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Some of the introductory material of this article is a modified and extended version of the introduction of [3]. Gosse Bouma, John Carroll, Rob Koeling, Mark-Jan Nederhof, John Nerbonne and three anonymous ACL reviewers provided useful feedback. The grammar used in the OVIS experiments is written by Gosse Bouma, Rob Koeling and myself. Mark-Jan Nederhof implemented the bottom-up active chart parser and the experimental LR parser. The MiMo2 grammar is written by Joke Dorrepaal, Pim van der Eijk and the author. I am very grateful to John Carroll for his help in making the experiments with the Alvey NL Tools grammar possible. This research was carried out within the framework of the Priority Programme Language and Speech Technology (TST). The TST-Programme is sponsored by NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research).

Noord G.J.M. van