See for example [Strzalkowski1994] which is a collection of papers based on the 1991 ACL workshop 'Reversible Grammars in Natural Language Processing'; some other references are [Appelt1987, Jacobs1988, Dymetman and Isabelle1988]. However, it is currently a matter of debate, whether one and the same grammar should actually be processed in run-time by both processed without any change (e.g., [Shieber1988, Shieber et al.1990, VanNoord1993, Neumann1994]) or whether the two specific grammars should better be compiled out from the source grammar (e.g., [Block1994, Dymetman et al. 1990, Strzalkowski1989].)

Noord G.J.M. van
Fri Sep 18 16:04:59 1998