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ARGE is an ordered collection of hypertext links pointing to current archaeological communication and information resources across Europe. Using the buttons below, these links can be accessed by country, by subject, by period, or by a database search. ARGE is different from other guides to archaeological resources on the Web because new links are actively sought out, visited, and evaluated before being posted in our new links section. ARGE aims to present information in its original language, and is currently working on the implementation of multilingual access and searching.
ARGE was begun in early 1995 by Sara Champion and Martijn van Leusen as a service within the European Archaeological Heritage Web and now serves over 1,300 links from 42 countries. Part funded from various EC projects, ARGE remains essentially a volunteer effort and is dependent on your assistance for its continued quality service. If you have any comments, additions, or corrections to the content or the interface of ARGE, please write in!

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