the Baden-Württemberg archaeological museum - no longer exists.
0491 - Computer section, Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Württemberg - no longer applicable.

30 January 2002

New URLs:
Donskaya Arkheologia - quarterly journal 'Archaeology of the Don region' (Russia), started in 1998 by staff from the Rostov State University and Regional Museum. In Russian and English.

Updated URLs:
A bibliographical corpus of the Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Figurines from Asia Minor - changed address.
Reute Schorrenried - changed address.
Jorvik Viking Centre - changed address.
Institut für Klassische Archäologie at Salzburg University (Austria) - changed address.
Neue Ausgrabungen am Emilianusstollen - changed address.
Council for Independent Archaeology - changed address.
Ceramic Attribute Glossary - changed address.
Potweb: Anglo-Saxon Collection - new address and comment: experimental on-line collection of Anglo-Saxon pots, part of the wider Potweb covering all ceramic collections of the Ashmolean Museum. Pot form are ordered chronologically and a full catalog entry is available for each.
The Irish National Heritage Park - new address and comment: an open-air museum in county Wexford (Ireland), with reconstructions of a variety of site types from the Mesolithic to the 12th century AD.
Glasgow University Archaeology Research Division (GUARD) - new address and comment: consultancy and contract services unit affiliated with the Department of Archaeology at Glasgow University. Links to several project reports.
Etruscan Landscapes - fixed error in URL.
Museo de Prehistòria y de las Culturas de València - museum of prehistory at Valencia, Spain; changed URL, updated title & comment.
Inner Hebrides Crannogs On the Web - changed address.
Sheffield University Archaeology Society - student society of the department of archaeology and prehistory at Sheffield University, changed address.
The British School at Rome - changed address.
IASE - Identification and Advisory Services in Entomology - changed address.
Scienze della Terra per l'Archeologia - 'Earth Sciences for Archaeology', changed address.
British Archaeological Excavations - directory of field work opportunities in Britain, changed address
Directory of British Archaeology - directory of archaeologists and organisatons in Britain, changed address.

Deleted URLs:
0387 - Computing Archaeology Research Group (Staffordshire University) - inactive.
0428 - Archäologie im Internet (Freiburg University) - URL superseded and inactive.
0666 - Essentials of Statistical Methods (details of book) - outside of ARGE's scope.
2100 - EAA 6th Annual Meeting - expired.
2181 - Colloque AGER - expired.

25 January 2002

New URLs:
Musei Capitolini - official site of the Capitoline Museums at Rome, Piazza del Campidoglio: tour, Tabularium, info about exhibitions and events. In English and Italian.
Nasca-Palpa Project - the geoglyphs of Nasca (Peru), declared 'World Cultural Heritage' by UNESCO in 1994, today suffer from destruction caused by erosion and modern land use. Archaeological and photogrammetric fieldwork by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology aims at the complete 3-D recording (on the base of aerial images), digital reconstruction, and GIS-based archaeological analysis of the Palpa geoglyphs. The web page reports on the current status of the project and shows 3-D models of the geoglyphs. In English.
Crossroads in Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology - symposium at the 66th SAA meeting, April 2001. Papers submitted are available electronically. In English.
Hacimusular Project - field survey project in northern Lycia (Turkey). In English.
6th Conference on Italian Archaeology - to be held April 15-17, 2003 at Groningen University (Netherlands). First circular and pre-registration form. In English and Italian.

Updated URLs:
English Heritage - new title & comment: official home page.
Préhistoire du Sud-Ouest - new address.
EXARC Bibliography on experimental archaeology - changed URL.
Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE) - site content updated.
FlintSource.Net - contents enlarged and updated.

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