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Some of the important properties of our approach can be characterised as follows.

The strategy is sound and complete in the sense that no ambiguous utterances will be produced, and all un-ambiguous utterances are produced. If for a given semantic structure no un-ambiguous utterance is possible, the current strategy will not deliver a solution (it is foreseen that in such cases the planner decides what should happen).

The strategy is completely independent on the grammars that are being used (except for the reliance on derivation trees). Even more interestingly, the nature of the underlying parsing and generation strategy is not important either. The strategy can thus be used with any parsing- or generation strategy.

During the monitored generation previously generated structures are re-used, because only the ambiguous partial structures have to be re-generated.

Finally, for the proposed strategy to be meaningful, it must be the case that reversible grammars are being used. If this were not the case then it would not make sense to compare the derivation tree of a generation result with the derivation trees which the parser produces.

Gertjan van Noord
Thu Nov 24 18:08:35 MET 1994