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Dr. Jan Willem Drijvers
Dept. of History
Faculty of Arts
University of Groningen
P.O. Box 716
9700 AS Groningen, The Netherlands
e-mail: j.w.drijvers@rug.nl

I am Associate Professor in Ancient History at the Department of History of the University of Groningen and teach Greek and Roman cultural and political history.

My research interest focuses on Late Antiquity. I have a special interest in the political culture of the Later Roman Empire, in particular culture en ideology of imperial leadership, and image and perception of the late-Roman emperor. I have worked on processes of Christianisation, the association between church and state and the relationship between the Later Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empire. Apart from my work on late Roman historiography - in particular Ammianus Marcellinus' Res Gestae - I have a special interest in historical fictituous texts such as the narrative of the discovery of the Cross and the so-called Julian Romance about the emperor Julian (361-363). I have also worked on ancient geography.

Research projects:

My research projects are carried out in the framework of the Impact of Empire research group of the National Research School OIKOS in Classical Studies, and in Groningen in the framework of The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture, and CRASIS - an interdisciplinary research group on Classics, Ancient History and Religious Studies, as well as in the Groningen ancient history project Political Culture, Religion and Identities.

As a sideline I have developed an interest in the Dutch painter and traveller Cornelis de Bruijn (c.1652-c.1727), who visited inter alia the Near East, Russia and the former Dutch Indies. In his travel books De Bruijn published some magnificent drawings of the remains of ancient cities and monuments.

Web publications:

For a complete list of publications click here. See also my Academia.edu webpage.
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e-mail: j.w.drijvers@rug.nl

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