De Vyerighe Colom
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map 21: Le Comte de Haynault
   The County Hainault
map 22: Le Comte de Artois
   The County Artois
map 23: Dioecesis Leodiensis Accurata Tabula
   The Diocese of Liege
map 24: Comitatus Namurci
   The County Namur
map 25: Le Comte de Hollande
   The County Holland
map 26: La Hollande Septentrionale
   Holland north of the IJ
map 27: De Zype
   The Polder Zype
map 28: Beemster
   The Polder Beemster
map 29: De Purmer; De Wormer
   The Polders Purmer and Wormer
map 30: Byllemer-meer
   The Polder Byllemer-meer