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19. fsa_hash: Non-updatable Hashes (N+K trees)

This module provides a non-updatable hash datastructure, on top of the fsa_array module.

Here's an overview of the predicates provided:

The hash function is taken from library(terms). The default size of the hashes is determined by the global variable hash_size.

19.1. List of Predicates

This section lists the predicates defined by this module.

19.1.1. fsa_hash_new(-FsaHash[,Size])

Initializes a new FsaHash with size Size; or default size if there is no second argument. The default size is given by the global variable hash_size.

19.1.2. fsa_hash_access(+Key,?Val[,?Default],+FsaHash)

Unifies Val with the value associated with Key in FsaHash. Note that keys must be ground Prolog terms. For the 4-ary form, if Key had no associated value, then Default is unified with Val (and Key is not added to the table).

19.1.3. fsa_hash_to_keylist(+HashedFsaArray,-Keylist)

Keylist is a list of all the Key-Value pairs in HashedFsaArray.

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