Kampen in the Middle Ages

In the first half of the thirteenth century Kampen received city rights, a sign that there was a certain density of population and prosperity. (the precise moment is unknown; the document was lost in a waterflood.) From this time on, Kampen grew. The city rights gave the city the independance which she needed to spread her wings unhindered. Between the thirteenth and fifthteenth century Kampen outshined the other cities in the region.

From 1251 on Kampen received a great deal of priviliges, that illustrated the importance of Kampen as a city of trade. At first, trade concentrated on Scandinavia, but in the fourtheenth century the skippers sailed to Germany, France and England. The greater part of these men weren't merchants but carriers. Kampen had an excellent location and became a center of the carrying-trade.

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Suzanne Broersen