A. Installation (from sources): -- required: SICStus Prolog (latest version) (including a properly installed Tcl/Tk library if you want to use the graphical user interface.). fast, robust. -- OR: Yap (latest version) no grahical user interface, very fast -- OR: SWI (latest version) no graphical user interface, slow 0. Unpack the material, and cd to directory fsa6 1. cp Makefile.defs.in to Makefile.defs, and edit Makefile.defs for local configuration, there's just a few paths you have to define. 2. cd to the directory for the version of Prolog you want to use (sic=SICStus, yap=YAP, swi=SWI-PROLOG). You might want to check out the README file in that directory. 3. run: make this will give up-to-date instructions -- there's an on-line manual: http://www.let.rug.nl/~vannoord/Fsa/Manual/ but the manual is also part of the distribution, directory Manual. And all the help info is available through the gui as well.