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ARGE info The table below presents an extremely simplified view of the chronology of Europe. Because most period definitions are based on technological or typological characteristics, each period may begin and end at different times across Europe. For a table that captures at least some of the detail, take a look at this chronology of the Bronze and early Iron ages, © RGZM. You can still visit the previous (static) version of this Period Index, but the information it contains is now badly out of date...

Period name For example Begins (years)
Prehistory Palaeolithic
Old Stone Age
lower Acheuléen - 250,000
middle Neanderthals
upper Crô Magnon, Cave art
Middle Stone Age
early - 8,000
Young Stone Age
early Linear Band Ceramic - 6,000
Eneolithic, Chalcolithic
Final Stone Age, Copper Age
Transitional "Ötzi", the Iceman - 3.300
Bronze Age early - 3,000
Iron Age early - 1,100
middle early Rome, Thracians, Archaic period - 600
late - 150
History Classical Hellenistic
- 500
Medieval Early
Anglo-Saxon · Byzantium · Merovingian · Carolingian · Viking + 400
Recent Post-Medieval 17th Century · 18th Century · 19th Century · Modern · 20th Century + 1,500
Future + 2000

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scale bars:
AD 2000 AD 1000 0 1000 BC 2000 BC 3000 BC 4000 BC 5000 BC 6000 BC 7000 BC 8000 BC 9000 BC 10000 BC
recent medieval classical iron age bronze age neolithic mesolithic holocene paleolithic