Optimal Interpretations of Words and Constituents

Date: August 30-31, 2000
Location: UiL OTS, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Organizers: Petra Hendriks, Helen de Hoop, Henriëtte de Swart

The organization of this conference is financially supported by the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS).


Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Location: Trans 10, room 001

10.15-10.30 Opening Remarks
10.30-11.30 INVITED SPEAKER: D. Terence Langendoen (Tucson)
When do we get 'any'?
11.30-12.10 Reinhard Blutner & Bart Geurts (Berlin)
Negative Strengthening and Blocking
12.10-13.10 LUNCH BREAK
13.10-13.50 Peter Ackema (Utrecht)
A Morphological Approach to the Absence of Expletive PRO
13.50-14.30 Benjamin Lyngfelt (Göteborg)
Optimal Control in Swedish Relative Infinitives
14.30-15.10 Barbara Stiebels (Düsseldorf)
Nominal Inverse Systems
15.10-15.40 TEA BREAK
15.40-16.20 Robert van Rooy (Amsterdam)
Bidirectional OT; Q and I, or R and E?
16.20-17.20 INVITED SPEAKER: Miriam Butt (Konstanz)
Optimal Case Realization in Historical Change

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Location: Bijlhouwerstraat 6, room 2.04

10.00-11.00 INVITED SPEAKER: Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam)
Anchoring and Bidirectionality
11.00-11.40 Alice ter Meulen (Groningen)
Incorporation Effects on Reflexivity: an OT Account
11.40-12.20 David Beaver (Stanford)
Centering in OT
12.20-13.20 LUNCH BREAK
13.20-14.00 Daniel Büring (Santa Cruz/Los Angeles)
Word Order, Prosodic Phrasing, and the Interpretation of Indefinites
14.00-14.40 Marie Nilsenova (Amsterdam)
Optimal Interpretation of Tense in Discourse
14.40-15.10 TEA BREAK
15.10-16.40 Forum discussion
Henk Verkuyl (Utrecht), chair
Peter Ackema (Utrecht)
Reinhard Blutner (Berlin)
Alice ter Meulen (Groningen)


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