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Visualization of Automata

The system offers a number of different means of visualization. Representations of finite-state automata can be constructed which are compatible with either the VCG (Sander [13]) or the daVinci (Fröhlich and Werner [4]) visualization programs. These programs are generic graph-visualization programs; the results for finite-state automata tend to differ a lot from example to example. VCG has no problems with larger graphs; daVinci sometimes has. Various options can be used to obtain different effects.

Furthermore, the system provides its own visualization through a Tk-widget (Ousterhout [10]). This widget allows dragging of states to manipulate the visualization of an automaton interactively. Moreover, LATEX picture output or Postscript output can be generated on the basis of this (interactively manipulated) visualization. The system can also output LATEX picture output or Postscript output directly, using the -tex and -ps options.

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