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From Schoolzone:

Congratulations! Your site, ARGE Chronological Index (at has been highly rated by Schoolzone's panel of 400 expert teachers. This is in recognition of the fact that it is a good educational site: useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate.

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Each quarter, Links2Go samples millions of web pages to determine which pages are most heavily cited by web pages authors, such as yourself. The most popular pages are downloaded and automatically categorized by topic. At most 50 of the pages related to a topic are selected as "Key Resources." Out of 50 pages selected as Key Resources for the Archaeology and Anthropology topic, your page ranked 14th.

Once again, congratulations on your award!

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You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this reason, ISI has selected your site ( for inclusion in Current Web Contents, the ISI premier current awareness database that provides information in the fields of science, social science, technology, and the arts & humanities.

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It's almost a year and you are still "The Best" on our site. We just want to say thanks. Over the last year your site (your efforts) has played a big part in helping find the best of the Web quickly. It is your site, and sites like yours that helped us gain the recognition that we wish to share today. Your site, which has been chosen by Anita Cohen-Williams, contributing editor for Anthropology, as one of the "Best of the Internet," deserves particular recognition.

From Vee Ring 4 Star Award for Web Excellence - Anthropology:

"An extraordinarily comprehensive index that is annotated to serve a worldwide audience.
After scouring the net and wearing out one search engine after the other, stop and rest your eyes. The authors of this presentation have collected, sorted, annotated and linked what you might have been searching for those many hours. If your research requirements include Europe, this is the place to start, not end. Get it either thematic or by country. And it gets better with each revision."

From Dr. Matrix:

"Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe" is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Weird Web World of Science." "Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe" is also being honored with prominent display as a select site at with the category: Human Studies.

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A heart-felt thank you for enriching the time we spend on the World-Wide Web.

- Dr. Matrix - (

From the New Scientist:

Planet Science is the New Scientist Web guide to science on the Internet. Sites especially worth visiting are listed in a special Hot Spots section. The Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe is listed there with the following comment:
- As its name suggests, this set of links indexes Web sites, discussion groups, usenet newsgroups and other resources from or about Europe. It is well-organised and doesn't just put its links into a long list - it annotates most mentions with descriptive comments.

From Ron McCoy (

I recently came across your Fringe Archaeology web page. Occasionally, I teach a graduate-level course on "Whodunit: Mystery and Evidence in History." Your page will be a must-read for students the next time the course is offered.

From Simon James, author of the Ancient Celts pages:

By the way, love ARGE, use it all the time, well done! Cheers, Simon.

From Archaeology Sites at the University of Tasmania:

"A great place to look first. Fast and well-presented".

From the StonePages team:

"Clear and extensive guide"

From the University of Arizona Library:

"Comprehensive resource with thematic and country indexes"

The Ancient World Web resource guide at the University of Virginia gives ARGE special mention:

This is an excellent assortment of sites, many of them off the "beaten path" - from information on Croatian museums to Polish sites, this is simply fabulous.

From the NPS/NCPTT/ICOMOS Internet Resources Guide:

[ARGE], hosted by the University of Birmingham, contains a rich collection of links relating to European archaeological investigations. It is planned as the first step in a European Archaeological Heritage Web (EAHW).

From the Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico

Excellent source for Old World information and links! Contains current archaeology web resources in or about Europe too, including resouce guides, bibliographic information of holdings in Europe, discussion lists, news groups, European journals, government and academic organization news, site reports, charters, treaties, and legislation, etc. Topical information includes Classical archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology, gender issues, numismatics, the Etruscans, the Vikings, the Celts, ancient metallurgy, ancient land management, prehistoric monuments, Paleolithic archaeology, the environment, and underwater archaeology. Also has regional information by European country.

From: Byron Kiourtzoglou

Dear sir

For the first time in my life, I saw that Greece has 3 archaeological museums!!! The information is terrific.


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