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Status of the work

Currently we have implemented a preliminary version of the OVIS grammar including semantic analysis and a component to translate semantic formulas into updates. Furthermore a number of different parsers have been implemented. Each of these parsers is capable of treating word graphs. An experimental robustness component has been implemented which produces promising results.

The disambiguation component is under construction. The future disambiguation component will take into account the question that was asked by the system. Furthermore detailed improvements will be made to the grammar and to the component which produces updates from semantic formulas.

Within one year the NLP components will be integrated with the other components of the system.


The authors are supported by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), under grants 305-00-801, 305-00-802 and 305-00-803. An anonymous reviewer provided us with valuable comments that we have used to improve the text.

Noord G.J.M. van