The Ammianus Marcellinus Electronic Project


"Ammianus Marcellinus about Constantius II"
Emperor Constantius II is described extensively in the Res Gestae. Michel R. Mulder studies Ammianus' image of Constantius.

"Christianity in Ammianus Marcellinus"
The intriguing matter of fourth-century arising Christianity is dicussed by Bouke A. van Laëthem.

"Julian in the eyes of Ammianus Marcellinus"
Contrary to Christian authors, Ammianus was an admirer of the famous "Apostate" emperor, as Michel Mulder points out.

"Ammianus as a military historian&"
Ammianus' formidable expertise in military affairs is discussed by Bouke A. van Laëthem.

"Geographical digressions in Ammianus Marcellinus' History"
The setting of Res Gestae is digressed in passages called "excursuses". The geographical passages are discussed by Jan G. Post.

"Ethnographical digressions: Barbarians in Ammianus Marcellinus' Res Gestae"
As Sara Wijma argues, Roman perception of barbarians is clearly transmitted through their ethnographic descriptions.