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George M. Welling
The Prize of Neutrality

On this page you will find links to all the appendices (and a little extra) belonging to my dissertation The Prize of Neutrality. Trade relations between Amsterdam and North America 1771-1817. A study in computational history. (Hilversum 1998).
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List of errata in the book.


June 4, 2002
Since the publication of the book, further research and remarks from other scholars have caused some corrections in the database. Since maintaining the database in various formats is rather cumbersome, I have decided to restrict myself to the MS-Access database (Version 2000). I will try to update the database as more comments come in or when other errors will be found. This may cause slight differences between the numbers published in my book and the results from new calculations. However, though minor differences with the printed results will occur, the overall picture will remain the same. Within a short time the datasets in .DBF format will be removed.
June 19, 2002
Revision of the breakdown in products published

Most of the data sets were in DBF-format: in time I will make the same data sets available in MS-Access 2000 format only, but the DBF-format is easily imported into most other systems.
Some of the data sets are transcriptions of older printed material: they are presented here to make life a bit easier for other researchers who would like to work with this material.
Feel free to use the data sets as long as you supply the correct references.

In all the data from the Paalgeld portbooks a division is made between the data concerning the European trade and the West indian trade. Since no cargo-descriptions are available for the West indian trade, all percentages for the various goods have been computed from the total European trade.

In HTML-tables

Some might take quite some time to load.


The updated codebooks can be found as tables in the MS-Access database

New Data-sets in DBF-format

New data sets in MS-Access format

Data in spreadsheet-form

Data from other publications converted to machine readable form

In HTML-format

In DBF-Format

The "Observantie van de Heffing van 't Paal-Gelt"

Unpublished work of W.G. Heeres

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