The Ammianus Marcellinus Electronic Project

Editions -- By Jan Willem Drijvers

The most original and important manuscript of Ammianus’ Res Gestae is the Codex Fuldensis (Vaticanus Latinus 1873). It is a transcript of the slightly earlier Codex Hersfeldendis, of which now only fragments exist.

The editio princeps of the Res Gestae appeared in 1474. Many editions followed, but a milestone was the appearance of the edition by Wagner and Erfurdt which remained unsurpassed in the 19th century. Another milestone was the publication of the edition by Clark in the beginning of the 20th century. The standard edition is now the one by Seyfarth in the Teubner series which appeared in 1978.

- J.A. Wagner, Ammiani Marcellini quae supersunt, cum notis integris Frid. Lindenbrogii, Henr. Et Hadr. Valesiorum et Iac. Gronovii, quibus Thom. Reinesii quasdam et suas adiecit, editionem absolvit Car. Gottl. Aug. Erfurdt, 3 vols, Leipzig 1808 (photomech. repr. in 2 vols, Hildesheim/New York 1975)
- Ammiani Marcellini, Rerum Gestarum libri qui supersunt, Recensuit rhythmiceque distinxit C.U. Clark, 2 vols, Berlin 1910-15 (repr. in 1963)
- W. Seyfarth, Ammiani Marcellini Rerum Gestarum libri qui supersunt, 2 vols, Berlin 1978 (containing a complete list of all editions) - Text of Res Gestae in electronic form: