RuG/L04 Extras

Below is stuff that is not part of the main distribution of RuG/L04. Some of it is still under development, some of it is written for a specific user. However, there is also material that is generally useful. This includes:
Mapping from differences without geographic coordinates
Neighbor Joining and Unrooted Trees
partial cluster graphs
Unlike dendrograms, these graphs show only those clusters that exist with a more than average certainty.
Useful for displaying the results of fuzzy clustering or bootstrapping.
Rotate the colours in one map to align them with the colours in another map.
A script for easy creation of "fuzzy-clustering MDS maps".
Examples of such maps are here: Tutorial 7.4 Clustering and multidimensional scaling.
This requires Perl.
A script to make 2 dimensional MDS plots that include clustering information.
Examples of such plots are here.
This requires Perl.
Scripts to display maps with differences of one location to all other locations.
Includes GUI (Graphical User Interface).
This requires Python and Ghostscript.
Python modules to access RuG/L04 data files. For developers.
A Python script to export a RuG/L04 difference file to SPSS.

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