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pre-classical Aegean
Discusses issues relating to the pre-Classical Aegean world. To subscribe, send message subscribe aegeanet to List Admin.
general anthropology
Main American discussion list for anthropology.
general archaeology
Main American discussion list for archaeology.
plant macro-remains
The aim of this list is to facilitate communication through the exchange of information on meetings, conferences, bibliographies, publications, reference collections and botanical and ethnographic data relevant to the analysis of archaeological plant macro-remains. To subscribe send the message subscribe archaeobotany First_name Last_name to List Admin.
computational archaeology
Computational Archaeology list maintained by Hugh Jarvis and Irwin Scollar. This list is for for discussion and dissemination of information about archaeological computing. Relevant topics include numerical methods, software, hardware, statistical analysis of data, methods for support of field techniques, methods for storage and dissemination of data, techniques for Internet, World Wide Web, and multimedia publication of research, image recording and analysis, photogrammetry, site recording, and database design and management. To subscribe, send an email letter to List Admin containing only: SUB ARCHCOMP-L First-Name Last-Name.
education and training
List for members of the European archaeological educational and training community wishing to be involved or kept informed about the development of ARCHEONET, a thematic network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training. To join this list, send a message containing only the following text (substituting appropriately): join archeonet-all firstname(s) lastname to List Admin. For further information relating to this list, contact its owner at archeonet-all-request@mailbase.ac.uk.
All aspects of archaeometallurgy. To join, send a message 'join arch-metals firstname lastname' to List Admin.
Portuguese archaeology
List for Portugese archaeology. Send the message subscribe archport yourname to List Admin.
theoretical archaeology
To join, send a message 'join arch-theory firstname lastname' to List Admin.
Dutch archaeology
Moderated list. To subscribe, contact moderator.
British archaeology
To join, send a message 'join britarch firstname lastname' to List Admin.
radiocarbon dating
To join, send the message subscribe c14-l yourname to List Admin.
computer archaeology
List for preparation and discussion of the April 1997 Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference (Birmingham, UK). To join, send a message 'join caa97 firstname lastname' to List Admin.
European archaeology
List to discuss plans and proposals to build the European Archaeological Heritage Web. To join, send a message 'join eahw firstname lastname' to List Admin.
geographical information systems
GIS and Archaeology forum. Includes list of members, access to the archived messages, and access to any files that have been associated with the list. Maintained by the University of York. To join, send a message 'join gisarch firstname lastname' to List Admin.

heritage tourism
A forum to discuss issues including but not limited to: resource protection, planning, heritage areas, byways, interpretation, research, appropriate marketing. To subscribe, send the message: subscribe heritage-tourism to List Admin.
historical archaeology

industrial archaeology
Intended to encourage discussion within the area of Industrial Archaeology - it aims to help establish links between fieldwork, research, individuals and establishments.
internet publishing
Internet Archaeology, the journal, has started a mailing list which will discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the internet.
Discussion of all matters pertaining to the analysis of archaeological lithics, natural and artificial. To subscribe, send the message sub lithics-l first_name last_name to List Admin.

pleistocene/holocene transition
Forum for discussion for archaeologists, environmental scientists and quaternary geologists with an interest in the human response to the Pleistocene/Holocene transition in Northwest Europe. New subscribers will receive a full background file. To join send the command join nweurope-10kbp firstname lastname to List Admin. Anybody wanting further information before joining is invited to contact the list moderator Chris Tolan-Smith.

early Rome
List for sharing Web sites of interest to students of ancient Rome, i.e. from the Etruscans to roughly 476 AD. Topics follow the Roman content of the Web at large, and thus tend to the archaeological, but the list does cover anything Roman, including texts, philology and history. To subscribe, send the message subscribe RomanSites-L to List Admin.

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