The letters 'ps' in front of a program means the program produces a PostScript image.


Formats definitions of file formats shared between programs
Unicode how to use unicode in the programs leven, features, and xstokens

leven using the Levenshtein algorithm, derive a difference matrix for a set of locations based on sets of strings for each location
giw using the Gewichteter Identitätswert, derive a difference matrix for a set of locations based on sets of labels for each location
bugtest what about the Alpha Cronbach bug in leven and giw?
features feature difference calculation for Levenshtein measurement
xstokens tokenise datafiles from X-SAMPA or similar
perfiles permutate linguistic data
sssplit split a single spreadsheet into a set of files

linc calculate the Local Incoherence of a difference matrix, a numerical validation method

Hierarchical clustering
cluster perform hierarchical clustering on a difference matrix
ps den display a hierarchical clustering in a dendrogram
clgroup derive a partitioning from a hierarchical clustering
clnewick translate a cluster file to the Newick tree format

Multidimensional scaling
mds perform multidimensional scaling on a difference matrix
ps mdsplot MDS-plot with cluster marking

Configuration setting global options for all maps of a single region
mapsetup generate files needed by mapclust, mapdiff, maplink, mapmap, maprgb, and mapvec
ps mapclust draw a map with clustering
ps maprgb draw a colour map, for example, using the data from 3D multidimensional scaling
ps maplink draw a map with links between locations
ps mapmap draw a plain map, without any clustering or other colours
ps mapdiff draw a difference map (e.g. composite cluster map)
ps mapvec draw a vector map
ll2grid map coordinates from longitude and latitude onto a rectangular projection

Miscellaneous tools
ps legend make a legend of colours, patterns or symbols used in maps created by den, mdsplot, and mapclust
diffix fix an incomplete difference matrix by guessing from differences between locations close to the ones whose values are missing
difinfo get statistical info from a difference matrix file
difmod derive a new difference matrix from an old difference matrix by merging or deleting items
difsum combine several difference matrix files into one
locmod derive a new set of coordinates from an old set of coordinates by merging or deleting items (locations)
ll2dst derive a distance matrix for a set of locations given their longitude and latitude coordinates
dif2tab convert a difference table file, such as created be the progams leven and giw, into a tab-delimited file
vec2tab convert a vector file, such as created be the progam mds, into a tab-delimited file