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New Groningen Strabo Edition

In the 1980s a major research project was started to publish a new edition of the Geographica of Strabo. This new edition is being prepared by Prof. Stefan L. Radt and a group of researchers of the University of Groningen (Netherlands) consisting of philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians and a geographer. The new edition, which is intended to satisfy the requirements of modern scholarship, will consist of ten volumes: four volumes of (newly collated) text and a German translation, one volume of the Epitome and Chrestomathy, four volumes of commentary (in German), and an index volume. Beginning in 2002 one volume will be published every year according to the following schedule:

  1. Bks. I-IV: Prolegomena. Text and translation (publ. in 2002)
  2. Bks. V-VIII: Text and translation (publ. in 2003)
  3. Bks. IX-XIII: Text and translation (publ. in 2004)
  4. Bks. XIV-XVII: Text and translation (publ. in 2005). For a review see BMCR 2006.12.24.
  5. Bks. I-IV: Commentary (publ. in 2006)
  6. Bks. V-VIII: Commentary (publ. in 2007)
  7. Bks. IX-XIII: Commentary (publ. in 2008)
  8. Bks. XIV-XVII: Commentary (to be publ. in 2009)
  9. Epitome and Chrestomathy
  10. Indices


Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen

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