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German verb clustering without verb clusters

In this section, we develop an approach to German word order in which we adopt two of Kathol's ideas. First, following the topological fields approach, we identify a part of the word order domain as the `verb cluster'. Second, we adopt Kathol's idea that word order within the verb cluster is not only determined by the position of a complement with respect to its head, but also with respect to its governor (where a governor of a complement is a sign which has this complement as a non-inherited element on its COMPS-list). We show that the constraints Kathol imposes on the relative order of a governor and its complement carry over to our analysis, and can be used to account for the various German word orders. In our proposal there is no need to give up the idea that word-order is determined by constituent structure (i.e. our underlying formalism is concatenative).

Noord G.J.M. van